Pastor Kenneth Paramore addresses homosexual deliverance

Pastor Kenneth Paramore of the Christian Revival & Discipleship Center in Youngstown, OH.

I found the pastor’s remarks about homosexuality, sin, the church, struggling and deliverance very, very interesting. He definitely got and kept my attention. For the sake of discussion, I won’t say exactly what is interesting to me. I’d like to hear your thoughts after watching the video.

Watch it and discuss.


30 thoughts on “Pastor Kenneth Paramore addresses homosexual deliverance

  1. This issue of deliverance is one that is often neglected and often mis-taught….

    I had many disagreements with Pastor Paramore.

    Salvation is one of them if we are truly saved aren’t we a new creature?

    He also said that we should all struggle with anything that is sin. I have never struggled with homosexuality so does that mean something?

    Also the fact that he cannot meet at the church sounds funny. If one didn’t know him at all it might seem like he is trying to get all the homosexuals to call him so he can “get with” them.

    Where is the accountability?

    The thorn was in Paul’s flesh not everybodies.

    Some good things: At least he he is trying to do something….

    I also don’t get what he means by pastoring you if you are gay or lesbian…

    As a Pastor he should have more control over his members he should be able to counsel the members right there….

    I don’t understand what being delievered in something and out of something means.

    This man uses no bible the whole time….

  2. Brandon, thanks you hit a couple of nails that jumped out at me. These were not part of his message as I can tell. He was simply talking before he preached. Like right at the end, he says now turn to…

    Like I said these are very interesting comments on this issue. Some of them Ive never quite heard put that way before.

    I really agree with you about deliverance: its misunderstood, mistaught and misapplied, especially when it comes to homosexuality.

  3. He never mentioned repentance. I won’t pretend to understand the deliverance thing but I do know that one who lives that lifestyle needs to repent. What he said about struggling against sin was interesting. Lot of times there is no struggle. There is no fight. People just give in. Even though we’re not perfect, there should be a fight, a battle against sin in our lives. When you’re truely born again you won’t want to live in a way the displeases God, so there should be a struggle.

  4. @Basil-You’re right He never said Repentance one time. And then he said something about people who are in the ministry that are still struggling with homosexuality??

  5. I think he got it right by trying to meet those struggling with sexual immorality outside the normal Church times. He said why too, his congregation is not spiritually mature enough to handle people openly stating their struggles in service.

  6. brdavision do you pastor a church? The only reason I ask is because its the Pastor job to discerns his flocks spiritual growth and decides what is appropriate to bring forth. Some things you just don’t need to tell or do in front of babes in Christ until they are more mature.

  7. Robert then if you have a congregation where your decisions are driven by babes does that mean that you are doing your job to mature them so then CAN handle these issues. They are coming fast and furious. So when are they gonna be ready?

  8. @Robert-No I don’t pastor a church, but when I do I will make sure the people I pastor are mature in the word of God. If this pastor’s people are immature than its his fault, and its an indication that his teaching and leading also are not mature. Christians are suppose to grow not be babies forever.

  9. My issue is with people who are speak with a forky tongue. The Pastor states that sin is sin and we all struggle. ( I agree) Contrarily, he is giving out his number for people to call him regarding a specific sin (Sexuality). Does the pastor have people call him regarding lying? Does the pastor have people call him regarding gossip? My answer to the questions are………..probably not. Having said that, why so much special and unique attention to this issue while equating it with any other sin? It seems contrary to me.

  10. I am not not a Pastor but I understand these things in which Pastor Paramore was referencing too

    . Yes part of being a Christian is being disciplined, I’m sure you noticed his remark about not asking the homosexuals to come forth during service was a rebuke to his congregation or should have been taken as one. They need to get ready as we all do, I am no exception.

    Of course it is his job along with every man and woman to season the young in Christ to move them from milk to meat.
    Everyone starts off not knowing anything about God or the Bible, maybe his congregation is full of members new to the body of Christ.

  11. If the people he’s going to meet with & counsel aren’t ready to completely walk away from sin, then he’s wasting time & so are they. What are they going to talk about? It’s one thing to have someone to call when things get rough or to have a spiritual mentor but first things first. Are you willing to deny self(sin), take up your cross(death to self) & follow Christ? If not, then we really don’t have anything to talk about. It may seem harsh but truth tends to be that way.

    He also said that the churches’ way of dealing with gays in the church is to silence them(I wish!). Isn’t that the way it should be? What business does anyone living in any kind of sin have in ministry? They shouldn’t be in the choir, the band, usher board or anything else. Let them hear the gospel. If they accept the truth, then we can talk about getting involved in some ministry in the future. If they don’t repent, hey you are more than welcome to come here but you’re not fit for the Master’s service. Again, feelings will get hurt but in telling it like it is you may save a soul from death. Some will respond, some won’t. But the truth has to be told.

