'Homophobia' tricks the black community

Dallas based evangelist G. Craige Lewis, known for his expose of  hip hop idolatry in the church, writes a heavy hitting post on his blog about homosexuality, homosexuals, homophobia and the black community. The bulk of the news isnt good. But Lewis lays it out in typical Lewis fashion: straight to the point with a prophetic edge.

As we have said before homosexual activists (political and religious)  act as if  homophobia  is as deadly as a gallon of anthrax. They use  the accusations consistently as weapons of intimidation and discrimination to destroy politicians, religious leaders, neighbors, corporate heads, and anyone who would dare disagree with the elitist demagoguery of the gay rights movement.

The “official” definition of homophobia as set forth by gay orthodoxy is an “irrational fear and hatred of lesbian and gay people that is produced by bias in a society or culture” (via SIECUS). Note the inclusion of the word “hatred.”

But Lewis pulls apart the word fallacy.

…let’s define homophobia. It’s a trick word that is used by modern day homosexuals to describe people that are against their lifestyle or sexual preference. But the word itself does not describe them or the fear of them. The phrase “homo” refers to the genus of all modern humans. But the phrase “phobia” means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. So, they are essentially using this word to describe the fear of homosexuals, but it actually means the fear of human beings! That’s right. They want those of us that are against their sexual preferences to be viewed as a fearful individual that is irrationally afraid of humans and should be psychologically evaluated!

The accusations of homophobia are homosexuals attempt to overcompensate for what they know is against God’s plan, will and creation. How do you deflect attention away from your own sins? Find a boogeyman, a scapegoat and accuse it often.

In every walk of life, we make choices. These choices will get us approved by some and rejected by others. But the homosexual doesn’t want ANY rejection because all rejection points to that personal rejection they are feeling deep down inside because they are warring against their very image and nature itself. Because they feel God rejects them spiritually, and nature rejects them naturally, they have no validation. So, they need people to validate them at all times, with no rejection at all. Any type of rejection, whether its verbal, physical, mental, or emotional points to the fact that they feel bad about their present state and desire to change but feel they cannot.

Pastor Lewis points out that the solution isn’t tolerance, welcoming, acceptance, inclusion and all the other double entendre buzz phrases we keep hearing. The solution is to preach holiness, repentance and deliverance. First, political homosexuals demanded special rights in the legal world. Now, the religious homosexuals are demanding special rights in the church. No one should be exempt from repenting of their own sins. When the church drops that requirement for anyone, it will have become good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled under the foot on men.

Although Lewis’ blog post acknowledges that all ethnicities are battling with accusations of homophobia and homosexuality, its effects on the black community are particularly devastating.

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73 thoughts on “'Homophobia' tricks the black community

  1. WOW! I blogged this same thing about the word homophobia a few months ago. I don’t remember if it was on this site or another, but I said the same thing he’s saying. Glad someone else got the same thing I did about that word

  2. This guy is a psuedo-scholar. Completing misguided in his understanding of psychology and also intellectually speaking, out of his league. He should stick to theology – that era of mythology that doesn’t require critical thought and encourages adherence to primitive belief systems. Black Christians are an affront to their ancestors. Its astonishing how rapidly they choose the religion of “the opressor”. Sickening. I hope for the day that blacks transcend irrational and terror-centric religious nonsense. I suspect you won’t post this because you are afraid of reason (rational thought).

  3. “But the homosexual doesn’t want ANY rejection because all rejection points to that personal rejection they are feeling deep down inside because they are warring against their very image and nature itself. Because they feel God rejects them spiritually, and nature rejects them naturally, they have no validation. So, they need people to validate them at all times, with no rejection at all”

    That explains the behavior of gay folks for me. I got an education today. They are so disrespectful of the boundaries of others, always trying to elicit a shocked reaction from folks, needy, nosey, immature in the extreme, this just explains it.

    The gays want unconditional acceptance for unacceptable behavior because deep down they feel so rejected. Then you have those like truthkid who condescendingly try to dismiss the glaring truth. Also, very importantly, the origin of homo meaning man is well explained by Lewis.

    Now, I understand why older generation Caribbean people would refer to a gay as “anti-man”. If the correct defintion for homophobia was understood, then gays themselves would be the homophobes. Thank God for the internet and this website!

  4. Thank god for the internet and a website like gcmwatch.com. What a clarificaction for today.

    Pastor Lewis just explained why the gays want unconditional acceptance for unacceptable behavior. This extends to their interpersonal communications as well. Many are disrespectful of boundaries, take actions purely for shock affect and are quite hypercritical of others.

    After the above explanation of the root of the word homo in homophobia, I see why older generation Caribbean people referred to a gay person as an “antiman”. I now know, that if anybody is homophobic, it is the gays.

    The Devil is a Liar

  5. thats so true. Their defense mechanisms are hypercriticism of anything and anyone who they even perceive is against them. Thats a recipe for disaster. Pride will set you up for destruction.

    And unconditional love (what God gives) is much different than unconditional acceptance (what homosexuals demand).

  6. My sisters and I have been saying this for years…..homophobia does not mean fear of homosexuals……for the root ‘homo’ in the Greek means ‘same’. If you go Latin, which Pastor Lewis did, you have Homo which mean human and covers both male and female….Hence the term Homo Sapien. It is therefore intellectually dishonest to translate homophobia as a fear and hatred of homosexuals. Consider too, if homophobia really meant fear of homosexuals, where do the bi-sexuals, and cross-dresser come in?

