Gay weddings: what would you do?

Homosexual “weddings” are moving closer and closer to our everyday life. Apostate churches are performing ceremonies, giving them an air of normality. Some Christians see the issue as one of loyalty. But if a close friend or relative of yours invited you to their gay wedding would you attend? Why or why not? How would you decline?

Would you as a Christian attend a homosexual wedding?survey software

Feel free to explain your answer in the comment section of this post. Only comments pertaining to the poll and Christians attending gay marriage ceremonies will be allowed to post. Also feel free to share any experiences where you have been invited to a gay marriage ceremony and declined.


42 thoughts on “Gay weddings: what would you do?

  1. I voted yes. I am a christian and I believe that we are all God’s children. I don’t think it’s my place to judge especially if it is a close friend or relative because I love my family and my friends and I want them all to find love and be happy. When I die and stand before God I want to be able to say that I treated people from all walks of life like I would want to be treated and that I didn’t shun anybody because we all fall short of God’s grace. I understand that some christians are very conservative in their beliefs but I grew up in a somewhat liberal church so my opinions may differ a bit from conservatives. I’m also apart of age 18 to 25 generation. My grandparents who are very conservative christians believe that wearing jewelry, going to movie theaters, and women wearing pants is very worldly and “unchristian” like. But also my grandparents are the most “unchristian” like people I’ve ever seen. They are always judging and being critical of other people. IMO, their attitudes are very unchristian like and I definitely don’t want to be like them.

  2. Whether it’s family, bosom buddies or whatever, it doesn’t matter. This is not about friendship and family ties. It’s all about what the Word of God says. Bottom line: SS relationships are not of God. For a Christian to attend SS weddings is nothing more than an endorsement. Your presence means that in you’re in agreement. If those who profess Christ refuse to stand strong for the Word, nobody else will. As believers we always want Christ to intercede and stand strong on our behalf. Why is it that so many believers have a problem with standing strong for Christ? It’s imperative that we take a stand for the Lord in spite of all the harsh criticism that we’re sure to encounter. If we truly believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, we can surely stand strong for God. And in doing so, we can stand strong in a spirit of love as we’re guided by the Holy Spirit.

  3. I voted no. And I’m part of the 18-25 generation. (The generation that seems to be the backbone of this foolishness. I’m ashamed to be young!) Regardless, of my close attachment and love for the individuals in question, my loyalty is to first and foremost the Godhead, and everything else comes second to that loyalty. God said it was a sin, so its a sin. I don’t have to like it, but it not about me liking it. It is about obedience. To try and put a ‘holy blessing’ on something that God has clearly stated as abominable, would be wrong and should be punishable, better here than in the hereafter. After all, you know what side a person is on, not by what they say, but what they do. Actions speak louder and more clearly then words.

    And as a little tit bit to think on and what we should always remember – Not everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah was gay. But then why did they die? Because they condoned and embraced such foolishness. A lot of wicked places haven’t been destroy because of a few good folks within those places, but there will come a time when God will calls out his people. The only reason why I respect God is this very fact. He says what he means. He doesn’t pussy-foot around, when things are important. So, I take what he says seriously. This is why I voted no.

  4. Sean, whats a little odd about your comment is that you
    1. judged your grandparents
    2. have an unloving spirit towards them

    Doesnt that make you hypocritical? Im a little confused as to how you can justify going to a gay wedding because you want to tell Jesus you treated everybody right and didnt shun them, but you are obviously hateful towards your own flesh and blood.

    What if Jesus asked you why you were so nasty about your grandparents?

  5. My understanding of the bible comes larger from the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s ministry was about loving and healing people. He met people where they were at and inspired them to change for the better. Love was a major component of his message. When he was met by the woman at the well, he could have used her past and current circumstances against her but he didn’t. He did just he opposite. Interestingly, the people that Jesus often gotten upset with were the pharisees and saducees who thought they were all high and mighty thinking they had a right to judge other people and think haughtily of themselves. I will never be perfect but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and make somebody feel bad for what they are doing when there are imperfections in my own life. I think sin is sin and one sin is not bigger than the other.

    And no, I have not simply “skipped” over the parts of the bible that mention homosexuality but yes, I’ll be honest and say that I am little bit biased in my answer because my brother-in-law is gay and he has truly been a blessing to me and my wife with our only child. My daughter had complications with sickle cell and my brother-in-law blood bone marrow was a match and I thank God for that.

