Bishop David Huskins hides Swilley connection at Toledo church

davidhuskinsBishop David Huskins, the “archbishop” of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches and heir to the deposed and deceased sexual predator Earl Paulk, doesnt want people to know about GCM Watch or Jim Earl Swilley. The question is, why not? If youre unfamiliar with Huskins and the Swilley gay bishop scandal, look here and here.

Huskins, who spoke at Cornerstone Church in Toledo didnt mention GCM Watch by name, but had plenty to say about why people shouldnt log on and judge for themselves.

But first the fact that Huskins was at the church of viper Michael Pitts says a lot about him and even more about Pitts. Personally (and this is no revelation from the Lord) I believe Pitts is another Jim Earl Swilley. You may remember on last year when we reported on Pitts and his Heaven on Earth (HOE) conference and the other vipers he brought in to help him deceive the people.

Apparently it was lucrative venture because he’s done it again. It was reported that Eddie Long cancelled his scheduled appearance, but Huskins found his way into the inner circle.

The following are Huskins public comments he made at the HOE conference. Our clarifying remarks in brackets.

Huskins told the church that the press didn’t contact him at first about miracles, but only wanted to know his thoughts on a leader’s [Swilley] sins.  Additionally he complained that  the press was “weird” and harassed him.

“You can’t win because they LIE and don’t COUNT. Ignore them. Recently, one of our pastors [actually it was a senior bishop] had to step down due to their confessed sin [he would not call Swilley’s name or what “the sin” was]. I don’t know why he had to make it some public announcement, but he did. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’m too “drunk on the glory” to respond to anyone. He didn’t consult leadership before making the decision.

A local blogger [GCM Watch] contacted me for my take on the situation. Of course HE didn’t bother to ask about the miracles we have been in for 85 days, he wanted to know about the story on sin [No one knew anything about “85 days of miracles” so how could we ask?]  By the way..every time I come here [to Toledo] they blog about it. If anyone in here is reading blogs, you need to repent. Don’t let anybody pull you out of this dimension. I’ve been drunk for 85 days, when I sober up, i’ll get back w/ you [speaking of GCMwatch]. No, actually, when I sober up..I will not get back with you then either. If you sit on the sidelines and don’t get involved..then you have nothing to say about what we are doing for the Kingdom. Actually, it doesn’t affect the kingdom of God, it affects the kingdom of men. CNN contacted me when (the women with the wheel chair) was healed after 22 yrs. They offered me a million dollars if I could scientifically prove it.

But they haven’t taken me up on my offer. I offered them a million dollars if they could prove it wasn’t a miracle. You can’t trust the media don’t listen to them. I don’t watch the news ever, ask my sons. I’m too caught up in the glory. I feel that some of you in here  are trusting your HEAD [Pitts], don’t give an ear to that foolishness.

So if Huskins never watches the news and we assume that means online too, how does he know the news about Pitts written by no one else but GCM Watch? How can you advise someone not to watch something you have never seen yourself?

I can’t comment on the CNN/million dollar miracle proof money , but false teachers do a great deal of lying. Its simply not true that “every time he comes to Toledo they blog about it”. Since he is referring to GCM Watch, he is lying as we have never heard of him being in Toledo before now. That’s why he didnt mention our site, it enabled him to lie at will without anybody being able to confirm it.

Sitting on the sidelines is what Huskins was doing until he was forced to respond to the garish announcement of his senior leader but we digress. Like his predecessor Earl Paulk couching his error in religious goobley-gook like “caught up in the glory” and “drunk in the next dimension”  is a way to deter critical review of this messy Kingdom Now theology he advocates.

Its strange he still is very hesistant to say Swilley is wrong for being homosexuality. The problem Huskins seems to stumble over is that Swilley did not inform them. Was that for damage control or to see how best to spin the story before the media took notice?


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  1. Because I know he’s probably going to read this.

    Revelation 21:8 “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

    *Bold emphasis is mine*

  2. they like keeping everyone’s head “in the glory”…so they wont be able to see them picking their pockets…this guy is a big time liar/master manipulator..

  3. This is too silly,

    Hey GCM why don’t you do a article on our call to sobriety? “caught up in the glory” The Nointed (notice the lack of an a) folks in their drunkness bother me

  4. It is really sad that so many people cover for these people.

    They all teach OT “King” leadership which is not what God intended for those that are under the new covenant. But, if they want to teach it that way, then we can use their false doctrine and prove a point here.

