SIV (spiritual immunodeficiency virus) is the new HIV

Since GCM Watch began investigating and documenting the biblical and moral errors of the gay christian movement (gcm), over time, it became clear that this movement was the spiritual replica of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the body of Christ. A movement riddled with heresy, the parallels are quite stunning.

HIV, like all other viruses, has proteins that are indigenous to itself. These proteins are called “antigens”. Antigens have diverse functions in viral replication. In the case of HIV, a combination of two antigens, gp120 and gp41, allow the virus to hook onto T cells and infect them. The virus pretends to be a healthy cell,  thus fooling the healthy cells to accept it. The consequences are devastating for the body:

  • HIV eventually destroys many of the white blood cells, which protect us against disease.
  • HIV invades and attacks helper T cells, the very cells that direct the body’s defenses. By destroying helper T cells, HIV disables the entire immune system that protects us against diseases.
  • HIV infection leaves people helpless against many other serious infections and cancers.
  • Likewise gay christian doctrine, using the cloak of love, acceptance and peace, presents itself as true and has fooled many unsuspecting Christians into accepting the very thing that destroys relationship with God and sexual integrity in the body of Christ. SIV (Spiritual Immunodificiency Virus) has infected entire denominations and wreaked havoc all over the Christian Church. But instead of fighting the disease with biblical truth and public information, church leaders have coddled it and exposed their members to certain spiritual death.

    Seven foundational truths you can’t afford to compromise

    We’ve identified seven key foundational truths that the gay christian movement (the little c is used to indicate a false christian) have compromised and/or denied. You can see examples of this here, here and here. These truths are central to our faith and  cannot be compromised. We caution you to arm yourselves with truth, protect your spiritual health and do not accept any doctrine or teaching which detours from the faith once delivered to the saints. Even if an angel from heaven comes and preaches any other doctrine, let them all be accursed.  It only takes a little leaven to leaven the entire lump! Brothers and sisters, that’s how serious this is.

    Let no one fool you: orthodoxy and doctrine are important indicators of a person’s spiritual bearing. Alone, they can become the source of ritualistic legalism, but when advanced in the power of the Spirit and love, it forms a solid foundation under the feet of the believer.

    I. The inerrancy and authority of scripture Rom 15:4; 2 Tim 3:16, 1 Pet 1:24,25; 2 Pet 1:20:21

    What it means: The authority of Scripture cannot be separated from the authority of God. Whatever the Bible affirms, God affirms. And what the Bible affirms (or denies), it affirms (or denies) with the very authority of God
    Why its important to you: The scriptures are your first consult and last check as to whether your actions, words, thoughts are in line with what God says pleases him.
    What can happen if you compromise this truth Without the scriptures as your guide, you will be left to your own devices, logic, righteousness and ultimately create your own god who will approve whatever actions, thoughts and words you tell him to. Rm 1: 21-22

    II. The identity and divinity of Christ Jn 8:58;10:24-33, 1:1-3, Psalms 90:1

    What it means:  Jesus Christ is God who came in the flesh. By his suffering and death, he completely paid for the sins of the world. Consequently those who believe in Him will have eternal life and escape the wrath of God to come.

    Why its important to you:  his identity and divinity is important because he uniqueness distinguishes him from others who claim to be him
    What can happen if you compromise this truth:  Failure to recognize Christ as God come in the flesh places you at risk for certain deception.

    III. The definition of sin Gen 6:5; Ps 53:3, Prov 28:13, Col 3:5-6, Romans 3:23

    What it means:  Sin as defined in the original translations of the Bible means to “miss the mark”. The mark in this case is the high standard of perfection established by a holy, sinless and perfect God and evidenced by Jesus (Heb 4:15).  Sin, then is a transgression of God’s standards whether intentional, unintentional, by commission or omission, whether in thought, word or deed.

    Why its important to you:  Viewing sin in its biblical definition you will never excuse or justify your actions, words or thoughts when they are in conflict with God’s standards. Rm 3:23 The desired result is a repentant heart, thus maintaining a meaningful relationship with God.
    What can happen if you compromise this truth:  If you change the biblical definition of sin, self righteousness is inevitable.

    IV. The significance of the Cross Phil 2:5-11, Eph 2:14-16

    What it means: The cross is a symbol of ultimate deliverance which comes from the ultimate sacrifice

    Why its important to you: You are expected to sacrifice as Christ did to help others find deliverance
    Luke 22:31, Rev 12:11, Luke 9:23
    What can happen if you compromise its truth: You will live in fear never fulfilling the purpose of God for your life.

