Dreams and Visions, III

On November 6th, I dreamed that I was in  a small  building with several rooms and there were many young men and some boys getting ready for a “ceremony” and to my surprise none of them looked happy. They were all well dressed and each held a ring in a box in his hand. I saw Jamal Parrish, he was dressed in a very expensive looking golden-bronze colored suit with a bow tie. A woman was prepping him and excitedly telling him what an honor this was. She was telling all the young men that they were special to be selected for this ceremony. But no matter what she said, none of them appeared to share the excitement. I also recognized Maurice Robinson.

Finally, all the young men went out onto the field. The field was lit up like a football stadium. And a huge platform stage was there. On it was Bishop Long and other men but I didnt know their faces. Across the street I could see many people looking at the ceremony. Some looked like they wanted to cross the street and come to it, but were hesitant. The boys were all lined up in front of the platform with their rings in hand.
Then Eddie Long got up and began to sing a song to them. It was called “Celebration”. He was dressed in what appeared to be black velour jogging suit. The song was extremely sensual and he moved his body sensually as he sang it. The words I remember were “I want to look into your eyes, then lay you down…”

I was standing behind the platform and I could see each of the boys facing the platform. As Eddie Long was singing all I could see in their eyes was fear.
After the song Jamal Parrish got up and gave a speech. His speech (from what I understood) was supposed to extol the privilege and benefit and honor of being selected for the ceremony. But as he talked he became angry and started to say that he was disgusted and that the ceremony was not what it was put out to be. No one stopped him, not even Eddie Long.

When the ceremony concluded, I followed them back into the building. I was standing there watching as they all silently prepared to get out of their fine clothes. Then a young boy who appeared to me to be about 13-14 years old  told me to come into a side room where there was what looked like an old office desk. He was dressed in a dark suit with stripes and a black bow tie.  When we got into the room he asked me “Are you a member of New Birth” I told him no I wasnt. He then asked me ” How long have you attended here?”  I told him that I didnt attend the church either I was just here to watch. His eyes filled up with tears. “Then I have something I need to tell you”, he said. I hurriedly got out a paper and pen and wrote down either my website or phone number (I cant remember which) and gave it to him.

At that point,  I awoke.


I’ve discussed dreams Ive had on the blog before. Twice to be exact here and here and Ive really been blessed to hear the responses. Of course I don’t share every dream but considering all that has come to light, I felt I should share this. If, after reading this you feel the Lord has gives you insight or if you feel it is simply a dream with no meaning whatsoever, I’d like to hear your thoughts or interpretation.

Additional question (if you’d like to comment): Are dreams tied to prophecy in the sense that some prophecy is “forthtelling (general)” and some is “foretelling(specific)”? Thus, a dream can also be foretelling or forthtelling?


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  1. I cannot lie—there was something inside of me that rejoiced at the hearing of your dream. I kept praising God, because I believe he is the Jehovah-Mispath, the God of justice…although I worry that the dream communicates that despite the boys protesting and removing themselves from this situation, things will resume (wickedly) as normal, except if the young boy at the end manages to get the truth out.
    I think your dream is interesting; I usually would be concerned about whether one’s dream is contaminated by your exposure to an event. But I think the fact that you had this dream, weeks after this story actually hit the airwaves, may show that it is not just you your rehashing info in your soul—you know, stuff you’ve heard on TV or read on internet and things.
    Let me start off, I’ve been dreaming about stadiums and buildings since I was young. Buildings speak to some structure—and this appears to be a multi-layered structure such as this situation that Long has been building for some years; although it would be nice to know what kind of building. The stadium is a place of display; it’s a place of performance; where there is going to be some kind of audience. Rings speak to covenant or authority—a sign that is visible to others (like the fact that Joseph received a ring from Pharoah when he was released from prison, and so did the prodigal son receive a ring). It could mean a covenant of silence for these boys, as well as Long giving them the “gift” of homosexuality.
    Colors are very important in dreams—the fact that Long was in black, shows that he is a minister of darkness and not light—the only people I see in my dreams, who are in black, are usually witches or false prophets…so enough said there. But black could also mean the color of destruction or creation—so this boy in this black suit at the end speaks volumes… Clothes also usually represent spirits that we wear—so the fact the boys are removing the clothes could mean several things…
    Singing has a very important role in dreams. Last month, I was serenaded in a dream by a person who I know through an acquaintance that was an Atheist. A day later, I was going through some horrible things, with not having enough money and stuff—a spirit literally walked up to me, while I was lying on my bed, and started talking to me about another god and another religion. I learned that singing in dreams, means to minister or provide false worship—in the case of Long, it’s to minister lies or a false message to the boys. So the boys are right, that there has been some deception involved.
    I find it interesting that in your dream, there were several men, who were assisting Long in providing this ceremony. The idea, that other “believers” had their hands in the destruction of these boys is just troubling…but the fact that people were across the street, so in the distance, they were seeing something else occur, but because they were not privy to the actual event—would show that a façade was up, and people thought the event was for something else
    I am incredibly encouraged about this dream, and hope that the Lord will avenge these innocent young men—which is likely, if they get to the right person with the right information!