    If the “Anointing” flows from the head (supposed to be Jesus) and you are claiming to be Aaron of the OT and the headship of your “church enterprise” to which everyone must willfully and blindly submit, then let’s look at the family tree shall we?

    Earl Paulk and Carlton Pearson. If they were the “heads” of a lot of these “new leaders” then you can come to your own conclusion. If what was on them (Paulk and Pearson) flows onto those submitted to them, again, you can come to your own conclusion after you do a little Google search on these guys.

    It should not come as a surprise what we are seeing with the understudies or what we shall see in the future. It is just a matter of time and careful consideration by each of these guys “when” they pull back the covers like Bishop Jim Swilley.

    From a very carnal view, Swilley was smart in what he did. Why? He lives in a city and state with rampant homosexuals everywhere and they have DEEP POCKETS and will flock to a place that puts it’s stamp of approval on their “orientation”. This makes Swilley even more filthy rich. I expect many more to follow after they let Swilley be the test dummy.

    Make no mistake about it, all these “church enterprises” are about the money and because of that we shall see ALL TYPES OF EVIL springing forth. The LOVE of MONEY is the ROOT of all types of evil.

    I read on a forum awhile back (now defunct)a little issue Pastor Steve Hage had regarding an incident with Michael Pitts visiting his Church. Someone may want to walk that bunny trail and see what they come up with. Then again, all these guys cover for one another all the time so for any of them to come clean on another it’s highly unlikely unless someone pisses someone off like Eddie Long with a bag full of 5 stones he was threatening to throw…

    Also, what ever happened to Veron Ashe…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  5. I have two comments to make:
    1. HOE conference, I almost fell off my chair – that is the ole school spelling for a more common word that now starts with a “W”. And with these ungodly men, the conference acronym was appropriate. For these vipers continue to “sell” another gospel.
    2. 85 days of miracles? It’s a miracle that these people still have a church after 85 days!!!
    Come quickly Lord Jesus~

  6. Birds of a feather flock together, Like attracts Like,
    You show me your friends and I will show you your inevitable future. Who are some of the friends?

    Roberts Liardon, Eddie Long, TD Jakes and Carlton Pearson (just a matter of time folks), Paul White, Duncan Hunter, Mark Chirona just to name a few…

    Someone on the Life after Cornerstone site listed all these names so I googled all of them…WOW! Not good.

    Please people, do not override the continual red flag warning signs with this thinking ” but my family has been here so long and this is where all our friends go” mindset. It will be hard to go somewhere else, God wants me here praying for pastor (no He doesn’t).

    Paul said that those who preach that Godliness is a means to financial gain, should be avoided and that you should run from them, not pray, not seek counsel, not read the Bible and seek God for awhile, not live in confusion. LEAVE NOW.

    This “85 days of BS” is a distraction, plain and simple. It’s purpose is to distract you from things going on that are not of sound doctrine and are not moral. It is mysticism at best and has no Biblical basis. Its purpose is to manipulate and cloud your judgment so that you overlook big red flags that are telling you to quit financing these charlatans.

    It’s really nice outside the camp. Come and join those who have set aside their co-dependency on a man and look solely to the author and finisher of your faith! Jesus

  7. One of the first signs that you are in a cult is the leader discouraging you from checking the “facts”. He tells the people if they read the blogs they need to repent. I wonder where the call to repent is in Swilley’s case? The Bereans were considered noble because they searched out what Paul had to say for its factual evidence from scripture. I recognize the simile isn’t perfect yet the principle is applicable. Huskins discouraged his hearers from examining his behavior in the light of an impartial party (GCMW).

  8. opendoor – you wrote:
    “I read on a forum awhile back (now defunct)a little issue Pastor Steve Hage had regarding an incident with Michael Pitts visiting his Church. Someone may want to walk that bunny trail and see what they come up with”

    After googling a few times, there is no bunny trail.
    Since the forum is defunct, this would be hard to locate. What did you read and where was it, if you don’t mind saying?

  9. Wow, the HOE confernce. Wish I would have thought of that myself as an ex-Cornerstone member. Kudos to GCMW. Keep on exposing the truth about these “men of Gawd” & the lies they engage in.

    Actually, the HOE conference has been going on for almost 10 years I believe. Quite a history of charlantanism through the years of the HOE conference. At one conference all of the visiting ministers had all of Michael Pitts’s staff hold him up in the air resting him on their hands, kind of like they do with people surfing one another at concerts and such. It was quite a scene. I guess it was supposed to symbolize the fact that Michael needed his support staff to hold him up as he carreid out the work of God. And the men holding him up were supposed to feel the weight of the pressure that he carried as an anointed man of Gawd.

