Former WNBA draft comes out of lesbianism

In a intensely revealing testimony shared with the Columbus, GA based Forerunner Ministry, a former all star US women’s basketball star talked about her life in basketball, lesbianism in the industry and how Jesus Christ gave her freedom from her bondage to lesbianism.

Camille Lenoir, the 5-6 stand out guard from USC and second round draft pick for the Washington Mystics said that she fell into lesbianism her junior year in high school.

Lenior passed on the Mystics prior to training camp and went on to land a spot on Greece women’s league where she was named 2010 #1 point guard. She now lives and works in Thessalonica.

Lenior revealed that she was raised in the church and tried to live as a gay christian, sometimes even inviting girls she was involved with to church.

But her accomplishments on the court pale in comparison to her experience with Jesus Christ and leaving the life of lesbianism behind to follow Jesus Christ.


26 thoughts on “Former WNBA draft comes out of lesbianism

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  2. Wonderful testimony!

    My daughters were turned off from basketball and women’s sports in general because of the rampant lesbianism. One of my daughters is 6 feet tall and was pursued relentless by coaches to play ball. But her desire was not there.

    My sons who do play basketball encouraged their sisters not to do it because of the women who get “turned” while in college. Fortunately my daughters had enough other interests to continue on without feeling they were missing out.

    This is the first I’ve heard of a lesbian athlete coming out of lesbianism. Very great victory for the young lady!

  3. Yes it is Carlotta. Im sure some of these type professions are dominated by lesbian sharks. Keep your daughters out if at all possible. Camille’s testimony is real and some lesbian women love the “dominance” aspect of sports.

    Thankfully, God can break through the hardness and the perversion that runs through lesbianism which is shameful and unnatural Romans 1:26. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

    Sin darkens the mind and perspective to the point they defend what is wicked as “normal and healthy”. Of course when you have a cheering section, the perversion becomes more acceptable in the sight of people. But God has judged and condemned all such practices and it will never change.

    Voices like Camilles are important in this time and season because homosexuals want to paint the whole world in the image of their blackened minds. Including the church. But God is never left without a witness. He will continue to bring out and raise up men and women who will affirm God’s truth and expose the lie for what it is. For that Im grateful.

  4. I’m a lesbian and a mom and a former basketball player. I’m happy, well adjusted and am a college professor. I pay taxes, coach a kids soccer team, and drive a car pool. I’m not sure what’s so threatening about me or my family. It would seem there are real issues in this world to be concerned about. People forming positive, loving relationships with one another should be celebrated, not condemned. What would Jesus do? He would love us all.

  5. Wow…she comes out of Lesbianism and DeJuaii Pace “comes out of the closet on OWN”…..Ms. Pace is one of the Pace sisters ….anointed group of women….congrats to this awesome women of God…although..i doubt she just “fell” into it…no one “falls into homosexuality”….im sure the thoughts were there long before she was in Junior High…..cant blame sports either….im not buying that…..but either way,…she’s free…..prayer now is with Ms. Pace.

  6. gbg111 she is basically talking about high school. Kids do “fall into” different types of sins. Some because of peer pressure, others because they cannot nagivate their way out of feelings.

    This is her first time that I am aware sharing this and from experience I can tell you that few adequately can explain what happened and how it happened when you come out of the fog. You struggle for the right words. It doesnt help when the church critics line up with stones and doubt. When you start sharing your testimony remember that.

    Dont mischaracterize her story. She didnt blame sports, but at the same time her participation in women’s basketball was a significant factor in facilitating her participation in lesbianism. The culture of that particular sport incubates that type of lifestyle.

  7. ellen, you left out that you are also a sinner in need of the Lord forgiveness. Until you acknowledge your sins, repent and seek the Lords forgiveness all the “accomplishments” you listed dont mean anything in the eternal scheme of things.

    And who here said they felt “threatened” by you and your family. Drop your defenses unless you feel the need to defend something you know in your heart is against the will of God. Jesus would obey God’s will and he told us to do the same. Now, are you in compliance since you raised that issue?