  2. (sigh) Heavy. I don’t claim to be an interpreter of dreams but the Lord often deals with me (as He does many of His people) in dreams. The 1st thing that struck me toward the end was the “old” office desk. Usually something old means it’s been around a LONG TIME. Just how long has this been going on??? Then the fact that the little boy seemed “released” and comfortable to let you know there was something he wanted to tell you ONCE learning that you were neither a member or attended the church. Seems that he was searching for someone to confide in, to expose some things to and already knew that those on the “inside” would not believe him, whether it’s because they were active participants,passive accomplices or just not willing to hear the truth. The Lord is uncovering. His church MUST take her rightful place! Let us remain in prayer & intercession. Thank you for sharing.

  3. gcmwatch (author)
    You did not fail that boy! You are still here aren’t you? You are giving hope and speaking truth. I can not help but think of Don Lemon. When I saw his interview with the young people from New Birth where he disclosed his molestation, I saw a young boy in his eyes. I went to his Facebook account and many, many people encouraged him and thanked him. Let’s pray for him whenever he comes to our minds. Keep up the good work gcmwatch!

  4. Oh, you mention that you felt a huge sense of disappointment…that’s the way I interpret the main scene of that dream with Long–it is as if nothing was said by the boy in his speech that changed anything…there’s a glimmer of hope with the young boy which makes sense, because if the court system finds out that he has been abusing young boys 13-14 versus 17 years old–this whole case turns into something entirely different. I’m praying that more is uncovered and the truth come forwards.

    Given that I’ve been delivered from different spirits of lust, if Long is bound by lust, I can’t imagine him having enough self-control to deny himself from someone just a few years younger…we shall see.
    Brother, I feel that the entire body of christ has let these young brothers down. This is something that should not be happening. May the truth prevail.

  5. Pastor Foster, don’t be surprised when you hear from a young man or young men that attend New Birth.

  6. Pastor Foster,
    I am not fully free to digest until after futher prayer and study on this one. But one thing I wanted to share immediately, the boy age 13-14…this is an “antichrist bar mitzvah”. These men along with Eddie Long are initiating these boys into a wrong “man-hood”. Historically, I am no expert on this…Jewish youth are said to be qualified at age 13 to read the Torah(The Law) before the Rabbi’s or the Levitical priesthood and age 13 to be qualified to take on a man’s responsibilities. That’s why you heard music, Levites were singers. But this one symbolizes a demonic levitical priesthood. The false elders are sowing to their carnal desires and flesh. The false elders are raising up these young men to replace them, in others a generational curse instead instead of a blessing. These false elders actually believe they are “blessing” these kids.