    I’m not sure David Huskins was speaking at the HOE conference when he made all of the comments you quoted, although he was at the conference this year. He was invited back when Michael was out of town either preaching or on vacation, because as you know Michael is under much stress with his job. And of course a counselor or psychologist he went to during one of his drunk driving episodes said he needed more vacation time as he is a high stress intense kind of guy with his job and all. But rest assured, he was perfectly fine and did not have a drinking problem.

    Apparently he didn’t have a problem either when he was exposing himself & masturbating in front of teenage boys back in 1997 and was court ordered into counseling so that he wouldn’t face charges. And then there were a host of other exposure charges that he pleaded no contest to & served 14 days of monitoring with an ankle bracelet for trespassing in a park near his home after hours. It’s all archived in The Toledo Blade newspaper. You can google it with his name.

    Michael’s devoted followers will tell you that he was acquitted of all charges. Not true. He pled no contest which is seen as guilty in the eyes of the court.

    Perhaps if Michael didn’t have his early roots tied to all of these questionable men of Gawd who “sowed” into his life, he wouldn’t have reaped such corrupt behavior. No telling what “arch bishop” David Huskins has “sown” into his life. And just out of curiosity where is the title of arch bishop found in the Bible?

    The whole being drunk in the Holy Ghost for 85 days & counting after the conference was too much to watch. Perhaps he had gotten into Michael’s personal wine stash & merely thought he was drunk in the Holy Ghost. What purpose does it serve to be drunk in the spirit for 85+ days? Is it supposed to sound godly or something? Jesus never ran around talking about being drunk in the Holy Ghost when performing his miracles. I guess Huskins is more anointed than Jesus was.

    As for Robert in the above post quoting Rev. 21:8, it really means nothing to the likes of David Huskins & others as they are also into universalism and they believe all eventually go to heaven & there is no Lake of Fire. Swilley mentioned that when he twisted another scripture from Revelation.

    Christians who have no discernment because they have sat under such false teachers don’t pick up on wrong doctrine. It’s just all good out there according to Michael & his facebook posts. According to him, we just have to surround others with good & they will come to Jesus. Really. But then again, he does say that all of us who don’t agree with him are anti everything. Just go to his facebook page & you can read his comments posted to refute comments on these blogs as well as the following blog:

    All I can say is keep up the good work GCMW. False teachers & vipers/snakes/wolves need to be exposed in the church today. The Bible is clear to run from these men, not hang around in hopes of changing their ways through prayer. The longer you sit under them, the deeper their influence over you.

    One last comment. I’ve never heard of a Duncan Hunter associted with Cornerstone. Arch bishop Duncan Williams has been closely associated with Michael. I was at Conerstone nearly 20 years & don’t recall a Duncan Hunter. Another bad association with Cornerstone was Jamal Byrant. I have one note I wrote down from the time he visited Cornerstone years ago & I didn’t write anything more after that. My note was that he stated: The stronger your anointing, the stronger your sex drive. I think I was too stunned to write anything more & needed to have a copy of that quote so that’s why I wrote it. Really, there wasn’t anything more to take note of after that.

    To end this all I can say is: Really, with this cast of characters how can anyone continue to defend the likes of Michael Pitts and how can anyone take Huskins seriously as a Bishop or anything else for that matter?

  10. Amen Elder Jimmy the fact that Huskins concealed the identity and position of Swilley is proof he is a at least a liar. The fact that he didnt mentioned our blog name is further proof he (and the others) are treating the people at this conference like hoes. They are pimps that have to protect their money makers so they block them from getting knowledge about whats being said about the pimps. He and Pitts are running this game and this church is nothing but a religious whore house. As others have said those who see had better save themselves and get out before the roof caves in on your head.

    Look who I found on the floor, under a bench in “holy laughter”.

  11. I find this video from Cornerstone’s videos on their YOU TUBE site a bit interesting in light of the Eddie Long situation. Especially since one of the incidents according to the lawsuit (allegedly) happened around this time when Long was preaching at the HOE conference in Toledo. Watch what he says around :26 into the video. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  12. (please copy and past the above link and watch for yourself)
    **They lined all the visiting pastors at the HOE Conference up and had them “pass through the shadow” of David Huskins. Apparantly, this was to “transfer” the new spirit that is one Huskins to all the other pastors. Show me where in scripture is this located?? (No where in scripture do the Apostles of the Lamb transfer any “special anointing” onto other leaders. According to scritpure, all gifts come DIRECTLY from the Holy Spirit and cannot be bought or given.