  7. @Lesha and others, the meaning doesn’t necessarily have to be based in a dead language. In the context of popular culture, the term “homophobia” is meant to represent a fear-based , irrational and/or unreasonable bias against homosexuality. The point is this: An oppressed minority acknowledged a very identifiable form of hatred and defined it such that this very narrowminded way of thinking could be discouraged in civilized society. Nothing sinister in calling out homophobia.

    I think, however, Homohatred is a more accurate identification. I don’t think our enemies fear us, I think they HATE us. We are infact, by in large disgusting to them. Furthermore, those who religiously adhere to ancient ideas from dead cultures have a plausible defense against such allegations: They are merely defending God’s plan for humanity against the repulsive homosexuals (or sodomites).

    Most homohatred or homophobia if you prefer, is based in ancient (Abrahamic) religious traditions, in which the architects are long since dead. Interesting indeed.

  8. I like how pro homosexual activist always pull out all the personal attacks to demean and discredit the messenger. But NEVER challenge the information with counter research. Come on we all know EVERY time the Center for Disease Control releases stats at least half of all new HIV cases are from men who have sex with other men. The other large percentage are black women who are sleeping with down low men. So dispute those facts please let’s hear it. Get your name calling out of the way and prove the data wrong.

  9. @truthkid:

    Yes, gay people are homophobic: their lifestyle is abhorrent to the spirit of mankind, that is of course, if you are using the correct definition presented by Pastor Lewis.

  10. I am not a big fan of Pastor Lewis, I don’t think its methods are biblical; he challenges other Christian Leaders without ever approaching them in private in what he “preceives” their “sins” to be-I mean who died and made him God…his commentary should exclude “names” of Christians unless he has taken the apprioate steps to reach out those Christian Leaders he continues to rail against.

    As it relates to this particular article… I just have to say that God is a healer. I don’t read the CDC report, I focus on God’s report and I know that God can even heal the sinner. I believe that there is hope for all of those that struggle with homosexuality whether they admit it its a struggle or not.there is hope in Christ for their enternal salvation and healing. I have personally prayed for many men and women with Aids whom have been healed by the power of Jesus Christ. I’ve learned in my 18 years if Pastoring that you have to offer people the good news…the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news…if we preach Jesus to sinners; if we continue to preach his Love to those that are living in a sinful lifestyle eventually that seed will grow and one day they would come to the altar with tears in their eyes asking Lord, come into my life…save me,….heal me…set me free and God will answer..”its already done”….Glory to God…

  11. gbg111, where’s your proof he hasnt spoken to them in private? And exactly what leaders are you talking about? Please state the names.

  12. so “homohatred” is the hate of man?

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with abhorring and hating what God abhors and hates.

  13. @truthkid..

    If I say I like your shirt, does that mean I love you?
    If I say I don’t like your attitude, does that mean I hate or fear you?
    If I say homosexuality is wrong, does that mean I hate all persons who practise sodomy?
    I have watched many a make-over show where a gay man is telling a woman what is wrong with her looks and fashion, does that mean he hates that woman or all women?
    (Please try to live up to your screen name when answering)

  14. This is an excellent article. Thank you GCM Watch for remaining steadfast and doing God’s work. God bless you!

  15. truthkid takes normal human reaction to something they find averse to an illogical conclusion. Of course, thats what he has to do otherwise, he would have to acknowledge that the great majority of African Americans who find homosexuality detestable (like God does) are right.

    Secondly, there are atheists, hindus, buddhists, muslims and other various religious and nonreligious people who feel the same way, so his attempt to single out those who believe the bible falls flat. His argument is nothing more than pride blocking truth and freedom.

  16. the second paragraph you cited from G.Craige blogpost was definitely on the money…while i was reading it, it made me think of how Cain dealt with God’s rejecting his sacrifice…instead of Cain getting it right with God, he lashed out at his brother violently…we see that very same thing going on today..

  17. I know Pastor Lewis has not spoken with Bishop Eddie Long and I know this because Bishop Long and I have discussed his blogs (Craig’s) in the past and that was one of Bishop Long’s concerns, that Pastor Lewis has not come to him in person with his concerns.

    I also know Pastor Williams (Anthony Williams) and he has never attempted to reach out to him as well….we have had the conversation.

    Pastor Lewis is pretty famous..and he has made a lot comments about a lot people in Christendom…from artist to preachers….Pastor Lewis in one of his blog’s stated that he believes in open rebuke since he considers that these artist or preachers are committing “sins” openly there fore they can be judged “openly”..I just believe we ought to go to our brother in sister in private first…there is a time for open rebuke…but blogging about it to the world to become famous…isn’t the way…its not the Christian way!

  18. @gcmwatch.
    I’m sure you can find many people, from all walks of life that possess an aversion to homosexuality. I, am addressing Christianity, as this is a Christian Blog. Its pointless to debate Hinduism in this forum, as you consider it to be heretical, although it predates Christianity by more than 1,400 years… but.. I digress.

    I dont take exception to an individuals right to be averse to [naturally occuring] homosexuality, because there [naturally occuring] heterosexuality programs them to be sexually repulsed by us – frankly heterosexual sex is repulsive to me as well. These feelings can be said to be a normal response to sexual activity that lies outside of an individual’s sexual orientation.

    What frankly must never be tolerated, is the utilization of feelings of disgust, repulsion, and/or religious ideology in denying the [secular and civil rights] of any group: White, Black, Muslim, or gay.