    V. The resurrection of the dead Lu 24:45-47; Jn 21:26,27; Acts 2:23,24; Rom 10:9, 1 Cor 15:13-14

    What it means:  The resurrection is the hope of every believer that death will not have victory over us.
    Why it is important to you: The resurrection is the cornerstone belief of our faith. If it is not true, then nothing we believe is true.
    What can happen if you compromise this truth:  We lose our unique identity as Christians.

    VI. The promise of Christ’s coming Mt 26:64; Luke 21:27, John 14:1-3

    What it means: Christ promised that he would return and take away all those who believe in him to a place where he now resides. John 14:1,2 His return is imminent and will be without warning.
    Why it is important to you: It should cause you to live your life in a state of readiness
    What can happen if you compromise its truth: You can become cold, lazy and foolish thus missing his return.

    VII. The standard of holiness 1 Thess 4:1-7, Hebrews 12:14, Leviticus 10:10-11, 1 Peter 13-16

    What it means: Holiness is a commanded standard of living made possible only through sustained right relationship with God.
    Why it is important to you: Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. God commands that we live holy as it is the only accurate spiritual reflection of himself. 1 Thess 4:7
    What can happen if you compromise its truth: You open yourself up to believe and accept every wind and doctrine as valid and lose out on eternal life with Christ.

    Endnote: Some gcm include elements of the above (holiness, baptism,  Spirit, resurrection, etc)  in their teachings, but it is taught from a perspective relative only to their view that homosexuality being acceptable to God. See one example here.


    30 thoughts on “SIV (spiritual immunodeficiency virus) is the new HIV

    1. What’s funny about this (not a “haha” kind of funny, of course) is the list you mentioned sounds like a standard “What We Believe” list, literally the very basics of Christianity.

      If we can’t even trust people to stick to the basics, what then? Well, we know what I suppose.

    2. Alexia, thats exactly the point being made. If they will corrupt and deny the very foundations of our faith, how could they possibly be right on the sexuality issue? Their “success” has been in looking and talking (at times) like the real thing while denying the power thereof. We know what we are told to do with that. Not embrace them, but from such turn away.

    3. The ultimate goal of the homosexual agenda (whether they know it or not) is to make a smooth transition for the anti-Christ homosexual world leader who will stand in God’s Temple (temporarily) and call himself a god until at a later date he gets thrown into the Lake of Fire.

      That’s why it is so important to not compromise on this homosexual issue or any sin for that matter.

      Do not be deceived no homosexual or those that approve of it will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

    4. Awesome article Pastor Foster. The sad thing? Most “Church Leaders” have SIDS. And some don’t even know it. Like Robert said above we must not compromise on every issue of sin. Because this world is already doing enough. Jesus said: “We are the salt of the world….” But most christians say we need to just pray and watch and let God handle them….all the while those false teachers are “handling us” and destroying God’s people.

      This article has encouraged me to continue to be a light, to continue to be the salt, and to continue stand on the word of God!

    5. Thank you brother. Two words to remember about false teachers (and thanks to Pastor Aaron Lavender of Kansas City for this) they deceive and destroy. Look at the AIDS virus, it does the exact same thing to the human body.

      Read Pastor Lav’s blog, he is a teacher upholding God’s truth.

    6. I like this. The symbolism is glaring. A major difference between the virus that attacks the physical body and the one that attacks the Body of Christ is that the cure for the latter is free and available to all. Yet how unfortunate that it’s not being sought as zealously as the mere treatment for the latter.
      Well, I suppose the focus on the temporal and physical is more meaningful to some than the cure-all for the eternal and spiritual, although I in no way undervalue the strive for physical healing.
      I advocate for both.

      I haven’t been posting much, Pastor, but I still come around, appreciating these nuggets of truth. 🙂

    7. “We caution you to arm yourselves with truth, protect your spiritual health and do not accept any doctrine or teaching which detours from the faith”

      So true Pastor Foster and your creation of the acronym SIV is very on point. Another characteristic of HIV which can be applied to SIV is that the virus creeps into the brain and does great damage that cannot be arrested because the HIV medications cannot cross the blood/brain barrier. Thus, there are subtle and not so subtle changes in behavior and mental function over time. Mental decline/illness and confusion in HIV carriers (esp. over the age of 50) are very prevalent. So, I use your above sentence as a warning to keep one sane because the gcm works through confusion. They are sick, don’t know it, and want to infect everyone else mentally, spiritually, and yes, some want to infect physically. I am printing these steps out and keeping them close.