    I post the above video…so that all can see the continual false teaching that is spreading throughout Cornerstone Church and David Huskins. (It is holding the saints of God hostage; waiting for some new “movement” that is forever prophesied…but NEVER manifests.) The church has been decreasing in members for years..yet they still proclaim several thousand.

    Michael Pitts and David Huskins were all groomed underneath Earl Paulk. Earl Paulk is known for the FALSE SHEPHERDING/FALSE COVERING Doctrine. This teaches NT believers that they are submitted underneath a man who provides spriritual-covering for them. This is false teaching. In 1 Tim. 2:5, Paul wrote, “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (The current mindset we carry in much of the church concerning submission is quite unrelated to the submission taught and demonstrated by Jesus and the early apostles.)

    Michael Pitts teachers tells his members that they cannot leave the church unless they are “released” by “headship”.
    “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ” (You can learn much about this false shepherding movement by doing a google search. It began taking off in the early 80’s.) It’s nothing more than demonic teaching…that leads men to follow and submit their entire life to a “man” instead of Christ. The doctrine of covering is an old lie with a new name. It is fundamental to the maintenance of a false hierarchical religious system controlling many Christians in this day. Without the power of this erroneous mindset, it is even doubtful that some sections of the “church” could survive.

    “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit — just as you were called to one hope when you were called — one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is OVER ALL and THROUGH ALL and IN ALL. (Ephesians 4:3-6)

  13. I just want to commend your wonderful work, especially on this subject. These men are wolves of the worst kind and they need to be exposed for who they are. Thank you Jesus!!

  14. That video of the “Holy Laughter” is part embarrassing and part shocking–can you imagine if someone was going to that Church for the first time that night? Imagine if it was someone who was unsaved?
    It’s all so bizarre,what in the world is going on? I never saw stuff like this growing up in the ’50’s and 60’s.

  15. No comment on this entry at the moment; but just to say I haven’t read your blog in a while (busyness, life, etc.) and had forgotten just how much I really enjoy your writing! I’ve read your books and articles and it’s been refreshing to come back and revisit your blog after a while. As time permits, I’ll come back again to enjoy more of the spiritual insight that emanates from your writing. God bless!

  16. i am just trying to figure out what is so holy about this laughter. It sounds like hacklyin to me, How is this of God. Tell a good joke and anybody on the street can roll on the floor and crack up. I’ve been saved for decades and have never been approached like this from God’s Spirit. I just don’t get it. And this is the man that I am hearing others say is gay or supports gay preachers? This is suppose to mean that he really is annointed? I just don’t get it.

  17. Angela,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my dear friend (smile), we both know that laughter can be in both the positive and negative spiritually or naturally, we know scripture says, “your weeping will be turned into laughter”, “there is a time to laugh” and of course the LORD God says, “I will laugh at your calamity.” And I have laughed when I’ve seen the wondrous works of the Lord in both positive and negative circumstance. But this display I must admit in my opinion seems fleshly and/or demonic for when the joy of laughter descended upon me, it did not descend upon me so unseemly and I do not profess this w/arrogance or pride. But do I believe in the spirit of laughter descending upon an individual, yes, even if it had’nt happened to me, for if I believe in a spirit of hate and unforgiveness descending upon an individual, why not a spirit of joy and laughter, but once again not so unseemly.

  18. Tony, this isn’t the same Angela you’re used to – she’s someone else.

    But Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    (I haven’t posted on this site for awhile.)

  19. @Tony Davis-“But do I believe in the spirit of laughter descending upon an individual, yes, even if it had’nt happened to me, for if I believe in a spirit of hate and unforgiveness descending upon an individual, why not a spirit of joy and laughter, but once again not so unseemly.”

    You believe this, but where is bible to support it? Hate and unforgiveness are not spirits, but sin that is inside of every human being born on this earth. This mess that David Huskins is doing is exactly that mess. An influence of the demonic activity that surrounds the false teaching he is in.