    Thats the issue. Thats why fundamentalist varieties of Christianity are particularly dangerous to personal liberties. Strict (or Orthodoxical) Christian Faith lies in direct opposition to the American Ideal: A Plethora of ways of “Ontologically” being. Our Freedom lies in that true diversity. Orthodox Christianity only knows the western-theistic religious worldview, and seeks to ignore “much older, and more stable” religious traditions, in favor of its own voice. It lacks a capacity for scientific honesty, and thus, can’t conceive of a world where homosexuality isn’t a choice, or a “demonic spirit”. It relies on doctrines and receives the “words” of ancient men (about God) as “authoritative, and rejects any modern worldview that challenges its ancient monopolly on “Ultimate Reality” or the primal cause of all existence.

    In the final analysis, this is what creates your inability to reason with me, and to accept my own words that express my authentic homosexual existence. I wasn’t raped, or molested, nor did I choose this. Just let us be.

  19. @Ina / GCMW
    I explained that homophobia and homohatred are terms created by GLBT folks to describe a particular brand of “disapproval”. One where words lead to what we feel are dangerous and adverse actions. One that purposes to either systematically discriminate against GLBT folks, socio-politically lobby against our RIGHT to exist, or to inflict violence upon GLBT individuals. In the case of the latter, i’m reasonably certain that the Christians are this blog aren’t gaybashing folks.

    GCMW: Thus the point G Craige Lewis was making. Homosexuals are creating words out of thin air in an attmept to insulate themselves against God’s truth. But it wont work. He’s much smarter than you give him credit for.

    Your arguments for the original meaning of “homo” or “man”.. is a matter of clinical semantics, and its a pointless argument. We have clarified what these GLBT-originated words mean. Given the fact that we coined them, and experience disenfranchisement at the hands of people who would prefer we swallow the proverbial “holiness pill”, its a safe bet we know what we meant.

    GCMW: Clinical semantics then would also apply to both homophobia and homohatred, would it not. If we can dismiss orginal meanings as “clinical semantics” without any legitimate criteria then your argument is but self serving. And again, thats the main point. Your matrix worldview of sexuality only serves you.

    If you doubt the Orthodox Christian Agenda (to use the “agenda” buzword that fundies use relentlessly), look at California’s Proposition 8: it blatantly strips the right to marry (for the sake of the HUNDREDS of legal benefits) from us.

    GCMW: Personally, I fight against homosexual marriage because (A) As an American citizen I have a constitutional right to do so. The same one you feel gives you the right to do what you do, gives me the right to do what I do. If mine is wrong, so is yours. (B) I have a biblical mandate to fight against all forms of sin and degradation to humanity (C) I have a personal mandate to fight against what I know is destructive and life devaluing. And if no “christian agenda existed, my reasons would stand just as strong.

    An individuals religious views are “allowed” to strip another groups earth-based rights away. I say practice your religion. Just don’t force it on others (by way of the ballot box).

    GCMW: A double edged sword you seem to want to dodge. We can resolve this quickly. Inform your homosexual peers in religion and politics that if they want to be left alone, retreat back into their closets and leave America alone.

  20. Lafe to truthkid: [1] first of all, you do not possess the truth because
    Jesus Christ said that he was the way and the truth and and the life (John 14:6). If your opinions or beliefs belie his written truths, you are in untruth.
    [2] As such, your position on homosexuality does not line up with the
    Word of God [3] and since it does not, you are in error. Now, knowing that, why would anyone entertain your error other than just being
    hospitable when they have available to them truth over error? (other than that want to believe a lie for their deeds were evil and they did not want to come to the light and be saved).
    No, the correct response to an untruth is to correct it with the truth and as it relates to what God has said about sin, including homosexuality,
    you need to repent and believe the gospel.
    You can reject the gospel at your peril and continue to construct
    philosophical arguments in order to try to “debate” God but the argument of the homo sapien against his creator always falls short.
    Am I boasting? Only in the Lord.
    God is not mocked. You can call Christianity a “dead” religion. You can
    scold black people for accepting the “religion” of the oppressor but when history stops and bows to the entry of eternity and the eternal
    God who judges all through Jesus Christ, where will you and your arguments be? On the editing floor being trashed as not being worthy
    of being part of the greatest story ever told.
    God “laughs” at the attempts of mankind to ball his fist in His face and
    to dare God to justify his righteousness or sovereignity.
    Read the Book of Job to find out who tried that same approach and was found wanting.
    Nice try truthkid…but no cigar.

  21. Since you seem to have access to Tonex I’m sure you did the right thing and told him to stop sleeping around on his wife with other men which he was doing for all those years. If you didn’t then you share in the sin with Tonex.I think that is more destructive then what you might perceive as slander from Pastor G. Craige.

  22. gbg111, dont be an apologist for Eddie Long as in this case you misapply the biblical directives.

    In 1 Cor 5, the Apostle Paul gave instruction to the church to put out a man who was involved in unrepentant sexual immorality. He did this based on common reports to him. He did not talk to the man nor did he see him face to face. Every situation doesnt require some sort of face to face pow-wow for us to rightly discern the sin and pronounce a remedy.

    Neither Long nor Anthony Williams/TONEX/B.Slade, et al has repented.
    And I bet there are others who HAVE talked to Long and told him to repent to his face. Has he heeded their warnings or is he just waiting for a personal visit from G. Craige Lewis before he will humble himself? If that’s the case, please let him know we can arrange that. His soul is more important that paying off sexually and emotionally damaged young men.

    Now, if G. Craige has lied on Eddie Long or that other gospel music-type person previously discussed in this forum, then what lies has he told? If people are offended because the truth is told about them, that’s that self ego inflated problem.

  23. Lafe, spiritually dead people (that would be truthkid) see everything as dead because their worldview is only a reflection of their own spiritual darkness.

