7 things this generation needs to know about homosexuality

Excerpt from a message I preached November 21, 2010 at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas. Rev. Dwight McKissic, pastor. Text from Judges 2:6-13

Marching through generations

Due to changing social conditions after World War II, homosexuals began to push for more visibility and as a consequence the government began to systematically fire and bar them from certain jobs. Homosexuals reacted by organizing themselves politically and socially to fight discrimination against them. For the next 20 odd years homosexuals made gains on several fronts and eventually began affecting sectors of American society which spurred even more clashes with those who believed it to be wrong. Language identifiers began to change also. Homosexuals began referring to themselves as “gay” and later changed from referring to their “sexual preference” as “sexual orientation”. The word “gay” was intended to deflect attention away from homosexual acts and instead reframe the national discussion around identity. The phrase sexual orientation was intended to lend credibility to the notion that homosexuals are born as such without a personal choice in the matter.

In the early 1950s, there was a near consensus in North America that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals  were mentally disordered individuals engaging in obscene, perverted sexual behavior. Same-gender sexual behavior was considered a criminal act in all jurisdictions.

Almost all homosexuals  existed only as a secret part of society and few heterosexuals were aware of having met one.

It took a full generation from the time that a woman named Dr. Evelyn Hooker’s first  study of homosexuality until the mental health professionals at the American Psychiatric Association were pressured into removing  homosexuality from its mental illness list. It took another generation before a significant percentage of adults, and a larger percentage of youth, started to accept homosexuality as a normal “minority sexual orientation”.

Anita Bryant
In 1970 The first Gay Liberation Day March was held in New York City. Seven years later a woman named Anita Bryant stood up against homosexuality in Miami (Dade  County) FL and as a consequence suffered the stunning loss of her very lucrative career and the break up of her family.

What happened to Anita Bryant in 1977 (when I was a freshman in high school) sent a chilling message to many Christian leaders. The message was this: homosexuals were powerful and ruthless. Opposing them could mean the loss of everything you had worked hard to build up. That initiated the silencing of the church and another significant change in our generation. No longer would homosexuals be a silent minority, they were moving into a sphere of influence unrivaled in our nation’s history.

One of the strongest revendications emerging out of the homosexual movement was the “right” to teach homosexuality in public schools. The goal was to be able to freely proselytize among children and teenagers; thus seeding into the minds of the coming generation that homosexuality was simply another benign expression of sexuality on par with heterosexuality.  High school students who thought they might be gay were encouraged to attend meetings and explore homosexuality, cross gender expression, bisexuality and more.

The rise of homosexual religion
In 1968 something else took root. The homosexual church movement, a religious entity which advocated for the redefinition of homosexuality as a sin, arose and began its trek into the heart of the Christian church. I must tell you that they have enacted a brilliant strategy and it is working.

The progression of the gay christian movement has been both stunning and devastating. In just a short generation, the Christian church has experienced a deep fundamental transformation, which in some instances it is hardly recognizable as a representative of Christ the Lord. Not all the changes are directly attributed to religious homosexual activism. But as Steve Gallagher, the founder of Pure Life Ministries said, its a fruit of the church’s methodical march away from God and his word.

“Another reason I believe we are quickly headed in the direction of seeing evangelical churches ordain homosexuals is because of our corporate loss of shame over sin in the Church. The number of ministers willing to assail sin in the pews and call their people to genuine repentance and holy living has greatly dwindled over the past 20 years. Even those in our congregations involved in the most abominable behavior are quickly assured that God’s grace covers all their sin. To a large extent the enemy has effectively silenced that crucial safeguard amongst God’s people.”

Every major Christian denomination has had serious internal battles over homosexuality and the authority of scripture. Once biblically stalwart groups like Baptists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians have fallen and begun ordaining homosexual clergy and consecrating homosexual bishops. The foundation of the African American church is being eaten alive by a religious “don’t ask don’t tell” policy which has severely weakened its ability to preach truth and integrity. Homosexuals influence much of the gospel music industry and false teachings such as the “gospel of inclusion” has wreaked havoc on the church and its mission to preach a pure Gospel of deliverance.