  20. Bro. Brdavision,

    My friend if you read my comments closely, and I’m sure you did, you see I did not condone the spirit for which the bishop was operating in, for you read where I said, it was demonic and fleshly. And I’m sure you remember when rebuking his young apostles’ John and James in the gospel of Luke, where they wanted the Lord to call down fire and consume his attackers, and he said to them, “you know not what kind of spirit your operating in.” The Spirit has come down upon me where I laughed w/joy clapping and raising my hands unto the Lord, but I didn’t end up underneath pews laughing uncontrollable and unseemly w/no shadow of grace for what he was operating in I saw no grace nor was I blessed by it, only disturbed.

  21. I too saw the video and found it to be rididculous. All that does is draw attention to Huskins and not to Jesus. It causes the sheep to want more & more of the entertainment under the guise of the anointing. What is also ridiculous is Huskins being drunk in the Holy Ghost for 85+ days. That is his way of not being accountable and having an excuse not to answer questions about the whole Swilley thing or anything else. His being drunk in the Holy Ghost is akin to the John Crowder crowd who compares getting high to tokin’ in the Ghost and being on a Holy Ghost high. So they have to compare things to secular drug addicted behavior to attract people to Christ? When did Jesus do that?

    If you ask me, what the Body of Christ needs today is a good dose of sobriety and living sober (self-controlled) lives. 1Thes. tells us to watch and be sober. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control – Gal. 5:23. God’s Word does not contradict itself. If we are to be self-controlled, then why would the Holy Spirit overtake someone with uncontrollable laughter or drunkeness, or running or screaming etc. We are to avoid the appearance of evil. Unbelievers who come into one of these services would probably think that they are all literally drunk. It serves no purpose other than to draw attention to themselves.

    As for the HOE conference year after year, all it does is entertain the sheep & uplift all of these anointed men of Gawd and glorify their gifts as a means to take up big offerings. The wonderful music plays and sets the emotional state of the believers, just like with Bishop Garlington. The music in the background sets the emotional atmosphere for people to feel good or moved & believe anything. The secular world knows how music influences the brain & emotions and businesses use it all the time to sell things & get to the emotions of the average consumer. It is no different in these big churches. They have become entertainment venues where the sheep can hardly wait for the next big manifestation or promise of blessing and going to higher levels and anointings. So, they fall for things like walking in the shadow of Huskins & then they show how touched they are by exhibiting highly emotional responses such as Sheryl Brady did when she passed through the “thin” place. PLEEEEASE!!

    I wonder what would happen if they had a service w/out music, emotionalism, prophetic words, & manifestations & promises of blessing & they just sat & cracked open their Bibles and studied the real Word for an hour? It would be interesting to find out how many would come. Lord Jesus help the church of today to sober up & be vigilant and discerning of perverse & deceptive spirits. As it says in Gal.2:6 – God shows personal favoritism to no man – for those who seemed to be something added nothing to me.

  22. I read where you said you had never discussed huskins being at Cornerstone before this article and that is not true there are at least two other times that I read it here on this blog that he was there for conferences and you linked him to Paulk and then when Pitts was made a bishop last year. Huskins has taught at the last several conferences held at Cornerstone and I have seen comments on him on here at least two of those times. So your insinuation that he was not ever mentioned on here at cornerstone is not true. I also think it is highly probable that the blog he was dishing in that service was the one ran by EX Cstone members. Also having read your dialogue back and forth by email to him or from him…I didn’t see even in the underlined part where he said SWILLEY WAS UNFIT…I did see where he said IF someone was yielding to a lifestyle that was contradictory to the Word of God he was unfit. He also said that there was a difference between admitting you had feelings or a struggle and the lifestyle. I think Jim Swilley said he was not in a relationship with anyone nor did he plan to be but was only dealing with his own honest evaluation of his feelings. I don’t agree with any of these folks or this stuff but I think you have taken a lot of stretching to say they SAID certain things that were simply alluded to and not said. AND I have read about Huskins on here before and you said you had never known of him to be at Cornerstone until now but that is not true.

  23. I cannot find all of them nor do I desire to even take the time. However one such post by you was September 5th 2009 at 11 42pm under ALERT PITTS/other vipers. The other was in relation to linking Huskins to Jay Bakker and Dony and Reba McGuire. The one however of September 2009 was directly about Cornerstone. I think one of the other ones was where you had said Reba Rambo had told a newspaper she believed she was a reincarnated man and turned out it was not Reba Rambo but was Reba McEntire the country singer.

  24. So Josh in other words you are lying. Unless you have some kind of evidence (which doesnt exist) that I knew Huskins was at Cornerstone before that article then you are lying. Its not a matter of you “dont have the time”. If you didnt have the time to show evidence supporting your accusations, why even bring it up in the first place? None of the instances you mentioned are related to the statement I made.

