The First Church of God on Sodom Street – Pt1

It sits at the corner where it has sat for 75 long years. The name is unimportant as well as who is Pastor, for this church is not just one simple country church, it’s also a well established main street church, it’s a mega church, it’s every church in America and as such, they all have something unique about them, they are all beginning to accept that which many years ago they would never think to accept – sin.

In many churches across America, from the largest innercity one to the smallest rural setting, there’s a common bond between them all, that bond is homosexuality. For many years, the church has faced many problems within it’s walls, from gossip to adultery to divorce, problems of the flesh have always seemed to challenge the Church and yet the Church has remained strong. But now that strength which has endured for centuries against every demonic force from hell, is giving in toward something more destructive and almost no one is voicing a concern.

There is a policy among many within the church that is nothing more than what I would call a “conspiracy of silence” among leadership – and for good reason. The statistics of people involved in homosexual sin are growing at an astonishing rate among believers and the question needs to be asked as to why? And why is leadership protecting this behavior?

In 2009, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America adopted a resolution which allowed openly gay pastors to serve within their churches in their organization to the dismay of many faithful and long time members. The stunning resolution adopted by the ELCA made the radical step possible to ordain and establish the long time evangelical group, the first “gay” friendly Christian Organization.

On top of the defense of homosexuality within the church by the Lutheran’s, came another sad aspect to the downward slide to depravity, and that was the recent revelations of several popular evangelical Pastors whom publicly denounced such sins, yet were privately living the lifestyle.

The recent acknowledgments of Jim Swilley, Pastor of the mega church in Georgia, the past indiscretion(s) of Ted Haggard and the most recent charges against Bishop Eddie Long, the fact that these prominent and celebrated leaders within the evangelical church whose personal morality have been tainted with moral intrigue should cause all of us to examine what is truly happening in the body of Christ and more importantly, what are we willing to do about it?

A recent poll among evangelical Christians showed an interesting move away from views that were once considered the issue of the day, to a more liberal, broader view. In a recent 2008 poll of those asked what the current issue(s) for the church were, surprisingly it had nothing to do with immorality or sin, but secular issues. The top issues for those Christians polled were; personal indebtedness (81%) followed by poverty (78%) and illegal immigration (68%) [ source.]

Christians have made a significant change in their views on morality and this new ideological change has seemingly pressed itself into the church and it’s acceptance of things which are forbidden by God. This is the result of the religion of tolerance which, among young people, many are embracing and why those within the Christian community is failing to rectify this problem.

Which brings me back to my original point of this article, the church today has changed her appearance and resembles nothing of her former self. The modern church is becoming a haven of immorality and abomination. The current gospel of wealth and self-esteem has replaced her original message of repentance and holiness and it has made her sick and weary. If she does not reject the current messages that run rampant within her many pulpits across this nation and the world, her impact will become less effective.

Pastors, youth pastors, choir directors, church staff, are all becoming active roles for many within the gay movement. Even in contemporary Christian music, we are beginning to see the fruits of tolerance teaching and the acceptance of alternative lifestyles and disturbing even more is the mood of many within the vast denominations who simply turn their head out of ignorance and impartiality. The truth remains the same, the church is facing it’s own cultural war and from the recent events in Christian circles of those believers coming out of the religious closet, she’s losing this battle.

The apostle Paul made it perfectly clear when he warned of what would occur in these last days when he wrote, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” (2 Thess. 2:3)

A falling away from what? From the truth. When Christians no longer view immorality and idolatry as their top concern but instead focus on the things of the world that are but temporal and meaningless, then something is wrong at the core. Our desires have changed to reflect more of a cultural relativism than a Biblical perspective and in so doing, we have allowed diversity, immorality and social apathy to be our guide. This is not the commission of a Christian.

In order for us to salvage our message, there must be a call to repentance within the body of Christ. Our ways have become deluded with the cares of this world and not a desire to see lives changed. We have become tolerant to sin and immorality and this must change, even if it means the removal of those who are in authority who have ushered this sickness in. Our mandate, our spiritual life depends on it if we are ever going to survive the coming challenges which lay ahead.

