Bishop Eddie Long drops his "five stones"

Reports have surfaced that Bishop Eddie Long no longer wants to “fight” the lawsuits against him in court. Rather, he is taking a mediation route which some say is all but an admission of guilt.

If you aren’t aware of the controversy which broke in June, you can review our commentary herehere and here. If you want more, exercise your right to google.

With media cameras fixed, Long vowed that he would fight the charges against him.  In a terse speech given to an audience of cheering church members, Long had cast himself as David and the four young black men who filed the lawsuits as Goliath locked in a modern day epic battle. The bishop said he had five stones and he hadn’t thrown any of them at the time of his speech. But not anymore. The five stones have been dropped and unlike David, Long is set to negotiate with Goliath. Perhaps that a smarter way to slay one’s manufactured giants.

In court depositions, Long (or his lawyers) used tight technical language to deny the allegations of sexual abuse, manipulation and a host of other charges.

Entertainment writer Morris  “Mo” Kelley’s explanation about the reality of  Long’s out of court settlements and mediation is the best so far. Kelley points out that the bold statements of fighting and such have vanished and are the signs of a guilty man.

Bishop Eddie Long agreeing to mediation of sexual coercion charges is an end-run around the universally accepted moral and ethical responsibilities of any ecumenical leader. Mediation of sexual allegation grievances is tantamount to an admission of “some” guilt, “some” form of ministerial misconduct. Innocent folk don’t make deals if the claims against them are baseless and untrue. Mediation for the accused is a forfeiture of the right to ever claim innocence, and readers should be absolutely clear on this point.

Did you hear that?

That was the sound of Long publicly admitting to some degree of guilt when he agreed to mediation. The public wanted Long to thoroughly address the allegations. Well, there you have it. He said it all, you just had to have been paying attention to hear it.

Long has said that he is “not a perfect man,” outlandishly compared his plight to that of David when confronting Goliath. We all remember Long admonishing his congregation and news media, “I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”

If mediation is his first “rock,” then a complete admission of guilt must be the next. There’s just nowhere else to go. Instead of opting for the opportunity to clear his name for the sake of his congregation and legacy; Long has chosen to quietly, secretly, address the allegations of sexual coercion; presumably with a sealed “mutual agreement.”

Even if the lawsuit is settled out of court and Eddie Long continues his religious charade and sexual proclivities (whatever they might be at any given time), you cant afford to have a short memory. Even before this sordid series of events broke, we were sounding the alarm that Long was flirting with the gay christian movement. His embrace of such apostasy now leads us to say that he may have viewed himself as one of them.

And to put things in perspective Bishop Long is a symptom, not a cause.  Its just like a fever and a cough are symptoms of the flu. The church has drifted so far away from God and his word, the symptoms are many, but the only cure is a radical return to holiness.

We are living in an age of great deception and many people will suffer because they have taken their eyes off the Lord Jesus Christ and instead invested themselves in men who do not follow Christ. Like pied pipers these men are playing music which appeals to the itching ear but the end of the dance is death.

Bishop Eddie Long’s troubling history with homosexuality should give any believer serious about their relationship with Christ cause to keep their distance and not have any association, support or defense of this man or his enterprises until we have seen true fruit of repentance. That is for your protection and that’s the bible way.


44 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long drops his "five stones"

  1. In my own opinion, I feel Eddie is very guilty and not simply because he’s agreed to attempt an out of court settlement. In fact, there are innocent people who do seek out of court settlements simply to avoid the prolonged hassle and expense of trial.

    I feel Eddie is guilty because he’s up to 4 or so witnesses and counting against him, who claim to be actual victims who engaged in the activity first hand with him. Then the testimony of others who have stated they knew such was going on, takes it beyond 4. So we’re way beyond the biblical standard of 2-3 witnesses.

    The accusers have stated they attempted to SETTLE OUT OF COURT BEFORE GOING PUBLIC IN THE MEDIA, BUT EDDIE LONG AND HIS LEGAL TEAM REFUSED. This is why it ever became public in the first place. The original accusers sought the biblical standard of taking this up in private and say they were refused, that’s when they went public.

    Eddie Long stated he’d “fight”. So now that he’s seeking mediation he’s proven himself to be a liar in this matter by his own actions. Although seeking mediation is not something I usually see as further affirming someone’s guilt, in Eddie’s case it does because it goes against his own earlier position.