  24. The only view a dead person has is darkness. That’s why Jesus came as The Light, but men would rather stay in darkness than risk having their dark deeds exsposed. When someone comes to turn the light on, they either run and hide, or if arrogant, stand there and try to fight you over the position the Light switch should be in…”up” (heaven) or down (hell). For them, “down” is the new “up” and “up” is old and outdated! Flip the switch “truth”kid; allow the glorious Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to come into your dark heart and be saved from the wrath to come should you continue to carouse in darkness. I pray the Word penetrate your hardened heart and enlighten your understanding to the real truth.

  25. Ah, so the truth comes out, your gay. There is no such thing as naturally occurring homosexuality, because the act itself is against nature. You slyly try to push “born this way argument by lumping your sin in with Blacks and White,” go sell that snake oil somewhere else….. I don’t care how many times you listen to Nasty gaga’s songs it won’t change God’s Word or genetics. It has been proven that there is no “gay gene.”

    Then again you confuse a “right” and “privilege.” Marriage is not a right. If I went up to Pastor Foster and I told him to issue a marriage license to me and a woman he could say “No.” Therefore marriage is not a right because it can be denied for any reason he saw fit. You can get married to someone of the opposite sex right now if you wanted to but you want special “super citizen” exceptions like all homosexuals…..
    Why don’t you use all those book smarts to deny these statistics, or is the “Homophobic” CDC full of Orthodox Christians who hate gays?

    MSM= Men who have sex with other men

    Look here http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/FastFacts-MSM-FINAL508COMP.pdf

    MSM account for nearly half of the more than one million people living with HIV in the U.S. (48%, or an estimated
    532,000 total persons)

    MSM account for more than half of all new HIV infections in the U.S. each year (53%, or an estimated 28,700 infections)

    While CDC estimates that MSM account for just 4 percent of the U.S. male population aged 13 and older, the rate of
    new HIV diagnoses among MSM in the U.S. is more than 44 times that of other men (range: 522–989 per 100,000
    MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men)

    MSM are the only risk group in the U.S. in which new HIV infections are increasing. While new infections have
    declined among both heterosexuals and injection drug users, the annual number of new HIV infections among MSM
    has been steadily increasing since the early 1990s

  26. I meant marriage is not a right in a legal sense. In a Biblical sense it is in fact mandated by God to get married (only heterosexual couples), be fruitful and multiply.

  27. gbg111 you really have your hands full there, I forgot to mention that tonex also said he was a “non-struggling homosexual” on the Lexi Show. So tonex really meant that he was so comfortable in his sin he feels no need to repent and turn away.

    This is Tonex
    Romans 1:27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

    This is you
    Romans 1:32and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

  28. btw I reached out personally to TONEX and so did a friend of mine. This is BEFORE he came out of the closet. Sadly he rejected what we had to say.

  29. @gcmwatch. ALL language is created. Iin the case of english many “expressions” have no etymological root. Language is an evolution… an amalgumation of many cultural influences. Enlightened minds know that individuals “have a right” to name their own experiences. The Chicano, SGL, Femminist, and Womanist as well as the A.M.E. church movements exist because they dare stand in the face of a rather oppressive majority and remind them where they “can go” with their nonsenical hatred(s).

  30. As for the all-to-familiar demonization of self-loving gay people, by way of what I’ll call the AIDS card, I am (not) sorry to disapoint you – I don’t have AIDS, nor am I promiscious – in fact I’ve not had sexual relations in years, as I cant find a suitor worthy of me. My point is homosexuality isn’t all about sex. I would think such an propitious body would not result to stereotyping people. In fact, my circle of kindred minds pursue more meaningful things: Like art, culture, economic development, and even non-terror-centric spirituality.

    You believe your press reports. You are not likely educated in the arena of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, nor ancient world religions. You would see the commonolalites amongst them and that in the final analysis all of humankind seeks the same thing: To be loved, to heal, to accomplish, and to leave a positive impact on the species.

    I must admit I’m amused that you all say I’m in DARKNESS: Christianity, which posits that humankind is born INFERIOR, is the one who exists in darkness. Imagine this: You are born in “darkness” or inferiority as a result of “eve”, and you struggle with sin – sometimes for a lifetime – only to have find your way to the cross to be “saved” – When in fact, a loving an benevolent God could have very easily just removed the philosophical idea of “sin” from the VERY BEGINNING.

    My point is that your existence thrives on the perpetuation of dualities: Good and Evil, Holy Christians vs the Infidel World, We are right and you are wrong. Exlusivist varieties of Christianity are the problem. It’s why we can’t evolve as a species. Its responsible for the dark ages – and the lost of philosophical and technological evolution lost during those 800 years!

    You all just can’t seem to get (as a result of your religious programming) that there are many ways of being – some of which you won’t agree with. Yet, you remain vigilant in using your “religion of love” to discriminate against a demographic you hate.

  31. If you dont have anything else other than the “hate” card, its time for you to move on until you come out of darkness. This conversation has already crested and is over. You have been given truth and facts in love and yet there is no way your dark mentality can see God’s light until he opens your eyes.
    If you ever get over your hatred of God (thats really where the issue lies) you will see what you have never seen before: your own sin and deprivation. We’re not interested in having an intellectual conversation with you as intellect cannot save you from your sins. Ironically you exult in the very thing which keeps you imprisoned in your darkness.

