Huskins denies 'unfit' comment to gay bishop Swilley

The Jim Swilley gay-is-okay-cause-I-said-so saga sadly continues. I generally don’t release full emails but in this case its necessary.

Apparently there is a lot of politicking going on behind the scenes. We’re don’t know if its to keep other closet doors from being unlocked or to prevent already unlocked ones from revealing more information about who’s been in the dark. But according to newly minted homosexual bishop Jim Earl Swilley, his former leader bishop David Huskins, has denied telling GCM Watch that Swilley is unfit and unqualified  to lead other Christians (see October 28th post.

“I have, indeed, willingly stepped down from the College of Bishops of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches, and am no longer affiliated with that organization. I am currently in dialogue with another international network/fellowship concerning possible ordination/affiliation, but I’ll wait to say more about that later as relationship with them develops.

I do want to say, however, that I have no issue or negative feelings whatsoever toward the ICCC, or its presiding Bishop, David Huskins. The ICCC does great work all around the world, and has and always will have my full respect. I also want to say that, contrary to what has been reported online, Bishop Huskins has personally assured me that he has never done an interview about me with any Christian watchdog group, and has never said, publicly or privately, that I am “unfit to lead“. (underline and bold his)

Swilley’s book length blog on his current state of existence appears to be just another convoluted attempt to justify his sin. If you’d like to read “gay is okay”, part II go here.

In order to correct the  the continued lies, distortions and manipulative language coming from Bishop Jim Swilley (and Huskins), here is the entire email exchange between GCM Watch and David Huskins. Click the image to see the larger version.

email1Its difficult to get false teachers to tell the truth so this is to be expected. Both Swilley and Huskins apparently share some secrets they are negotiating with each other about who can and cannot say what and when. After we published the first interview, Huskins immediately took down the letter where he condemned Swilley. Swilley for his part has continued seeking the approval of Huskins, even after he and his uncle/cousin Donnie Earl Paulk disparaged the ICCC in their coming out video.

Sin is messy and so are the people who indulge themselves in it.

And for the record, Swilley is unfit for leadership. As a false teacher and disqualified bishop (see qualifications in 1 Timothy 3)


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  1. @Gcmwatch-this is ridiculous two liars who have been caught in the act. One can only wonder what other acts they have been caught in as well. I read Silly’s I mean Swilley’s blog and you’re right it is full of unscriptual gobidy goop that touches flesh and denies the word of God. Trash is what I call it. This stuff is deep Pastor Foster very deep. Continue to be that voice of truth crying in the wilderness…..

  2. I’m seeing Bishop Swilley on Joy Behar’s show at this moment. After reading the email above and researching all the people you said were connected to Mr. Huskins I can see why lies are not uncommon. Bishop Earl Paulke, Dony and Reba Rambo McGuire, and Bishop Swilley are all preaching false messages.

  3. @lilly

    Oh great he’s on Joy Behar’s show?

    Expect to see him much more, that is, if you still regularly watch television.

    Someone gave the analogy last week or so that outing false prophets is like killing a bug in your house, only to find more and more. So very true…

    We need to set a time for corporate prayer: wherever you are, pause to pray for a minute or so. Not just for this situation, but also for where the country is headed.

  4. @ Alexa I second that. After reading Swilley’s blog “Making it Plain”, I wrote him a letter. People are beginning to believe that you can be gay and a Christian with all these “pastors”,”gospel artists”,etc yielding to the flesh.


    ISAIAH 5:20-21 (The Message)

    20Doom to you who call evil good
    and good evil,
    Who put darkness in place of light
    and light in place of darkness,
    Who substitute bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter!

    21-23Doom to you who think you’re so smart,
    who hold such a high opinion of yourselves!
    All you’re good at is drinking—champion boozers
    who collect trophies from drinking bouts
    And then line your pockets with bribes from the guilty
    while you violate the rights of the innocent.

  6. In reading the comments, I am surprised that it is overlooked that the majority of the people’s lives we read of in The Bible have significant issues in their lives. The issues are and remained far away from what many believe is ‘God’s way’. Moses, David, Solomon, Peter, Paul, all of the disciples, and Jesus, would all be outside of what is American mainstream Christianity. None would likely be welcome at many churches, they aren’t the ‘right’ sort of people. Paul and David are probably the most blatant of these, and yet God worked through them in a way that affects us today. Jesus had nothing about Him, and many things to work against Him, to be considered an emissary for God, let alone the Son of God. In the eyes of the majority, He was a problem. God lives through every person, and seems to live very expressively through people others may find questionable. I am sure we all have a few things to tell David, Peter, John, and Paul about changing up who they are and living right

  7. Huskins never said that Swilley wasn’t qualified to lead. He said that IF he yields to something contrary to the word of God he would be unfit to lead. The best i can tell he hasn’t yeilded to anything contrary. This website is full of gossip and lies and deceit. The people in charge of this site seem to me to be unfit to lead.

  8. Someone just confirmed to me that, the same day as that video tape by Swilley was made in his church, he was caught IN THE ACT with a man, to which two of his music staff left him for good (Thank God).
    The person who told me this is a personal friend of several members of the family. This person copied me on the Joy Behar show video as well.

  9. “My position is not about gaying up the church,” he said. “It’s about people being who they are.”

    Yeah. Right.