    Gifts are given at traditional bar mitzvah’s. They are dressed up. It is a big deal! Look at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_and_Bat_Mitzvah

    Lastly, the woman mentioned in the beginning is the false prophetess Jezebel or the Harlot or a false Church…” The true church of the Living GOD is symbolic of a woman. This false Church is convincing leading people and telling lies to our youth! “A woman was prepping him and excitedly telling him what an honor this was. She was telling all the young men that they were special to be selected for this ceremony. But no matter what she said, none of them appeared to share the excitement”
    That is the spirit of jezebel, control, and manipulation. Deep down these young boys KNOW THIS ISN’T RIGHT! Pastor Foster, this is where the true Church MUST GET ON THE JOB! To save our Youth from! ***THE ONE THING that I noticed in this dream, THERE was NO OTHER VOICE to show or call these young men to a RIGHTEOUS CHRISTIAN HOLY GHOST Bar Mitzvah!

    Pastor Foster, the burden is on you and I and others(The TRUE CHURCH of the LIVING GOD) to DO SOMETHING and save OUR YOUTH! We must rise up NOW and be the VOICE to this generation to CALL THEM OUT of the Harlot! It is our watch now. YES, ALL of us, the TRUE CHURCH MUST REPENT and CONFESS FAILURE…BUT GOD IS GIVING US ANOTHER CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING…RIGHT NOW!

    OUR LORD and SAVIOUR COURAGEOUSLY CONDEMNED the Babylonian false Church and their Talmud in HIS Hour. The Talmud is a false Torah. We must do the same with this Babylonian Christianity masquerading as the true church! Amen.

    Pastor, I promise to study more on this and to pray more on this. The LORD is definitly showing you this dark spirit operating in these popular, mega club black churches. Sir, YOU BE ENCOURAGED in the LORD and stay covered under the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD! Amen.

  7. GCMWATCH, prophetic dream indeed! I believe the woman “prepping” them represented a “mother figure” or perhaps what some of these young men’s own mother told them in regards to being “special” because “bishop” chose them out of other young boys…so just go along with whatever he tells you to do. I’ve always wondered throughout this whole Eddie Long ordeal, why none of these boys “mother’s” came forth and said anything. I’m not saying these mother’s may have perhaps knew what their sons were being subjected to at the hands of being bishops “special chosen one’s”, but on the other hand, did these boys attempt to tell their mother’s what was going on, but because of the “monetary help” that was being extended to them, they sacrificed their very own sons in return for it…again, not accusing these moms…I’m just sayin…

    I too discerned what CMIKKI and ROGERS said…the young man could not trust anyone at Newbirth, which is nothing but a place of entertainment, as what most people receive when they go to a stadium (sporting event, etc).

    Also, what struck me that EL was in a “jogging suit”, not even a black minister’s robe, but a jogging suit, meaning he was going to engage in some type of “physical activity” other than preaching God’s word, with these young boys…and the men on the stage with Him were basically “co-signing” the whole event, knowing full well what this ceremony was all about. And no one attempted to stop the young man when he started to expose it is because of the arrogance of EL and his coherts. He knew the spectators (fans or “church folk”) wouldn’t believe what the young man was saying, just like now, most of his “fans” at Newbirth are defending him regardless that 4 witnesses have come forth with the same story! Just like in real life, people will defend their sports hero’s/bishop/artist/movie star, etc. at any cost, because they don’t want you to mess with their form of “entertainment.”

    An ungodly seed has been planted in all of these young men, thus the young man being dressed in black as well, but it was not a jogging suit, but an actual suit, as when one dies, most times, they are dressed in dark suit for burial or folks wear black to a funeral. There’s a part of each of these young men that has been destroyed…BUT GOD! And this young man, after you told him you had nothing to do with the Newbirth sporting event, felt that he still had some hope to live and escape from it all.