  32. @GCMW
    so out of your own mouth you confirm that your idea is that we should “cease” to exist? Would you like us to just die off for you? Go back in the closet and “leave America alone?” I know your not a stupid guy. I’ve read your blog. Your grasp on the English language is impressive. So I question, the subtle venom in such a statement. We are American, remember this nation is all about diverse ways of being – even ways we are philosophical opposed to. Ironically, your “hide your true nature in the closet” comment is the most un-American comment I’ve ever read on your blog.

  33. If God “hates” sin, and you mirror His likeness, the issue is clearly about hate. I appreciate the fact that you don’t want to be challenged.

    GCMW: Read your first comment and see how you are again wrong. You arent the first person who has dropped in with a box of rebuttals against God’s word. Challenges are encouraged (thats why your first comment was approved). At some point however, it is an exercise in fultility. Perhaps we have come to that point. I do not seek to exchange ideas with you. I have been where you are, and even in a greater degree so I know you. Your ideas will not save you, no more than mine could save me. God has a plan to save and there is only one door to access it. You can accept it or you can continue with your ideas which dont seem to bring you any satisfaction.

    I come here not to be a troll, but to share ideas… I take some good points from this blog, and leave some good points. As for hating God Pastor DL, that is an outright lie. I don’t hate God. I hate what religious folks have done in His name.

    GCMW: Finally something we agree on. If you do not hate God, then bow down like I did 21 years ago and submit your life to him. Forsake all to follow him. Not religious people, not church…HIM. Thats the only real proof that you are no longer his enemy. Bow down and submit.

    If there was a magic pill I could take to not be gay, don’t trip – I’d take it instantly. Since no such fairytale pill exists, i can only rationally conclude God wanted me to be jacked up like this. I don’t mean to sound self hating. But I can acnolwedge the abburency of my sexuality (of which I didn’t choose).

    GCMW: I didnt accuse you of choosing to be sexually attracted to other men. Neither did I. But when you come to the light, walk in it. You can only live at the level of freedom you accept. You can continue thinking that you have to live the way you live/are, or you can change your mind and walk away since there is no one but yourself restraining you.

    If there is a darkness upon me, it would seem to be a rational conclusion that God made me in it. Find me a pill to take Foster and I’ll take it. Untill then, your demonization of me and my (ilk?) is actually cold and mean-spirited given the fact we didn’t choose this and, their is no magic pill to fix us. !

    GCMW: This has nothing to do with demons or demonization. Its just the truth. You are in your sins, therefore you walk in spiritual darkness. If that is offensive to you, then it serves as proof of my point.

  34. truthkid, I answered the folly of your own mouth. You said you wanted to be left alone, but you come hear to “challenge” what was written. You could have simply ignored it and went on to live your life. Its not life I have any realtime effect on what you do. But you didnt. You cant have it both ways.
    Either you want to be left alone or you want to engage those who disagree with you and risk being told hard truth.
    And there is no such “cease to exist”. Dont play victim. I never said (or implied) that you should cease to exist. That’s an impossibility.
    Every American citizen has the right to openly advocate for their beliefs. Either we all enjoy that right, or none of us do. Fairness is fairness, not just when you want it to benefit you.

  35. Correction Robert. Marriage is an implied civil right. There is ZERO ‘rational’ evidence supporting the lawful discrminination against gays. You can however, find irrational religious arguments with no basis (or capacity) for the law.

  36. For Tony: In error I cleared the spam list and didnt see your comment till it was too late. Please share those treasures again. I apologize.

  37. This is a powerful statement. We all know the partial reason for same sex activity in the church back in the day. Very few pastors confronted their sinful sexuality because opposite sex sinful activity was running rampant. Today, they sit comfortably in our churches because they view us as one of them. Any threat to their sin and the word “homophobic” is used. Rebellious can never tell rebellion what to do. When Christians return to the fear of God and sanctification, producing holiness in the fear of God returns, we will be able to convert the sin sick soul with the true power of the gospel. But for those that persist and insist on their sin, any sexual sin, like Jesus said, “Do not fear what man can do with the body, because after they are done with the body, there is nothing more they could do, but fear Him that can cast soul and body into hell.”

  38. GCMwatch, I have much respect for you, I’m just not comfortable with reading Pastor Lewis blog, something in my spirit doesn’t agree with him. I’m not saying he is not a man of God or that he is “lying” on people. I just feel as if he should reach out to these Leaders he has so boldly blogged about.

    FYI, I had my conversation with Pastor Long, regarding Lewis years ago…Lewis has been blogging about Long and TD Jakes long before Long was accused of sexual matters…Again, even in that case Pastor Long confesses he is innocent…in the court of Law as well as in the Church we are innocent until proven guilty. At either rate…I choose to pray for my brothers and sisters such as the Longs and the Anthony’s…I’ll leave the blogging up to you and Craig….blog away…

    Again…no disrespect…just my thoughts.

  39. Implied Civil Right based on what, who said that? I would agree with you when it comes to marriage between a man and woman. There is also zero rational evidence to outlaw polygamy for consenting adults, correct? But the US Supreme Court and just about every state court has ruled against polygamy and has laws against it on the books this very day. So how come those laws are Constitutional but DOMA isn’t? Your argument doesn’t stand with legal precedence or common sense.

    I like how you ignore the pink elephant in the room (CDC Stats), you did read them.

  40. All the knowledge of self, good works and philosophy of Natural Law amount to nothing to God and will be burned up…..
    Isaiah 64:6For all of us have become like one who is unclean,
    And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;

    Paul said it best.
    1 Corinthians 2:2For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

    truthkid don’t go before the Judgment seat of God who has eyes that are flames of fire and feet of burning bronze, you will not escape from unrepentant sin. We have a Savior King who can empathize with us. He was tempted with homosexuality and where we fail Christ overcame.