An ill fought war

Now,  people of God, this generation is buckling under the weight of just two generations of an ill fought war. Homosexuals in most instances have the upper hand in media, education, entertainment, government, social organizations and law. They are moving to overtake the military and the church is under assault from within and without.

Just like the generation that arose after the death of Joshua, the next generation will have lost perhaps 95 percent if not more of its foundational beliefs about homosexuality.  The idea or the concept of homosexuality as a sin has been largely erased and replaced with a dizzying mix of cultural lies, scientific repositioning and religious relativism.

Will this generation know God?

While Joshua’s generation lived, the memory of God’s mighty works in their midst remained fresh. And God was worshipped and obeyed. Joshua’s generation was the generation who, by God’s grace, had defeated the Amalekites, had crossed the Jordan River on dry ground, had seen Jericho’s walls  fall down, and for whom even the sun itself had stood still. How tragic that when Joshua’s generation died off, two things died with them. One was the memory of the God who had done so many spectacular miracles and the other was their obedience and remembrance of the law of God.

It wasnt that Joshua’s generation intentionally dropped the ball. But they lacked a purpose to pass on to the next generation what made them unique among all the peoples of the earth.

People of God this passage in Judges reflects what we are facing today if we do not pass on the knowledge of God, his word and his commandments to the next generation. The message is clear: when you forget the mighty acts of God, when  you stop worshiping Him, its inevitable that you will fall into the practice of merging our beliefs with whatever is prevalent in the culture around us. In the end, we worship our own idols and even ourselves because we have forgotten God and his law.

Touch your neighbor and tell them don’t forget God, and don’t forget his law. Tell your child don’t forget God and don’t forget his law. Look at your homeboy and your bff and tell them don’t forget God and don’t forget his law. Now tell yourself don’t forget God and don’t forget his law.

Seven things
There are seven things God wants this generation to know about homosexuality:
1. God does not change Malachi 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not
2. God’s word will not change Ps 119:89
3. Homosexuality is the opposite of holiness is what God requires 1 Thess 4:7
4. Homosexuality produces death (James 1:14,15)
5. The acceptance of homosexuality is a sign of God’s judgment upon us
6. Contextually, homosexuality is no more or less of a sin than any other. 1 Cor 6:9
7. The solution for homosexuality is the same as it is for all other sin. Mark 1:15

Hebrews 9:22 says, “Without shedding of blood there is no remission.”  I John 1:7 tells us that “The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin.” God, in choosing the cleansing agent for our sins, chose the very best that He had, the blood of His own Son. It is by the precious blood of our Lord, that we are cleansed from all of our sins. Revelation 1:5 says, “To Him who loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood.” Yes, it is only by the blood of our Lord Jesus washes away the sin and stain of homosexuality.

Thank God for the blood. It reaches to the highest mountain and it flows to the lowest valley.
There is a fountain  filled with blood which flows from Emanuels veins; sinners can still plunge beneath its flood and lose all their guilty stains.
I can’t answer for you today but for me the blood that gives me strength from day to day will never, ever, never, never lose its power.


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  1. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I remember when Anita Bryant stood for the truth. I couldn’t and still don’t understand why, if we believe in God and His Word, why, the church did not back her up. But, as I read the comments around the web concerning our president’s decision not to allow the justice dept. to defend the defense of marriage act, it is clear that there is no love for God in our country. It doesn’t matter where you are, what position you hold, the Word is the Word and God is who He is and either we believe what He says is true or we don’t. If we do, we must stand on His word and know yes, there will be opposition, tribulation and suffering for standing for His truth. However, the “church” has remained silent because they are too busy paying for their blessing and are being lead by deception. Please continue to speak Truth.

  2. Excellent word Pastor Foster! These types of messages is what should be coming across the pulpit in youth churches and youth programs today. Rather we are seeing the youths “entertained” by ungodly rap, holy hip hop (OXYMORON) and other “relative culture” crap. Thank God for the churches that are upholding sound biblical teaching to the youth and laying a solid foundation based upon the word of God rather than the culture of this post modern world we are now living in. Keep on keepin on Pastor Foster. May God continue to open doors for you to preach the uncompromised word of God!

