GCM Watch's Top Ten of 2010

Well the year is coming to a close and what a year it has been.  Gay Christian Movement Watch is thankful for every single person who has supported us in word, thought and deed. Going forward, we promise to stay on the wall: sober, vigilant and ready to keep you informed of the enemy’s devices.

Here’s a list of our top ten stories of 2010 (source:  google analytics).

1. CNN Interview about Bishop Long yeilds painful surprise. CNN Anchor Don Lemon reveals he was sexually molested by another man.

2. A litany of lies from Bishop Jim Swilley. An Atlanta area religious leader comes out of the closet with a bucket full of lies about homosexuality.

3. Bishop Long facing lawsuits. Megachurch leader faces four damaging sexual coercion lawsuit from young men formerly under his “watch”.

4. Ted Winn on the CoCo Brother show. Gospel music industry worker Ted Winn ducks, dodges and evades the obvious and in the process reveals the obvious.

5.  “If I be a lying prophet”. A Connecticut bishop makes a stunning comment at a funeral and then 30 days later he is dead.

6.  Lesbian bishop remembers gospel singer’s influence. Gay false prophetess Bishop Yvette Flunder partially opens the closet doors on former friend and “mentor” the late Walter Hawkins.

7. Brian Carn sees perversion in a vision. A Florida based black church prophet claims God showed him a major church leader in a homosexual context but does not reveal who it is. Eddie Long?

8.  Cogic bishop puts Tonex in the drivers seat. Once promising gospel industry worker turned gay church poster boy “preaches” at a New York COGIC (Intl) church.

9. Yahoo reports christian “star” now a lesbian. A former Christian singer uses her homosexuality announcement to create hype about her career aspirations.

10.  Its gay “holy” convocation time again. Atlanta’s mock pentecostal denomination the UPPC, holds convocationfest.


15 thoughts on “GCM Watch's Top Ten of 2010

  1. In 2010, more is about to come.

    In fact, the next exposures among ministers will be too much for the Body of Christ to bear.

    Amos chapter 4 says that God sent judgment on Israel, “Yet, you have not returned to Me,” declares the Lord. 5 times, the Lord said this. In verse 12, the Lord said, “Therefore this is what I will do to you, Israel, and because I will do this to you, prepare to meet your God, O Israel.”

    While this is about Israel, the similarities are the same.

    America has been judged since 9/11, Katrina, and the persistent economic downturn. 9.8 percent unemployment, trillion dollar deficits in state budgets. The unaffordable shoe is about to drop.

    Yet, you have not returned to Me, declares the Lord.

  2. Thanks GCMWatch for keeping us informed and encouraged. This coming year, I pray to be more focused on my relationship with Christ than ever before. I pray to not be shaken or moved by the things that have yet to occur, because it’s going to get even more bizarre! Who would have thought we’d be living in a day like this? May our faith in Jesus Christ stand through all the shaking that is going on everywhere.

  3. GCM watch, I thank you for this site. I have about a great deal of specific incidents of which I was not aware. I have personally cut off contact with my “home” church because of these types of things that have been mentioned in these blogs. Mostly the hypocrisy and the entertainment-style services. I mourn at how many souls willfully go astray and have a very great concern toward what may come next. I’ll add my prayers with yours that God will raise up judges, prophets and evangelists who will expose sin and carry the Light of the world to the nations because they love Him. And may I do my part as well.


  4. Um…. And to specify what I forgot to say in the last post….. I have TEMPORARILY cut off contact with my “home” and am visiting other services in order to find God’s healing in order to be prepared for what I’ll have to do next. Thanks for the great posts!

  5. God bless you Tim. This is no easy thing nor does it bring me or any of the other writers any pleasure. But God is not mocked. His church has gone astray worshipping idols, themselves and allowing demons and unclean spirits free reign in his house. As he has done in times past, he raises up ordinary people who will speak out against it and warn the people that his judgment is coming. If they continue to follow these wicked leaders, they will have none to blame but themselves. I always pray for God’s mercy, but ultimately it is in his hands.

    Thanks, I too refuse to play the game and remain silent while his house is made into a den of thieves. The stories we’ve reported on arent secret. But as you can see not all will heed the warning.

    Stay faithful to God and keep trusting his Word.

  6. I found that I was wrong about judging others,(see
    http://www.unleavenedbreadministries.org/?page=christiansnipers ), and I apologized of that. I learned that judging about others about people’s teaching and I found that all people are not perfect about their teachings but they teaching the true Gospel and I should not have no business judging them. Only God’s words are is perfect. Also I should not have no business judging other false preachers but I hope that the ture Gospel will save them. I should be use discernment, but not judging them. If somebody read some of my previous posts about me judging other people and offened by it, I say I apologized for it I hope that you forgive me for it. This is my last time posting my comments here and I whish you the best. I’m moving on.

