Christian schools in gay 'acceptance' battle zone with few solutions

There used to be a time when a Christian school was really a Christian school. Students attended because they wanted an education and they wanted that education in an environment where drugs, sex and the temptation to engage was minimized.

But not any more. Openly homosexual students are rapidly changing that. As a result, schools are in a battle zone with few —if any— solutions. And are in danger of falling into the hands of the god of cultural assimilation. More and more Christian colleges and universities are under seige by homosexual students who are demanding policy changes and official approval. Few are prepared to deal with the challenges posed by in  most case only a  handful of homosexual students. The elephant is running from the mouse.

According to the New York Times, the only real obstacle homosexual students are facing are “conservative” administrators.

Decades after the gay rights movement swept the country’s secular schools, more gays and lesbians at Christian colleges are starting to come out of the closet, demanding a right to proclaim their identities and form campus clubs, and rejecting suggestions to seek help in suppressing homosexual desires.

Many of the newly assertive students grew up as Christians and developed a sense of their sexual identities only after starting college, and after years of inner torment. They spring from a new generation of evangelical youths that, over all, holds far less harsh views of homosexuality than its elders.

But in their efforts to assert themselves, whether in campus clubs or more publicly on Facebook, gay students are running up against administrators who defend what they describe as God’s law on sexual morality, and who must also answer to conservative trustees and alumni.

Facing vague prohibitions against “homosexual behavior,” many students worry about what steps — holding hands with a partner, say, or posting a photograph on a gay Web site — could jeopardize scholarships or risk expulsion.

We have pushed for Christian schools to rise up and proactively meet this growing challenge. With the advent of the Soulforce terror tours, Christian schools became targets: either change or be branded as a hate school. The tactics are reaping a harvest as media (like the progay New York Times) pile on and paint a picture of gay student persecution.

At the same time, prominent Christian magazines (like Charisma, Gospel Today) and other outlets have ignored the struggle and provided zero coverage in support of schools who want to maintain a biblical environment for students who attend. Denying access and formation rights are only a small part of the solution schools need to put on an aggressive and proactive high priority list. But what else can they do?

To position themselves to maturely handle this threat,  schools should establish an office of sexual cultural affairs and regularly bring in speakers and hold assemblies which educate both biblically and scientifically on the spiritual and physical dangers posed by homosexual behavior.  They should offer scholarships to prospective students who want attain such degrees.

Schools should develop degree level programs on sexuality to prepare students to face what is now the greatest challenge to the integrity of the contemporary church.  The NYT article notes that secular schools have a decade of cultivating homosexual programs, but out of hundreds of Christian universities across the country, not a single one has even so much as raised the issue. This is an achilles heel that has been severely manipulated by homosexual rights groups.

Schools could easily compliment  current programs with focused of human sexuality infused with a healthy biblical overview for context. With biblical morality being erased and herded into antiquity’s closet, its vital that Christian schools uphold that knowledge through its academic programs.

Administrators should petition their respective denominational heads to partner with ministries that address homosexuality from a biblical perspective and give them a prominent place on campus. Visibility means everything. If there is no one to partner with, a ministry should be developed in congruence with denominational beliefs and given a prominent place on school campuses.

The language in existing policies should be reviewed and updated to withstand legal challenges and embarrassing media scrutiny (which is not far off) if this NYT article is any indication.

Its clear at least from the comments in the article that they primary goal is to change school policies, not get an education and move on like the average student.

Most unbelievable quote:

Gay students say they are often asked why they are attending Christian colleges at all. But the question, students say, is unfair. Many were raised in intensely Christian homes with an expectation of attending a religious college and long fought their homosexuality. They arrive at school, as one of the Harding Web authors put it, “hoping that college would turn us straight, and then once we realized that this wasn’t happening, there was nothing you could do about it.”

You went to college hoping it would turn you straight?


13 thoughts on “Christian schools in gay 'acceptance' battle zone with few solutions

  1. Sorry connie, we dont allow intolerant slurs from intolerant slurrers (that would be you) here. Find somewhere else to dump your garbage.