    You getting out pen and paper was just confirmation of the ministry God has called you to Pastor Foster with this blog and exposing the homosexual agenda in the church…starting with you writing your book “Dead Man Walking.” These boys are literally dead young men walking. Pastor Foster, you are one of the many instruments God is using to expose this wicked agenda and shed light on this darkness. You woke up because your mission has not been completed and God is not thru using you for His glory and purpose. You must continue on in the fight, for the battle rages on. There are many more young men and women that need to know there is yet hope and a way of escape from this lifestyle. Continue to write, continue to blog, continue to preach, continue to declare the goodnes of the Lord in the land of the living. Continue to cry aloud, and spare not the flock. Continue to be a voice of one crying out in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord! Continue to run the race that God has set before you, looking unto Jesus as the Author and Finisher of your faith. Don’t feel that you have failed, for the battle is not yours, but the Lord’s, thus again you waking up. Glory to God! May you continue to be sensitive to the move of God that’s on your life and be ready in and out of season to give a defense of the hope that lies within you, as more and more doors of ministry open…because some molested young man or woman, some person caught up in the homosexual lifestyle needs to know that there is hope, as long as Jesus is on throne at the right hand of the Father, and the Holy Spirit is drawing…there’s yet hope.

    May the Lord continue to show you great and mighty things in which you do not know (Jer 33) There is a glorious promise to those held “captive” by this homosexual agenda and the perversion that goes along with it, but God can and will restore. They may have entered into a “false covenant” with EL (the ring ceremony) but God still has a covenant that cannot be broken thru His beloved Son! Carry on soldier, carry on!

  8. I think the woman represents the “soul” of the church -the emotions of the members that prep the boys and “soothe” their conscience to allow behavior that they KNOW is not right.
    Much like a seducing spirit that appeals to our emotions.

    “After the song Jamal Parrish got up and gave a speech. His speech (from what I understood) was supposed to extol the privilege and benefit and honor of being selected for the ceremony. But as he talked he became angry and started to say that he was disgusted and that the ceremony was not what it was put out to be. No one stopped him, not even Eddie Long.”

    I believe this part means that the VERY PLATFORM that Eddie Long gave to Jamal (and the others) for his own “purposes” -God is using that very platform to bring OUT the truth in the open display for ALL to see. Not only is this about New Birth –but it will give others the courage (who have been victims of spiritual clergy) to speak out the truth! And NOTHING (not even Mr. Long) will be able to stop these young men from bringing out the truth. Also, others (on the outside) are watching.

    I believe the side room could have been Eddie’s office where the abuse occurs/occurred- once alive, but now the desk is old because he has forgotten what it was intended to be used for. (Long may also himself be a victim of sexual clergy abuse when he was a child –but had no one to talk to.) The first thing that came to my mind (about the boy’s clothing) was that it symbolized prison clothes. This child is imprisoned and needs someone to help him -that he can TRUST. Then YOU handed him YOUR info…

    Bro. Foster, I’m not saying “thus saith the Lord”…but I feel that maybe you should open an avenue (or maybe you have already) to create a way for victims (in such situations) to have a way of reaching out to you to share their story and get help. They may “feel trapped” and need a way to speak out the truth. I really feel this strongly. This whole Eddie Long thing has opened a can of worms….it’s ugly –but healing is needed and a voice is needed for THOSE who do not have a voice!

  9. Thank you all for your insight, encouragement and spiritual words. I have not been able to stop thinking about this dream. I have mixed feelings about it and I dont want to read into it, but I shudder to think of its implications and what perhaps God is showing. Truly, I am humbled and fear God.
    I am praying and seeking God that HIS will alone will be done. I praise God for each of you who adds bits of wisdom on this. Please join me in praying that the captives be set free from every bondage.

  10. Hello Pastor Foster,

    Interesting dream indeed. I don’t claim to be anything but a servant of Jesus Christ, however, perhaps this was a foretelling from the Lord. Perhaps He wants you to be ready to listen when a young man comes to you for help & to be prepared to receive wisdom from the Lord in how to proceed in the matter that is shared? Perhaps you recognized some of the people to show you that this young boy is a real person & not a general representation of all boys?

    I will be praying for you & this young boy because I think that you will have contact with him very soon.

    God Bless You!


  11. Bro Foster,

    Please keep us posted on your journey regarding this dream. I would like to know how did you resolve whether or not this a foretelling or forthtelling message.

