GCMW announces addition to writing team

Gay Christian Movement Watch has certainly grown over the last three years as we have diligently brought the critical issues to the forefront of discussion. GCM Watch is a unique destination on the web where you find original content unlike many sites which simply repost trendy news stories.

Our team of writers have been a blessing to many and we’re thankful to God for their abilities, compassion, passion and knowledge in educating the church on the tactics of the enemy as well as providing solutions to problems.

Having said that, GCM Watch is excited to announce a new addition to our writing team. Christopher Gregory is an author, missionary and evangelist who has preached the gospel in expository as well as through literature to a lost and dying world. He authored the book, “Sodom USA” and his focus is on the current trends in the modern church, where it’s going and what needs to happen to restore its integrity to the world. Christopher currently lives in Indiana.

“Christopher’s excellent grasp  and insight of current trends impacting the contemporary church  is a welcome asset to our site.  He will help us warn pastors, leaders and wallwatchers so they can better care for and protect the sheep,” said DL Foster, GCM Watch publisher.

“Please help me welcome Christopher, his writing skills and his passion to help the church of God in such trying times. We hope to debut Christopher’s first article before the week is out, so look for it.”



10 thoughts on “GCMW announces addition to writing team

  1. Hi Christopher!

    Welcome aboard. Write clearly, strongly, accurately and with passion and with skill and let the chips fall where they may….

  2. Welcome to CGregory to the gcmwatch writing team. Another solider added to the front lines exposing the power of darkness.

  3. Welcome Christopher! It is such a blessing to see others join DL (my husband) in proclaiming the truth and continue to sound the alarm, exposing the unfruitful works of darkness.

  4. Welcome, welcome Christopher! You are an awesome man of God, a contender of the faith, uncompromising and NEEDED during this time. I am honored to know you and pleased you are contributing to this wonderful site. God bless you!

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