    8. Ina, thank you for that further illumination of the effects of HIV on the human body. I am learning more and more about it in my quest to explain what is happening to the church. Its good to first understand natural things in order to understand spiritual truths (ref parables and 1 Cor 15:46). Its quite scary but GOD is trying to tell his church something. Or rather I should say GOD is telling his church something but too many have bought into the false love construct and open themselves up to be infected spiritually. As you said some are carriers of SIV and do not even know it. IF they would allow the WORD of God to test them, it would provide the healing cure and make them productive again. But as it stands now, this is crippling the church and it is not fruitful in the things of God. And a batten womb is a curse.

      Hi Angela, yes of course I miss you here, but know that I appreciate when you do share your thoughts. As long as your stay close to Christ, you are fine.

    9. Hi Pastor: Good post. I would suggest that if the letters SIV are of your creation, that you protect it with
      a trademark or copyright since, if it is original, others will run with it and its origin could get lost in the shuffle.
      Also, as you do further research to show the shocking similiarities between HIV and SIV, you will need to
      compose a proper book for publication that will be another resource for people to refer to as why the SIV
      is of such danger and how it affects the church and its members.

      GCMW: Thats good advice Lafe. I may need your help on that. There’s a list of known SIV acronyms, so perhaps mine is coined.

    10. What a profound word Sir! Very enlightening! Moral sickness ALWAYS leads to spiritual sickness. The wages of sin is truly death…oh but the gift of God…

      Gotta print this one out for more indepth BIBLE STUDY and share with some other folks!
      Bro. Foster, keep on allowing the Light to shine through you!

    11. There is no such paralell between same sex attraction and the insidious nature of HIV. Your comparison is cruel, cold, and calculated. You are a disgrace to Christ Jesus.

    12. Marcus, provide biblical proof and context for your statement. People have been lied to long enough about the true spread of this disease (rampant sexual sin, including and especially among homosexuals).

      GCM, this reminds me. There was a video on this blog a very long time ago (about a year or so) that featured a caucasian male that led a homosexual lifestyle, caught HIV that developed into AIDS and then renonunced the lifestyle on his deathbed. His parents were also interviewed for the piece. Do you have an idea where I could find that?

    13. Common sense is sufficient NCatina. You guys hate gays and as a result spew your disgust for their sexuality in public discussions.

      GCMW: Do you have a common sense argument? So far, nothing. If tired and cliched condemnation is all you have to offer, find somewhere where its appreciated and then go for it.

    14. @Marcus Jimble-Where on this blog can you find anything even remotely hateful towards the glbt people? I’ll wait for you to go look………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      OK since I know you won’t find anything, why don’t you ask yourself this question. Why would we have a blog about the dangers that false “homosexual” christians pose? Why are we so adamant about keeping the integrity of God’s word? Why don’t we bash gays and call them names? Why do we speak the truth, knowing that our message will not be accepted? Why? Why? Why?

      Second-we spew no disgust for people, but we agree with God as He has clearly laid out his plan for humanity. And homosexuality is not in that plan. We stand for God’s word and you call us hateful. We speak the truth, and you call it spewing hate. If you read your bible even a little bit you would know that those who are telling you its OK to be gay are the ones actually spewing hatred. Inform yourself brother….get out of your emotions.

    15. brdavision, Id really like to see Marcus show me just 3 specific examples of “spewing hate” in the article. Id wager that he cant because like you said his bit is an emotional thing nothing dealing with facts or real time evidence. Sorry, we dont take the emotional bait here.

    16. Your whole parallel falls completely on its face when one realizes that lesbians don’t get HIV at all….

      GCMW: via “Lesbian, bisexual and other women who have sex with women (WSW) may be at greater risk for certain cancers due to certain behaviors and social factors. Breast cancer and uterine/endometrial cancer may be associated with nulliparity, the state of not having given birth. Some evidence suggests that uterine/endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer are more prevalent among women who have never used oral contraception (the pill).”

      So Pat, should I do a comparison on cancer among lesbians and leaven in the church?