    I don’t fully understand the whole gay thing and how that works. Some of them say they were born that way while others say they chose it. Who knows, maybe my brother in law may decide to live a straight life and get married and have children. Who’s to say? I don’t have all the answers.

  6. No, I wouldn’t go unless there were others who decided to attend with me to be a “silent force”, so to speak. I wouldn’t do anything drastic, but you never know what may happen. I could have no effect on the person being married yet have someone else may genuinely ask why I believe as I do. Jesus attended functions and was in the world yet not of it. I try to do as much as possible with very little and hope it works :).

    @sean I am in your age range as well (23). I’ve noticed a lot of people citing judging as a reason to ignoring sin, yet in reality we are merely stating the obvious. We don’t need to worry about saying the wages of sin is death because God already did. Likewise, God has already stated who inherits the kingdom. Unrepentant sin is already condemned. This isn’t to shun anyone–on the contrary, Jesus had a way of telling you about yourself while telling you about HIMSELF. Remember the woman at the well? He essentially said to her, “You’re a mess, but I want you anyway.”

  7. I voted no as well. Attending a same sex wedding is the same as endorsing it. This is wrong and is just as wrong as attending a wedding between a man who is marrying his mistress after cheating with his ex and then divorcing her to marry the newbie bride. I would not attend such a function for the same reason… my attendance would be an endorsement of the aforementioned behavior.

  8. I unreservedly voted NO. I am not surprised that so many of the “brethren” have voted out of “love.” It is a very pacifistic attitude toward the severity of sin in God’s eyes and the poor job of Biblical teaching on the depravity of mankind in the church.
    One of the best signs of being truly born again is that we love the things that God loves and hate the things that He hates. God loves all people, but He is filled with holy wrath at the things that destroy His children. Homosexuality and any “ceremony” that would celebrate that sin is worthy of God’s wrath. We as His children cannot condone or bless this life and soul destroying sin by our presence at a wedding that God hates.

  9. There’s no such thing as gay marriage, so there can be no such thing as a gay wedding, because marriage is a biblical idea, and there is no biblical example of members of the same sex entering into marriage. Marriage occurs when God joins together a man and women in covenant. Two (or three or four) same-sex people saying vows before a religious leader or justice of the peace is no more a wedding and does not create a marriage any more than two 5-year-olds saying vows in their sandbox makes them married. While I would sit next to the sandbox and smile at the play-acting of two innocent children, I wouldn’t encourage a gay couple–even if they were my friends–by attending their self-deceived, concocted ceremony.

  10. I totally agree with Matt G. There is not such thing. It’s just a farce a falsehood, deception by the enemy who had deceived so many into believing that they are really getting married. God created everyone and He has not changed his mind on marriage being between a man and a woman and He never will. These people who are saying they are Christians and for gay marriage really need to go really read the scriptures again and stop lying to themselves because they want to do what they want to do.

  11. I wouldn’t go because I hate what my Father hates (SIN), but I would continue to love them by telling them the truth about God’s word and the consequences of not receiving that truth…..My love for people is that agape love that looks past currents feelings and has a person’s long term concern in mind always….that’s real love….

  12. I voted no….

    I had a similar situation where someone in my workplace who is gay was getting “hitched” and my fellow employees decided to throw him a party. I did not attend, neither did I endorse the card that went around for well wishes. My God has stated clearly that homosexuality is a sin, so for me to partake in an activity that celebrates this sin or any other sin, is in fact me saying that I am in full agreement. I fear God way too much to find myself sitting in a place where right before me are two individuals committing a sin and I just sit there because they are a family member or a friend. Any one outwardly and boldly committing an act that is against God is letting you know where they stand. So therefore as a child of the living God I am going to take a stand as well and that Stand was for RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH… EVERY believer’s allegiance should rest with Christ and in support of our brothers and sisters who are obedient to His will and living a life free from sin.

    Some things are just plain black and white…

  13. I recall my cousin getting married several years ago, she and her hubby opted for the destination wedding but held a reception a few weeks later. They asked a preacher they liked to speak some words of wisdom and a blessing at the reception. He was running late to the event, but made it in time for some dinner and to give his remarks. He gets to the mic and says, on his way to the hall he was in the elevator with 2 women, just beaming. He got into a little convo with them, saying how he was headed to a reception, and how they just came from one. Elatedly they stated they had just gotten married, the elevator went quiet. Nothing to say after that. He might’ve gave them a ‘have a nice afternoon’ coming off to reception floor, I can’t recall what he said but he burst their little bubble while heading plausibly to the honeymoon suite.
    Matt G, that was too funny about the sandbox. I too would have to send my RSVP back “No.” Pray everyday my life reads as a reason not to even bother inviting me.