  7. @Meg-You you are one of the reasons why a site like this must exist. You, in your deception, refuse to deal with whats really going on in the world today. But, you continue to defend those who oppress the people of God, whether its by pimping them, sexually abusing them, lying to them or whatever. All the While totally ignoring the word of God.

    I went to this link you provided. And basically it says the same thing that all wrong preacher protectors or wpp’s say. They will embrace and be silent about the wrong doing of so called men of God while the “regular folks” continue to be abused.

    You must not read your bible often, (if this is the conclusion you have come to) so I tell you what…..let me break it down for you. Because I’m sure you will come back and read whatever replies you may get. Jesus said:

    Luke 6:20-26 (King James Version)
    20And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples (that’s all those who follow Christ), and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.

    (So the poor, the disenfranchised, those who have not an abundance are blessed or favored above all)

    21Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

    (wow here we see those who are hungry, will be filled one day and those who weep will laugh. I see now….I cry for the millions who believe a lie everyday because so called saints are scared to stand up and sound the alarm)

    22Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.

    (Oh man I know something about rejection, the same rejection we receive all the time for following and sharing the truth of the word of God. The same rejection we get for “exposing” false teachers, and false prophets for who they really are. The same rejection we receive for having discernment. The bible says that we are the most favored, but He isn’t speaking about favor from men, but favor from God…..salvation favor)

    23Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

    (So Jesus tells us to rejoice and leap for joy, our reward is great in heaven, because we chose the favor of God over the adoration (which doesn’t last anyways) of men)

    24But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.

    (Now Jesus separates the cursed form the blessed…..those who are rich aka false teachers who fleece God’s people)

    25Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.

    (Oh OK Jesus……so those who have everything thing they could desire and don’t know a thing about living humble and laugh at all the people they take money from day in and day out shall be cursed)

    26Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

    (OK here’s my close, Jesus said woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you. Well since the beginning this world has rejected the truth, they killed the prophets, they killed Jesus, and now the so called church wants us to sit back and be abused and misused by so called men of God, and we are suppose to be silent???? Like Jesus said: “Woe unto them…….)

  8. Meg, I wonder why there is a entire book in the BIBLE called “judges”.

    And what happens when you go to court and a MAN (called a judge) is sitting in the judgment seat and passing judgment on other MEN? So would you like for our God-ordained court system to be demolished just so nobody “judges” other people can its wrong and only God’s job?

    Seriously, you should take some time and educate yourself biblically.

    And finally why are you posting this here when this post has nothing to do with your comment. If BRDAVISION hadnt responded I would have deleted it very quickly.

  9. The reason that I posted this, I relized that I was in a dangerous position of slander and railings, judging, and others, plus attacking the TURE elders of God, plus the false ones too. That’s why I posted this link to tell you guys what did I have done & I’m am not here to correct you guys. The comments that you guys respond of my apology telling me that there’s no love whatsoever and I am hurt that you guys do not see this, but I still I have love for you guys. I am not trying to defend the TURE Elder from the link I’m posted from the pervious comment, but his teachings very consent with the word of God. I just come here to apologize because I don’t wnat God’s wrath on me and I don’t want to go on with this. That’s all. I do have regret of posted it & I should’it do it at all and move on already. This websites and other websites that I did apologized for, is not discernment, it slander, judging, railing, and gossip. Ony God can judge. What about Matthew 18:15-17? You don’t know that the people has repented or not. I’m not blaming you guys of what I did and I have no excuse for it because I was doing the same thing that you guys are doing it right now. Aattacking the TURE elders of God is extremely dangerous & I don’t want to have God’s wrath on me & I hope that you guys get it because I don’t God’s wrath on you too. I have told you from the previous post that this is my last time posting my comments here, but I have to respond of why I posted it. I hope you guys the best & and this really the last time I will respond. I’m really moving on.

    With Love,
    Meg 🙂

  10. Meg do realize what you just wrote:
    “This websites and other websites that I did apologized for, is not discernment, it slander, judging, railing, and gossip. “

    …is judging??
    You are aware of that, right?

    Youre guilty of what youre accusing us of while at the same time committing the act. I think the best thing for you to do is stop and just remain silent.

    And who/what in the world is the “ture (sic) ELDER”???

  11. Well this “ture” elder doesn’t even interpret God’s word correctly, so I guess he is not a true elder at all. MEG Thank you so much for letting us know and exposing that he is not a true elder at all…..you be blessed….

  12. You’re guys words are full of hate, slander, & condemnation. This is NOT Christian. I’m will not go to this site any more, (as a Command of Titus 3:10 said), because this is silly and I don’t want to argue with you guys. Like I said attacking the TURE elders of God is extremely dangerous.

    GCMW: No one is arguing with you. I simply pointed out the hypocrisy of your words which apparently you fail to recognize. Now you’ve added lying as you said the last post was your last post. Sigh.

  13. meg-you said it was your last post, three post ago….

    You say we are full of hate, slander, and condemnation. Show me where we hate, or lie on people! Show me where we condemn!

    And will you PLEASE tell us what a TURE Elder is?

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