    Many witnesses, avoided earlier private resolution and a liar to his own words. This is why Eddie Long is very guilty in my eyes. Now he’s running back to the same thing the original accusers say they first sought, a private resolution. This to me means Eddie has something to hide. Something he did not think might leak out earlier.

    But, we warned about Eddie’s false doctrines, we warned about Eddie’s entertaining homosexual groups, now we warn about Eddie given the accusations. But some won’t hear because the delusion has them fooled. We just have to pray that those who are the Lord’s will come from under the delusion.

    It would be sad if someone left Eddie Long because of the latest news and only ran to yet another false prosperity pulpit-pimp. The Lord’s people must study and embrace sound doctrine!

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  3. Elder,

    I love the title…he dropped them stones didn’t he? (LOL) If it saves a dollar, he’ll take the reproach rather than presenting it all in an open court and challenging a lie.

    As I’ve stated, even if he’s not guilty of physical interaction, which I find impossible to believe that he’s not, he has shamed the office of a minister and the further high calling of Bishop. The “pimp” doesn’t know or care anything about that though. they are too carnal to think that is important.

  4. We should not judge people…in this case I will ask God right now to forgive me. He is atrocious!!!! …preach against the the same thing you’re doing. I prayed really hard for the congregation who is in bondage. As I watch them sit there and give him a standing ovation I thought about the ones in there with there own children. They were condoning a pedophile. I mean literally. This grown man was messing with boys..bottom line!

  5. Where does this leave the rest of the Body of Christ? It is important for us to understand that no matter which way this incident was going, we have much work to do. It is not about repairing our image. It is about conforming to the image of Christ. Secret Sexual Sins in the church is the MOAB of our times. The Mother Of All Battles. The moment we get serious about Goliath (Sexual Immorality) is the moment Ephesians 5:8-27 becomes a reality. Finally, as Bishop Mitchell said, “There is One Star of this show. Every one else is co-stars and supporting casts. We are just an icon. When God clicks the icon, just move out of the way so the Program could run.”

  6. Myshel – There is nothing wrong with using righteous judgment, John 7:24.

    And Eddie knows he does not want to face the judgment of a court. Hence his move for an out of court settlement.

    I HOPE none of us here are out abusing young people in sexual activity. So I think we’re clear of any “log/beam” in our own eye. And an issue like this is far more than a “speck/moat” in regards to Eddie Long. So unless any of us is out doing it or worse, we’re certainly not the hypocrite passing judgment as mentioned in Matthew 7.

    Church discipline is a critical factor that most local churches fail to administer. We are to not only judge righteously, but remove those who fail to come in order, 1 Corinthians 5.

  7. Sidebar: I have a WordPress account. Can I use it to post comments here? The email address and public name match my WordPress account.

    It appears from what I have read that mediation is not mandated like it is here in OK. During the ORU madness in 2007-2008 the parties that sued Richard & Lindsay Roberts, the Board of Regents and other the law mandated that they mediate first before going to trial. If that is the case then this is really dreadful. From what I remember this is the second time he had done an about face. Right after the second lawsuit his lawyer/spokesman denied that Long was guilty. A lot changed between then and the following Sunday after the 4th lawsuit. I watched the entire service on the network that he had said years ago that he would not allow to play in his house. I actually asked my husband if we could be late for the first service to watch. I was amazed of no contrition during the message. His now infamous statement implied to us that some of what was stated was true. BUT as IC stated he said he was going to come out swinging. Now he decides to mediate. SMH. Really sad but we will probably hear more stories like this until the truth of God’s word is preached in boldness and love.

    GCMW: Sidebar response: Pamela, that’s entirely up to you.

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    Love reading this blog.

    GCMW: Im sorry, Im not sure what else you should do. Check around Thanks!

  9. The obvious contrast as noted is that David killed Goliath.

    I didnt need to read this to feel he was guilty, the pictures did it for me. no man send pictures of himself to another man, especially dressed like that.

    David was angry because the “uncircumsized philistines” were defying the armies of “The LIVING GOD”.
    In that David was not fighting for himself but because his God was being challenged.