  14. I voted no because the word of God says it’s a sin. I can’t participate in an event when God says it’s wrong in His eyes. I would politely decline and let the person know my stance. We can’t believe that God doesn’t change His mind about what’s right and what’s wrong. God is not like us, opinionated, stubborn, self-righteous and self absorded. There is no where in the Bible that God said homosexuality is permissible or ordained by Him. I was a homosexaul because of my sinful nature and unrepentant sin. Once I repented of my sin and sinful nature, I no longer engaged in homosexual activity. You will know that you’ve been set free from sin by Jesus Christ when you no longer participate or practice sinning against God. “If I give you an opinion, I rob you of the Truth.”

  15. thank you Othello, as a former homosexual myself a gay marriage would be a personal affront for me to attend. How could I go celebrate and affirm something that nearly destroyed my life? That’s insanity.

  16. “No” is not strong enough! LOL! Those that attend a wedding are basically saying the approve and condone of the two people standing at the altar making a covenant to each other. Thus, you would be approving of the “sinful” gay lifestyle by attending such a marriage, regardless of how close they may be to you or even related to you. Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword…

    As christians, we MUST begin to take a stand against sin, no matter if we lose relationships, friends, family, whatever. I’ve never been invited to a gay wedding, nor do I have any gay friends, because after I told them the truth (in love of course) they probably would no longer want to be my friend. 🙂

  17. I wouldnt attend at all as GS said that would be an approval.

    Sean, if you were to grab the mic and say “REPENT” and share the gospel I would say go.
    Its true that Christ fellowshipped with sinners but he never fellowshipped with sin, big difference.

    If people mistreated yout thats on them but that doesnt change Gods word at all.

  18. I voted No.

    Sin is sin.

    Let’s stop making excuses.

    We are not perfect but we can stop sinning.

    When you see a red light what do you do? You stop. When you step out into the middle of the street and you see a car coming at you. You stop. When you drive on the highway and there is a traffic jam. The cars ahead of you are stopped in all lanes. What do you do? You stop. You are walking on the subway platform and you decide you want to see if the train is coming. What do you do? You walk to the edge of the platform and stop.

    Don’t tell me you can’t stop sinning!

    When you are dead, you are stopped.

    Just like Paul said, “Reckon yourselves indeed dead to sin but alive unto God.”

    It is not about exalting a person above what the Word of God says about sin. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death…” If you sin, you will get paid.

    Sexual immorality is against the Word of God. Again, Isaiah 5:20 is called to mind. You cannot call good evil and evil good. Hence, same sex unions violate the “one flesh” principle in Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6, and Hebrews 13:4.

    Remember, the Lord kicked lucifer and his sin out of heaven. So if sin is not welcomed in heaven, what makes us think that God accepts sin today? Remember Malachi 3:6, “I am the Lord, I change not.”

    Stop trying to make God change. He can’t change. And stop accusing us of our beliefs to make it appear that what God said in His Word is outdated. Man is behind the times and outdated. Man is on the clock. Not God. The only way to catch God is through His Son.

    When it comes to man’s opinion, he is entitled to it but when God has already spoken by His Word, you have no opinion.

    God will not allow your opinion to count where He has spoken.

    God didn’t say, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, what do you think about it?

    “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God period!”

    Remember, we have a casket, God doesn’t. Besides, who is smarter? Hands down, it sure enough isn’t you and I. God loves us, however, we tend to selectively forget that God is still God.

    Let’s side in with the Word of God, not the traditions of men. Let’s not be fools, but let’s be wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:8-16).

    You are entitled to remain a fool but I offer you a better position through the “wisdom of God”, the Lord Jesus is the wisdom of God (see 1 Corinthians 1:24).

    Which would you rather be?

  19. I voted no. Attending a wedding is a sign that you endorse a marriage. I’m not into endorsing rebellion, and gay marriage is an act of rebellion against God and His Word. As we have already established in past articles of gcmwatch gay marriage is a significant sign of the End Times and the return of Jesus:

    Marriage is a covenant, I can’t support anything that is outside the context of the Word of God, and gay marriage is outside the context of the Word, it’s very essence is making a covenant with death.