  12. Sorry, I’m a little left out on this one…but I can’t see “sin” as being a thorn in my flesh? This means that the Jesus who destroyed the power of sin would leave sin (what he destroys) as an instrument to help me grow and in that case why would sin need to be destroyed if I am growing as a result of it? That is called “training” or “taming” sin, not destroying it.

    And why can’t we meet at the church if you’re struggling with an issue? If you’re a prostitute I WANT to meet you at the church…I dare not meet you anyplace else…What is that?

    I’m sorry I miss the logic, but this is his approach and I can only comment regarding that strategy.

  13. “It may always be a struggle, but they’re winning…” (what the Pastor said in so many words). Based on my own personal experiences as a Christian over the years, I have to agree with what he said. I love God with all my heart and am filled with the Holy Spirit; but I am always praying against homosexuality in any form trying to recapture my thoughts and consequently my actions. I’m not one who acts out this sin bodily, but you can go a lot of places in the mind and on the printed page, and in these “modern” times, the computer and Internet. I guess I’m somewhere between being delivered “out” and “through.” I haven’t been physically involved in homosexuality for many years, nor do I plan on returning to it; but some days, the temptation to “look” is greater than on other days. But as with everything, I cast that care at the feet of Jesus as commanded in his word; for he knows everything about everything. He reminded me just last night that the power to overcome is in His shed blood (Revelation 12:11). I could hear the song, “There Is Power In The Blood” as I was drifting off to sleep. There’s nothing more that can or will be done for humanity’s salvation, so this is where faith and trust in his word comes in. I realize that God has done all he’s going to do to save us, so it’s up to us to believe it and trust him to help us walk it out moment by moment, day by day. Decades ago, I once heard a pastor in Virginia say, “If you can only live holy for 30 minutes at a time, then you do it that way.”

  14. I agree with Robert, we know that not all members in a church will be on the same maturity level. A Pastor must know where they are at and teach according to that level.

  15. Im 80-20 with Pastor Paramore.
    Im with him on the struggling. If you are NOT struggling with sin (ie fighting against it) in your life, you really aren’t saved. That applies to homosexuality just like anything else. When you cease to struggle you have given up and given in and we all know where that leads.

    Im with him on saying that its ok for homosexuals to attend church. If he is preaching truth, what better place for them to hear that truth? Its only a problem when they come and you affirm them as sinners. No one should be affirmed in their sin. Again, this applies to homosexuals as well as the fornicating heterosexual couple at church. I think in his remarks he made clear the biblical standard. And he said it without the usual hype that some black preachers tend to throw out when talking about the issue.

    I also applaud him for acknowledging that people under his ministry (about 10?) were delivered from homosexuality and they remain faithful. Thats very encouraging. I also applaud for seeing the need for discipleship.

    I was very intrigued by his comments that God would deliver some people out of homosexuality and God would deliver some through it. And that some people would “struggle” but ultimately would gain victory (in the coming of Christ). I am inclined to believe that unless someone can biblically show me different. I dont like when people stress “total deliverance” without qualifying what “total” means and what “deliverance” means. However, I dont think the thorn analogy was appropriate in the prior context.

    He said he “needed to find a way” to help gays and lesbians in the church. I guess Im wondering if what he did in Akron was successful why would he need to find a way where he is currently? Just use the same way you used then. I was uncomfortable with the secret meeting scenario. I guess I can understand his motive, but he should have taken more time to research and come up with a better plan knowing that his congregation was too immature to handle it.

  16. I have to give this guy a lot of credit for the way he approached the issue.

    He addressed the congregation being sensitive to the level in which they would receive it. Actually, he indirectly rebuked them and the Church as a whole. From the appearance of the choir stand it seems as though this may be a small church, therefore anonymity becomes an even bigger issue because everyone tends to know each other, their cousins, their sister’s uncle and aunts from across the tracks and so forth. It was rather wise for him to suggest to meet at an off-site location, open and in a very public place, yet possibly away from church members.

    As for his theological applications, he was pretty much on point from my understanding. I mean, yes, we all struggle with sin from time to time. Is there anyone of us who has not done/said/thought the wrong thing-even after salvation? Yet, you got back up and started again, and again, and again. His grace was and is sufficient. The declension of some issues are quicker than others, but one must continue to fight each day and strive against sin by the Spirit. There’s a continual war of the flesh and spirit, so deliverance THROUGH struggle is possible.

