Soulforce director tags Christian teens for murder

Some people have a rather bizarre way of creating change but its just an example of how the homosexual activist movement is brainwashing its recruited youth into their fatalistic all-the-world-hates-us -and-wants-us-to-die ideology.

Jason Conner the “director of programs” at  Soulfarce and a former Mormon and equality rider blogged about his harrowing experience with Christian teens when he went to Minneapolis, in a quest to learn how to “create change” the gay way. The Creating Change conference featured such gay christian luminaries as Yvette Flunder, Nancy Wilson and sponsored by such companies as American Airlines and Wells Fargo Bank. Connor’s account is drowning in irony, but I doubt if he or those who schooled him will ever see it.

Via Americans for Truth about homosexuality, we learn that some of the  “change’ gay activists want to create is

  • Using polling, focus groups and emotional arguments to persuade evangelical Christians to ignore Scripture and accept homosexuality-based “rights”;
  • Using the tragedy of homosexual youth suicides to shame Christians into stop calling homosexuality sinful;
  • Pro-homosexuality lessons for grade school kids (because waiting until middle school is too late to reach them);
  • “Non-judgmental condom advocacy for young men in the name of HIV prevention — and even being non-judgmental in “safe sex” training when it comes to bizarre/disgusting “fetish” behaviors

Conner and his company of  ideological changelings went into maximum crisis mode when they discovered that the peaceful group of Christian kids wanted to pray for them. Gasp, what shall we do? These kids are both conservative AND fundamentalist!

“During the final full day of Creating Change, another conference was going on at the convention center next door and was a youth event hosted by a very fundamentalist group of “Christians”. Some of the youth had been instructed by their leaders to proselytize to folks at Creating Change and were encouraged to pray over us, invite us to “accept Christ”, and even suggested laying their hands on us! Here, a whole convention of youth are being told that our beautiful Queer identities are not wonderful, integral parts of our spirits which should be celebrated, but instead should be prayed for.

This kind of spiritual violence is exactly what we aim to dismantle in programs like the Equality Ride and in the other denominational actions Soulforce has participated in since our inception in 1999. Unfortunately, this kind of event is all too common and although I am an advocate for free speech and freedom of religion, I don’t believe in hate speech, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, and blatant spiritual violence as was exemplified by this group, and many of the other conservative “Christian” groups out there. This is the same language and intent that has kept me closeted for the first 24 years of my life and, more importantly, the force that encourages Queer people to take our own lives. This is not an issue of speech for me, but instead an issue of hate. When this kind of spiritual violence is perpetuated, people are killed, communities are ripped apart, and countless others are living in silence, fear, and shame.”

Let’s see, Conner accuses the teens of –lets count it out–: (1) hate speech (2) spiritual violence (3) murder (4) community anarchy (5) homophobia (6) queerphobia (7) transphobia and (8) not celebrating the wonders of homosexuality. Additionally, he says fear of the teens kept him locked in the closet for the “first 24 years of his life” which is an amazing feat seeing that Conner is only 26 years old.  Its not clear if any of the teens from the Acquire the Fire convention actually ever encountered the creating changers but, Conner says they were taking no chances.

All of the unnecessary invective hurled by Conner at the Christian teens proves what a farce the conference was. The vision of their religious Practice Spirit, Do Justice set up?

“We will deeply hold, acknowledge and learn from our differences as we engage in the transformational work of finding the overlaps in our stories and experiences. We will create a space where respectful, direct and accountable dialogue can take place during our time together.”

To sum things up, Connor learned at the creating gay change conference that:

A. Christian teenagers who want to pray for gays are dangerous, hateful and are guilty of killing gays and intimidating others into silence.

B. Change means things staying the same. Homosexuals don’t need to be changed even though they hold ironic conferences called “creating change” with the intent on changing everybody else.

17 thoughts on “Soulforce director tags Christian teens for murder

  1. Satan has to pull out all the stops and push this agenda hard because his anti-Christ (who is alive right now) will be a homosexual and rule the world for a short period of time. The people have to accept his leadership and this group soulforce is there for that very purpose.

  2. What a cryptic name. Soul force. Forcing souls into hell through deception. And this poor kid is at the front of the line.

  3. @Gcmwatch, sounds like this guy is attempting to use witchcraft(manipulation) to deceive folk into believing a lie. And yes it is kind of cryptic they use the name Soul force.

  4. “Change means things staying the same. Homosexuals don’t need to be changed even though they hold ironic conferences called “creating change” with the intent on changing everybody else.”