  20. Thanks for raising the question, which is relevant, since more and more believers are facing this in their families. I voted no, because I believe attendance at any wedding ceremony is a statement of approval and even celebration for the ceremony itself, rather than a simple statement of love. If I don’t believe in the rightness of the thing being celebrated, then I don’t feel I should be there.
    Thanks for your work and uncompromised stand.

  21. Joe I should thank you. When I attended your seminar at the 98 Exodus Conference in Seattle (my first), you showed me that this issue is one that we cannot resolve apart from God’s Word. Your strong, balanced teaching and great logic really impacted me. Thank you sir for being an example to me.

  22. My answer … A DEFINITE NO!!!

    Never would I attend such a mockery of God’s true design.

    Here are my reasons why –

    1.) Biblically – attending a same-sex wedding would be ridiculous and a sin, because a gay wedding does not constitute a marriage. God defined marriage as between man and woman. Gen. 2:24…”For this reason a man would leave his father and his mother, and cleave unto his wife. “

    2.) Practically – gays really don’t care about marriage, at least God’s design for the institution between a man and a woman. Can anyone really honestly say that they have ever heard homosexuals really state in any depth , their deep love for marriage, the bond between a man and a woman? I mean, it can never be disputed that a man and a woman could marry. This is so obvious through Scriptures, right? Even the most blind homosexual could see marriage between a man and a woman in Scriptures.

    My question is “What are “Christian” homosexuals saying doctrinally and practically, about marriage between a man and a woman, especially those (homosexuals) who claim to be Christians? Again, no debate the union between a man and a woman in Scriptures.

    Most of what you hear from these reprobates is mockery of marriage between a man and a woman, merely as they blabber the sin of adultery committed in these heterosexual unions to justify the pride of their “love” for one another in these same sex unions. Even in their judgment of adultery of the heterosexual, they themselves are patterned to engage in relationships with multiple partners. They really do not care about marriage. They could care less about the God who designed it the way He so befittingly did.

    This idea of marriage between a man and a woman has always been addressed, in scriptures and in contemporary society. Discussions of marriage are so widespread. We have so many references to husbands and wives in scriptures. We have marriage conferences and seminars and books and gatherings. They are lots of methods used to promote better marriages between a man and a woman.
    Yet despite all the information and intent for God’s design, what are we getting from these gay “Christians” on this godly institution (between a man and woman) as established by God Himself? Only whispers in the background, if that maybe.

    Why? Because these degenerates DO NOT CARE about marriage as designed and defined by God. They do what they can only do. That is, make loud noises through the lust of their flesh to promote the deceptions and lies of a lifestyle that is an abomination. HOW EVIL!!! Don’t fall for the okie-doke. THIS SAME SEX WEDDING IS A JOKE.

  23. I probably would not attend however I would not eliminate the participants involved from my life. I would continue to show them the love of the Lord and pray ever so fervently for their deliverance. I would bear with the scruple’s of the weak and love them all the more! And not just by talking the talk but trying with the best of my ability to live a christ like life before them. Thus. showing them the love and compassion that christ showed to us all. Jesus hung among the social outcasts and pariahs of his day. He loved them uncompromisingly so and so will i.

  24. No, heck no I wouldnt. God says its a sin and I will not go regardless who invited me. The Bible doesnt lie and I am not in aggreeance with it same sex marriage. Be blessed.

  25. I’m going through this right now. My best friend of 26 years has just invited me to be at her wedding to her girlfriend. It’s a very difficult situation, and I would like to say that until someone you love invites you to their gay marriage, you can’t really say one way or another if you would go.

    I was on the same page as most of you, originally saying that I would never attend such an event. I’m a Christian who firmly believes that God’s word is as true today as it was when it was written, so when it says something is wrong, it’s wrong! However, after talking with a friend of mine (who is also a Christian) who’s dad is gay and married to his partner, I’m now unsure. She was telling me how many of her relatives who are Christians did not come to the ceremony because of their beliefs, and how her father was so hurt by it that he is now completely closed off to even hearing about the truth. Anytime someone mentions Jesus or Christians he will immediately either change the subject or just walk out of the room. So by those Christians not attending, they’ve completely cut themselves off from being able to share Jesus with him. So do I not go to my best friend’s wedding and ruin our relationship? As I am the only Christian in her life, how will she hear the truth if I can to longer tell her?