  2. I believe we could trace this back to Madeline O’Hare. When God and the Bible was removed from the public schools. Once this was accomplished, sexual immorality would be prevalent. To seal the deal, all across the nation, liberalism has pervaded society, including Christian schools. It is nothing short of an attempt to wipe out Christianity from every sector of society including inside the church. The beautiful thing about this (if there is something beautiful about this), is that the remnant is alive and well. God doesn’t need a bunch of mega churches to get the job done. Just Gideon and the real 300, and whoever hasn’t bowed his or her knee to Baal. In every dispensation of time, or successive age, God always had a word prepared and at the end of that successive age, the last word. We shouldn’t be complacent, nor naive. We need to be prepared. Persecution is closer than you think. If you are not prepared for this level of Christianity, God help you. We are already experiencing certain levels of persecution. This persecution is coming from all those apostate leaders that fell prey to sexual sins during their true ministry. These fallen leaders are leading the way to voice strong opposition to the true power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? Death threats are coming and church burnings will not be about racism. It will be about sexual orientation. Why? It’s all about allegiance to Christ. If you are associated with Christ, the spirit of antichrist that’s already in the earth will pick up momentum to try the hearts of the saints of God. Whoever said that the lasts days would be a walk in the park?

  3. The place where all this started was with Madeline O’Hare. She has since become a believer before she mysteriously disappeared but the damage has been done. The liberals achieved it’s goal of infiltrating the Christian schools. God is not caught off guard. He always shows Himself strong in the behalf of those who’s hearts are perfect or loyal towards Him. By the way, this is a precursory strike by the devil. The coming persecution to the comfortable church here in North America is about to take shape in an unprecedented manner. Leading the persecution, all of the apostates that turned their back on Jesus. The Word of the Lord from Joshua rings true today. As for me and my house…..

  4. I have to add something to the article.
    They spring from a new generation of evangelical youths that, over all, holds far less harsh views of homosexuality than its elders, or God.

    Looks like they are not properly being brought up in the ways of God, its just a sign of the times. I’m thinking that the Bible says the darkness can’t stand in the Light, so how come these students are not letting the Light of Christ shine and drive the sin out? I know! Compromise……

  5. Sorry, but I don’t recall Madelyn O’Hare accepting Christ. One of her sons did and she disowned him after he left her and accepted Christ. Her other son along with her grand-daughter remained atheists and were all murdered by one of her own people.

  6. Yeah thats right Nan. When I read that I was smh a little cause it didnt sound right. Ohair was presumably murdered and I dont think they found her body. Her son was converted.

    However Pastor Fred was on point. This is a bad seed that has grown.

  7. God bless this website and others who are fighting against this sinful lifestyle of homosexuality, its ashame that many high profile ministries and their leaders, including cogic bishop blake, are cowards and man pleasers instead of protectors of Godly living and holiness. God bless you.

  8. This is why HeartStrong has existed for the past 15 years. Providing hope and help to GLBt students at religious educational institutions worldwide. Since kids don’t get to choose where they go to school and religious schools can do whatever they want, that requires our organization to exist to help clean up the mess.
    On a side note, I went to christian schools from grade 5 thru college and while I think my parents thought they were putting me in a safer place I saw more heterosex, drugs, teen pregnancy than anyone I knew who went to public schools. The schools I went to and know of even to this day are a breeding ground for that kind of behavior due to the repression.
    Anyway… HeartStrong will always be here for GLBT students in religious schools seeking peace and an end to their turmoil.

  9. Marc adams the only thing you are helping people do is seal their hell bound fate by lying to them. And in hell they will lift up their eyes in shame. Unless you repent, you will likewise perish in your folly. You believed the lie and now you are passing it on like a contagious infection. Caution to all who listen to you, when you stand before God Marc Adams will be no where in sight to help you, he too will stand before God to give in account of his lying. The best advice I can give you is to pray and repent for believing and infecting others with this lie. God is still a God of mercy who will abundantly pardon.

  10. I just read this article and I’m thinking, this is why God had me write the book that he did for such a time as this. I wrote a book called Kingdom Eunuch, “A Dialogue About Sexuality And The Kingdom Of God”. It speaks from a scientific, biblical, societal perspective on the subject of sex, sexuality, God’s purpose, and so much more.

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