    You know, it would be great if like the Single Mother’s ministries everyone could meet in room 237A down by the water fountain passed the double doors. However, in cases where a woman/man has had a child out of wed lock and attends church, there no more remains a stigma (long gone are the days of chastity for a young lady). Homosexuality on the other hand has a stigma that no man wants to be associated with.

    So at the end of the day, if a brother or sister is struggling with SSA–and wants help, let the church help them, lead them to resources or become the resource, as Christ is the one who holds the key. Then take the time to walk with them as they mature and hold them accountable if they fall and grab their hand as they make the effort to get up.

  17. I am impressed with the way that the Pastor confronted the existence of the issue while leaving mercy in his words and tone of voice to show that, though there is no doubt that homosexuality is a sin, the door is still open to those who wish to take the steps toward Christ to leave it behind.

  18. I think it is admirable that he is even addressing this from the pulpit. His remarks are not “off the cuff” and appear to be well thought out. However… I do not think his idea of having someone call him so they can meet at an undisclosed location is a good one. Leave too much room for accusations and such…

  19. I don’t think we should hang him out to dry because he didn’t mention repentance specifically. In his conversation really its implied that you need to repent, he didn’t go in the other direction and affirm sin at all.

  20. Its easier said than done.

    Its good that your intention is to disciple those under you in the ways of Christ but some will refuse to change right away and others won’t change at all. Its not your fault, they chose.

    Nobody gets saved and is then casting out demons/ raising the dead the next day, it takes a little training and time to get to that point. So initially you might need to do what this Pastor did if your congregation is young in Christ, to prevent gossip.

  21. Robert thats still an extreme situation youre using and quite frankly, whats to prevent someone newly saved from casting out a devil the next day? There’s nothing in scripture that tells us that cant happen. I dont recall any training to cast out demons or raise the dead. But I digress.

    Back to the situation before us.

    While I nor you have no inside knowledge of the true spiritual condition of the church he was talking to we can only sumrise by his remarks that the church is corithian-esque. Granted, but he seems to throw a cover and excuse for them to remain that way by treating this issue like it is a CIA operation.

    He could have easily designated a night for them to meet him at the church when there are no services. I mean he IS the pastor right? Its just kind of odd with all the options that he could choose why he would go that route after such a sound teaching IMO on the issue.

  22. OK, I do not agree with call me and we will meet somewhere in the community. Won’t somebody see you out there too? I believe this should be above reproach when you deal with ANY situation with individual counseling. There should be another minister there, and I would meet at the church. No one has to know WHY you are meeting there. I don’t buy the excuse for not meeting there.

    I do not agree with his assertion that some may struggle all their life.
    There may be a delay in the manifestation of your deliverance, but you are delivered because of what Jesus did on the Cross. Our deliverance is His finished work. We have a hard time laying hold of that truth, but that does not mean that you will struggle ALL your life! We must allow the Holy Spirit access to continually work in our hearts to deliver us and to continue the work of sanctification. We are not “doomed” to not have victory over sin!
    We can live a victorious life over the world, the flesh, and the devil through Jesus Christ!

    I was delivered of many things immediately after salvation, but other things I struggled with like unforgiveness. I finally understood the power of what Jesus accomplished on the cross then really believed that He would deliver me, and that sin left me suddenly. One day I woke up and I was free! I struggled for a while, but NOT the rest of my life!

    Our sin nature is still present, but NOT dominant when we are saved. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit after salvation that just means you have given more of yourself over to the Lord for His work in you and through you.

    We must point EVERY person to the finished work of Jesus Christ. That and that alone will bring the victory in our lives. What Jesus did is a complete work. The same thing that got you saved is the same thing that gets you healed, delivered, sanctified etc. This is what EVERY person needs regardless of the sin they are in.

    Make everyone come to the altar and pray for everyone. Present the proper message so people can place their faith in the proper object, and see the Holy Spirit move!

    I am glad to see he is making an effort to reach out in this manner, and he is staunch in his position that it is a sin. I believe his approach may be misguided.

  23. @jouneytaker, you nailed it! Loved when you said “Present the proper message so people can place their faith in the proper object & watch the Spirit move.” So true. Like you said, no one needs to know why you’re meeting with the pastor. It’s no ones business anyway. Even if they do know or suspect or somehow find out, what of it? I’m trying to get what you claim to have. I’m trying to find forgiveness & freedom in Christ just like you. Grow up, spiritually speaking.

