Gay christian apologist Peter Gomes dead at 68

BOSTON – A homosexual theologian who by invitation, preached twice at West Angeles COGIC and was subsequently lauded by presiding bishop Charles Blake is dead at age 68 according to the Boston Herald.

The Rev. Peter J. Gomes, who was known internationally as Harvard’s pastor and was just as pleased to call himself a son of Plymouth, died yesterday in Boston.

Though the Rev. Gomes never shied from controversial political topics in sermons, he conceded that he was somewhat reluctant to step into the sexual orientation fray when he publicly announced he was gay, in November 1991, after a conservative student magazine at Harvard published an issue condemning homosexuality.

“I do not know when the quality of life has been more violated,” he told a crowd of about 100 as he stood on the steps of Memorial Church, setting off sustained applause when he added, “I am a Christian who happens as well to be gay. … Those realities, which are irreconcilable to some, are reconciled in me by a loving God.”

When a conservative Christian group on the Harvard campus had the nerve to publicize the fact that people could actually change from homosexuality through Christ, Gomes angrily denounced them and “came out”, declaring that he was a homosexual Christian. His declaration was big news in ecumenical academia circles and the gay community.

After the controversy, Gomes emerged as a false teacher, who taught that neither God nor the Bible was against homosexuality. Instead, he insisted only “homophobia” was a sin. He later revealed that he had been “marrying” homosexual couples since 1977.

He became emblematic of  gay christians who revision the scriptures to accommodate their sexual sin.

COGIC Controversy

Despite the fact that Gomes very public declaration of his homosexuality was big news, in 2003 COGIC’s presiding bishop claimed he had no idea about the real Peter Gomes and invited him to “preach” at West Angeles.

After numerous prominent officers and clergy at West Angeles registered outrage at the act, Blake attempted to silence them by sending out a letter defending Gomes. Blake had received an award from Gomes, spoke at Gomes’ Harvard church and by his own admission visited Gomes’ private residence for dinner. But, he said he wasn’t aware of Gomes’ very public homosexuality and false teachings.

We obtained a copy of the letter from a former 23 year trustee of the church and published it.


14 thoughts on “Gay christian apologist Peter Gomes dead at 68

  1. Wow, I guess he has found out he was wrong about his stance! I say this is a wake up call to the body of Christ to stand firm against all false doctrine.

    I pray everyday that the true Gospel have free reign.

    This man stood against the true Gospel and against God Himself by preaching this “message” that led more souls into hell than can be counted. I only hope that some that listened to him will stumble upon this blog and hear the truth and turn to Jesus for the answer.

  2. And it is so. Now he will face God and find out if he was in the will of God or fighting against the plan of God. People dont realize there’s a reason why God does not allow the dead to return and tell us what transpires.

    Plenty of people who are alive are telling the truth about these issues, yet they are rejected as “homophobic”, “antiquated”, “hateful”, “bigoted”. If they wont believe the living, there’s no way they will believe the dead. Instead they heap to themselves teachers (like Gomes) having itching hears to hear what their flesh desires and not the truth of God.

    Eternal judgments are final and just.

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: Heb 9:27

    How you die, so shall you rise. If you die unholy, you will rise to judgment unholy.

  3. Well, time will tell whether,when on the other side of eternity, Gomes will preach and teach to God about how God was wrong about stating that homosexuality was and is a sin.
    I am sure that Gomes will wax eloquently about the Greek and
    transitive verbs and how God simply missed it and that Gomes got it right.
    I am sure that when Gomes stands before a holy God and pontificates
    about how glad he is a practicing Christian homosexual, that heaven and earth will cease from their duties and tune in to that lecture and see the mightly Gomes flaunt his sin and dare God to do something about it.
    Yeah, I am real sure of that.
    I am so sure that Gomes rather will beg God for a chance to return to planet Earth and warn his former congregants and avid followers that he made a big “bu-bu” and that he wants to correct the record and renounce homosexual sin.
    When he sees Satan snickering at him while making his plaintive pleas, only then will Gomes realize the horror that his corrupt doctrine determined his eternal destiny.
    No appeal to Harvard…No appeal to his lovers…No appeal to reason…
    No appeal to…love…nothing will work….just judgment.
    Who will be able to bear the howls and weeping when people come before God and realize that they have been duped by Satan and the
    lusts of the flesh and that their only compense is an eternity in Hell.
    People of God continue to contend for the faith and continue to tell the Gomes of the world that judgment awaits those who continue to defy
    the gift of God…Jesus Christ.

  4. Judgment is set for this man.

    Gomes died without Christ therefore satan the very one who tricked him, will accuse him before God and condemn him to the Lake of Fire because of his willful disobedience to God’s Word.

  5. Man that is a mess and ANYONE who assisted him in his sins is just as guilty as they didn’t call him to accountablity.

    How many will God require to pay because the blood is on their hands? This is serious.

  6. @ Lafe

    That canvas you painted of the departed, Gomes, made my skin crawl a bit; I think there’s some of Jonathan Edwards in you!

  7. I was familiar with Professor Gomes and many of his writings and positions, but I had no idea that he was gay. In fact, in reading about his life I discovered that, interestingly enough, he was long-term Republican and conservative (much-beloved, some say, by the “Religious Right”) until recently.
    The article I read also stated that Goines declared that he was celibate by choice yet he decided he would spend much of his life fighting against “homophobia” and for the rights and acceptance of homosexuals.
    So my question to you my fellow believers is would you consider Professor Gomes a “practicing homosexual” given his declaration of celibacy? If so why? If not, why not? Is he guilty of the personal sin of homosexuality if he is celibate?

    I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

  8. CiCi thats a good angle to look at. However, I will say this and not to discourage anyone from talking about it.

    But his personal declaration of celibacy (which no one can prove or disprove) becomes irrelevant when weighed against his personal beliefs that (a) homosexuality was not a sin (b) the bible was misinterpreted (c) his prideful identification with homosexuality ref Romans 1:32 (d) his aggressive advocacy for such sin

    Personally, I dont believe he was celibate (as if that is some badge of honor). Its like saying I smoked a cigarette but I didnt inhale. I mean if you have all this a-y falsehood going on in your life why should anyone automatically assume that z is also not part of the falsehood?

    And I think the same thing goes with the whole Republican so called conservative facade. That has sum zero in the righteous scheme of things. Plenty of republicans are just a morally corrupt as any other group. Gomes was just one of them.

  9. @Lafe:
    i HAD to reply to your comment. Reading this sent chills through my soul as you so eloquently described the fate of so many who have rejected the truth of God for the deceptive lies of Satan and the lustful desires of the unregenerate flesh. Well said, well said!

  10. I also meant to add that i saw on my facebook page some of my “theological colleagues” lauding Gomes and his “vast theological knowledge” and one of my ‘friends’ even referred to him as “one of the greatest theologians to have ever theologized”…..which truly saddened me…..but i knew i could come here and get a healthy dose of reality

  11. Whassup WBR, Ive seen some of the gushing of the apostates at the departure of one of their kind. Truly tragic.

    When GCM Watch covered Gomes’ Charlotte stump, his theology was completely warped, ironic and proof of spiritual blindness.

    Gomes was just another dime a dozen false teacher. The world loves it own and that tells you a lot about him. When you are lauded by the world (and the church freaks) for rebellion against God, you can rest assured such person is not on the Lord’s side.

    Frankly, his juvenile theology never rose above usual cut and paste ideology most of the gay christian movement revels in as profound.

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