    So let the record reflect your failure to produce any proof. That should be the end of this conversation unless you can produce something specific to back up your baseless accusations.

  25. Dear GCM,
    I don’t know why you start name calling at me when I simply raised a question…?
    Josh, You made a false accusation and you are still doing it. If you make a statement that has no truth in it, then it is a lie. That’s not name calling its simply stating the fact of the matter.

    I had great respect for what I thought you were trying to do. How does that make me a liar. I DID give you one place over a year ago that you personally posted about Huskins at Cornerstone because I responded there then.

    GCMW: And you defended the conference then saying you “loved” it. I think that says a lot about where you stand. I certainly read no “great respect” there. If you read my comments on that Sept 4th post, there is no acknowledgement that I knew Huskins was at Cornerstone. It may have been inferred by others. That is not to say I didnt know who Huskins was however thats an entirely different situation.

    IT IS UNDER PITTS/OTHER VIPERS about the 6th post from YOU. The whole discussion is about the Heaven on Earth Conference last year 2009. You said in this article that YOU HAD NEVER HAD ANY KNOWLEGE OF HIM BEING THERE BEFORE. Yet, you posted about it in 2009. I was simply saying that I don’t think huskins was talking about your blog because I am a faithful participant in life after cornerstone blog and I think that is who he was talking about because that is who has the whole staff at Cstone up in arms. I made no accusations and I have produced at least one other time and do not see why I should have go through your whole old stories and post to produce anything…I am offended that you come out attacking me so even saying I am lying. I have been a faithful reader of this blog for over two years and have evaluated somethings and people because of it but your response here seems bizarre to me.

    GCMW: Im not sure what you mean by “faithful”. There are people who read this blog “faithfully” yet hate what we’re doing. And your comments on that Sep blog indicate you are in that number.

  26. You said none of the instances I mentioned were related to the statement you made but the statement you made in this article is “Since he is referring to GCM Watch, he is lying as we have never heard of him being in Toledo before now.” AND THE Post you made on Sept. 5th 2009 at 11 42pm is about him being at Cornerstone and the discussion goes on to talk about his time there in 2009 and of course he was there and discussed in 2008 as well in that same thread. I am not your enemy and think I have produced where you personally posted about him being there a year ago before now but I will not say you are lying when you say you had no knowlege of him ever being in Toledo before I will just call it an oversight. I wish I was given that same grace by you.

    GCMW: There’s the article link there: For those who are interested, they can check it out.

  27. My prayer for this year is that every one of these cult of personality church businesses goes BK and not the restructuring type but rather the GAME OVER type of BK.

    Close the doors, revisit true Biblical Christianity, and realize that the Bible is not the Davinci Code. Quit trying to read into every scripture like it’s going to unlock some door in your life.

    Jesus is the DOOR, the WAY, the TRUTH, and your LIFE. These hirelings and false prophets try to make you think there is something more when there isn’t anything other than Jesus and what He did for the World because they couldn’t be made righteous by their own efforts.

    Mike and Rob need to go get a REAL job like everyone else and actually work for a living and quit skimming off the top of hard working people. It isn’t hard to scream and shout and put on a performance for folk that are living in Toledo and Lima trying to just get by every week.

    False promises + False hopes = Eventual Disillusionment

    It’s time to “root up” and “tear down” the fables of men and get back to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

    Stop giving these charlatans money folks. Save your dough and give DIRECTLY to people in REAL NEED.

    Feed the poor, cloth the naked, visit those in prison. As you have done THESE things to those, you have in essence done it unto me.

    You are not UNDER THE LAW. You are UNDER GRACE. A new contract and dispensation. Don’t seek to justify yourselves before God by going to back and living by the rules of a FULFILLED and EXPIRED contract.

    Jesus FULFILLED the terms of the old contract. It is finished.

    Stop tithing your money now and take your lives back and shut the doors on these out to steal your hard earned money.

    If Paul had a job (tentmaker), well then, they should too….unless of course they are in it for the money.

  28. This is going to be hard to stomach for some of us but here we go…

    Mike and Rob are not responsible for the monetary or material success of Cornerstone Toledo or Lima or any other network marketing church they have in their down line. (sorry guys if that hurts your egos).

    Without us “the itching ears crowd” there would be no buildings, no fancy suits, no fables, and false promises and no enablers coming through from time to time to rape us of our hard earned money.