  3. Funny this sermon is not posted on this church’s website at all…wonder why that is

    GCMW: The link wasn’t to imply that the message was on the church’s website, just to note the church it was given at. Im not privy to what gets posted on the church’s site.

  4. Great word from this Pastor! It brings to mind for me also in the late seventies when Anita Bryant made her brave stand yet she was so hated for it……I honestly could not believe it….all she did was stand for what is right and holy and she was vilified by the media and hollywood….

    I knew then that things were only likely going to get far worse…and so they have….

  5. We will soon see just how demonic homosexuality is. I was stunned that the DOJ will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Because the majority in America agrees with DOMA, it can’t be dismantled. So we have a DOJ that is nullifying a Federal law. Soon, other laws will be ignored and there will be total chaos and the “intelligentsia” will be influencing the country. We will be a country run by influence, not law. Then let’s see what how fair, just, and spiritual those who believe in homosexual “equality” really are.

  6. This article revolts me. If anything is to be labeled an abomination before God it should be this invective of platitudes. It is full of dogmatic ramblings but nothing substantial. Its other transgressions are many but I will reveal the most grievous.

    Firstly it misquotes the word of God. Only one of the verses he references even mentions homosexuality. I challenge you to look up 1 Thess 4:7. I did. I grabbed my concordance and found the definition of what is translated as “impure.” It has absolutely no connotations affiliated with homosexuality. The other verses, when take alone, mean nothing. Not only are they useless by themselves, they also contain no references to homosexuality. They do not even contain any desperate rants against Sodomites.

    Secondly, the substance of the article, contrary to the title and the above ignorant reactions, has very little to do with homosexuality. It is used only as a pulpit for the “pastors” other beliefs. That is deceitful, he should be above such base and worldly tactics. He should not need to stoop to such levels to draw listeners.

    Thirdly, it perpetuates the absurd idea of a homosexual agenda. It implies that homosexuals are not teenagers being driven to suicide, but are a global movement attempting to destroy Christianity. It implies that homosexuals are not followers of Christ being spurned by their “brothers,” but soldiers of Satan.

    Fourthly, the article perpetuates myths about homosexuality. Among this, the idea that homosexuality is a choice is the most despicable. When did you choose to be straight? Why would a Christian choose to be gay. Why would anyone choose to be discriminated against? As a homosexual, as a teenager who spent nights pleading with God to remover these feelings, as one who follows Christ, that assertion is ludicrous. Second is that homosexuals want anything besides equality, besides the chance to be left alone. Thirdly is that God, who sent his Son for us all, hates homosexuals.

    This article should embarrass any follower of Christ that sees it.

  7. Well Bowen, thanks for reading. I guess that’s what you did.

    Your comment had a familiar tone to it one that was confirmed once I got to the part where you said you are gay. Guilty people hate truth about themselves.

    Having said that, let me correct some of the many misconceptions you seem to harbor.

    1. You may have missed in the first couple of sentences that this is an EXCERPT. That means that not all of what was said or explained is contained in this article.

    2. You seem to be a literalist all of a sudden. I thought gay christians despised literal interpretations of the bible. Handy argument when it suits you eh?

    3. Your arrogance (the same pride and haughtiness displayed by the perverse men of sodom) is quite apparent in your comments. Every one but you is “ignorant” because you are an enlightened gay.

    4. Your comprehension of words seem to be skewered. The word homosexual is different than the word homosexuality. Check the nuance and then perhaps you will see the article is on point and truthful.

    5. Since you brought it up, yes the homosexual movement (both political and religious) have an agenda. Every political and religious group has an agenda. Even you have an agenda. Agenda is defined as “a list or outline of things to be considered or done”. Thus, its patently foolish to deny such an agenda exists.

    6. Answers to your questions
    -when God told me he would make every crooked path straight Is 45:2. Since my homosexuality was a crooked form of sexual expression, I took it literally that God would straighten me out.
    -That a moot question considering that change is a viable option for all homosexuals. Why stay in a place of discrimination when you can live better?
    -Homosexuals just want to be “left alone”? Thats a new one. However, I can give you 100 ways to make that a reality, but Im sure you would stomp off in a huff.