    Mr Long is worried about himself, so he would prefer go to mediation but if he was concerned about The name of Christ being blasphemed He would want to be vindicated so the name of Christ is not mocked (did he not say that the courts is the only place he would get justice).

    The man is obvioulsy lying!

  10. Much agreed Paul! The comparison to David was ill conceived by Long in the first place. The context of the battle as you pointed out wasnt about David, but about the fact that Goliath had blasphemed and defied the name of God. When a person attempts first to wrap themselves in a scripture with considering that it has no relation to their situation, it is a telling sign that they will use God’s word to justify any ungodly activity they may engage in. If Im not mistaken, all the men said Long used scripture to justify his sexual engagements with them. Its no surprise then that he would take the David-Goliath story and attempt to use it to his benefit. Of course when you are the real giant in the midst of spiritual midgets (NBMBC) who have been deformed with false doctrine, such things sound good and noble.

  11. This, to me, is just a shining example of the man being bigger than the sin. It disgusts me how someone, who claims to be a man of God, can become involved in something like this. It is really scary to know how the congregation stands up for him also. Churches like these are definitely hovering along the fine line of worshiping a man and not God.

  12. I’m still disturbed that there are still some 20,000 people or so at that church who still support this man and feel ok sitting under him as their “shepherd”. At what time does Holy Ghost discernment start to kick in? One would hope it’ll get to the point where the leadership of his church will sit him down and ask him to step down for disgracing himself and shaming the body of Christ. But frankly, I’m not very confident that that will happen.

    Furthermore, his “David vs Goliath” analogy just made him look like a clown. At the rate he’s going, he’s on track to end up not like King David… but rather Saul. This man needs to repent fast before the Lord decides to make an example of him and take him out.

  13. myshel,

    A pedophile is someone that is attracted to pre pubescent children, therefore, Bishop Long is not a pedophile. Simply a homosexual (or bisexual). I mean, they were 17 and 18 not 7 and 8.

    Personally,I don’t feel the young men should get paid anything and I feel the bishop should be stripped of his church and title. If anyone is interested in knowing why I feel like I do, i’ll be more than happy to explain.

  14. Observer,

    From what I have heard, not all support this man’s tenure. I was told that there was somewhat of an uproar, and that the late morning service was vastly different from the early morning service and reception that we saw on TV.

    I know they wanted his billboard to come down, and there is much other unrest. I don’t know for myself, but some relatives have called regarding some issues. We’ll see what happens.

  15. It’s all very sad. I feel bad for his congregation. This mediation decision will surely disillusion and eventually alienate many of his followers.I’m sure membership in his Church will become a fraction of what it once was.I always wonder how real Christians reconcile their beliefs with the fact that the televangelists they follow live like kings and queens. They all have huge incomes, incredible homes,etc. If you don’t believe me, just look around,Google some names of the people you watch on television and you’ll be shocked.Maybe that’s why these TV “preachers” always have one of their offspring taking over their business,sorry,I mean ministry, after they retire or die.Support your local Church!

  16. One more thing. A pastor friend of mine said that when you want to know what really happened, the wife of the fallen leader knows the truth. Unless she is looking to save face along with Bishop Long, she holds the key to what allegedly took place.

    Something to think about as this continues to unfold.

  17. Fred, you mentioned something that is quite profound. There were a few sites and videos I happened upon over the last few months of prinmarily former wives of pastors that went viral with stories of various improprieties involving their former spouses. It is something to think about.

    I would not want to be in Vanessa Long’s (or his kids’) shoes given so many, and simlutaenous, accusations of wrongdoing involving money, sex and gross, repeated misuse and teaching of scritpure at virtually every turn.

  18. That’s why it’s imparative that we [Born-again] Believers know the word of God inside and out. We must be able to know how to rightly divide the word of God, 2Tim. 2:15. I was delivered from homosexaulity and know without a doubt that it’s wrong in the eyes of God. An aquintance of mine one time stated that, “it feels so go that how can it be wrong.” It’s wrong because God says it’s wrong regardless of how it feels. God doesn’t go on feelings.