    The more I’ve prayed about this situation, the thing that keeps coming to my mind is what God has recently been teaching me…you can’t expect the lost to act like Christians. How can we expect people who don’t have the Spirit inside of them to act like those who do? We can’t!

    Also, just because I want others’ opinion on this, if two heterosexual non-Christians who have been living together decide to get married. Would you go to that wedding? Yes, it’s a man and a woman, but they’ve been living in sin. Even though they will be getting married and correcting that aspect of their relationship, they are not repenting for their lifestyle nor do they believe they were wrong. They are still lost and living in a world of sin. How is that different? I’m not saying this because I believe it’s okay for gays to get married and am trying to justify going a wedding; I’m saying this because I want legitimate opinions on it because I really don’t know what to do in the situation I’m in.

  26. I voted No, I would not attend the wedding of a friend/relative if they invited me to their
    gay wedding. I must stand objectively and not emotionally. I would feel a little offeneded,
    needless to say, if one did invite me. Because it would be disrespectful with them knowing
    where I stand and not considering my convictions, very unloving. For the record, I am of the
    18-25 generation.

  27. @ Nicole

    Hey Nicole,

    You shouldn’t stress yourself out. God is soveriegn. Don’t fear, or be anxious.
    If a Christian refused to attend a gay wedding, and the counterpart was angry/bitter,
    thats them. This world will be angry and insulted when one stands for righteousness.
    We can’t always tend to others and their emotions, nor fear them. The choices they make
    are theirs and it’s their rebellion against God.

  28. @ Nicole – Let’s not make this so difficult.

    Marriage is defined by GOD in Genesis 2:24 (“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”).

    MAN is male husband, WIFE is female in gender. This is not my opinion. This is God’s word.

    When GOD defined it way back, early in the Bible in Genesis 2, He showed us his design for the first marriage ever, with Adam and Eve – “ONE” man, “ONE” woman –

    not “ONE” man, “TWO” women, (let’s not get confused with even the greatest saints, like David, a man after God’s own heart, who had more than one wife. This was wrong and this was sin.)

    or “TWO” men, or ONE woman,

    or “ONE” man, “ONE” man

    or even “ONE” woman, “ONE” woman.

    You see, marriage was / is GOD’s idea, way, way back in Genesis 2, when HE created Eve from ADAM, not MAN’s idea, and for man to redefine / recreate what GOD designed is Total BLASPHEMY.

    Even Adam said in Gen: 2:23 “This [is] now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh:”

    So for heterosexual non-believers, who may not totally understand all true meaning of GOD’s design, GOD honors their marriage because what they have done in marrying is honorable to the institution GOD created and designed.

    Even in their ignorance of the true meaning of marriage, GOD sees them as honoring HIM as they are following HIS design – a MAN and WOMAN, engaging in holy matrimony.

    This is true for a man and woman whether in the US, England, Australia, New Guinea, the backwoods of Africa or any place in the world. Their matrimony is holy, even though they themselves may not be holy, and God smiles on them when they do marriage HIS WAY.

    A “gay” marriage is not according to GOD’s design. It is by the design of the flesh and the deception of Satan. We really need to have discernment in this matter, because Satan is using a lot of trickery to deceive even the very elect.

    You see, GOD is not so much in the business of making us happy. He is moreso in the business of making us holy and right. Our JOY (not happy, which comes when we compromise and therefore no fruit is born) comes when we know what GOD had revealed, as walk in HIS ways.


    There are many reasons why GOD started out with this marriage thing with “ONE ADAM” and “ONE EVE”. Through marriage we have “FAMILYs” and FAMILYs as we know, is GOD’s design for procreation and much more. A husband is the model of Christ, a wife as the bride models the church, children are called to honor mother and father, the first commandment with promise. Then there is the role of parents to teach their children the fear of the LORD. All so that GOD would be glorified.

    Let’s not participate in anything that will allow for the devil to steal anything that GOD has design. Many of us get so wrapped up into “getting back what the devil has stolen from “US” , but participate in allowing Satan to steal from GOD the things HE has made. PITIFUL!!!

    The LORD is GREAT and WISE IN ALL HIS WAYS. Let us be wise like HIM.

