WA COGIC loses headquarters over sex abuse case?

wacogichqsTACOMA, WA – The Church of God in Christ’s Washington state “jurisdiction” headquarters at 9201 Pacific Ave has been put up for sale in July, a consequence believed to be directly related to a million dollar lawsuit the church lost in King County Superior Court.

COGIC, Inc had been sued by a Jane Doe and several other women [read a legal brief of the case] for sexual abuse of Supt. Charles Smith. Smith died before the case was resolved in court.

According to inside reports, Bishop Blake put up $500k of the money and the Washington “jurisdiction” was responsible paying the other part.  The costs were allegedly passed down to pastors in a jurisdiction of about 75 churches, many of them small. We have not yet confirmed whether the jurisdiction failed to pay the judgment and the building was seized to satisfy it or if they did pay the judgment and consequently defaulted on building payments.

A pastor close to the case told us that “Bishop Westbrook and Memphis owns the property.  Bishop Westbrook owns either 75% or 85%!  When is the manipulation going to stop? So many good people have placed their confidence in, invested time, money and energy into an organization.”

Pastor Harvey Burnett who blogs at The Dunamis Word said in a recent post the church’s unseemly silence on clergy sexual abuse creates waves of damage both in the church and the community.

“When the church deals with the issues after the fact, this seems, in every case, to only further damage the victims, reverse any image of goodwill that the church had established within the community and sets aside the perception that the church is capable of seriously dealing with tragic and devastating personal situations. In other words, the community is exposed to an evil straight out of the pit of hell, and because the church has no nerve, the devil reeks havoc.”

COGIC’s leadership, so far has done nothing but employ evasive “policies” and lie to its membership about the depth and severity of clergy sexual abuse in its ranks. Despite mounting evidence and cases all over the country (some we know about but cannot make public at this time) its leadership continues down a path of stunning arrogance.  The church’s lead attorney Enoch Perry is mainly responsible for the quagmire of lies and broken lives. Perry recklessly advised pastors to conceal sex abuse issues because it would affect the church’s ability to get money from outside donors.

“Media coverage of any sexual oriented event and the church will have a negative slant. The pessimistic coverage will have a direct impact on the overall public perception of the church involved, its corporate body and its membership. Additionally, this negativity will directly affect new membership and outside donations.”

But in God’s time the church will reach a point to where the lies, deception and coverup will turn and be their demise. Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For God is no respector of persons.


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  1. There is a shaking going on because it’s time for the church to take her rightful place. Lord have your way (and I am COGIC born and bred!)

  2. Having left our covering, Jerusalem – Memphis TN, we can look for more uncovering than ever before! We’ve opened ourselves for the devil to reek havoc… the sicknesses, deaths that were of St Louis (though they aren’t discussing) makes history in convention happenings!

    Yes, under one cover, yet was in hall same as Memphis size with exception of 2 nights, even then wasn’t full….hotel rates weren’t better.. so what purpose to leave the saints Jerusalem!

    It is praying time! Only God can come and fix this as it should be! When He fixes it, we’ll all know He did it…..

  3. “the sicknesses, deaths that were of St Louis (though they aren’t discussing) makes history in convention happenings!”

    say WHAT???

  4. I’ve been looking at this site for months now and I think it brings to light that the church world as a whole has big problems because we seek to Look ,act, talk,live and want respectability among a worldly and carnal religious community. God did not call us unto unrighteousness but unto holiness and holiness means that you put a difference between clean and unclean,holy and unholy.The Church of God in Christ has lost its true mission,to show the rest of the church world a true called out free from sin ,sanctified people who believed and lived holy no matter what the world offered.but now money, people, position power and prestige,crowds and number have cause us to look the other way when gays and child molestors and rapers and false teachers run around teaching false fleshly doctrine that do not line up with the bible and the Church of God In Christ that C.H.Mason and the saint of old left us. Thank you for forcing our leaders to take a look at these things this site is helping. Be blessed

  5. Pastor WAW, thank you so much brother for reading. I concur with your words. I think everything we are seeing as heartbreaking as it is, is a result of the fact that COGIC has left its first love. The intent of God through our founder has been sold for a bowl of soup called name, image and assets. And the consequences, the fruit of such a foolish move are gross abuses of all kind running rampant through leadership. Many people are suffering but I want them to know that God has heard your cries and will not forsake the promise to our founder. Wicked men and their cohorts may be in power now, but I yearn for the day when God will restore righteous leaders over the COGIC.