    Hebrews 4:15For we do not have a High Priest Who is unable to understand and sympathize and have a shared feeling with our weaknesses and infirmities and liability to the assaults of temptation, but One Who has been tempted in every respect as we are, yet without sinning.

    He also died for the sin of homosexuality, your sins truthkid.

    John 1:29The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

  41. It is amazing that we can sit on our high horse and ridicule others. While you sit here and argue about a gay agenda in the church people are dying as you type. Just because someone is gay does not eliminate them form wanting to be closer to God. However, this opportunity is often taken away as “ministers” such as yourself chose to bash this community for your own personal gain. Should the GLBT community be excluded from worship? If you believe God can change people, allow God to work. You never even give him a chance. The people never get a chance to come as they are because we want homosexuals to change before they come to the church.
    Let me be real the music ministry in the black church would be nothing without the GLBT community and you can really take it or leave it. The best and the greatest have produced the best music the Gospel industry has ever seen, many songs you I am sure request to be played in your ministry.It is unfortunate these individuals are encouraged to participate only on a give basis and continue to be bashed by preachers such as yourself.

    GCMW: Uh, Im supposing you want a reply to this? And who is the “preachers such as yourself”? G. Craige? DL Foster? ?

  42. @Pastor thank you for letting me know what happened to my comments, its okay.

    @TruthKid God cares about our intelluctuality so much so, that science and christianity go hand and hand you can’t have one without the other. Some of the greatest scientist of our time were christian, God was using there minds to open up the minds of the at times naive and ignorant church, for which most paid a serious price. But by me saying the above I am not condemning the church, just speaking truth. I notice you use the name “Truth.”

    What I just spoke about above is hard truth for some of us in the body of Christ to receive, but its truth nonetheless, Christ said, “I came into the world to bear witness to the truth, those who love the truth will listen to me.” He also said, “The Holy Spirit will come and he will lead you into all truth” and also “The truth will make you free.” Paul said, “Love rejoices in the truth” what a potent word “TRUTH” is and a meaning we are required to live in and act in according to God for it brings forth repentance/cleansing. Where would we be, if we didn’t receive truth, we would constantly walk in the foolish darkness of our own hearts ignorantly (which I use in the negative meaning purposely).

    There is only one TRUTH and that truth is God and what he says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out ot the mouth of God.” As the knowledge of God is foolishness to man, so is mans’ knowledge foolishness to God the Creater of all things seen and unseen. Sin came into the world by mans’ disobedience not by God’s lack of love, He loved Adam and Eve so much that He gave them a choice a choice He gave by letting them know the consequences of making the wrong one (which He constantly gives us warning, for there is warning before destruction). One of the key ingredients to intelligence is the ability to examine a situation without prejudice, biasness and partiality unfortunately we use alot of prejudice, biasness and partiality, due to the fact we aren’t willing to examine ourselves “TRUTHFULLY.”

    Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open, ask and you shall receive. If you don’t seek you can’t find, if you don’t knock the door can’t be open, and if you don’t ask you can’t receive. You appear to be a seeker of “TRUTH” then I challenge you to seek that truth, by opening your heart and mind, its okay to be confrontational for many times without confrontation there will never be any change, but its another thing to be confrontational just for the sake of being right. I challenge you to seek out the “TRUTH” of God’s Word not receiving whats comfortable for you or what you want to (which we all at times can be alittle guility of) but seeing it for what it is, and what it says.

    And the only way to do that is to allow the Spirit of TRUTH to illuminate your heart and mind, simply ask him and he will do so, for he will not deny himself, for if you truly seek, you shall truly find, if you truly ask, you will truly receive.

  43. That’s not what I typed go back and read it again. While your at it stop living in prideful rebellion agianst God’s will and receive the advice given.

  44. Uh , well I wouldnt call it “garbage”. but Robert is right all these things will be burned in the fire because ultimately they amount to nothing. Think about it, how does the wisdom of men benefit God who is omniscient? Kknowledge and philosophical wisdom certainly has its place here on earth. Ive studied philosophy and believe it has value. All knowledge and the allowance of it to man can be traced back to God. What we do with that knowledge is the issue. But compared to the wisdom of God it is at best ineffective because it cannot accomplish the work of God in redeeming the soul from sin.

    Jesus said in John 6:63 the words I speak to you are spirit and life.

  45. @ Black angry church musician…….What arrogance is this, that the music in church would be nothing without the glbt community?
    Nothing? Do you really believe that there is one’s musical ability is linked to one’s sexual preference, and only practitioners of sodomy and lesbianism and cross dressing can sing, write songs and play music?

  46. I certainly know that contrasted to the “Designer” of the Cosmos, is a bit of a joke, but I think its a dangerous brand of self-deprication to suggest our knowledge is useless (in the final analysis).

  47. Practicioneers of sodomy? Lesha, you certainly have a flare for the dramatic. I thought Sodomy was a town, not a reflection of sexual preference – less you subscribe to the rather nonsensical idea that ALL persons who lived in Sodom where homosexual offenders?

  48. Sodomy wasn’t a town.
    1.anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.
    2.copulation with a member of the same sex.

    No not all were homosexuals but God specifically focused on the homosexual lust of the men in His Word to show us what a deprived state of mind was.

  49. I dont think I would of posted your comment if this was my blog because you didnt say anything. You attacked a man for being out of his league but you offered nothing as to why he is wrong.
    You are behaving as if someone should be afraid of your intellect (thats pride by the way) but no one cares about that as “there is a way that seems right to man but it ends in death”.
    What you need is truth, and thats what you have gotten, repent and believe is the next step.