  29. People of God: Do not mock God’s word by attending a celebration of sin and a celebration that states that God had it all wrong when he devised marriage only for a man and a woman.
    By attending such an event, your presence affirms the wedding and you need to avoid even the appearance of evil.
    So what if people despise you and talk about you! Are you that weak in your Christian commitment that you are still seeking the applause and approval of man over the commands of God?
    The Word of God states, if you love Him, you will do as he says and that includes rejecting sin and not approving of sin.
    Your attendance at a gay wedding means you are trying to straddle the fence and please man and please God. Can not be done.
    Choose this day who you will serve…
    Gay marriages are an affront to God. They are statements by the gay community that God is wrong and that they are right. Do not support such idiocy. So, you miss out on a piece of wedding cake and a food plate.
    Get over it.
    When they ask you why you will not attend, simply tell them in a nice tone that you believe that such an union is sin in the eyes of God and that God has good eyes!

  30. Thanks Rob, how much more clearer can it be? There’s a greater danger which is compromise your core spiritual beliefs. Once those are broken down, you will accept and justify anything. So Nicole, you have to remove the emotional component and simply obey God’s word. We are not to celebrate or participate in any man’s sins.

  31. Nicole, its is true that we cannot expect unbelievers to act like Christians but I dont think God is telling you that regarding this situation.

    Christ did associate with sinners but we never see him associating with them in their sinful practices.

    I think, maybe, an issue here could be that your friend doesnt really know how you feel about her lifestyle so she has gotten to the point where she feels comfortable around you in regards to her sin. I am not saying that we cannot be friends but our friends need to know we stand due to our faith.

    What Rob said was excellent, praise God!

    I would give God glory if two fornicators/unbelievers decided to get married. As Rob said they are doing it Gods way so it must be good in the sight of God. Think about it, hopefully they will stay together and be faitful and the Children would grow with both parents. We could do with more of that.


  32. I voted no because my presence=approval. Nothing more to add, brothers and sisters have covered the “no” explainations very well~

  33. No I wouldn’t go. I don’t support that lifestyle or anyone caught up in it. So much to pray for that’s for sure.

  34. I’m a new Christian, but I would say to Nicole, if I were you I think I would tell your friend that you love her dearly, but you can’t in good conscience attend her “wedding.” Tell her you still love her as a friend, just the same as before, but that as you fear God, you will do what God tells you to do – and that by the same token, you would refuse to attend a celebration of [insert sin here – pagan wedding, intemperate parties, etc.] so that she might see that you’re not just picking on homosexuals. People need to be able to respect you as well, and not put you in the position where you have to choose between them and God. Then people try to emotionally blackmail you into doing something that you don’t want to do by engaging in baiting and histrionics, which is disrespectful of YOU.

    I lost a 25-year friendship over being pro-life and something I said about the Crusades – this was before I even knew if I believed in God or not – so this does happen, even when you don’t specifically bring up God and the as far as anyone knows (as was my case), you’re an atheist. I’ve found that those on the left of the political spectrum (as most homosexuals and pro-aborts are) are the least tolerant of diverging values and the least able to understand the concept of “hate the sin, love the sinner.”

  35. The correct answer is NO. First, in God’s eyes, there is no such thing as homosexual marriage. It doesn’t exist….it’s a man made concept, that is birthed in sin. As such, why attend something that in essence affirms absolutely nothing. Attending such a mockery would only do one thing, namley affirm sin. Does anyone want to attend a ceremony that affirms sin?

    If you want to support your friends, tell them why you choose not to go, it will go a lot further in supporting them (i.e. telling the the truth), then supporting a lifestyle that will kill them on all levels.

  36. To Nicole, also you can’t ever think that it can’t be done without you because to convert a homosexual to Christianity is in itself impossible if WE try but with God all things are possible. Remember Abraham who was willing to destroy what he held dear in obedience to God only to find that God had an alternative option for him. Similarly, if you hold to your obedience to God, He can bring that friend’s salvation through another route. Salvation is salvation no matter how Jesus introduces it. And look what we now have: both you and your friend saved and loving Jesus and you never had to compromise your beliefs before them or God. If we are ashamed of Him before men, He will also be ashamed of us before His Father and the heavenly angels. Like someone said earlier, don’t be anxious about it. You can’t be anyone’s Holy Spirit anyway. When you’re not around, they can get into all manner of things. For the record, I also voted “No”

  37. P.S. What I mean is that Salvation is salvation no matter what experience or situation Jesus uses to present it. Not saying that there are more than one way to be saved. That is all.

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