Expose letter predicts a financial doomsday for COGIC [updated]


In a seven page letter with almost 4000 words[pdf], the Chief Operating Officer for the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination has accused the church’s top legal man of a plethora of legal, ethical and financial improprieties. The letter, bearing the signature block of Elder James Smith, in effect predicted a looming financial doomsday for the Church of God in Christ and laid the blame at the feet of its  “incompetent” counsel  Enoch Perry III.

The contents of the undated letter was sent anonymously to GCM Watch and Report COGIC Abuse on Monday by a “concerned cogic saint on the east coast”. The letter was also sent to a blog which writes on clergy issues but with no identification of the sender. Its unclear if any other new media outlets received the information. The letter is addressed to the Church of God in Christ’s General Board and copied to its General Secretary.

While GCM Watch was in the process of verifying the authorship and authenticity of the letter, we were informed that Smith —in a telephone conversation with Atlanta-based blogger Kevin Oliver— refused to deny or affirm that he was the letter’s author.

“I told him that we received a letter purportedly written by him. I told him it was posted on PimpPreacher.com and asked him if he were aware of it and if he could confirm he is the author”

“He told me point blank, “I don’t do blogosphere. I don’t who you are or where you’re from and I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen.”

“I then told him that “the blogosphere” is not what it once was, and that a lot of people get their news and information from blogs. I then asked him if I could have his email address so I could send him the article, or if he’d like to go to the site. He again stonewalled me, saying that he had “no interest in discovery” and that it would be inappropriate for him to comment.

Excuse me, but how juvenile and trifling can a person be? Elder Smith, (and yes I know youre reading this blog, just like you read several others)  if you didn’t write the letter, just  be a real man and say “no that letter was not written by me it is a forgery”. Or if you wrote it, just say, yes I wrote the letter.  With duplictious “leaders” like Smith in place in COGIC its no wonder why the church is falling into darkness.

Oliver said that although he informed Smith the letter was spreading across the internet,  Smith continued railing against “blogs”. Incidentally, GCM Watch was told by a source within COGIC that Presiding Bishop Blake had sent out a warning to church leaders to stay away from blogs on the internet.

Old news

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has read GCM Watch’s comprehensive reports on COGIC clergy sexual abuse and followed our documentation at Report COGIC Abuse. This is old news.  Here’s a review for those who have been vacationing on the planet Krylonogic for the past three years.

Surveying COGIC’s  Justice System

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Did Enoch Perry, COGIC’s top lawyer, reveal coverup strategy?

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Update April 1st – 1810 est

The rancor over the letter released by COGIC’s COO has been in essence refuted publicly by the church’s Presiding Bishop. In a letter released yesterday through its website , Bishop Blake said it was “unfortunate that private communication became public”. Although Blake praised Perry, he said the issue will be dealt with as an “internal” matter.


13 thoughts on “Expose letter predicts a financial doomsday for COGIC [updated]

  1. LOL @ “Krylonogic!” But in seriousness, this situation is no laughing matter.

    I read about this debacle a couple of days ago, and to say I am flabbergasted is a hideous understatement. How the heck, among other things, was Enoch Perry able to get away with such gross malpractice in executing the duties of an attorney?! Under what qualifications was this man able to serve as a judge?!! Where was the communication between Perry and other firms for which had the necessary expertise to properly serve COGIC?!! I have more questions, but I don’r want to take up bandwidth.

    The amount of money erroneously billed against COGIC for unnecessary and bogus travel and other “expenses” warrants this fool in being arrested for fraud!! In any event, the moral bankruptcy of this denomination is far greater than the money lost by way of this Perry character. Shame.

  2. NCatina, this is truly a scalding hot mess of a mess.

    This church and its maze and layers of mysterious mess is stunning.

    This letter doesnt help anything other than to show us even more of what’s inside the outhouse.

    Youre right there’s not enough bandwith to even scratch the surface of all the underlying lies, upfront fallacies, and downlow dereliction contained in this letter.

    Smith, Blake, Perry and all cohorts should be put on the next evangelistic mission to Siberia.

  3. Blake sent out a letter advising COGIC leaders not to read blogs????
    More info on that please.

    GCMW: Im not sure what form it was, and sorry that’s all I have on that.

  4. That was definitely a weird conversation. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought Bishop Blake or someone else of influence was standing right there by him when he was on the phone. LOL…

    What was most stunning is that he didn’t even ask what the letter said! I knew right then that he wrote it.

  5. At the end of the day, true leaders will have to do one of two things:
    1) Be the agent of true change and receive no credit or praise for it. More than likely get persecution (no good deed goes unpunished).
    2) Mediate for surface change and express mere platitude in the face of gross moral decay and as a result fade into mediocrity.

    I pray that the true leaders in COGIC step up and RENNOVATE THE HOUSE!!! It will pay off in the long term.

  6. it is truly a hot mess, but it’s going to get even hotter for them if they don’t repent and get right with God

  7. WAC, yes this is an “end of the day” issue. Given their track record, I would estimate that it will be surface level “change”. Superficial and back to business as usual.

  8. “It is not in the nature or policy of COGIC to publicly scrutinize a servant of the church. This is an internal matter and will be addressed as such. Neither I nor any officer of COGIC will comment further on the matter at this time”

    Sorry y’all…that’s all I can say…OOOPs! I forgot I’m not an officer so my right to freedom of speech is in effect!

    So I guess I’ll amend my position and say, this is a hot mess (as Nan has said) and the so called “leak” was deliberate. Thank God for it! We are not dumb to obvious facts and we will not be sidelined from the real call which is…COGIC REFORM!

    Let’s get this right and get this together, some of us are actually informed on how things should be and we know better. This is not a time to grab position. These problems are beyond one man no matter how derelict he may be. I hope that we get past the smokescreen and hit the real target.

    Supt. H. Burnett

  9. Yeah the “leak” was deliberate. Im sure Smith “leaked” or had a “concerned saint” do it. Somebody produce to write a Lifetimes mystery movie about this.

    The duplicity, lies, coverup, evasion, manipulation, backstabbing…

    I’ll stop there.

  10. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. If you really start to dig…..opps! I keep running into leaven!

    This mess is a result of people who do not fear the Lord nor love to keep His commandments. They have gone after mammon, and have sewn seeds that will are now starting to surface. I know there is more than we know going on, but God knows.

  11. As a former member of COGIC and fourth generation Saint ( on my mama’s side ), I am deeply saddened and disappointed by the moral decline and rise in hypocrisy in the church’s leadership. The church built on “Yes, Lord” by prayerful, preaching prophets seems now subject to slow demolition by pimping player-politicians. I know this is not unique to COGIC; it is rampant in the whole Church, but I guess I expected the leaders of the church of my heritage to have more spiritual staying power, integrity and at least some testicular fortitude.
    I still pray for COGIC and her leadership and for all the Lord’s Church. The Saints of the COGIC shall always have a very special place in my heart.

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