  19. I am more than sadden at this whole saga. Though I am not a Bishop Eddie Long’s (BEL) fan, I hated to see another preacher gone bad. As I read on YouTube of all the people that looked up to him and believed in him and how hurt they were, it really made me sick. One lady in particular typed as I could feel the tears myself of how she felt…how she knew his wife and had a good relationship with them both. DEVASTATING!!To know all the people in the church who looked to this man as their spiritual leader and to be let down to this degree is unthinkable. I never watched BEL before the allegations, as I was not impressed with a man of the cloth who exposes his biceps in tight spandex fabic while delivering the Word. So as soon as I would see him, I would change the channel. But after the allegations, I looked him up on YouTube and to my surprise, I truly enjoyed him. He said many things that I replay even now. I then said, “No, I don’t believe these allegations at all.” How could one be so gifted and be exposed with such a shameful sin??? I sat up one night and just listend and watched him over and over…..various messages. I was blessed for real by them. I then heard a young man who gave a revelation of his dream about BEL. What he said in essence is that God had showed him that BEL (though no name was given, but signified as BEL) was a homosexual and had a gift. He said that God showed him that the people are so deceived as they mistake a “gift” for the “anointing”. He said that God had told him that many are fired and don’t even know it, as King Saul was only anointed for two years out of 40 that he was king over Israel. I was even disappointed at Brian Carn for making such assumptions, even after knowing that his revelation came months BEFORE the allegations hit. I then had to apologize to some of the things I said to Bro. Carn regarding his own personal slips. I truly felt bad for saying what I said to him.

    NOW……..I’m angry!! I am angry at SIN. I’m angry at the fact that the enemy is overtaking the folks as we sleep. We are blinded by our gifts and prosperity, and fail to truly REPENT and sell out. We are covering up sin, and eventually after God giving us space to repent, he uncovers our mess and expose our hypocrisy. Look at how many folks who will be lost because of the faith they had in this “supposedly” man of God. So many people will die and go to Hell because he stood in the way of sinners.

    Saints, we better humble ourselves and pray, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways. Jesus is coming SOON and you better be right before he catches you with your work undone. Then your fate will already be set for eternity……….HEAVEN or HELL! Save us Lord!

  20. A man lonely on a farm will have sex with a sheep because it feels good too…..just to put this feel good stuff in a proper context. A cutter (a person who cuts themselves) will mutilate their body because it feels good. Feelings, if not brought under subjection, can lead a man right into hell. Humanity has been overtaken in sensuality…..

    Proverbs 5:22 (New Living Translation)
    22 An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.

  21. ummm kagcogic you actually sat through Long’s heretical teaching and enjoyed the messages??? Maybe you need to check out your bible and then repent. Long is a false teacher who cares nothing for the people of God. Don’t be angry at sin, for it is just doing what it has been doing forever. You being angry at it won’t change a thing. You hating it will, cause you to line up your life with the Word of God.

    Be angry at Bishop Long and his refusal to repent. Be angry at those other church leaders who had knowledge of what he was doing and didn’t tell anyone. Be angry at long for teaching candy coated vomit (Thanks GCMWATCH) and calling it bible teaching. Be angry at the thousands of souls who had/have faith in this man instead of Faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

    Have a righteous anger…..and then do something about it……

  22. brdavision, I got an entirely different take from kacogic. My understanding is that kacogic never was a part of EL’s church or “sat through” any of his teachings. I agree that sin is the cause and while not excusing the sins of people, sin truly is the cause of the madness we see in the church today.

  23. @GCMWATCH…..thanks for defending my comment to BRDAVISON. I think Davison took what I said the wrong way. I did enjoy some of BEL’s messages I saw on YouTube. Remember, gifts and callings are without repentance. Some things he said was true….you can’t deny it. He got overtaken in a list of faults and no doubt, refused to repent. God uncovered his sin…as he will everybody’s if they don’t repent. I cannot, nor will I, stand in the seat of the scornful. I still pray for the people who looked to this man as a spiritual leader and was betrayed. I don’t wish that on any member. It is definitely a “wakeup” call to those who put their trust in a “preacher” instead of the Living God. I too have been let down on preachers that I felt were “men of God”, but how mistaken I was. I was wounded, BUT my faith was not in them, but I was rooted and grounded in sanctfication and holiness. When all else failed, I was built on a solid rock that never failed. As believers we better know in whom we believe. We better seek Jesus for ourselves and truly receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. I’m on a journey and the road is “The Way of Holiness”. Every day, I am striving to be what God has me to be. We still as believers have a responsibility to RESTORE our brothers and sister in the SPIRIT OF MEEKNESS…….considering ourselves, lest we be tempted. See, my friend BRDAVISON, none of us, including YOU have arrived yet! We have not arrived to perfection….we are all still trying to reach perfection. So, we have to show mercy, as God has showed us mercy. No, I was not guilty of a “A-List” sin (lol), but those little foxes that I was guilty of, was clearly going to send me to Hell for eternity. So I pray for BEL that through this, he will become humble and repent and truly receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. The mere fact that God didn’t allow him to die in his sins is clearly a testimony that there is room at the Cross for him (and you!)