  8. With all due respect…im just not buying it. No one…teenager or adult..”falls” into “sexual activity” if they just got “tripped up” or something…it doesn’t work like that….its either by force (rap) or by personal desire (no matter what the desire..whether its intimacy,love,fame,money or drugs) that one CHOOSES to engage in sex!

    Im not buying the “sports” thing..I know the game is “incubated” but my point is simple..there is something in all of us who have participated in same gender sex or any form of sex that wanted it…desired it…thought about it….dreamed about it….went to sleep thinking about it..woke up thinking about it…every time we saw someone that we found attractive..our physical body responded…our hearts started beating a lil faster..palms got wet…knees a lil light…..and it has nothing to do with any other group or organization…..

    And I cannot come out with my story until I’m fully out of homosexuality..and having feelings/thoughts for the same sex is not exactly “poster boy” material….even if the feelings are not acted upon.

    I believe we are responsible for our own actions….unless we confess that we ourselves are the reason we are the way we are..we will never become what God has for us to become. The blame must stop and start with the man or woman in the mirror….not childhood peer pressure or sports etc…..

  9. Sin is a choice I agree with you on that.

    whether you “buy it” or not is irrelevant. Its her story. And she can tell it it whatever way she feels comfortable. Its interesting that you didnt blame the Pace woman for saying her lesbianism was caused by overeating and obesity. Dont understand that. If you dont buy one, why no criticism for Pace?

    And so what’s preventing you from “fully” coming out of homosexuality? Who says you have to be a “poster boy”? The blind man simply said I was blind but now I see. Thats all the testimony he needed to tell and for those who want to know all the specificities, send them to Jesus for the answers. And why not sell out for Jesus, he gave all for you? Or maybe you dont see this as a matter of glorifying God as I and Camille and others do (Rev 12:11). There was a time I tried to protect and guard my reputation because I was full of my own press, but God reminded me that I was his, he bought me with a price and that I was to glorify him in the way he determined that I should, not to be own self perceived benefit. Until HIS GLORY becomes your priority, you’ll remain in your closet and afraid of the freedom that is right of every child of God.

    There is nothing hindering you but your own self imposed prisons of thought. Other than that, just like Camille you can be free to share what God has done for you. That’s the real definition of a testimony anyway. What God has done for you.

  10. Pastor Foster
    I am really happy for this young woman and thank God for her and her testimony. I tru;y wish her the best in her journey with the Lord.

    I also read the article about Ms. Pace and saw her on the television show that she was on about her addiction to food. She didn’t say that her lesbianism was caused by her “overeating and obesity” but, that her denial of her feelings for the same sex caused her overeating and obesity. However, it seemed that she has a lot of other issues as well just from what was displayed on the one episode of the show that I saw and needs our prayers. She seems very confused about a lot of things.

    Also, I found it interesting that Ms. Lenoir stated that she was a Christian while she was involved in relationships with women. If that’s the case, then it would seem that she’s saying that it’s possible to be a Christian and homosexual at the same time. What’s your opinion of that position/statement? Is it possible to have feelings for the same sex and be saved? I’ve heard many say that it’s not possible to be a “homosexual” and Christian simultaneously, but it seems that Ms. Lenoir is saying that she was indeed. Perhaps it depends on how you define “homosexual” – identity, feelings, actions?

    Thanks so much for all that you’re doing for the body of Christ and your always kind and patient responses to my questions. I really appreciate them both.

  11. Good evening …

    After much thought perhaps I was being a little too harsh…I still stand by my intial statements but if anything I give her credit for coming out with her story and sharing her testimony…

    I agree with you, its time that I tell my testimony. You just have no idea what it would do..I’m afraid my members would leave…my church foreclosed and many people disappointed in me. Nevertheless, I have to wise about this..a man in my position…..when God tells me to tell my story I will…..I pray men of God and woman of God like people on this board are around to encourage me when I do….perhpas like minded people like you exist in my church and I’m just over reacting….nevertheless I testimony is coming….my Lord

  12. Wow, what a great testimony. I pray that God strengthens her and always has His hand on her to guide her path. I found her testimony to be very insightful and truthful. I can see the pain in her because she must leave basketball, but she will have a more fulfilling life.
    to cici: i think she was always a christian, but she wasn’t a practicing christian when she was homosexual.

