JBC exposes the darkness of Mel White, Justin Lee

Irony runs deep among the leaders of the gay christian movement. Case in point: gay christian false prophet James (Mel) White.

Mel White’s theological darkness may be as black as midnight, but shining the light on it helps unsuspecting people to avoid being ensnared by his spider web of lies. Back in 2007, we told you how White had instructed his followers not to discuss the bible with people who disagree with their lies. That’s how they weasel out of having to defend themselves.

Lately, we haven’t heard much from the former conservative ghost writer, whose claim to fame included tracking the late Jerry Falwell and starting the quasi-Christianesque gay terrorist group Soulforce.  White has been absent from the scene for several years. The reason for his unannounced disappearance isn’t clear.  But  whether he’s sick, retired or involved in some scandal it is clear,  he’s turned over the reigns to a new crop of whitewashed foot soldiers.

Journal of a Battling Christian does an excellent job taking White’s blackened lies to task as well as effectively deconstructing White’s signature book “Stranger at the Gate: what it means to be gay and Christian in America”.

Under Mel’s Spell

JBC writes that Justin Lee, whose Gay Christian Network operates as a rubber stamp mouthpiece, for the movement fails repeatedly fully disclose the true lifestyles of gcm activists he promotes.

“One of the things that amazes me most about Justin Lee, founder of the Gay Christian Network, is how he can promote so many “Gay Christian” activists and their books without fully revealing what these people teach, promote and engage in. One of the most frequently referred to is Gay Theology advocate and “Soul Force” activist Mel White. In his book Stranger At The Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America he tells of his first homosexual encounter while he was still married to his wife Lyla. In doing so he describes it as an unavoidable event that he was compelled to engage in that was not due to his sinful lust, but to the years of suppressing his felt “needs.” He goes on to describe it as a religious experience, equating it with the Passion of Christ and subsequently goes onto assert that his encounter with Mark, a gay prostitute, was a “gift from God.”

You read it right. One of the most “revered” false apostles of the gay christian movement described his adulterous sex hook up with a male prostitute as a “gift from God”. Perhaps if Ted Haggard — who committed the same act— would have spun his encounter as a gift from God to release his innate gayness, he too would be a gay christian hero.

JBC asks Lee how they can justify promoting someone with such debased morals as a role model? Its doubtful they will answer. White has already seen to it that they avoid anyone who challenges them based on biblical standards.

20 thoughts on “JBC exposes the darkness of Mel White, Justin Lee

  1. You know i always find it interesting that men who cheat on their wives with other men are always portrayed as the victim by the media. They are the ones who sinned, but the gay community gives them a free pass.

  2. Just about every one of these formerly married gay christian leaders who have “liberated” themselves did so through the door of adultery. How can you resolve one sin by committing another?

  3. This topic caught my attention immediately because I tried for quite some time to buy into the “gay gospel” and it’s lies; thankfully, I was never convinced and I know the Lord had a whole lot to do with that one.

    There’s an entire network of people out there who refer to themselves as gay Christians and who have completely bought into the gay revisionist’s version of the scriptures. Speaking from personal experience, I believe it’s because they want the same thing I did at that time. I wanted to reconcile the two – I wanted to believe it’s okay with God to be both gay and Christian because He made me this way. Afterall, if one can accept and believe it as truth, it gives them license to practice homosexuality and be a Christian at the same time without fear of losing their salvation and spending eternity in Hell… Or so they think!

    The Bible is so clear on this subject (Old & New Testament) it’s impossible to conceive how one could be so deceived into believing a lie as the truth. Satan is the great deceiver and he’s doing a number on so many, many people; people who genuinely love God and truly believe they are living life as He intended them to. Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things!” And when our own selfish desires get in the way, we’ll try to believe anything if it makes us feel good about what we’re doing.

    I thank God tonight that He never gave me peace. Throughout my entire fall into homosexuality and adultery, God never left me alone. The truth of His Word never left my heart nor my mind. I was in constant torment because all along I knew what I was doing was wrong. My heart goes out to those who are lost and I pray they will see the error of their ways and return to the truth once more.

  4. Yeah Neil, lets just call it what it was lowdown and dirty.
    And that’s before we get to him with that astronomical lie about God giving him a male prostitute as a gift. So God now breaks his own laws just to make ole Melly Mel happy? It makes you wonder if he is committed adultery on his current “partner” given that adultery becometh him. So much for monogamy and gay relationships.
    Are these people for real??
    Like I said in my previous story, beware, aliens are indeed among us.

