Charlotte PD chaplains resign over gay clergy

CHARLOTTE – Six chaplains serving with the Charlotte, NC police department resigned rather than work with a token gay christian cleric installed by the police chief.

The Charlotte Observer said the six volunteer chaplains felt working with the unnamed lesbian cleric would signal their approval of her lifestyle which they said would go against their biblical convictions.

Six Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department chaplains have resigned from their volunteer positions since August, police say. Officials didn’t give a reason for the departures, but one chaplain said the sudden resignations are a result of the department admitting a new chaplain who is gay. The chaplain said those who departed felt they had no choice but to leave because of their churches’ teachings about homosexuality.;;playerWidth=300;playerHeight=240;isShowIcon=true;clipId=5267281;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=undefined;enableAds=true;;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript_EMBEDDEDscript
“It’s very difficult,” said the chaplain, who spoke to the Observer on the condition of anonymity. “All the chaplains have really developed relationships with the police officers on the beat. Relationships that have been built over the years have stopped.”

In a letter to all the chaplains, CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe expressed disappointment that some members decided to leave the program.

“I respect the decisions and convictions of those who have decided to resign, as I would never ask anyone to compromise their beliefs,” he said.

“But I do hope that those of us who remain … continue to embrace our goal of being an inclusive organization that respects the differences of all of our employees.”

Police officials said no chaplain was asked to resign. Eight members remain.
The female chaplain, whose name is not being released, was asked to come on board in August, said Maj. John Diggs, who leads the department’s Community Service Bureau. Diggs said the six chaplains submitted their resignations soon after.

These men are to be applauded for standing on their convictions. The “silence equals consent” trick is one of the main tactics used by the gcm. As we reported to you, everywhere gcm clerics show up, division is inevitable. Gay christian clerics shouldn’t be accepted as legitimate Christian representatives anywhere, because their fundamental belief system is antithetical –even hostile in some cases— to the Bible. For examples look here, here and here.

Im not sure what to say about the police chief who’s best excuse for putting these false teachers in positions of influence is “tolerance and gay-versity”.


8 thoughts on “Charlotte PD chaplains resign over gay clergy

  1. Good for them! I’m sad to see healthy relationships being broken over these issues though. As someone who doesn’t currently have a church or pastor I understand how this must feel for those on the force who no longer have a chaplain to turn to. I pray that though no longer volunteering, those chaplains are still able to maintain some sort of relationship with those on the force.

  2. Sometimes, I just want to pinch myself and say this is all a bad dream (nightmare). When policemen or anyone else needs help, they may go to ministers or believers for prayer and counseling. The true help comes from GOD through believers and ministers who actually AGREE WITH HIM and His Word! We have NO power to overcome the ills and challenges of life apart from GOD’s divine help and reconciliation through Jesus Christ. God has reached out to man in love because He hates ALL sin and will judge it. A Chaplain who refuses God’s word CANNOT help anyone. We have become like baby deer rebelliously walking directly into a pride of hungry lions!

  3. Follow up reports state there are 3 times more volunteers willing to replace these quitters. The female minister’s name was widely reported in multiple sources. She is a Veteran and a Presbyterian. The quitters show they are not true servants of God by their reaction. I suppose if they were called to the scene to give the last rites to a fallen police officer and they found the person was gay, they’d turn and run the same way.

    GCMW: I noticed you didnt list any of the “widely reported multiple sources”. The chaplains articulated their objections. I guess if the woman had been a white neo nazi racist, you would have wanted them to yawn and keep working, right? And the name “Dee” is reserved. Get another punch name.

  4. @GCMW-wow the level of biblical illiteracy is past ridiculous….you would think someone who wanted to make an intelligent comment on a christian blog would at least study the subject matter first……a foot is not designed to go in one’s mouth.

  5. brdvision, these folks are so hasty to defend homosexuality, they do not even consider their arguments do not stand up to even the slightest logic challenges. And that’s before we get to the Bible. What Deepony said could only be applicable if we can apply to equally to all situations. Unless she is willing to concede the point that the chaplains should stay and work with a neo nazi racist (who we assume would “minister” to the other race-haters out there) then her comments are nothing more than shallow emotionalism.

  6. @GCMW-you’re right! what about letting a voodoo witch doctor Chaplin in to come “minister to those who practice voodoo. And don’t for get the satanist and the pedophile ministers as well……

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