  8. Really great article here. The Joshua analogy is so on point.

    Why is that the Church didnt stand behind Anita Bryant? I have never heard of her but will do some research. Why is it that we sit down and say nothing, why is it that we are more worried about blessings and new buildings than truth? Is that not a blessing all by itself. These are the Idols now, big this and big that and if you dont have it God is not with you.

    I watched a clip with Donnie McClurkin and Steve Harvey on TBN. Donnie said that he was doing a concert and people were protesting him oustide but he said he didnt want to say what they protesting about? why the heck not, isnt he on a Christian station!?

    Homosexuality in fact has an agenda but its is being driven by a force that they cannot recognize, that would be the devil.

    You only have to watch TV to see what is going on. In the movies, comedy shows the homosexual is always very funny, it started with “are you being served” (English comedy). This desensitizes people to the sin and make it all a joke but there is nothing funny about sin.

    Bowen, people chose to be many things. Whores, porn stars, thugs, murderers, prostitutes, all things that are despised by sensible people however they do it inspite of the scorn they may get. Well times are different now but people always did these things when they were not as popular.

    As far as youth committing suicide, many suicides are committed because unloving people are hounding and teasing them, its not because the Church says homosexuality is wrong. We cannot, due the wicked nature of the world, that you embrace, not speak the truth. In other words dont make it sound like if one says homosexuality is a sin, youth will committ suicide. Blame the unloving people who are doing the damage and people who instead of dealing with the individuals confusion, pacify the troubled and call it normal. That is wicked!
    (Youth are committing suicide for others things too.)

    What if I say, I was born in a black body but I am supposed to be a white man? would you not say I was a mad man?

    Pastor, thanks again for this eye opening piece!

    There is wonder working power in The Blood of The Lamb!

  9. Excellent article gcmwatch. Instead of giving our youth the next generation a bunch of entertainment at church, we need to be prep them for battle. Homosexuality is one of the giants that the church is facing this day, we need more David’s that will go to battle, instead of Saul’s who go run and hide.

    @ Paul N your right about TV, one the top comedy sitcoms is ABC Modern Family(it shows two men married to each other and they show them as functioning better than heterosexual married couples). And I saw on the news during the Oscars Award Show James Franco came dressed in drag as Marilyn Monroe. Yes TV is used to desensitize people view of this lifestyle/deathstyle. However, young people in the church are being desenstize by homosexual lifestyle, based on the rampant homosexuality that is taking place in the gospel music industry just look at the Bobby Jones Show.

  10. USC Football Star Quaterback Matt Barkley who is a devout Christian, is under fire in Los Angeles, for his remarks about being against same-sex marriage and the Federal government won’t defend DOMA on Twitter.


    Here is young man standing up for what he believes in, and possibly putting at risk millions of dollars of future endorsement money once he goes pro. I pray that Matt holds on to his convictions, and won’t compromise his stance.

  11. This needs to be preached in every church. Sadly, many will not touch it because many pastors are in bed with homosexuality.

    Psalm 50:22-23 says, “Now consider this, you who ​forget God,
    Lest I tear you in pieces, And there be none to deliver: Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; And ​​to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.”

    When the Lord declares that “there be none to deliver.” He means no one will be able to rescue you when you cry. When the Justice Department said that they would no longer defend the Defense Of Marriage Act, the United States entered the killing field of “there will be none to deliver.”

    Do not be fooled. The destruction is here to stay until repentance starts in the church and ends up in every home and political office. Here is the other shoe. States are experiencing billion and trillion dollar deficits with no answer except to destroy union benefits. When your pension is taken away, this is the other part of the financial judgment upon this nation that will help destroy this nation.

    You might say, “What does this have to do with homosexuality?” Anytime you constitutionalize sin, the economy is judged in every sector.

    The only remedy? Repentance!

  12. Thank you Pastor Fred. What an accurate assessment of what we see today. An unraveling of a nation because we have forgot God and forgotten his laws. These are not isolated incident but all interconnected. And there is but one resolution. I think we all know that the kind of turning that God requires will not happen because men’s hearts continue to be emboldened in their sins. Even in the church talking about repentance seems to be an archaic term that offends people and stymies “church growth”. Instead we are seeing all this “apologizing” to people for telling them the truth about sin. Humanism is the religion of man. And it will be the death of him too.

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