  6. Elder,

    I’m encouraged by you as always. I’m also glad to see these COGIC brethren stand up and address the issues and are aware of what’s going on. That’s encouraging.

    To my fellow preachas…hold on and don’t let go. Like you, I am convinced of Heb. 12:14 and if it be only a remnant that will see the Glory of the Lord, I am determined to be in that number. If they don’t want it collectively, let us take it individually!

  7. @COGICBofnBreed ,

    I was just reading your comment on sicknesses, death that were of St. Louis. What happened? Help me understand your comment. I think I missed something too.

  8. I know about this ‘Washington Jurisdiction of Cogic’ as I use to ‘attend’ some of the state meetings. Im sadden to see that they have allowed so much to go on. Even though sexual abuse is one of the big issues, its not the only issue that Wa Juridictions are dealing with. I pray for the leaders of a church, but saints/people need to open their eyes and watch and not follow behind every man or woman for that matter that ‘claims’ to be a pastor or God sent, because he or she is not.

    I’ve even seen situations where it appears that they have let some women (not all ) take over and emasculate spiritually the men in churches, and I believe this help contribute to some of the problems as a whole. I believe God is calling for a revival in the Church, and not just in Cogic. Ive seen too much, and much prayer and fasting is needed. If the only time you want to ‘remove’ someone from the pastorate is when ‘money’ is involved and not do it because of other blantant sins, then you have made ‘money’ your god. Wake up church!! time is short and Jesus is coming soon.

  9. For all you COGIC people, do you not know what was going on in Memphis. All the private parties the bishops and preachers had with prositutes and women in the COGIC. Memphis was in no means a Jerusalem, more like Sodom and Gomorrah. As we use to say “Can any good thing come out of Memphis?” One bishop told me the liquor bill during the convocation was more than the renting of Cook Convention Center during the leading of Bishop J O Patterson. There were more gay bishops than you can shake a stick at.

    Please seek God and stop seeking denominations. The majority of COGIC prelate cares about is SEX AND MONEY they are not concern about the safety of women.

    Why can’t the church get rid of these preachers? Because they don’t care, it’s all a money game.

    It is said we have six million people and we can’t keep a high school going? Don’t have our own headquarters worth anything. The COGIC is a joke and a disgrace to everyone I’ve known that use to be COGIC.

    Question are we still riding in horse and buggy, do we still work on plantations, come on up to the 21st century, God dwells everywhere not just in Memphis if He was ever there. I see nothing extraordinary about Memphis or any where else the church has been. God Bless…

  10. I’m COGIC also. My “Pastor” is elderly, and is suffering from memory loss, except when it comes to money. He and the assistant Pastor went behind the backs of the Trustee Board, and gave themselves hefty raises. So much of what goes on in this church just makes me sick and tired. And tired and sick. The Superintendant of our Jurisdiction knows what is going on at our church, but of course, he has turned a blind eye to the many wrong situations that exist at our church. If anybody tries to bring up the wrongdoings of what goes on in our church, you are sure to hear, “You better watch what you say about the MAND of God, (LOL)!” Or their favorite scripture when they call themselves putting someone in check, “Touch not my Prophet, do my servent no harm.” The ONLY reason I’m still there is because my mom is 81 years old, and she doesn’t want to leave. I won’t abandon my mom. This is the only church she has known for the past fifty years, and she doesn’t want to leave.

  11. Miss JR wow, thanks for sharing that. You just dont know how many people are in that same situation. They are only tied to it because of their concern for their elderly parents. God’s house should be a house of prayer, but these wicked leaders have turned it into a den of thieves. Theft is a reflection of satan, not God.

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