  24. I stand by the comments I made…..even a broke clock is right 2 times a day. The problem with false teachers and what makes them so deceptive is the fact that 90% of what they say is true, but its the 10% of posion that will cause you spiritual death!

    @Kacogic-thanks for letting me know there is room at the cross for me! Make sure you know there is room for you too…..

  25. brdavision said:
    I stand by the comments I made…..even a broke clock is right 2 times a day. The problem with false teachers and what makes them so deceptive is the fact that 90% of what they say is true, but its the 10% of posion that will cause you spiritual death!

    That’s why the word of God says to the Christian that we study His word to show ourselves approved. Rightly dividing the word. When we do, we will know the tripe that a false prophet will try to feed us. It’s our responsibility to daily read, study and meditate on the word of God. Take notes in Church. Get copies of the Sermon. The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ will let you know what’s wrong in the message and what’s right. Satan will plagarize, twist, and slander the word of God. Either we believe the word of God or the word of man. The man of God is God’s messenger and nothing more. The messenger delievers God’s word, not his own.

  26. brdavision:
    I agree that a broke clock is right two times a day. The fact of the matter is that little leaven leaveneth the WHOLE lump! A little error will lead to more and more until you are completely overtaken in it. Error rides on the back of truth because that is the only way to get “christians” to swallow it! (That means those who do not know the Word for themselves)

    Eddie Long’s behavior is a RESULT of false doctrine. Where else can you go when you believe that you are the king of YOUR kingdom? Where else can one go when you no longer believe in what Paul preached which was Jesus Christ and Him crucified? Where else can you go when you have laid aside the spirit of God’s word and come up with what will fit your desires best?

    I guarantee you that if the covers were pulled from all of these ministries spewing false doctrine we would find all manner of sin and debauchery! The Word of God is true! All of it. Read the warnings of Christ in the Revelation; he is telling us about what we see unfolding right now!

    Do not take error lightly! Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and listen so that you will not be overtaken by these that speak soothing words that “sound good”. Error will kill you!

  27. @Othello and Journeytaker-I completely agree with you. Thats why I questioned how kacogic could listen to Bishop longs heretical teachings and be blessed by them. That 10% of posion is enough to make me sick to my stomach and turn whoever it is off. Why should we listen to preachers with flawed thoeology when the word of God is available to everyone who wants to read it.

    @Othello- I like that word “anoculize” I have never heard it before, but I looked it up and the true spelling of it is inoculation. And I agree completely we all need to inject and present the pure word of God into our hearts, minds, and souls every single day.

    “Inoculation is the placement of something that will grow or reproduce, and is most commonly used in respect of the introduction of a serum, vaccine, or antigenic substance into the body of a human.” see here for more info.