  5. Hey GKMN, thanks for posting your comments. Very insightful and it really reinforces our mission here to educate people on this group of religious aliens. Everything they believe is foreign to the bible’s teachings and they are openly hostile to the bible’s moral standards.

    I will admit they are peddling an attractive lie to people who struggle with homosexuality. Given the institutional church which is chilly and oftimes uncompassionate, the gay church offers the “best of both worlds” so to speak. But beautiful lies still lead to tragic spiritual death.

    Regarding the deception I am inclined to believe that GOD has sent a strong delusion upon them which effectively prevents them from believing the truth. What a terrible, terrible position to be in just because you want to have sex with someone of the same gender. So much at stake to reject the will of God, but they manage to do it over and over again.

    Only the mercy of God can release them from their gross blindness. And we should continue to warn the church not to let these blind guides in the driver’s seat lest they hasten someone’s spiritual death.

  6. I just have to agree with you GCMW on the strong delusion. Even in the face of the Truth like in the Harry Knox and Geno Jennings debate you posted here awhile back, Harry couldn’t refute anything Jennings said and still walked out of the church thinking he was right. That is a sad and scary place to be…..

  7. Yes, I remember reading Mel’s book during the time when I was trying to convince myself that it was okay to be gay and christian… And I still recall the “incredibly sick” feeling I experienced deep in the pit of my stomach when I read about his encounter with the male prostitute and how he believed this was a gift from God.

    As desperate as I was at that time to buy into the “gay gospel” he was shovelling, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he was attributing to the Lord was false… Lies straight from the pit of Hell, and I feared for him for doing such a thing. One day he will have to answer for those lies… And if unrepentant till death, he will then share the same space with the one whose voice he was hearing, and it won’t be a blessed experience, and it won’t be a gift either. It will be terrifying truth when he is confronted with spending eternity in Hell!

    We need to pray for this man because he has a powerful influence on the gay community and especially on those in the gay community who struggle with same sex attraction. We need to ask the Lord to intervene, to open his eyes anew, and bring him to his knees in true repentance.

  8. Being in the gay black community i’ve never heard of this man. My greatest fear is dying of AIDS and going to hell and not able to see my family…should i be worried?….To gcm: How do I get from up under this delusion that God sent?

  9. gbg111, if you can acknowledge that what you believe and what God says is different, you are not under a strong delusion. Some people can be misguided, mislead, in error, at fault, etc. But a strong delusion is a curse that prevents you from even seeing the truth, let alone acknowledge it.

    I dont think your greatest fear should be dying of AIDS, but dying without being in relationship with Christ. Lets be honest, you can die with AIDS and your body racked with unimaginable pain, but if you know Christ, when you die you pass from death unto life. You will receive a new body and God will wipe away all pain and all tears.

    But you can die 100% healthy without Christ and enter into eternal damnation never to escape.

    I pray that you make wise decisions (not safe sex) about your life and sexuality. Read 1 Thessalonians 4 for context on that. And avoid sexual sins, but you need God’s power to accomplish that.

    Gbg111 if you are sincere, right where you are, right now, stop, open your mouth and acknowledge to God (not the church, not the bishop, et al) that you have not lived to please him. Dont tell God about anything done to you, just keep this between and about you and him. Confess your wrong and ask him to forgive you. He is near them that are of a contrite and broken spirit and he will abundantly pardon. But you have to respond to him with repentance.

    After that, dedicate yourself to worshipping HIM, praising HIM and study and meditating on HIS word so that your inner man is strengthened. From there the Holy Spirit will tell you where to go and what to do. Listen for it.

    If you need assistance in dealing with specific issues on sexuality, email me and I will be happy to help where I can.

  10. Thanks for the reply. I have done everything you have said. I have repented…more times than I can remember. I have fasted..I have cried out to God to ask him to take the desire away….I haven’t acted upon my desires in years…but i don’t feel fulfilled as a man who wants love in his life….but its quite difficult to date women and to find them attractive or desireable. They all end up becoming my sister in the Lord or friends. Will this be something I will struggle with for the rest of my life?….the thoughts….the urges…etc?….I find it hard not to acknowledge that I am Gay…although I know thats not what God desires so im not that delusional….but why won’t he take the urges away?..i went years being celibate..no kind of sexual acts..i.e..masturbation included…but yet about 8 months into my celibacy i started having “those dreams”..i’ll call it like that….hopefully you know what i mean..and it was always with the same sex…i would wake up feeling disgusted…the nite before…sex wasn’t even on my mind….i would repent…but then months later..those dreams again….any explanation?