God give us leaders and spiritual warriors who will not bow at the altar of tolerance and acceptance, but will lead the church into her finest hour. The bride is still worth it.

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  1. Over three decades ago, the late John Osteen preached a message on the Baptism With The Holy Spirit. It is not by coincidence that you mentioned “survive the coming challenges which lay ahead” because John Osteen mentioned that we “must have the power of the Holy Spirit for the dark days that lie ahead.” In that same tape, he mentioned how the Holy Spirit used him to pull a pastor from the grips of sexual immorality. John Osteen saw in the realm of the spirit, this pastor living a life of sexual perversion and was instrumental in preserving his life and ministry. Sad to say, such awesome moves of the Holy Spirit among us on this measure is far and few. Today is the “dark days”. O, how we need the Holy Spirit.

  2. Christopher, It is a little upsetting to me to see the Church making the same mistakes Israel did by allowing ungodliness in the Camp. Look people of God, We are the salt of the earth and if the salt loses it saltiness it is good for nothing and cast out. This is what was on my spirit this morning……..We are the light of the world and if the light that is in you is dark then how great is that darkness. These were the teachings of the Lord Jesus. He said make your eye single……Him or the World. You choose. We don’t teach gay hate. We teach sin hate. We teach deliverance from the chains of darkness. Tolerance will never get us there. Tolerance in the world yes, but NOT in the Church of God.

  3. This article is exellent, and Chris clearly illustrates how Homosexuality has and is effecting all churches across America. He also, clearly points out that the church has faced problems within its walls, however, the church is now giving into something more destructive. The church is losing her identity in Christ, so she is trying to find her identity elsewhere. Why? Chris explains that it is because the church is losing strength. Simply because repentance and holiness is being exchanged for tolerance and acceptance. In closing, this article is a must read!

  4. I couldnt help but think of Matt 5:13 as I read this article “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

    As Pastor Fred noted: we are in dark days. But the tolerance party continues as if all is well.

    Thanks Christopher for blowing the trumpet.

  5. WHAT A GREAT POST! As I was on my drive into work this morning, my spirit was just crying out to the Lord as I said Lord, wherever, however You want your Light to shine thru my life and expel darkness, so be it! If revival is going to happen, it must start within each one of us that will stand, contend for the gospel and not love our own lives so dearly! The opposition is not coming…it’s here! The birth pangs are hitting as we read and comment on blogs! I’m praying that we in this western church culture will be able to stand, contend and seriously lose our love affair with this world!

    We must return to our first love and preach this gospel! I’ve had to repent, weeping with tears to the Lord, making a resolve to get up every morning with the attitude that my life is NOT my own, praying Lord what do you want to do with my life today; how do You want to use my life to bring glory to Your name, Your kingdom and snatch souls from kingdom of darkness! The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. Lord I pray, send capable, compassionate, uncompromised laborers out into Your harvest! May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

    Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble, but I just wanted to comment on this article and what was in my heart just poured out. Great spirit provoking post Cgregory! Stay blessed and on fire for the log and also to my other bro’s & sis’s on this blog and on fire for the Lord!

  6. Great article. I’m just waiting to see what major pentecostal denomination will be the first adopt in there bylaws acceptance/tolerance of homosexuality.

  7. Excellent!

    The so called leaders must lead according to scripture. Scripture cannot be wrong and it says a little leaven leavens the whole lump and in this verse Paul wasnt even dealing with a leader. If the individual who is not a leader can have such an effect, it really isnt hard to see why the Church is the way it is given our so called “leaders” propensity to wink at sin.
    I would say the driving force behind this tolerance is money and fame, therefore Christ says you cannot serve God and mammon.
    Lord help me, help us to serve you without compromise!

    Again, very well said and thanks!

