Jay Bakker drags the blind further into a ditch

False teachers have a never ending supply of tricks in their bag of religious deception. That’s reason number one for you to know the truth and be ready to call them out publicly.

Everytime Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and [the late] Tammy Bakker opens his mouth or puts his fingers on a keyboard, he proves that he is nothing more than gimmick-driven false teacher. That aside, he is nonetheless a false teacher because his religious quackery defies logic, reason and most importantly sound biblical truth.

Bakker recently posted an article in the progay, politically left Huffington Post blog that he found Jesus in drag. To the unbelieving, the fearful and the abominable this sounds so cool, so hip, so loving…so today. But if you look beneath the surface of all the religious charade Bakker carries on, he is a man who is lost in his own darkness and like a typical blind guide is guilty of leading other spiritually blind people into a ditch. Bakker cites a rather ironic occurrence for his “revelation”:

As I blinked into the blinding light, the emcee asked teasingly, “Are you straight?”
“Yeah,” I said, blushing and pointing a thumb at my wife, Amanda.
“Lucky girl,” the emcee said.
And then the emcee got real serious. Standing there in high heels and a sparkly dress, he said: “You know, this is where Jesus would be if He were alive today. Jesus hung out with the tax collectors and the prostitutes and the sinners … ” He then launched into a three-minute speech about how Jesus loved everybody without judgment.
Then he looked back up at me and asked, “Jay, are you still doing your church?”
“Yeah,” I answered.
“Oh, that’s so wonderful. Best of luck to you on that.” And everybody clapped.

In the bible another man was hit with a blinding light. But unlike Bakker, the Apostle Paul did a 180 and served the Lord in truth and grace. Like all false teachers, Bakker skewers the grace of God into a raunchy sex show where no behavior, no words, no belief is off limits. All that matters is that you “love”. And if you think that is an exxageration, its not. Jude warned us that this would be their defining mark.

I say this because some ungodly people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that God’s marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives. The condemnation of such people was recorded long ago, for they have denied our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. (vs 4 NLT)

Saying you found “Jesus in drag” is about as lowdown and juvenile as you can get, but to the untrained spiritual ear, its cotton candy on a sunny day at the county fair.

Bakker used the article to emphasize what drag queens (men who are confused about their gender identity) taught him about Jesus. For a so-called Christian evangelical-son-of-a-pastor to admit that it took him going to a drag show to learn that Jesus loves everyone is a pretty tragic public admission. Read more about gender confusion here and here.

But the spiritually blind say (and do)  things that are at  best one sided and in a vacuum devoid of full understanding. We’ve addressed the whole “thou shalt not judge” hammer verse in a special section.

Notice he also slipped in the fact that he was poisoning his body with nicotine and that he divorced his wife (reason unknown but it may have had something to do with him always dragging her into the dens of homosexual eroticism).

People picked up the saying from a song called What if God was one of us?. Well he’s not one of us. We were made in his image and his likeness. How greatly people’s description of God differs from his own.

God is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that he should repent. Has he not said it, will he not perform it? Numbers 23:19

GCM Watch advocates for full freedom and full restoration of men and women who are ensnared in gender identity confusion. See Javon Crockett’s testimony, Ricardo’s testimony and Darrell Thompson’s testimony.

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10 thoughts on “Jay Bakker drags the blind further into a ditch

  1. I read what Jay Bakker wrote, which is spiritual garbage. Hanging out with Rupaul and Marilyn Manson wife at Drag Queen Club is cool to him. Marilyn Manson is one of the biggest Satanist around, and his music is perverted(Ig uess Manson and his wife is save? Can you say inclusion!) . And Rupaul just his image speaks for itself. Jay seems like he is controlled by the same spirit as B. Slade aka Tonex aka Anthony Williams Jr.. Bakker uses the word evolution in his spiritual development of being gay affirming, B. Slade uses the same word evolution in a interview he did.

    Jay needs to repent asap! I wonder what his father Jim Bakker take is on his son perverted doctrine?

  2. Jay Bakker has a spirit of sexual perversion on him, that is obvious.

    Why would Jay need to divorce his wife if she was gay affirming too….hhhhmmmm that is suspect.

  3. @Robert, good question. But like you I really believed he has been given over to reprobate mind. Jay is part of Emerging Church Movement, which is about as demonic then Inclusion.

  4. I said a while back that the emergent church and the gay christian movement are destined to merge. They come from the same doctrines of devils. I’ll have to dig that post out and dust it off.

  5. I wonder what Bakker Sr. thinks of what his son teaches. I read his auto-bio some years ago & in it he seemed to imply that he was through with the faith/health/wealth false thing. It would be interesting to hear where he stands about his son.

  6. Pastor,

    Illuminating article, to remind us of what the Savior spoke about in the gospel of Matthew and the bk of Rev. He mentions in Matthew when speaking about the “Kingdom Parables”, a church on the rise, but not the true church, and if your not rooted and grounded you will be deceived by this church, due to the fact its politically powerful and consisting of great numbers, but it is not the church He’s returning for. And of course the one world church, for which you spoke of where anything goes, out of the (7) churches spoken of in the bk of Revelations (5) of these churches were already walking in such error.

  7. Yes, there is a strong sense of evil with this guy. There is nothing more wicked than twisting truth and making truth seem as unloving. I sense a similar spirit of inclusion with Steve Harvey, somehow he believes we should let the world all up in the Church. What fellowship does light have with darkness?

  8. I watched Jay several years ago and concluded that he was a minister, a minister of Satan, and so far nothing has been said or done to change my mind. He is deceived and demonic.

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