    I might have to email you…don’t want to get to personal on the internet..perhaps I have already…

    GCMW: I also encourage you to visit my website there’s much more discipleship teaching specifically for people who have confessed their sins but still struggle with the “feelings of their infirmity”.

  11. If you have done what GCMW has told you to do, the next step in this process is to get the “idols” out of your house. Any music, video games, movies, books ect that glorify Sin need to be thrown away. These are an open door and will allow the enemy access to you at night.

    Ecclesiastes 10:8He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

    Hopefully this helps.

    GCMW: Robert, nothing personal to you, but lets not get into all the demonology so quick. Thanks

  12. gbg111, of course I know what youre talking about. Been in that boat at one time with no oars. But it would be best to continue discussing via a secure environment, as I would have to start asking questions that you may not want to reveal in the forum. Secondly, its taking a detour from the post at hand and I dont want a lot of mixed bag advice until YOU have a clear understanding about where you need to go with your struggle.

    Thanks, my information is under “contact”.

  13. Hi gbg111,

    I know the pain you speak of and I can relate to much of what you have shared…

    It’s only recently that I’ve left the homosexual lifestyle behind, having tried for several years to buy into the “gay gospel” (read my earlier posts) and knowing all along it wasn’t the truth, but rather a strong deception from the pit.

    The most important thing I’ve learned in the past few months is this…. The sin of homosexuality is so much about idolatry because I put that woman on a pedestal. I worshipped and idolized her, and I loved her more than I loved the Lord. She quickly became number one and my entire being centred and focused on her and her alone to the neglect of all others, my family included. I lost myself. I lost everything because of that relationship and God has drawn me back to Himself.

    It isn’t easy and there are days when I want to run… You may ask, run where? Well… I often feel that incredible tug of war going on inside me and I want to run back into the arms of a woman, but instead, I’m determined to hang on to God’s unchanging hand. I realize that those relationships can never fill the whole inside me that only God can fill. He promises me “My grace is sufficient and when I am weak, He is strong!” I’ve repented for the idols in my life, the people and the things I put before the Lord. He has forgiven me and He is helping me one day at a time….

    I’ve often asked Him the same question you are asking today. “Lord, will I have to struggle with SSA for the rest of my life?” And to be quite honest, I don’t know the answer to that question, but I know that if I do, it’s because God wants to keep me leaning on Him, drawing closer to Him, holding on to Him. He may not remove this thorn (just like he never removed Paul’s thorn) because He he is all knowing and perhaps if he just zapped it from me, I wouldn’t feel the need to rely on His mercy and grace. This thorn keeps me holding on to Him and if I’m holding on to the Lord, I’m safely wrapped in His hands and He will carry me through, and you, too!

    Praying for you, brother. God loves you and His grace is sufficient. He knows all about you and He is drawing you back just like He did me. Great is His faithfulness! His mercies are new every morning and every morning, He is there for us!

  14. Thanks gcm…..i will contact you…..its something id been wanting to do for a while….ive been a lurker….lurking around the site…..im very impressed with what ive read….even though it seems so far from my own reality….

    chat soon

    oh..and to Robert and GKMN….thanks for the reply….

  15. Pastor,

    I just want to bless you and love on you, for the love you have bestowed upon our friend gbg111. Its one thing to minister and give encouragement but its another, to make sure its the right kind. I echoe the verses of script from Cor and Heb. “Comfort one another as God has comforted you and”, “Let us provoke each other unto love and good works.”

  16. gbg111, just be wary of anyone who immediately wants money to counsel you out of your ssa

  17. It would be wise to look to the Word of God before labelling a delectable sin as “a thorn in the flesh”. Linking same sex attraction to the thorn in the flesh is a demonic teaching at best where we reject God’s specific word on our sin – (e.g. it is an abomination to lie with man kind as with woman kind). Then, in the same breath, turn around and perversely twist another portion of God’s word and wrongfully apply it to said sin, trying to make the sin seem less abominable – e.g. citing inordinate affection and sinful lusts lust as a thorn in the flesh. This is how we end up with the gcm movement, and rebranding our sin as a gift from God.

    God’s word plainly places the thorn in the flesh under the topic of ‘visions and revelations of the Lord. Please read 2Corinthian12 verses 1-14 for the entire teaching. The Apostle Paul clearly states that the thorn in the flesh is directly linked to visions and revelations of the Lord. He plainly states in verse 7 “and lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations , there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure. ”
    Bottomline: you get the thorn in the flesh AFTER you receive great visions and revelations of the Lord.

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