    Mike and Rob and all these other charlatans exist because we are the ENABLERS. It is our fault that they do what they do in the name of the Lord.

    Paul warned us that right here in 2 Timothy:

    For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. People will refuse to listen to the truth and turn to myths or a fabrication of the Truth.

    Our flesh and american dream get rich mentality has empowered these people to hood wink and fabricate and twist the truth to tell us what our flesh wants and not what God is really saying to us.

    Like Nicholson said, You can’t handle the Truth and I will go one step further, WE DON’T WANT THE TRUTH. We want the pie in the sky put it all on black and win the lottery message.

    We want Mike to go to Africa and do “ministry work” so we throw our money at them because it’s easier that way. It relieves us of our responsibility to do the work of the ministry and it provides a euphoric feeling that we are going to get lucky with God and win the heavenly lottery and be rich like Rob and Mike.

    Ain’t going to happen folks. Stop empowering and enabling the abuse. Let the Truth satisfy you and not a fabrication of the Truth.

    Grab a few books on co-dependency and real NT giving and you CAN BREAK THE CYCLE OF ABUSE.
    It’s our own doing folks. Pull the plug and lean on Jesus and a life of contentment. The american dream has invaded the church and is a lie.

  29. The problem lies with what we have come to define as “church” via the influence of capitalism.

    Today’s “churches” like Cornerstone and Michael Pitts are really nothing more than business corporations that sell the product of false hope to its customers and get to guise it all under non-profit law and crafty accounting practices. As you can see, no different than most American Corporations today.

    These enterprises are very profitable because they have no board in place to check and balance decisions and they do not have to give the “investor sheep” any shares in the ownership of the company or asset holdings. In a nutshell, these are glorified dictatorships with no accountability and a breeding ground for greed, pride, fraud, and wealth accumulation.

    If I work for IBM, I get stock options as I reach certain milestones, or I can also exercise options to purchase stock at a future date and price. If I leave IBM for another company, I still have the stock when I leave because of my contribution to the company while I was there.

    Not so with American Church Corporations. Usually, the family anhd its trust owns all the assets that they purchased with sheep money accumulated through the false teaching of tithing and manipulative offerings. This is the case with Cornerstone, World Harvest Church, Benny Hinn, TBN and the Crouches, and the list goes on and on…

    Again, there in absolutely no bibilical grounds or basis for this being a representation of “church”. We are so far influenced and perverted by American Capitalism that for some people it would blow their minds to see how simple this was supposed to be when Paul started the ball rolling 2000 years ago.

  30. It appears you are a little passionate about how you feel regarding the abuse of people within Church corporations like Cornerstone Church in Toledo.

    Now if we can only get more people to speak out and up about what goes on behind the green curtains of these institutions we may actually get some momentum and drive the moneychangers out of the temple of God (we are the temple by the way).

    The teaching of tithing is not found to be taught anywhere anyplace in the New Testament (contract). We are not under Law (the old contract) but under Grace (the new contract that fulfilled the old contract). Jesus, once and for all, fulfilled its obligations (found in the OT) for us. We no longer follow the letter of the law but are to be led by the Spirit of Love in our giving like Paul instructed the NT believers.

    Give as you purpose in your heart, and not by manipulation or compulsion or an old contract that has already been fulfilled by Christ Alone.

    Give to people in need and not bricks and mortar buildings that you will never own that you meet in 6 hours a week. This is poor stewardship at its finest.

    Malachi was never addressing the common people in his text, he was addressing the levitical priesthood that was not tithing to the Aaronic priesthood. There is no more Aaronic (high) priesthood. Jesus is the high priest and we are ALL PRIESTS even those who claim to be Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Teachers, and you name it. Everyone is on the same playing field.

    Whats funny is I personally know that alot of these CEO preachers don’t even personally tithe themselves. Complete hypocrisy at its finest.

    If we can remove the false teaching of tithing then we can stop the money flow into these moneychangers kingdoms and they will be in foreclosure before you can blink an eye.

    You are not blessed anymore or less if you tithe your money, in fact, if you are doing it with the belief that YOUR ACT blesses you, you have insulted the spirit of Grace and brought yourself back under the law (its in the Bible). Your blessing or blessed state is a result of one man’s sacrifice and not of your work.

  31. The church is not a fancy building with a matching sign and a cross somewhere on the premises. The catholic church buildings are not churches, they are buildings. The building in and of itself does not contain the “glory” or presence of God.

