25 years ago: Dr. Walter Martin, Andy Comiskey take on progay clerics

Apprising Ministries blog put up four phenomenal videos from 1986 which show a couple of gay christian clerics unable to defend their theology. Watching them, its clear that little has changed over the last 25 years except that they have become more sophisticated in how they explain their falsehoods and half truths. These four videos provide you with a stunning instructional look at just how shallow these people are.

Thanks also to Apprising Ministries for recognizing that the gay christian movement is a significant contemporary threat to the internal spiritual health of today’s church. And like GCM Watch, AM called attention to the so-called emergent church’s collusion with the gcm. GCM Watch is extremely disappointed at the larger apologetics sites for neglecting to provide more ongoing teaching on this. We contacted several of them but they seem to believe that gcm theology is so preposterous (as one person told me) no one would believe it. What a gross misjudgment.

The videos are from pioneer talk show host June Cain Miller, featuring Dr. Walter Martin (who died 3 years after this), gay MCC cleric Rev Brad Anderson (who later died of AIDS), Rev. Wayne Christiansen (now pastor of a progay Lutheran church) anda young  Andy Comiskey who founded Desert Streams Ministry and the Living Waters Program.

The exchanges are fascinating to watch as Dr. Martin reveals the shallow fallacy of homosexual religion. Historically, he notes there existed no protestant, catholic and orthodox belief which sanctioned homosexual religion. That concept was born and advanced largely through the work of gay christian theologian John Boswell.

Martin said “Gays can be religious and there are gays that are Christians,…but they are non practicing, just like there are adulterers and fornicators who are christian but theyre not practicing. So a gay can be a Christian if they are not practicing immorality.”

Martin comment seems to suggest agreement with the new gay christian argument which allows a person to claim a gay identity but not practice homosexual sexual activity. Exodus President Alan Chamber recently addressed that.

When the gay pastor attempts to make the issue one of relative normality, Comiskey corrects him with a quick lesson on God’s intent. I love how Comiskey explains that God’s perspective is soterical, not merely prohibitional. God blocks justification of sin so that the sinner can see his need for the saving blood of Jesus Christ. However, both of the progay reverends continue to throw up strawmen arguments, evasive answers, red herrings, half truths and emotional sidebars that are embarrasing to listen to. The exchanges reminded me of the panel I participated on in Greensboro, NC.

We’ve contended for sometime that the arguments of the gcm are inherently circular and are up against a wall in terms of honesty, integrity and legitimacy. All lies create other lies to sustain themselves but eventually will come to a dead end. Literally.

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Rev 21:8

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  1. It really is hard to get around truth because the truth does not CHANGE!!!
    No matter how you say or how you address it, the truth will not change.

    I really enjoyed how the host kept placing their feet to the fire…………good stuff.

    I know it helped some people…….even if it did not manifest until later I believed it helped someone………..

    May Jehovah’s name be praised!

  2. One thing I love about the truth is that is not up for debate. No matter how much people try to change the bible to fit their sin God’s living Word always prevails. Dr. Martin made a good point that could not be answered.

  3. A most excellent debate. I really appreciated the audience members’ knowlegde of scripture and defense of it therein. This is an excellent example of what proper bible study can do. Bravo!

  4. People of God: Those same arguments then are being rehashed now…but under different names.
    A trendy name for homosexual relationships is, “committed relationships.” That is the name being bandied about by Bishop Bruce
    Ough in the Ohio West Methodist Conference (based out of Northwest Ohio in Maumee, Ohio).
    Bishop Ough has given his written sanction to “committed relationships” in derogation of the clear Word of God.
    Bishop Ough is permitting a “new” gospel to be preached and he has allowed a homosexual who is in a committed relationship for over twenty years to become the CFO of this conference.
    Ough’s weak rationale is that God is a God of love and mercy. The
    bishop has been challenged to give scriptural support for his deviancy from the written Word of God and he refuses to do so.
    What a tragedy that a man who professes to know Christ is thumbing his finger at the God of the Bible by telling God that God got it wrong about the sin of homosexuality but Bishop Ough got it right!
    That is the arrogance that is being played out in the Methodist Church
    by this man introducing this doctrine of demons under the cover of
    “committed relationships.”
    His rationale also includes the fact that this CFO is a non clerical position and as such, the church is not bound to use the gospel of Jesus Christ on such hirees as this new homosexual CFO.
    Bishop Ough is thus splitting hairs as to, … “if you are a member of the Methodist Church clergy, you can not be a practicing gay but if you are not a clergy member and you are gay, that is OK with me. I will hire you and cover and justify your sinful lifestyle by saying you are in a committed relationship!”
    That is how perverse things are coming to a head in certain parts of the Methodist Church.
    So, if you are a committed pedophile or a committed fornicator or a committed adulterer or a committed glutton or a committed liar or a
    committed thief, that is OK with Bishop Ough as long as you are not
    in a clergy position with such a commitment!

  5. Wow you would never see such a response like that today in a Christian forum when it came to the audience’s Biblical knowledge.

    The Pro-gay individuals got tripped up on bestiality and it was downhill from there, they couldn’t even give a “yes” or “no” answer. Reprobate mind according to Romans? I think so.

    The pro-gay Lutheran said he was strait as an arrow…..don’t know if I agree with that.

  6. I am always amazed at how Holy Spirit guides us!! Love Him!!!
    I noticed this was posted on March 26th, 2011.

    Late in the evening on March 26th, I began doing some research because I was troubled about the information I received from a meeting I attended the night before (as explained below).
    And during my research I discovered this exact same 3-part interview on video and was stunned! Tonight, I was prompted to check any updates on your website and what do I find? WOW!

    Friday evening I attended a meeting in Fredericksburg, VA where Dr. Michael Brown was speaking about his newly released book …
    ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’ (And what a long, strange trip it’s been). He explained that this book was not his idea, but was a ‘God Assignment’. He spent 5 years researching and his book contains over 1500 end notes. Sadly, he had to self-publish because no publishing house would touch it (they were afriad of the homosexual community). Even the so-called christian and conservative publishers said “No”.

    The book is a must read!
    Purchasing it on Amazon will help in the ratings and get the word out faster. Ironically it was listed 1st in Gay and Lesbian non-fiction!
    Hope it stays in that spot!

  7. Amen! Amen! Thank you for sharing this video!!!

    Same deception and twisting of truth back in the 80’s as it is now. (We just have better music..to go with it..lol)

    The church better step up and get into their Word….. Thank God for those who will not bow to the seducing spirits of this age!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

    As I watched this, it occurred to me that this show aired in 1985 – before Oprah, before the “mega” conference and “mega” pastor era, before inclusion…. The word came forth rightly divided and with power! The true ministers stood against the pro-gay wolves with truth and sound doctrine – something we almost never see nowadawys.
    …just amazing (in a sad way), to be how much things have changed over the years.

  9. Jonathan people were not afraid to speak truth and it was evident it was done in love. The political homosexual community and the homosexual church has changed what you see in that video. Now most Christians are mired in trying to explain how much they love homosexuals and we never get to the “telling the truth” part which is so critical.
    They have effectively reframed the conversation. But I aint playing that game. Lets continue to do what we know is right. There’s no question that I love everybody and I will not be drawn into a protracted sidebar argument trying to prove that to someone who doesnt believe it anyway.

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