Atheist transitions from homosexuality to holiness

Young former gay atheist shares his story from homosexuality to holiness. What an awesome God whose ear is inclined to those who have a contrite spirit. New life really is beautiful.

7 thoughts on “Atheist transitions from homosexuality to holiness

  1. You were clearly not an Atheist if you were asking yourself “Why would God make me this way?”, but rather so deeply troubled by traditional religious perspectives that it lead to distrust in God.

  2. Even an atheist has to entertain the possibility of there being a God.
    There has to come into his/her mind that God could exist. When we
    are blind from the Truth, we only have our opinion and the opinioins
    of others to rely on. Once one comes into the Truth, he/she realizes
    that what he/she believed in was a lie. God is the source of mankind’s
    one and only Truth. But mankind refuses to acknowledge God’s existence.
    We rely on our own intellect to convince us of what’s real and what’s imagined.
    Before I was born-again, I too use to believe that I was born gay because
    I heard from someone else that homosexuality existed in the animal kingdom.
    But now I no longer believe what was told to me because I have the Living
    Truth within me, Jesus Christ. There are two kinds of truth, the world and God.
    The world knows only it’s truth. Those who have a personal relationship with
    Jesus Christ know God’s Truth. Some people would say, “Oh he was never
    really gay.” Oh but I was. Some one who makes that statement makes it
    based on their own opinion and not truth. Again, we have one of two truths, God’s
    or the world’s. If you don’t know God through a personal relationship with Jesus
    Christ, all you have is the world’s [man’s] truth.

  3. Mankind is a product of a fallen sinful nature brought about by Adam and Eve.
    The Bible says we are created in God’s image. But our nature is one of sin.
    In the Garden of Eden, Eve was told a lie that God didn’t want her to eat from
    the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because He didn’t want her to become
    like Him, all knowing. She traded God’s Truth for satan’s lie. We have the nature
    of Adam and Eve, sinful. We’ve traded God’s Truth for satan’s lies. We say that a fetus
    is not a human being in order to justify abortion. A fetus is an early stage of the
    formation of a human being. What’s makes it easy to kill an unborn child? It’s easy
    because satan helps us to reason way God’s Truth in order for us to fell less guilty. We call the
    fetus a glob of tissue. Satan will always get us to justify sin. Only Jesus Christ can open our eyes to God’s Truth. If I give you and opinion, I rob you of the Truth. Which do you value, an opinion or the Truth?

  4. That is a wonderful testimony. There is just one thing I would say. Homosexuality is a Sin No where in his testimony does he admit to his gayness being a sin. God did not make you that way, it is a choice, a choice to sin. Gives me wonderful hope for my son.

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