    In this dispensation of Grace, we are the building or God’s temple and his presence is IN US. There is no corporate glory or anointing. What you “feel” comes from emotional music and preaching that makes you feel goosebumps. Goosebumps are not a sign of His Glory. I got goosebumps on my arms and teared up when Bubba Watson cried after winning the Farmer’s tournament this past weekend because he recently lost his Father.

    Wherever you are, God is with you. If you make your bed in hell, God is with you (David said it not me).

    God is with you at the bar, at the beach, the corner store, on the plane, in the blimp, and on the golf course. There is not anyplace you can go where God is not with you. Now that is comforting saints!

    If you leave a building like Cornerstone, no need to worry, God is with you and is responsible for your protection and covering. Jesus is the head of EVERY man. We are all equal just differing gifts.

    Michael Pitts does not hear from God for you. That is a lie and is the breeding ground for control and you experiencing mental problems like anxiety disorders. You can hear from God for you and you don’t need Michael Pitts and some false hope message to make it through your day. Stop co-dependency.

    If you don’t ever give another dime to the coffers of the Pitts kingdom, trust me, you are still blessed by faith ALONE in Jesus work at Calvary. You don’t need to add two cents to it for His completed work to be fulfilled in your life. You are not under law, but under GRACE. He does it, you relax with an His easy yoke and enter REST from your works.

    That easy folks. Break free from the BS. Hey “Preachers” leave those kids alone, over and over it’s just another brick in the wall. Go earn an honest living and get a real job and stop hindering the gospel and bringing reproach to it every Sunday.

  32. Michael,
    This post is for you as a fellow brother in Christ. I love you and would venture to say that we all love you. This blog has been orchestrated by God as a wake up call for you to repent (change the way you think) and as a healing place for the wounded.

    God loves you and whom the Lord LOVES he CHASTENS. You cannot run any longer. You cannot hide any longer. You cannot postpone this chastisement with Roberts’s worldly wisdom and trickery any longer. If you want the LOVE of God, you are going to, like all of us, endure the chastening.
    That is the Bible way to the “next level”.

    God is long suffering with all of us but I am sensing this is the final plea with you because too many of God’s children have been scattered, slandered, abused, lied to, bankrupted, and hurt by your ministry.
    You have lost your way and are leading countless people astray down a road that leads to disillusionment and financial ruin.

    Ask yourself this….has it all been worth it? Is this what you envisioned when you opened the first storefront in Toledo? Is it? Maybe it was?

    Michael, it never had to be this way. This blog, all the numerous websites, the scores of hurt and damaged people that have attended Cornerstone over the years. This could have all been avoided. It really could have been….

    God was reaching out to you in the 90’s before all this exposure but you would not heed his voice and direction. He was pleading with you by the Spirit but instead you were pulled by the money and the fame and yoking with ungodly ministries that taught doctrines of men, fables, and fabrications and alterations of the Truth.

    Your kingdom building became more important than your love for the King. Your name and titles fed the insecurities and low self esteem that God wanted to heal. It was a trap and here we are today.
    All this is a manifestation of reaping what you have sowed over the past 25 years. You have faced many forks in the road and made decisions that were contrary to the spirit and nature of Jesus.

    The reality is a person like you has the insight and wisdom to look back and know exactly when the compromise began. There is always a seed and a root system to the fruit borne.

    The seed was the love of money, the roots are all types of evil (not the sacrificing babies or drinking blood type) but this type: Slandering, lying, and defaming on people who felt God was calling in them in a different direction for their life.

    There is no excuse. This is wrong and it is neither the LOVE of God nor the fruit of a Pastor or Bishop. It is a deep insecurity and need have approval from all people that you MUST ALLOW GOD TO HEAL in this season.

    Hiring a crisis management firm is not the answer. Sitting at your desk and coming up with crafty ways to avoid the writing on the wall is not the answer. The people are opening their eyes to the deception and deceit and are walking away from your kingdom. It will continue until the building is empty. God will no longer be mocked.

    You can run to another city and try it there but GOD WILL BE WITH YOU THERE ALSO. You cannot run from Him, He is committed to your chastisement and your transformation.

    It’s this easy. Come before the people open and honest about EVERYTHING. Be broken and sincere and plea for forgiveness and reconciliation. Call every past leader who gave their lives and families for you and invite them to the Church for a time of reconciliation and forgiveness. Apologize for all the hurt you have caused them and restore them financially.

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