  8. Fantastic article Christopher,
    I really thank God for making you as passionate as you are about exposing inappropriate and immoral perversion in the Church. It’s a grievous thing to read such a discouraging thing and realize I have no objections to any of it. Such things grieve the heart of the Father, it seems like His children don’t care anymore about how their sin affects HIm. I’ve been saying for a while that Christian people only want saved from the penalty of their sins, but would rather remain undelivered from the committing of their sins. With the way things are going now, it’s difficult to conceive in the mind what could possibly be coming in between now and the appearing of the lawless man. I only hope that God will graciously give us bold hearts and unwavering loyalty to Christ and the Holy Scriptures. We have to be in prayer, that’s all there is to it, I don’t care how much the enemy beats us up and tries to give us every reason why we’re too busy or too tired and it’s too late to stay awake and prostrate ourselves before our Lord. We cannot simply lock ourselves inside our houses and read books about the rapture until Jesus returns. We are the children of Almighty God, and like some of the other brothers and sisters have said before, we have to be completely dependent on the Holy Spirit moving through us. Sin cannot live alongside holiness, that’s the bottome line. Stop worshiping political correctness and tolerance, and start giving our holy God the reverence, honor, commitment and worship due His Name.

  9. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” (2 Thess. 2:3)

    I am a gay, atheist, ex-christian, and I’ve read about bible prophecy. Instead of playing the “devil’s advocate”, I’m going play “God’s advocate” on this statement question I have….

    As it states in the above scripture, if negative events, situations, laws, and “immoral” behaviors are to be on an ever-increasing span in the “latter days” why aren’t you christians rejoicing that these very situations are confirming your bible prophesies?

    On a side note, I had a chuckle at a particular morsel of the article that stated that the church was strong while enduring fleshly behaviors like gossip….. but oh boy the gays came and now the church is doom for destruction.

    I wish that one day, we can cut the political correctness crap, and tell each other how we really feel. I want a rabid christian homophobe to look me in the eye and tell me not that he hates the sin and not the sinner but that he hates me and despise me because I am a hell bound faggot and I am worthy of a biblical death.

  10. The author’s understanding of 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 is skewered.
    The context has nothing to do with “falling away into sinful behavior”, but rather the return of the Lord Jesus for believers who believe in the
    His return – The Rapture. The Rapture occurs BEFORE the start of
    the Tribulation and then the Anti-christ is revealed. As believers and
    followers of the Lord Jesus, we are to be ready for the Rapture. How
    will we know the time of this event? The DEAD IN CHRIST ARISE FIRST.
    That is your clue to the time of the Rapture – “even at the door”. Christ
    will come for believers who are ready to go, not believers bound up
    in false doctrines and conjecture about His return. It can’t be any
    clearer: The “dead” in Christ arise first (announcing the imminent Rapture and warning the world of the coming holocaust). Those Christians left behind because of unbelief will face the wrath of the
    Anti-christ system. The price paid for allegiance to Christ will be
    a martyr’s death. Millions will die – beheaded (as were John and Betty Stam) for their faith.

    The falling away would be better interpreted as a catching away or a snatching away – and then the revealing of the Anti-christ, that vicious and violent DNA freak that almost destroys the world.

  11. Marcus, true Christians must reflect the love of God. God is not willing that any should perish, yet men are perishing on an hourly basis. God takes NO pleasure in the death of the wicked, and the wicked are dying in quantum numbers. He gave us a free will and the ability to choose. He went further by advising us “Choose life, for why should you die?” Should we then fault Him when we choose baldy, fully knowing the consequences? That’s why Christians can NOT rejoice for anyone’s destruction. As for your ‘side note’, to my knowledge no coalition of gossips, fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles, thieves, or robbers has attempted to confer righteousness upon their sin. I don’t know of any group or individual lobbying to make gossip honorable.

  12. I have heard that but it seems many people dont agree with that and I am not convinced either.

    The greek word for falling away is apostasia – apostacy which means revolt, forsake, defection, revolt.

  13. Red I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. The issue here is the serious issue with homosexuality in the church. I guess you missed all that.

  14. Sexual perversion is always preceded by false teaching and false doctrine. Clergy and laity have found more comfort in the pleasure of themselves rather than the inerrant word of God. Hence major churches have become no more than graveyards filled with naturally alive, but spiritually dead people, who have a form of godliness but deny its power….

    “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” 2 tim 3:1-5

    Excellent article Brother Chris!

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