    Anyway, he is absolutely right for if I think I am right I dont need people to always validate me and neithet do I have to constantly attck those who dont agree.

    The definition of homophobia is great – it should be homosexualphobia and even that would be stupid, for not agreeing with sin is no phobia at all, it is right.

  50. Words quite commonly come from peoples names and places – when people say you are babeling that is based from the tower of babel, the word sandwich comes from a mans name, will you say that it is not something you eat but its a mans name?

    Come on now!

  51. I meant “Sodom”. The idea that God would destroy an ENTIRE city because it was 100% homosexual (the “sodomy / homosexuality language bridge), is rediculous. In modern societies, even the gayest cities are no more than 10% of the population – even San Fransisco’s GLBT population is a minority. So the idea that Sodom would be entirely homosexual – is an example of mythology, void of any capacity for reason. In your words Paul, Come on now!

  52. “void of any capacity of reason……. flair for the dramatic….. nonsensical idea,……….Language is an evolution….an amulgamation(?????) of culture…….Enlightened person know that people have a ‘right ‘ to name their own experiences…”
    At what point will truthkid actually answer a question in a manner that is consistent with his moniker?

  53. You are comic Lesha. Your out of your league. Trying to grasp concepts that are [apparently] beyond your ability to synthesize.

  54. 10% of the population and half the new HIV infections.

    Again nobody said every man in Sodom was a homosexual, the Bible doesn’t say that try reading it sometime….

    Oh and your going to school us on the ways of God? You have access to the King? The Bible says it is impossible for an unbeliever to understand the Ways of God as it is written, it takes God’s Spirit (you don’t have that) to reveal the Word to the reader.

    Not just an everyday sinner but they tried Real Hard.

    Genesis 13:13Now the men of Sodom were wicked exceedingly and sinners against the LORD.

    Ok, how many men is this?

    Genesis 19:4Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter;

    Homosexual lust

    5and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.”

    They don’t want the women, they want the men.

    8″Now behold, I have two daughters who have not had relations with man; please let me bring them out to you, and do to them whatever you like; only do nothing to these men, inasmuch as they have come under the shelter of my roof.”

    Now it is true that the sins of these two cities were all sorts of evil, but when Lot was rescued in the city of Sodom, God specifically points out the sexual lust of the men in Genesis.

    Jude 1:7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire

  55. @Robert. The church bares (some) responsibility with alarming HIV rates. Telling people to seek deliverance or more pointedly, to “pretend” not to be gay only pushes them into the dark recesses of self-hate where unsafe sexual behaviors can ocur. Afterall, they are indoctrinated with this orchestrated notion that God hates them (or their so called abominable sin).

    What’s most interesting is that many of my DL friends, love God much, but can’t “shake the gay away”, and thus, they quite naturally fall back into their true sexual nature and ‘act on’ their natural homosexual impulses .

    Blacks Highly Religious, Yet No Evidence of The Effectiveness of The FaithPew Religious Research indicates that African Americans are the most religious demographic in the U.S. Relative to their percentage of the greater population, African Americans lead in HIV/AIDS rates. The church, it seems, it highly ineffectual.

    Food For ThoughtInstead of condemming [naturally occuring] homosexuality, maybe the church should work on illteracy in the black community (another area in which the statistics indicate we lead). Education, seems to create a mind capable of grasping the concept of “self-love”. Maybe education should be a greater item on the church’s “salvation” agenda. Clearly something’s amis.

  56. @TruthKid reading your last comment, what you said was true, the church is full of flawed individuals’, I being one. But nonetheless it is a place of healing, if you seek the Healer and the vessels that He uses. Man has many questions, and those questions can only be answered by someone higher then himself. He must seek those answers even at the risk of being wrong about himself and others. Yes the bible was written by men, but men under the inspiration of the Spirit of God, for man within himself will most of the time never admit his faults and foolish shortcomings.

    Even the vessels that God uses are flawed, so many times we get caught up following the vessels and not caught up in He who is using the vessel as an instrument to bring forth repentance/revival. God doesn’t say seek out man, He says seek Him out. Only He can give you the internal answers you seek, but you must be willing to open up yourself totally, the Apostle Paul said, “It was like scales were removed from his eyes.” God says, He will take away your stony heart and give you a heart of flesh, a stony/hard heart will receive nothing, but a heart of flesh is pliable to the Maker’s hand. When Christ said, “Those who love the TRUTH will listen to me”, He knew receiving the truth wouldn’t make us all the time to whistle dixie, but we who love the TRUTH will see things as they are, especially about ourselves.

    It is unnatural for a child to be disobedient to its parents, it is unnatural for us not love/care for one another these along w/sexual urges/tendencies fall under what the Apostle Paul called “unnatural affections.” God says about us, “You’ll be ever seeing and not seeing, you’ll be ever hearing and not hearing, which basically means were refusing to see and hear. God also says, “I’ve called to you, and you have not answered, I’ve spoken to you, and you have not listened, which means a measure of light has been give to every man “The Light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehends it not.” But it is the darkness in us (the sin nature) that refuses to understand and see the Light of the TRUTH that beckons to be shown within us.

    Open up your heart to the TRUTH my friend, you spoke about how others’ you know have tried and fallen back into what you called “natural.” Well others have and I mean countless others have received the TRUTH about themselves and God’s purpose and order for there lives the creator of this blog being one of them. Will you allow God to do for you what He has done for him and others or will you say what He’s done for Pastor Foster and others He can’t do for you. Well remember whats impossible w/man is not impossible w/God, but you have to BELIEVE.