    I don’t normally have dreams – but I had one that I know was from God. The 1 thing that I can tell you – is that just as the scripture says, “we know in part and we prophesy in part” – the interpretation of your dream may be relatively quick, but the application (e.g. course of action) may reveal itself over a few months (and maybe even years).

    I don’t have the gift of interpreting dreams, but the Lord told me what my dream meant the following week (to my surprise). The part that took the longest (and it still continues to reveal itself) “is what does this dream mean to me? What is my role in all this?”

    I will keep you lifted up in prayer..

    Be Blessed.

  12. Thank you Anthony and Lisa. I will share whatever the Spirit releases me to share in terms of development. It may be part foretelling and part forthtelling. Some things have not yet been revealed while some things are confirmation of what we already know.

    But as someone said we know in part and we prophesy in part; seeing things through a glass; darkly, but in time God will make his will known.

  13. Pastor,

    I find your dream to fall into the category of the situation that ocurred between Nathan and David, it was not neccessarily prophetic in its nature, but God using the prophet to let David know, what you’ve done in the dark, I have seen and brought to light and that was David’s ruthless shrewdness and hypocrisy in pursuing Bathesheba and exterminating Uriah and also his judging of the wayfarer calling for the full extent of the law upon him. However if it is prophetic it definetly falls in the forthtelling category being that all events have already happened preceding your dream and comments made recently by Bishop Long finally denying the allegations.

  14. Tony thanks for your comments. The dream itself does appear to fall largely in the forthtelling category yet there are elements and implications which do not. I dont think God would simply rehash something that is already known by the general population.
    There seems to be a larger message to us and perhaps to those who are directly affected a specific message. Surely, time will tell.

  15. Pastor,

    I’d like to comment on the ending question of your blog. I believe some dreams/visions do fall in the prophetic and as such, fall in the category of both foretelling and forthtelling and scripture surely confirms this especially in the prophesies of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.

  16. Pastor: Using a loose analogy from the story of Gideon and the
    “fleece”, please ask the Holy Spirit of God to bring back the dream to you for clarification and memory.
    You want to prove God in this aspect, so you can determine a
    clarion call and not based upon your own predilictions.
    When Peter questioned his vision, the Lord dialogued with him
    about it after the vision was completed and Peter was then sure about what the vision meant and his course of action.
    God does not mind when we ask twice!

  17. I cosign on the enterpretations of Enock walks on this one and I believe that dreams mean a number of things. I will say that in my experience that feelings within the dream render insight into what the Lord is saying as well. the entire experience of the dream and its content is up for interpretation. I say that to say that in the end when you felt you had let the poor kid down, that is what the Lord is saying about the body! That these young men have been failed period but as someone has said befor…….it looks as though the Lord was giving this young child an opportunity to expose it and you were being used through your blog etc. to help!! Yep, prayer for these young men should continue. I prayed for them in the beginning of this scandle but it tappered abit, but I will be reving up my engine and praying for them and that this stuff is exposed!

    I do want to say that when we have dreams of this nature we need to pray as though they are matters of prayer as well. I know you pray though, just saying for all of us!!!!

  18. I hear Dr. Bernice King saying…”I have a dream” also…
    If Bishop Long steps down who will take the church? Who will be in position? or is the next in line living the same lifestyle? Dr. King maybe a good candidate. What do u think?

  19. Pastor Foster, why so late with the publishing of this dream? How long ago did you have this dream? I have several I would like to send you; both dreams and open visions.

  20. Brother Isaiah I had the dream on Nov 6 and published it on Nov 7. I think that loooooonnnggggg delay was due to me just privately processing it before I made it public. 🙂

    I have to confess I am not an interpreter of dreams. Some who are a part of this blog community do have a gift of interpretation of dreams. So let the Lord lead you on that.