  28. @BRDAVISON What is your beef with MY personal comments on BEL??? I mean you are going on and on. Like I said, I was not, neither am I now, a fan a EL. I never watched nor listen to him or attended his church. I said that immediately when I saw him, I would turn the channel. It wasn’t until I heard of the allegations that I pull him up on YouTube. I did enjoy some of what I heard. My late grandmother always told me to listen and then eat the good food and spit out the junk. I feel (felt) that I was mature enough being saved, sanctified, and sho-nuff baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost for over 30 years to hear what God was saying. There are times when you can get a Word from God through a commercial. God can speak through four legged donkeys, as well as two-legged. Many times, we sit and hear preachers that we think can preach well, even people we know (or think we know). But we don’t know what they are doing behind closed doors. David was anointed by GOD to be king. He was a MAN after God’s own heart…..yet he fell. He was still anointed, though he was a murderer. God can make his own servant stand. Do I compare EL with David….NO!!! What I am saying is that as Christians, we must learn to prayer, even for him. Many start out right, but end up wrong. We all need God’s mercy. The devil got into this man! The devil is the enemy, not EL (though he was used by the devil). Satan is also the accuser of the brethren. Satan throws up what a person has done…how they have fallen, but thank God for the BLOOD! We ALL have sinned and fallen short. I am not defending EL, but neither am I in the position to condemn him either. He needs forgiveness, mercy and salvation. The time when you need God’s mercy the most is the time when you deserve it the least. Just as Jesus did the woman that was CAUGHT in the act of adultery…who first told his accusers…”He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Jesus didn’t call her a whore, it was obvious that she was guilty. But he told her that she was forgiven and to go and sin no more. We too MUST be like Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I NEED God’s mercy and grace EVERY day. We all are subject to be tempted of something and fall….even those of us who say we are anointed and called. I’m doing what I would want you all as my christian brothers and sisters in Christ do for me should I fall. I would want you to PRAY! Pray for me. I would want you to ask God to forgive me and restore me. It is clear that EL is a very sick man. For a man to desire another man is a sick man, who is not himself. So what do you do to a sick person?? You heal them. You pray for them. He is my brother in Christ…though a madman……..he is still my brother. He needs my prayers. His family (who are the real victims) needs OUR prayers. Saints, we better be careful how we handle people who have fallen. I can’t stand Carlton Pearson, but I pray for him (even though he is clearly a heretic and probably have been rejected from God forever). I do the same for the madwoman, Juanita Bynum who is truly out of control and out of God’s will. They need my prayers. Even in our attacks, we better be motivated most by the love of God. We too are being tested on how we as “saints” should handle those who are sin-sick. Usually a person that condemns and exposes others will soon be brought to an open shame. Just be careful and stop being so judgmental.

  29. kacogic said-“Usually a person that condemns and exposes others will soon be brought to an open shame.”

    This is an absolute statement which can’t be proven by fact or with the word of God. I guess Jesus was a sinner because he spoke so much against it. I guess Nathan the prophet was exposed later in life for speaking the truth to King David? I guess Pastor Foster, myself, and shofarsound are really false teachers who will soon be exposed???? See how an absolute statement is not a good one to make?

    Who did I condemn? Maybe you should go look up the definition for that word and then get back to me….

    Eddie Long is not a believer….no false teacher is. I didn’t say “don’t pray for him”, and I never made any statements about his actions with members at his church. I only care about the words that he delivers to people. The lies that he tells, which led people to spiritual death. I care for the people of God. I will not tolerate any one who mis-uses God’s word. Many have rebuked Eddie Long and he still hasn’t turned from His false, heretical, teaching……instead of wallowing in your emotions and getting mad at me for keeping it real……try doing what the bible says:

    Titus 3:9-11 (King James Version)
    9But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.
    10A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;
    11Knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

    You can keep your opinion on the matter and I will follow what God’s word says. I believe I have told you this before…..

  30. @BRDAVISON And here we go again……The statement I made -”Usually a person that condemns and exposes others will soon be brought to an open shame” was not directed at you, the author, or any other visitors that posted a comment. God exposed EL, not you nor the others. It is you who seem to be extremely sensitive and direct attacks toward my comments. But then again, perhaps the shoe fits or the rock has hit you……….no one else have taken what I said as a direct statement to them. It is my observation that there is little to no sympathy for this sin-sick man’s soul from you. Yes you seem to be more of a self-righteous bigot, then a man (or woman) who represents Christ-like attributes. It is no secret that this man is guilty, but neither was the woman who was caught in the act of adultery. Yet Christ, before addressing the woman, he went to her accusers, and said, “He that is WITHOUT SIN, cast the first stone.” While they were looking at this woman’s open sin, God was looking at their hidden sin. Then Paul taught the Galatians(6:1), “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.” You seem to be so quick to show your knowledge of biblical laws (just like the Pharisees and Scribes), yet there appears to be little to no love and mercy found in you (at least this is how I read your comments). You seem to want to impress people of your accuracy of the scripture and how much you (think) you know, that you yourself miss the mark of mercy. You seem to have jumped on the band wagon of accusers. I havent once read your comments of how you feel for this man’s soul…how you feel sorry for his wife and children. I know EL is wrong (perhaps has been for a longggg time), yet he is your brother. If your natural brother or son did this, would you be as quick to say what you’ve said??? I doubt it (that is if you love him). You would perhaps tell him (in love), but never ridicule him openly….wouldn’t you pray for him??? Well EL is someone’s brother, son, and father. Though I don’t know him (never seen him in public), don’t believe in him, yet I (we) have to pray that this situation would cause him to repent and turn to God. The Scripture says, 1 Corithians 10:10-12…………….. 10 Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer.
    11 Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.

