The [d]evolution of Carlton Pearson

Yvette Flunder’s Fellowship of pentecostal homosexuals is touting its upcoming churchfest.

But there’s an interesting arrangement of guest speaker pictures.

There’s no debating that Carlton Pearson has changed over the years. The question however remains: By his hand in glove advocacy of homosexuality is Pearson preparing the way for others or for himself?

Slated to appear at the Fellowship’s annual religious production, is Pearson’s picture placement telling a story?

1. From a COGIC evangelist, Flunder devolved into a lesbian bishop.

2. Wyatt Greenlee paid his fees and followed her as a gay bishop’s assistant.

3. Tonex/Anthony Williams/B.Slade  trekked out of the breeding ground of  strange fire to the heart of religious hedonsism.

4. Jim Swilley saw the devastation caused by other sexually perverted ministers in his family but still devastated many of his church’s members with his gay liefest.

5. After trying out traditional pentecostalism,  gay church circuit parties, then weird new thought religion, is Carlton Pearson next in line?

We’ve seen it before with so-called inclusion clerics claiming they were only trying to seek justice and equality for gay church and/or family members. But later we found out that they were just testing the waters to see how much public support they could elicit for their own private abominations. See this man, this man and this man [b].


14 thoughts on “The [d]evolution of Carlton Pearson

  1. I have always suspected so. I think he was just priming the world for his own announcement. Will we be shocked? NO, because I know that the Bible is right and a little leaven (in his case it is ALL leaven) leveaneth the whole lump. Once you dive into the doctrine of devils, nothing evil is withheld from you. In other words, you end up into all kinds of abominations.

    So many have “come out of the closet” when in reality often times we already know. It is not a stretch to come to this conclusion in his case as with the others that you mentioned.

    ERROR= you end up at your destination of anything goes!

  2. Does anybody even still wonder about Pearson’s homosexuality? All of these gay bishops are having their closet doors either (a) ripped off the hinges, or (b) unlocked so they can walk out in their own “declarations”.

    The truth is the truth, and (as Peter Gomes is the latest example), eventually we’ll all be held accountable for the truth we KNEW yet DENIED to assuage lukewarm men and women.

  3. @ Journeytaker

    We have know for years that Pearson is effeminate at best and much more at worst and indeed it would not be surprise.

  4. IST, the ONLY good thing about it that we finally can know what we are dealing with. These religious chameleons have duped people for years into thinking they are on the up and up when at best they are ministers of satan.

  5. Pearson is definitely setting us up for his grand out the closet day!!! Like Villiam said this will only confirm what has been know for years…..

  6. Does anybody know if E. Bernard Jordan is Inclusionist? He was one the Bishops at Dr. Barbara Lewis King consecration in Atlanta on September 26, 2010.

    I know Jordan and Pearson go way back.

    Swilley was also at this consecration of Lewis.

    Also I remember Rev. Jackie Mccullough had said about 5-6 years ago at a convention I was attending, she was the speaker that night. Before she spoke, she said that inclusion was gaining ground in pentecostal circles because many ministers could not come to terms with their sexual orientation.

  7. Youre right Shofarsound. The appeal of inclusion is the epitome of compromise and the failure to see sin for what it is.

    It appeals to rebels of the flesh. If offers the so called best of both worlds. You can be homosexual et al and yet be a Christian.

    It dumbs down morality, holiness, responsibility, sin, righteousness and removes all restrictions the scriptures put in place against the desires of the flesh.

    Inclusion is truly a work of the devil. And those who eat of its fruit are the same ones hiding, sneaking and looking for opportunities to corrupt others. Talking to you CP.

  8. I am curious as to what was meant by Tonex “trekked out of the breeding ground of strange fire”. Is this referring to his Apostolic/Pentecostal upbringing?

    GCMW: Good question. No, it has no reference or relation to his “apostolic/pentecostal” upbringing. Strange fire is a reference taken from Leviticus 10:1 and it means to offer God worship without repentance. There had just been a great manifestation of God, but Nadab and Abihu, instead of obeying God, decided to do things their way which amounted to disobedience. Of course, God doesnt kill people on the spot for disobedience anymore (or does he?) but there are consequences nonetheless. Thus, my reference was to Tonex’s sojourn in the black gospel music industry a “breeding ground” of strange fire.

    PS: I got your “name”. I shortened it because it sounds too much like you are making a statement with it. If you want to make that statement great, but make it in your comments.

  9. Jordan sure looks like something is wrong with him….I covered his art of war silliness…..his handle of scripture is non-existent….

    speaking of False teachers….It’s Puff daddy and mega

  10. Oh don’t get me going on Jakes. I went to see him once just to see what all the fuss was about, and he was definitely all about the $$$. I don’t remember what book he preached on, but it was chapter 7, verse 23, and he said since the HS prompted him to preach on that, anyone that wanted God’s blessings had to give him $723. All these fools got out their checkbooks and made their payments directly to him. I was physically sick for a good 2-3 days after that. This seasoned lady next to me was in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said she really needed a blessing. I told her not to worry; no amount of money could buy God’s blessings. I whispered though; I didn’t want his peeps to get me, LOL.

  11. @Constance Morris-I cannot stand to hear Mega I mean td jakes preach for long. He is the epitome of the words False Teacher. The sad thing about it……He doesn’t even care.

  12. so i am eagerly watching and waiting to read about sexual immorality in general. enough about homosexuality. let’s talk about people who have ‘known’ more than one partner – i.e. their spouse – in their lifetime. can we talk about the babies popping up right and left and left and right to the unmarried in the church house? can we talk about the multiple baby daddies in many of our families. um, the same place i read about homosexuality i read about sexual immorality. what about all of the divorce… once divorced the deed is done is it not? and all the remarriage that goes on! one is not supposed to remarry once divorced (and that divorce MUST be precipitated by unfaithfulness). can we talk about ‘affairs’ among the body of believers defiling the marriage bed? i think that most of the believers i know are at least on their second marriage if not third. how about a forum for that? i am gayed out.

  13. @setaglm I feel what you’re saying but you DO realize that this is the Gay Christian Movement Watch website, do you not? That’s pretty much the focal point here. I’m probably not qualified to say anything further but rest assured, God will handle all that grieves your heart. It grieves his as well. Keep studying.
    And to keep in line with the topic…. I’m amazed at how easily Carlton Pearson can glide around unscathed with his skewed teachings. I would wager that the best way to silence him is not with wits, degrees and complex arguments, but with simple child-like arguments. Children simply say what is true without thought of whom they’re speaking too. They don’t get caught up in debates. They lay it out there and it is what it is. Maybe I’m wrong. That’s just my thoughts.

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