  13. then it would seem that she’s saying that it’s possible to be a Christian and homosexual at the same time. What’s your opinion of that position/statement?

    Incredulous stare: Cici, do you know what this blog is about???? We fight hard against the gay christian lie.

    I think you should watch the video again. She said she tried to live as a gay christian. Going to church and being a lesbian and all that drama that accompanies that. The gay church is pushing that lie-style now and it attracts some who dont want to be obedient to the scriptures like the rest of us have to. Her testimony doesnt support any suggestion that she now believes a person can be homosexual and saved. Neither do I in the slightest.

    I was making the point to the other commenter. If Pace can legitimately claim that her overeating factored into her lesbianism, then its also legitimate for Ms. Lenoir to make the same claim in relationship to women’s basketball. If one is wrong to claim, then so is the other. While I do not believe childhood molestation single handedly caused me to be homosexual, the effects of it most certainly was a factor in how I made my choices sexually once I became an adult. For anyone to suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

    Again, its difficult for me to grasp someone trying to discredit another persons perspective on their own life experiences. Its only problematics when someone attempts to justify those life experiences with scripture. At that point, yes we should refute any statements that misuse scripture. But if someone is telling THEIR story, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

  14. Pastor Foster,

    Thanks for your reply and I will definitely watch the video again. My interpretation of her testimony was that she was a Christian as a child and teenager and that while she was still a Christian she began to be involved in same sex relationships – now perhaps I misinterpreted what she said. But, if that is indeed what she said, it begs the question did she stop being a Christian while she was involved in these relationships? And then did she become a Christian again when she stopped being involved in these relationships? It seems to me from what she said that her acknowlwdgment of Jesus as her saviour didn’t change during this time, but that as she kept growing in Him she realized whatshe was involved in was wrong and submitted that area to the Lord’s will.

    I hope what I’m asking/stating makes sense. I am in no way trying to refute or challenge her testimony and experience at all – it is her life, she has lived it, and only she can speak authoritatively on that experience. I just thank God that she’s free today.

    And yes, I know what this site is about and your stance on the issues. I was just asking a question based on this circumstance/situation.


  15. Ellen,
    You said ‘I’m a lesbian and a mom and a former basketball player. I’m happy, well adjusted and am a college professor. I pay taxes, coach a kids soccer team, and drive a car pool. I’m not sure what’s so threatening about me or my family. It would seem there are real issues in this world to be concerned about. People forming positive, loving relationships with one another should be celebrated, not condemned. What would Jesus do? He would love us all.’

    I would like to address your comment using God’s word in doing so. Let’s start with ‘family’. The biblical definition of family starts with a man and a woman, united in marriage (Genesis 2:24) so they may increase in,number (Genesis 1:28). Anything outside of that is against what a Holy God has commanded.
    As for celebrating same sex relationships…impossible because this is a moral breakdown of what God ordained a family to be. Breaking down morals breaks down a society; it is direct rebellion to what God commands. You claim Jesus would respond in love, you are not entirely rift. The bible commands sinners to repent, which is a change of mind leading to a forsaking of sin. You are sinning against a holy God by living a sexually immoral life. It does not matter if you pay taxes, car pool, work etc.; you are sinning against God who created all things and has spoken out in His word against your sin (lev.18:22; Matt.15:19; 1 Cor.6:9,10).
    I know of the bondage of homosexuality, I lived it for over 13 years. Christ has freed me through His death and resurrection; as a result, grace has been shown to me. Most homosexuals see Jesus as all love, forgiving, winking at sin. That is NOT the Jesus of the bible: He is coming again to judge the wicked. All who reject the whole counsel of God and continue willfully in sin will face wrath. You have created a ‘god of your own understanding’ which in fact is no god.
    May the God of the bible be merciful to you, being gracious, bring you to repentance; saving your soul. All sin is bondage, only Christ can free you from the bondage of sin.