  21. It seems for the most part that everybody really got a good ideal of what is going on. I think those other elders or clergy members also represent other ministries outside of New Birth in league with Bishop Long who probably are having similar issues at their ministries. It appears to me that a spirit of seduction and sensuality is sweeping through many churches and the same perversions seem to run in the same circles. I have a feeling you will be writing about more stories than just Bishop Long.

  22. I didn’t know where to post this but here was the most suitable.
    Hi All
    Something to share with you.
    I was in a huge convention and during offering time, a well dressed woman in a big hat brought her offering forward and as she placed her ‘payment unto the altar’ she called me and told me that she was homeless. I asked her why she homeless was. She took me by the hand and we were transported to where she lived. This church woman lived in alleyway between derelict shops and as I looked at her, the fine clothes were gone and she was tatty and dirty looking. She showed me a large cardboard box and she told me, that it is where she lived and as I looked down this alley I said to this woman, why has this happened to you? She told me that she had given all of her money to the church and that the church had told her to sell all and bring the money to them, which over time resulted in her homelessness.
    I began to cry for this woman but as I cried I sense people watching, so I turned around and behind me, I saw a group of ministers mocking this woman (people that I know wearing dog collars). As I walked over to these ministers, I looked down and I recognised that I was standing on a sea of glass. As I looked at the sea, I could see coming out of the water, what looked like an army horsemen riding towards the surface, coming forth from the sea. As these horsemen got to the surface of the water, they burst the surface without a splash and they went about their business of killing the people, including the homeless woman who had taken me to where she was living. The ministers who had been mocking this now dead woman, looked at me and commanded the horsemen to kill me because they feared that I would expose them; the ministers had power over the horsemen and it was ministers who were the power behind these  horsemen.
    I was afraid because I knew that the whole host of horsemen had been commanded to kill me and so I began to pray and as I prayed, I felt energy moving through me and without any effort on my part, I began to fly. The ministers were very angry and told the horsemen to kill me quickly because if I got away, I would be a problem to them as they know that I know who they are, what they are planning and how they intend to destroy the people. As I soared, I looked back and saw these ministers and they shouted their abuse at me and cursed because I had got away.

  23. The slate is being wiped clean. Those who’ve “entertained” the church are being removed from the “stage.” The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Remember when Satan fell, he took 1/3 of the angels with him. Unfortunately, many we love will be hurt in the process.
    To answer your question, about dreams being prophetic. Since this dream occurred after the story was revealed, it’s not prophecy. However it is symbolic. Sometimes what we are experiencing or focusing on may enter our consciousness. The overt things in the dream are subconscious.

    However, the words spoken in a dream are more important than scenery and actions. Below is the clue to the interpretation:
    1. “Are you a member of New Birth” I told him “no I wasnt.”
    2. ” How long have you attended here?”
    3. I told him that I didn’t attend the church either I was just here to watch.
    4. His eyes filled up with tears. “Then I have something I need to tell you”, he said.

    The kid that was about 13-14 years old was you at the age, probably when you began to be abused (or misled) like the boys you referenced. Question 1 above refers to you going through a “new birth” of freedom from the abuse, BUT YOU REPLIED “No’ which means you still carry the pain. Question 2 asks about how long you are carrying this pain. Statement 3 indicates that you are no longer socializing with gays, but you do have a “Gay CM Watch.” Notice the word “watch.” You probably wrote down the name of the website. (Technically all website names are masks for numbers anyway.)

    Statement 4 implies that you are going to take a greater role in helping others get “delivered.” Many are hurting (“tears”) but you have to let God completely heal you first and then he will increase your anointing. It is the anointing that DESTROYS THE YOKE. Remember Christ went through hell, so others don’t have to. Let God show you your greater purpose.


  24. Jess that seriously registered with me. I found your interpretation to be spiritual minded and well said. I agree I have not experienced the fullness of healing from the years of molestation which began when I was 13. The reason is that every time I hear of it happening to another person and then see the cold, icy nonresponse of church leadership, the wounds tingle again. Perhaps I will not reach that until that problem is resolved. And if I dont in this life, Im committed to serving God to the fullest.
    Thanks and blessings to you.

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