    17. Just a question: Your aforementioned parallels are really only useful in the United States, are you aware of that? Due to the fact that the virus, HIV, was transported through a gay man to the United States made it endemic in the gay male population. However, worldwide, the vast majority of people with HIV and AIDS are heterosexual and many are married. Let us not also forget that we have scores of people in other countries living with HIV due to rape, incest and mother-to-child transmission in the absence of anti-retrovirals.

      Your parallel is somewhat compelling on the surface, but it does not really pan out in the larger world, and since God is the supreme and ultimate creator of the world, I fear that this theory comes from emotion cloaked as a metaphor.

      Not an attack, purely an observation and comment in this forum.

    18. No, CJ I disagree with you, the parallel is indeed universal. You are speaking of external issues, while the post deals with internal issues. As an internal issue HIV and SIV are the same.

      Clearly, how the human immunodeficiency virus infects the body is irregardless of the type of one’s sexual activity. It is the same. That’s universal. For instance, HIV infects a heterosexual woman in Africa the same as it does a homosexual man in Memphis, TN. In the spirit of Romans 1, we highlighted gay christian doctrine because its acceptance affects the church in Africa, just like it does the church in Memphis, TN hence, SIV or spiritual immunodeficiency virus. While Im aware of the statistics that are location unique, the post has nothing to do with such statistics. Neither was it an attempt to survey such statistics because they bring no bearing on how HIV operates once inside the body.

      Thanks for your observation.

    19. Key reasons why the church has a form of spiritual HIV:

      (1) Biblical, theological, and historical ignorance in church leaders who consequently have absolutely NO discernment as to what is truth, what is a half-truth cloaked as the gospel and what is a downright bald-faced lie. Consequently we have men in the pulpit who don’t know how to define, let alone defend, the truth. (Titus 1:9)

      (2) Most of the seminaries to which the church sends men to be trained for the ministry are either liberal or neo-liberal disguised as “evangelical.” They then get their heads full of mush and then in turn feed this &#@% to the church!

      (3) Immature stiff-necked prideful Christian “rock stars” who think religion is a means of great worldly gain are being exalted as leaders in the church, who don’t meet the qualifications of Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3, on the television and on the radio who know how to “tickle” ears and tell people what will please their flesh in order to gain a following.

      (4) A laity that has no notion of the call of the gospel to deny oneself, pick one’s cross and actually follow Christ. Their gospel is a truncated form of “Jesus loves me this I know” and they think grace is a license to sin.

      (5) Christians are seeking to be “culturally relevant” rather than seeking to “convert the culture”; in their art, music, and worship they are more imitative of the world and its latest trends rather than applying Biblical principles in a modern context.

      (6) Christians think short-term, in the “now,” rather than generationally seeking to pass on a Christian heritage to their grandchildren, great grandchildren. In contrast Muslims and Communists think long-term, they plan to overcome a culture within 2-3 generations (40-100 years) not with a quick fix through power-politics.

      (7) The average Christian knows more about Britney Spears, pro football, and pop-culture than they do the Bible whereas the average 10 year old orthodox Jewish boy without Christ in NY has the entire Old Testament memorized – in Hebrew.

      (8) The average Christian is not willing to do for the truth what the cultist (JW, Mormon etc.) is willing to do for a lie.

      (9) Sex and idolatry is easy to sell as a package deal – it has worked on God’s people for over 6,000 years. Why should Satan change his tactic when all he needs to do is change the label?

      (10) Porn meets our felt needs more than Scripture, prayer, and seeking to live holy lives.

    20. Pastor Waits you just preached a full Sunday morning sermon with all the trimmings! God bless you sir. Lets get back to reality and truth.

    21. Pastor Erik, that’s true. I actually read what you’ve written in a book by a Christian author but I can’t recall the name of the book. The premise of it was how deception has crept into the Church.

      Could you quote the source, please?

    22. Sexually transmitted diseases are the result of sinful behavior. Every sinful act has a consequence. Abortion is a sinful act brought about through fornication. Sin begets sin. Whatever a man sows, so shall he reap. You sow to the flesh you reap of the flesh. God created intercourse between one man and one woman. Anything outside of that arrangement is sinful in the eyes of God. It’s simple but satan blinds those who can’t see the simplicity of it. Fire will burn the flesh. Sin will destory the body and spirit. God gave us HIs word {boundary] but we [sinful humans] want to operate outside of His boundaries.

    23. Deception comes from Christians not desiring a closer walk with God. We’d believe the word of man before we’d believe the word of God. Shameful.

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