    We all must be careful that we ourselves won’t fall, and God wasn’t talking to the “sinners”, but to the believers. We all would fall into something (things we never thought we would do) if God doesn’t keep us. We think we are “right” “holy”, but God said that our righteousness as as filthy rags, so no one is in the postion to speak. See God still can save this man and restore him, but what would happen if you for some odd unthinkable way, end up falling into the same sin, and need God’s mercy??? Oh yes it could happen to any of us, at any time….No matter how straight you say you are.

  31. Another thing……..before Paul got converted (then was named Saul), he was a Jew of Jews, well educated, and thought he was doing the will of God. It wasn’t until he was fell that he was truly introduced to Jesus. He had to go and be taught for three years of Anasias the TRUTH. It was then that his message was changed. EL was used by the devil who delute, shift, and cover the Word of God with false doctrines, mainly because they haven’t been converted nor taught what the truth really is. There were nuggets that I got from a few of his messages (though off to some degree) that were accurate. Doesn’t mean that I’m nor was into this man. I didn’t dwell on him, but the Word of God. The only reason he was (is) preaching false doctrine is because he isn’t filled with the Holy Ghost, perhaps not even save (as it clearly shows). He was used by his daddy, the devil. Like I said, I believe that God can save him and put the truth in him. Then he can be a true ambassador for Christ.

  32. brdavision and kacogic, thanks for your spirited exchange on this. I think both sides have been fully expressed to the point that we can move on. Thanks again.

  33. I concur Pastor Foster. @BRDAVISON…….Did I mention that I agree with you too???………We are on the same team ya know! Blessings to you! GCMW, thanks for an excellent forum……..I shall move right along. May all the promises of God be fulfilled in your life and your prayers be answered in the joyous holiday season. See ya next year ………… or on the other side of Jordan!

  34. I concur Pastor Foster. @BRDAVISON…….Did I mention that I agree with you too???………We are on the same team ya know! Blessings to you! GCMW, thanks for an excellent forum……..I shall move right along. May all the promises of God be fulfilled in your life and your prayers be answered in the joyous holiday season. See ya next year ………… or on the other side of Jordan!

  35. I would also like to note that making a deal doesn’t actually mean you are guilty or that innocent people never make deals. It depends on how hard it is to handle what is arrayed against you. Have you ever investigated the level of perjury allowed in the courts? It’s a joke, it never gets punished, and when it does it is a slap on the wrist. A lot about how perjury is no big thing in the courts came out at the time of Clinton’s impeachment. So if you are in a legal bind with people you don’t know all saying they knew you from way back or what have you, your main witnesses suddenly don’t remember anything because they don’t want to get involved or disappear altogether, you are dragged through the system’s unique form of humiliation and adversarial qualities that you can’t comprehend unless you’ve been there, well, making the deal seems to be the only answer you can give. I’m not going to speak about Long’s situation because I know nothing about it, but I think our community needs to have some really serious talks about our assumptions about the justice system and the things that really go on there. We live in fantasy land where everything is scrupulously fair and only the “guilty” are ever questioned, but the truth is much more disturbing.

  36. @mms-Bishop long said he would fight, so why doesn’t he fight? We didn’t ask him to fight, HE SAID HE WAS going to fight. Why the sudden change? And don’t give me that mess about the legal system has flaws. Bishop Long is not being unfairly questioned. He has for people all saying the same about him.

    You said you are not going to speak about Long’s situation yet here you are commenting on a blog post about him. You only wish to cover up what you are really doing. Covering for long…..who originally said HE WOULD FIGHT…..

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