  16. Correct, womens basketball is a lesbian haven. My wife and I went to watch the Houston Comets play and were in shock with the number of lesbian couples that were in attendance.

    The Sport in and of itself is not evil but the influence is real and i agree that we must protect our children as much as we can.

    Sad state of affairs we are in, we needs God help so much. From what I have seen in Houston, the lesbian thing is HUGE, it seems it is way greater than the men, especially amongst African American young ladies. I have no stats but that how it seems.

  17. Paul, thank you… all those who claim lesbianism and the support of lesbians driving the game has no connection is living under a rock and denying the obvious. Im not sure why they would want to do that. And for the record no on is saying basketball causes lesbianism no more than we are saying eating ice cream causes hair growth. But the connection and the influence is real and in my opinion spiritually destructive.

    Its very clear that womens basketball (even if Camille hadnt said so) is dominated by lesbian women in coaching, management, players and supporters.

    Because of that like you said the influence of homosexuality is real. A young woman could very easily be swayed into a relationship that she really does not want to be in.

  18. Agreed Pastor, no matter what anyone says, the influence is obvious.

    What an interesting article and poor me, I didnt even know Sheryl Swoops came out of the closet. I remember her with her son, behaving as if she was so happily married.

    This is damning to me, when the best of the best come out and endorse sin what do we expect from the young women who are trying to emulate them!?

  19. Powerful and compelling testimony about a young lady caught and then delivered by God’s grace and power. What isn’t shocking is what’s been going on inside the NBA and now the WNBA for decades. The world wants us to know nothing about the reality effects of sexual immorality prevalent in sports all the way across the board. We join in prayer for those that God is dealing with to make the difficult choice to remove themselves from the house of Baal (Canaanite deities) of a perverse nature. We must remember, the old idolatrous deities used to be carried around and even used as perverse sex symbols and toys. The perverse idolatrous deities of today are before us on the screen and stages of the world as living symbols of power, wealth, greed, competition, and yes, you guessed it. Sexual immorality. The new icon is the image on our screens projecting power to be worshipped on the stage and in the bedroom of sexual immorality. Remember, sex is about physical intimacy. The devil stole sex to distort true intimacy. At the end of the day, Elijah’s words still ring true today. Choose this day Whom you will serve. If Baal be god, follow him. If God be God, follow Him! You can’t follow both of them at the same time. Make a choice and stick with that choice. In fact, even God gives you an open book test with the correct answer. Choose life that you may live (Deuteronomy 30:11-20).

  20. I praise God for Camille’s testimony!
    I am a former homosexual who also has been redeemed by the mercy of God through the truth of His Word. I think that it is important to teach and preach that homosexuality is a sin, and to remind people that, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation….” (2nd Cor. 5:17).

  21. I agree with a comment by writer about daughters playing basketball because of lesbianism, i am weighing on my decision for my daughters because of this problem.

  22. I think anytime someone wants to make a change in there life, its a good. We serve a great God that can change our way of thinking over night.

  23. Sexuality is sometimes a fluid thing, and I would never dream of saying that this woman’s current sexuality is “wrong” or “false” – if I did that, I would be no better than those who say the same about my own sexuality. I hope she is happy, and that she is doing nothing that she doesn’t want for herself.
    But I know in my heart that I could never feel that kind of attraction toward a man. Not because I dislike men – of course I don’t – but because this is the way that God made me. And nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise. I am happy and at peace with the woman I love, and I cannot believe that a loving God would want to take this from me.

  24. Lotte,

    With all due respect, it’s not a “loving God” that has given you this relationship, it’s the deceptive, cunning, perverted “god” (little “g” on purpose) that has seduced you into having attractions towards the same sex, thus your current “happy” and “peaceful” relationship. Please refer to Lyn’s and gcmwatch’s comments above to ellen. The true loving yet wrathful “God” does not want to see you end up in hell but will have no choice but to send you there should “you choose” to continue in your sinful and deceived lifestyle. I pray that the eyes of your understanding would be opened to the “real” glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and that His truth would set you free from your current bondage of homosexuality. Even if you “think” you were born that way, the Good News is…YOU CAN BE BORN AGAIN!

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