    He’s quickly become a spotlight whore. That’s what false leaders seek and revel in. They want fame and exposure so their poison can influence the weak and vulnerable.

  10. This is a sad case; and I’m afraid, it’s just the tip of a big iceberg. What’s important to note here is CITN has been “gay inclusive” and preaching universalism for years.

    Even so, Jim Swilley has remained good friends with well known Word Faith ocons like Eddie Long, Kim Clement, and Mark Chironna. Swilley’s just the first of more to come.

    It’s my guess that “soon” a figure within the mainstream of evangelicalism will come out as well. Based upon the reaction to Jennifer Knapp, and now Jim Swilley, the over-arching issue is:

    The visible church, by and large–and particularly the younger sectors, simply does not adhere to sola Scriptura. The sexual immorality of same-sex seual relations is as clear as it gets in the Bible.

  11. Ken you are so right and I fully expect that to be the case.

    The collusion with these false teachers of the homosexual inclusionisim ideology in THE challenge of our times.

    Just last year, we reported on this emerging phenomena within the pentecostal/charismatic/evangelical church circuit. It has been incubating for quite some time and few if any major leaders in these theological schools of thoughts have called it out and warned people of the coming deception. That gives you a pretty good indication of the spiritual state of today’s church leadership.

    What’s more as you said the young people are being indoctrinated through media, entertainment and the educational venues that homosexuality is just about benign orientation and the objections arent worth a yawn.

    Of course the contemporary church is too busy pursuing prosperity and all its seductive trappings therefore there is no intervention of truth.

  12. Not sure what everyone is so afraid of…if a leader is wrong then God will deal with him/her. Why do we need to stand in judgment of each other? I never chose to be straight…I was born that way…anyone else ever choose their orientation? Just curious…

    GCMW: What a silly question. Being “straight” doesnt give you any brownie points with God whether you chose it or not. Heterosexual sinners will go to hell along with homosexual sinners. Only the redeemed will enter into the kingdom of God.

  13. People of God: Let’s not forget that in Toledo, Ohio the reigning
    Bishop Bruce Ough actively fought for the election to the office of Chief Financial Officer the person of Bill Brownson who is in a “committed relationship” with another man for decades.
    The “good” Bishop used that exact phrase: “committed relationship” as if you are in a sinful or sexual relationship that is OK as long as you are “committed” to the relationship!
    That is the type of non Biblical thinking that Bishop Ough is putting out there in the Methodist Church in Northwest Ohio.
    Yes, this person won the election by a slim margin.
    Please note that the “good” Bishop did not seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit about championing this homosexual to this highly
    visible position.
    No, what the “good” Bishop Ough did was broadcast his impressive resume and told how badly the conference needed his expertise and
    experience and how broad and deep was his resume and that he was the person for that job slot.
    Waiting on the Spirit of God for a godly man? Hardly! Bishop Ough had his man in sight and he fought like the dickens for this homosexual to get into that position.
    What a farce.
    NOw, a precedent has been set in Northwest Ohio regarding the inclusion of openly gay married homosexuals. So, when the next gay couple or person applies for a “church” job, they can use as a reference Bishop’s Ough strong endorsement of this Bill Brownson and his lover…since they are committed to each other.
    Bible standards? For Bishop Ough, those standards did not matter
    since Bill Brownson was not clergy and therefore the Book of Discipline of the Methodist Church “did not apply” to this situation?
    What about the Bishop informing this Bill Brownson that he is a sinner and who needs to repent? Please. We do not want to hurt his feelings.
    What about informing Bill Brownson that homosexuality is a sin and as a Bishop I can not endorse your lifestyle?
    Are you serious! Bishop Ough knew of this man’s proclivities and in spite of what the Word of God speaks to, Bishop Ough thumbed his nose at scripture and told God that he had it all wrong about homosexuals.
    That is the type of thinking and the type of Bishop that is in reign and rule in Northwest Ohio.
    I did file a complaint against this Bishop according to the rules of the Book of Discipline and am awaiting their decision as to what they plan to do with this ungodly decision by Bishop Ough.
    The Methodist Church in Northwest Ohio is watering down the gospel for the sake of financial expediency.
    What is next? A man or a woman stating that he is in a committed relationship with his goat or horse or pig and that should not bar him from serving in a church job.
    Or a swindler or a fornicator indicating that they are committed to their sins and since they are so committed, they should be exempt from any inspection of their lives.
    When a so called “bishop” can scorn the Word of God on grounds of mercy and love, the breech is open and the church is being invaded by this type of non Biblical gibberish.
    Thankfully some churches have or are withholding their apportionments to the conference in protest of this gross lie and mockery of God’s Word.

  14. I am a Nigerian and I know Bishop David Huskin, through his ministration I got born again and am enjoying fellowship with my Saviour Jesus Christ today. David Huskin, though a young man is very deep in relationship with the Lord and cannot afford to be part of lies or anything ungodly. Going through his mail in response to Rev. Foster’s mail, I could see maturity and compassion which our Lord Jesus Christ always displayed while on earth. It is unfortunate that someone is rising up to call Bishop Huskin a liar and my prayer is for God’s mercy and forgiveness. He is being used by God to do a great work for mankind and I know that he will never be distracted by any force physical or otherwise.
    May the Lord help us.

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