    On a side note, as long as you keep whatever it is you are battling with a secret, the more of a strangle hold you all it to have on you. I’m just saying I’ve seen people speak openly in the church about alcoholism, drug addiction, womanizing, manizing(think I just created a new word), gambling, etc. I’ve watched them gain victory because they refused to battle alone. They put it out there. That’s really what the brothers & sisters are for. Give them some credit. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, right? Right. Utilize what’s at your disposal. As with a lot of things, you’ll get burned. Some won’t understand & even criticize & make fun of you but. Not all church folk are a part of the true church & not every believer is mature but there are Godly men & women who will be there for you. Why be an island? Shame can keep you in bondage.

  24. Again @journeytaker, when you said watch the Spirit move. No one can even come to Christ unless moved upon by the Holy Spirit, right? So let’s just do this. When the proper message is presented & hearts are convicted & people respond to that, what else is really needed? Secret meetings, no matter how well intentioned, won’t do anything to lead someone out of sin. Some people are just looking for someone to talk to but that’s not what they need. Repent & be converted & God will set the rest in place for you.

  25. I commend the Pastor for addressing homosexulity head on, There needs to be more men addressing the biblical view of sexuality period from the pulpit. But his application of 2 cor 12:7-10 is a bit faulty. And his statement that it’s GOD’S PREROGATIVE TO LEAVE THE THORN IN THE FLESH (speaking of sin), is a bit presumptuous. It was Gods prerogative for the children of Israels journey out of Egypt to be 11 or 12 days, not 40 years. I’m with Bobby Brown on this one! It’s was my prerogative to stay bound on drugs, alcohol and sexual sin for as long as I did. As a matter of fact, its not Bobby Brown who said this first. James, said it first.

    James 1:13-14 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust.

    Now if he would have said God provides grace for those that choose not take the 11 or 12 day journey and take the 40 year one, I could have gotten with what he said. There is truth in deliverance OF and OUT of something. There’s also truth in deliverance through things as well. But its never Gods PREROGATIVE to allow the thorn of sin to remain in anyone.

  26. wanted to comment of this for a while.

    I commend this man for what he is doing, I think some scriptures are misapplied as far as saying born in sin means we are born sinners or the thorn in the flesh being sin, the scriptures dont say that.

    However, overall I commend him.

    If the Church is not a building but the called out, why does it matter where he wants to meet? he doesnt say how the meetings will take place of who will be there, he is saying dealing with homosexuality in the Church isnt easy and from my experience it isnt.

    What he is advocating is not sin and can only bring reproach based on our own minds. My thing is because we think something is not good, if its not based on scripture we shouldnt force our veiw on it. Now if he didnt tell the whole Church we could say someting.

    We cannot allow the many who go astray to paint everything with the same brush. When someone seeks to do good, we allow what the Eddie Long’s of this world do to taint our veiw. Dangerous.

    It also doesnt only have to be about the immaturity of the Church, though many are and not only that, youth can be very hard on individuals with that issue, I have witnessed it (IN CHURCH). What about the protection of the individual with the struggle? it is not easy to believe that people know certain things about you, not at all. It takes time to come to the point where you are bold enought to tell it and not really care who may look down on you.

    Again, I commend this man and see nothing but God in what he is doing!

  27. I want to thank you for your ministry, first of all. I stumbled upon it today during some research of homosexuality in Gospel Music and the Church. Anyway, I agree with you that I too am uncomfortable with the meeting away from Church deal here. And really, the giving out of his number as well.

    Have them call the Church. Have a registration in the bulletin you can drop in the prayer box. Or, just require they be unashamed and show up for the meeting ‘at the Church’!

    I have used a similar analogy regarding deliverance. As you mention: if were are not struggling against sin, we are not saved. And those things are going to be different for each of us. I don’t believe I’d ever be tempted regarding money- period. Or, power for that matter- I have no need to be called bishop, apostle or otherwise. But, there is a gate that I watch very closely because if I allowed the right female to get too close to me…

    Anyway, the analogy goes something like this: two men are in a pit- God takes one of them out and throws the other a shovel and says, “Dig your way out”. Both are deliverance. Both received divine assistance (help ) to get out. And, both have the victory- because the key issue now is one of power. We are no longer impotent but powerful through Christ Jesus. We have power to disassemble everything in our lives contrary to God’s will and power to assemble everything that is- power to ‘be’ a witness. Acts 1:8

    Finally, the Gay Movement’s argument over ‘born this way’ is indeed irrelevant. In John 9, a man was born blind. Jesus demonstrated that the works of God should become evident or apparent in him. The Potter stooped down, made clay and made him over…

  28. Pastor Winters thanks for sharing this.

    Wow, your last two paragraphs left me speechless. There is such profound simplicity in the truth.

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