GCMW seeking stories from former gay church members

Gay Christian Movement Watch is seeking first hand accounts and personal narratives of several categories of individuals who have had personal experience with gay churches and organizations.

First, GCM Watch is seeking testimonials of former members of gay churches namely: Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), any affiliate churches of The Fellowship (Bishop Yvette Flunder), UPPC, Unity Fellowship Church Movement or any independent gay church. In addition, if you were part of an “affirming” or “inclusive” church, but left because you no longer accepted its false doctrines, please contact GCM Watch as soon as possible.

Secondly, if you have visited, but never joined a gay/affirming/inclusive church your personal narrative of that experience is also welcomed. Please tell us what you saw, heard and felt about the experience.

Third, if you know of someone who fits the criteria above, forward this information to them and ask them to contact GCM Watch.

These personal narratives are being sought to provide a balanced and truthful counter to the lies currently being promoted by gay churches about biblical sexual morality. These organizations promise an overabundance of love, value and acceptance but what are they actually delivering to hurting and confused people?

Contact GCM Watch at gcmwatch@yahoo.com
Partial list of “affirming/inclusive/progressive” religious organizations here .


8 thoughts on “GCMW seeking stories from former gay church members

  1. I checked out “wouldjesusdiscriminate.com”. The extent to which the author contorts the Word of God is dumbfounding! Even IF you could make a case for the Centurion being gay, not once did Jesus show concern about ANY of the Centurion’s sins. Jesus performed the healing miracle based solely on the Centurion’s FAITH! The Centurion believed, so the Centurion’s servant was healed. It’s that simple. There’s no homosexual affirmation in there whatsoever. It’s about FAITH. Period.

  2. VERY true Isaac. Only the devil would make someone pervert a simple story with a simple meaning like that.

  3. One of the Emergent Church leaders Tony Jones commented about LGBT community, he said this, “In any case, I now believe that GLBTQ [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer] can live lives in accord with Biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can!) and that their monogamy can and should be sanctioned and blessed by church and state.” The source he made this statement is beliefnet.com 11/19/08 blog.

    Emergent Church shares the same views as gay affirming church. Look at Jay Bakker for example.

    That is sick and twisted view of the scriptures to say that the Centurion was gay. But what can you expect from someone given over to “doctrine of devils?”

  4. The emergent church refuses to accept that God’s word is the final authority. They do this under the guise of saying that we are not able to know if it is true or not and that we need to study more. The word of God talks about people like this, ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of the truth. Of course they will accept anything that is against the clear statements of God’s word since we can never know if it is true or not.

    I feel really sad for Jay Bakker. He probably ended up in that madness because of how the real church treated his parents and his family. As a youngster when he got into drugs he tried to contact all the preachers that came around his parents sincerely seeking help and just about all of them except for Earl Paulk, Carlton Pearson and Tommy Barnett (that I know of), turned a deaf ear. It was bad enough for the church to turn on Jim Bakker but to ignore A CHILD that needed some help was disgusting to me. It does not surprise me at all that he ended up in the emergent madness. Hopefully his wounded heart can forgive people enough where he can get past this deadly deception he is in right now. Many have walked away because of harsh treatment from church leaders with no recourse since they protect each other at the expense of the rest of us in too many cases. Unfortunately they have equated this to God and turn their backs on Him unfairly. I could have been there but somehow I knew the difference in what I saw and what my Bible said and never turned away from the Lord.

    Only the church walking in power AND MORE IMPORTANTLY the love of God can break through all this deception. Only then will many people have a clear view of what they are accepting and what they are rejecting. There is way too much deception out there being called the gospel of Christ.

  5. Let me see if I can get this back on track. Do any of you know someone who is former member of a gay church but left because they couldnt stomach the false teachings anymore?

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