No joy: Orlando Sentinel bemoans gay church, gray church syndrome

The Orlando Sentinel published a sympathy piece for its local gay church bemoaning the fact that it couldn’t “attract” youth. Generation gap imperils gay church, the anguished headline reads. Imperils? That’s a highly ironic choice of words, considering their inbred rebellion and the condition of their souls has already imperiled them.

The pews were nearly full for the early Sunday service at Joy Metropolitan Community Church, but just about everybody in the sanctuary was male and most were middle-aged.

Started in 1979, the predominantly gay Orlando church is imperiled by its inability to attract a younger generation of gay and lesbian worshippers. Only about 20 of the 250 people who regularly attend the church are in their 20s and 30s, said the Rev. Lisa Heilig, interim pastor.

“The truth of the matter is the church is either going to stretch and grow — or die,” Heilig said.

The lack of young people at Joy MCC isn’t unusual in itself. Only about a fourth of Americans 18 to 29 years old attend church regularly, according to the latest survey by LifeWay Research, a research organization associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Mainline Protestant denominations such as Baptists, Episcopalians, Lutherans and Methodists are dealing with the same doomsday demographic of aging congregations. But the gay church faces not only fewer young people attending church, but also a greater acceptance of gays in other churches.

They forgot to mention that JMAC is 99.9% white too. Besides, its a fact that the gay church is just a sanitized version of the gay club. One is attended at night and the debauchery is unrestrained. The other is attended during the day and the debauchery is temporarily restrained. Nevertheless the Sentinel “reporter” wanted help to beat the bushes for some impressionable youth to replenish the pews before the increasingly nervous —and aging— homosexual men in the church die out. Reminds me of a  Stephen King movie I saw once.

Moreover, gay churches don’t have the built-in ability to attract families with children, teenagers with youth programs, and young people with church services like rock concerts. There are no “crying rooms” for babies at Joy MCC or Sunday-school classrooms or a day-care center during the week.

“Joy MCC is going to have to change and adapt or they are not going to be around,” said Randy Stephens, executive director of Orlando’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Central Florida.

Young people are more fluid about their sexuality and less defined by their sexual orientation, Stephens said. They neither need nor crave the sanctuary that the gay church provided previous generations.

“What I’m finding is they don’t want to go to a church where they are segregated by their sexuality,” said the Rev. Jenn Stiles Williams, who has about 50 young gays in her contemporary service at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando. “Their relationship with God is first, but they want a church where they can be who they are and not have to hide it.”

One of the fallacies that the article attempts to ingrain is that youth are just “attracted” to church.  The hand wringing lamenting no “built in abilities”. Exactly, people of the same gender cannot reproduce children. It takes a male and a female to pro-create like The Creator.  That’s been a fundamental truth that has kept humanity in tact since the very beginning. In fact it was the divine command. But that’s lost on a “church” full of homosexual men looking for youth to pass their twisted ideologies on to.

What’s even scarier are the suggestions by the church’s cleric leader and the club director that the church is going to have to “change and adapt”. More dripping irony for a group of blind people who fight the one change that they really need.

Give the aging gay church what it wants and it will go away? Only in the movies.


6 thoughts on “No joy: Orlando Sentinel bemoans gay church, gray church syndrome

  1. Americans who don’t attend Church are so tired of Hypocritical Christians. OK let me ask a question. Whenever I witness to somebody I always ask “Have you met a lot of Christians who are hypocrites?” How many times do you think I have heard “No” as an answer?………

    In general a non Spirit Filled Church gay or not gay is of the world and the people have not had a born again experience. So the non church goers think (rightfully so) they don’t need to attend because the members put on a good church act for 2 hours on Sundays and act like hell for the rest of the week.

    These churches are not going to attract new members because the real God has to draw you unto Him and He won’t send you to a synagogue of satan. So if they want to bring in new members maybe they should petition their god baal, and make sure he isn’t out in the woods digging a cat hole…..

  2. Robert I didnt get the first part of your comment. There are hypocrites everywhere and in every organization.

    There are homosexual churches who have memberships in the thousands, but membership in a church is no indicator of God’s approval. The same goes for churches that do not identify as homosexual.

    This particular church I think is a ball of ironies, which like I said is lost on them.

  3. Ok, thats why I dont think “inviting people to church” is appropriate evangelism. We should be offering them an opportunity to repent and accept Christ. I think thats the thrust of the great commission. Yes, far too many [people in] churches are unreliable and you never know what will happen to someone you invite (if thats all youre doing).
    No matter where you meet people, offer them Christ first, not an invitation to church.
    But a gay church is far beyond the pale of that. Its foundational concept is rotten to begin with.

  4. I agree too many Christians think its just the Pastor’s job to preach the Gospel, when in fact the Bible calls all followers of Christ ministers, even though you might not be ordained.

    Like you have said before the Church isn’t the 4 walls, it resides within us and when we gather to fellowship.

    But you know if you want to hear a Spirit Filled message from the Living God spoken in your life you can always come by my Church. haha

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