    TruthKid my friend will you BELIEVE. Some might say I’m wasting my time speaking to you this way, well some might’ve felt the same way about someone attempting to minister to me.

  57. Well it would seem to me from reading the story that yes God would destroy the city for homosexuality.
    San Francisco is not a town that has given itself over to total immorality, no matter the homosexual population but Sodom and Gommorah had from reading scripture. It seems to be a place that if you were not sinning you were out of the loop.

    No, I would come to the conclusion that homosexuality was more rampant that you can imagine due to this scripture.

    Gen 19:4 Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house. 5 And they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.”

    Now obviously you dont have to believe but this is what the bible says, therefore your line of thought is only that.

  58. Why are you trying to deflect from the issue at hand.

    You have men that go around whoring the whole place and try to sleep with as many women as possible and it is the same nature that gives people homosexual impulses, does that make it right?
    So if the Church tells someone to stop being a whore is that telling them to “pretend” they are not whores? the funny thing is

    We all need deliverance in certain areas but most times deliverance doesnt come quickly, its a daily struggle. So if the homosexual trying to serve Christ fails, he must repent get up and keep striving but they cannot say that it is who I am. The person who is attracted to animals or Children could say the same thing, no matter how perverse you think it is.

    The bible does call it an abomination but thats not the only sin and if the bible says so, who is it that you have a problem with? If you dont believe the bible then so be it but surely you are not trying to say that people shouldnt say what they believe.

    You need to stop deflecting from the real issue and that is whether these actions are right in Gods sight.

  59. You deflect the argument better than Captain America’s vibranium shield deflects bullets.

    The Church didn’t exist in Sodom, nobody was telling them to get delivered and they did it anyway (sin), in fact they were the worst of sinners according to the Bible.

    Blaming the Church will not save you. It is not a valid defense, I’m just letting you know, again……

    See this readers this is what the epitome of Pride looks like. Pastor DL has told you to forget about all the mess going on in the Church. Grab your Bible, get on bended knee and submit to Jesus Christ. Just you, a Bible and Him in the room, but you won’t do it, typical homosexual pride. *Yawn*

    Men who have sex with other men lead in HIV infections.

  60. @ Tony Davis:
    You say that one must BELIEVE. Beleive being an action, what is the best course of action to take. Should I pray every day for my friend, who is actually thriving in spite of his same-sex attraction? Should I just say, I believe God will heal him? What can I do in order to truly BELIEVE.

    Thanx in advance.

  61. @ Robert

    How can you persecute some gay actvists for stooping to personal attacks, then, in the next breath, rant about HIV levels? Isn’t that just a little bit hypocritical?

    Especially when there is a biological reason for those levels?

    Also, what are you implying when you use HIV rates as an attack on homosexuality? Do you believe it is the “gay cancer” that God uses to punish gay? Is that really how you see God?

  62. @ Ina sorry it took me so long to reply just came back onto site. We can believe all day long, and pray for our loved ones and friends, but in the end it is what they believe God can do. Many of the healings the Lord performed were no so much based upon the believing of the one getting healed, but based upon his faith and who he was. So in saying one can be healed from our continous praying for the Lord said when speaking about the unjust judge “keep on asking.” But it comes a time when it is the individual God wants to hear from.

    We hear Paul and Silas speaking to the phillippian jailor, when the jailor asked, “what must I do to be saved”, they replied, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ you and your household shall be saved.” Some take that as saying if I just simply pray for my loved ones then they will eventually believe and be saved. Well there is an element of truth in that but the other side of the coin reveals the same way I come they must come, I can pray on and on, but if they don’t come into believing then they will not regardless of how I live the life in front of them. So its not so much what you can do, (for when we’ve done what we can do, we must stand) but what is it your friend wants to do

  63. How can I? Because I’m not persecuting truthkid. My words are not causing him to suffer his own personal choices are taking care of that.

    Your idea of ranting is my idea of presenting the facts. Gays and their supporters no matter how hard they try cannot shut up the truth but actively try. It is impossible for you to shut us up on this blog, so you have to attempt to make me feel bad, like its my fault truthkid feels the way he does.

    Really sin is simple to understand. God warns us that sex outside of marriage between a man and woman is sin. The consequences of disobedience is STDs and HIV, of which gay men lead the pack.

    We are all guilty before God its just that some of us have the Blood of Jesus covering our sins, you and truthkid don’t. Will God allow the guilty to go unpunished? As always lets read the Bible.

    Numbers 14:18 (Amplified Bible)

    18Yahweh is long-suffering and slow to anger, and abundant in mercy and loving-kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, upon the third and fourth generation.

    Nahum 1:3New American Standard Bible (©1995)
    Yahweh is slow to anger and great in power, And Yahweh will by no means leave the guilty unpunished. In whirlwind and storm is His way, And clouds are the dust beneath His feet.

  64. @truthkid…thanks for the compliment. You flatter me though, cause I’m a really wretched sinner saved by the grace of God. I have no goodness of my own, not even the ability to be called a comic. So, yeah, thanks again, for real. I pray that one day your eyes too will be opened, and you will be set free from this seductive bondage, and lay your all, including your sexuality, down before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and serve Him alone.

  65. Mr. truthkid you are lost, and blind and you need to seek truth. You’re humanistic wisdom will cause you to perish. I wouldn’t even debate with you because you think that you are intellectual but God used the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.The good thing is that one day all folly will be judged whether you believe it or not. “Let God be truth and every man a liar”…Amen

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