    Great ending to a great post! Wow, those people are sad, and it is sad how they are encouraging others to follow their same sordid, Godless path.

  5. SS, I think he is just overdosed on the gay ideology and cant help but go into victim overdrive when he is out in public. The gay conspiracy theory holds that most everyone seethes with hate for them and are waiting around each corner to kill them Matthew Shepherd style. People like Conner who’s barely out of his pull ups have been spoon fed garbage like this probably since he was a preteen sneaking on the internet to read gay propaganda. Now, we see at age 26 the frightening reality of the future.

  6. A lot of what you point out happens to be supprisingly appropriate and that makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This article really did turn the light on for me as far as this particular topic goes.

  7. Soulforce and Jason are doing amazing work. The sad thing is that many LGBT people lose there faith because of how they are treated by other Christians. Soulforce and Jason are working to make sure this doesn’t have to happen. The youth from Acquire the Fire proved once again that they are not beloved children of God. Not only did they try to witness, pray for or lay hands on people, they mocked them and teased them. I cannot imagine Jesus acting this way. If they were acting in love, I ask, how was there love being received?

  8. Jason and Soulforce are deceived and doing amazing work for the devil. That’s about the end of that discussion. God has never commissioned anybody to lead people in rebellion against his law.

    And Im assuming you witnessed the ATF teens “teasing and mocking”? And since when is “teasing and mocking” the same as murder and community anarchy? And how is somebody kept in the gay closet since he was two?? He should be blaming his parents for that, not anyone else.

  9. Their logic is comical and their hearts are dark. It doesn’t matter what Christians do with peaceful actions, their intent will always be considered harmful. These folks with all this victim mentality stuff is just silly. They are always the victim somehow….in their minds.

  10. These people have mastered public bait and switch tactics. While they cry victim and decry the so called hatred in others, they are busy plying hate and victimizing anyone who opposes their putrid agenda.

    This boy is just a puppet who has been baptized in their wickedness and thinks that he is doing good by falsely accuses others. But that’s how they roll at Soul Farce. Check GCM Watch blog search and look at how these fork tongued serpents have slithered across America and the religious community in the last few years.

  11. Soul force is nothing more than an instrument of the devil, which by the why uses the main weapon of the devil, (lying) to lead people into spiritual darkness. Jason is a puppet they will use until they are done with him then they will kick him to the curb for a younger spokesman.

    His comments and erroneous assumptions of mankind show his immaturity….

  12. Why are you all so quick to judge? Have you all so quickly forgot, “judge not lest ye be judged yourself” or “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”? While I’m not saying that homosexuality is correct, but why go out of your way to hate them. If they wish to be gay and are headed towards Hell, let them march their way there hand in hand. Afterall, they might as well be happy in this life if they are to spend an eternity in Hell.

  13. Josh, what do you mean by “quick”? How long in your estimation should a person take before they judge a situation? Please be specific? And how do you know how long it took us to judge this? Also if you saw a man beat his wife down, would you call him a wife beater intervene and call 911 or would you casually go home, have some tea and then a year later do that? FYI the woman could be dead by then because you dont think people should judge with “quickness”.
    I suggest you really go back and think about what you wrote because not only is it unbiblical, its illogical.

    And I dont get that you want to leave homosexuals alone so they can be “happy” on earth and burn in hell later.
    That’s about as bizarre as it gets.

    Oh and read the article on hate and study the scriptures on judging. That should get you up to speed.

  14. Josh, we can’t give up on people just because they think what they are doing is right. “You can’t know the Truth until you have the Truth, Jesus Christ.” They don’t know the Truth. I used to think the same way before I was delievered from homosexuality. I thought I was born that way. Satan had me convinced with the “it;s in nature” propoganda. Only prayer will get the eyes of these young people opened. When the one’s who refused to see the light stand before Jesus, they will see how hard Christians tried to warn them of the eternal fate. Fun for now can’t compare to an eternity of damnation. Fun is just for a season. Damnation if for ALL eternity.

  15. It makes me very sad to see this young man take someone wanting to pray for him and turn it into hate speech and spiritual violence. This is the way that the world is doomed to go according to the word of God but for it to be so ridiculous and outrageous makes me wonder how anyone could agree with him. I guess the Holy Spirit keeps the wool from being pulled over my eyes but this is some pretty thin wool. Has the world really become this gullible? To be willing to believe such a flimsy lie shows that we need Christ more than ever. I’ll be praying for them all too….. I just won’t tell THEM that.

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