Obama breakfast satisfies gay clergy recognition hunger

The fake savior of the US took advantage of another opportunity to legitimize homosexual apostates by giving them access to his Easter extravaganza aka “prayer breakfast”.

In attendance: false teacher Yvette Flunder and lesbian bishop of the Fellowship which she’s selling piece by piece to the  majority white gay MCC denomination. Its a money issue.  Harry Knox who said New Testament teaching on homosexuality is a lie and MCC head witch Nancy Elder, the gay denomination with clergy leaders who have openly talked about masturbating to images of Christ, invited people to deface the bible, allows members to make belief in Jesus optional, portray Jesus in books as a sexually promiscuous homosexual, and purchased a $55,000 ventriloquist version of Jesus to help spread their lies.

To the affirmation hungry gay christian movement, such recognition is a drug:

“MCC was well represented at this week’s Easter Prayer Breakfast hosted by U. S. President Barack Obama. The breakfast was held at The White House in observance of Holy Week, with 130 clergy and denominational heads present.
In attendance were, from left to right, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Senior Pastor of City of Refuge UCC in San Francisco, California, who is also MCC clergy; Rev. Harry Knox, Senior Pastor of Resurrection MCC in Houston, Texas; and Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC.”

Of course the starry eyed pastors and assorted false teachers, hirelings and assorted other noted religious leaders wouldn’t have known that. The reasons are too obvious.

Bishop Vashti McKenzie “prayed” (after Obama’s prayer joke) that Easter “reversed Good Friday”. However the AME bishop is in grave error. The resurrection didn’t reverse what happened on Cavalry, it was the climax. His passion and suffering was prophesied in Isaiah 53. If the horror of the cross was reversed  then nothing  that happened afterwards is authenic.

Although Obama’s harem of false prophets were up in arms when people “questioned the president’s faith”, they were silent when the religious left  foamed at the mouth for George Bush simple mentioning of his faith. Then, it was all about “speaking truth to power”. But now, SOTUS is a “brother in Christ”.

But the questions persist. God commanded the priests to put a difference between holy and unholy (Lev 10:10). Can we with any integrity call those who profane the name of Christ and call his word a lie, brothers and sisters in Christ?

Does a follower of Christ say this or do this? What about this? Why would they do this if they value scripture? Does this sound like someone who follows Christ?



38 thoughts on “Obama breakfast satisfies gay clergy recognition hunger

  1. What is there to say? Judgment day is not going to be “Tea and Crumpets.” I’m not talking about Judgment day for the saints either (Bema -pronounced “bay’ma). “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” The answer is so simple, yet powerful. God forbid. I’m not that much of a fan of the NIV but the NIV has this to say about it. “By no means.” It bewilders me to think that the devil and his angels, and the very thing (sin) that God hated, was kicked out of heaven. Now they want the church to be filled with sin and invade heaven with sin? Do not hold your breath.

  2. It certainly is an interesting situation. Obama seems to talk a lot about his so called “faith”, its obvious to anyone who has 2 brain cells to rub together that he isn’t a Christian. IMO Obama is an agnostic with an islamic upbringing. The man only started going back to church during the midterm elections last year and only because that was the easiest way to fool so called Christians who have no relationship with Christ / Discernment to vote Democratic.

    It didn’t work and hopefully won’t in 2012 when we are all paying 8 dollars for a gallon of gas……..

  3. Robert he is more likely a hybrid inclusionist with a penchant for pluralism. To him, Christianity is no greater or better than any other religion therefore his head nods to scripture are only contextual to his audience.

  4. I wish, like the birth certificate ruckus, that some born again Holy Spirit filled member of the Body of Christ would have a chance to
    sit down with Obama and record his answers to on the spot questions about the non negotiable doctrines of the Christian faith including
    the numerous and clear references in the N.T. about homosexuality being a sin.
    Now, this interviewer has to be bullish so that Obama does not put him or her off with a lot of nice sounding platitudes substituting for
    genuine Christian doctrine.
    They need to ask him for his personal testimony of being born again and what that means according to scripture and is he a follower of
    Jesus the Christ and what does he know about he Bible definition of sin and does he believe in a heaven and a real literal hell and are they other ways of salvation other than that by the shed blood of Jesus who is God in the flesh.
    We need to clear up, once and for all, this lingering question of, “Isn’t he or is he?”

  5. Pastor Foster:

    Love your site, love your work, in agreement with you, encourage you to keep it all movin, in Jesus’ name. How-sin-evah…I always detect a little snarkiness and “bite” in your responses and I think it only serves to diminish the import of what you’re saying. It tends puts you in the same category as some of the “others” and of course, that’s not where you belong. So may I lovingly suggest you fall back with the sharp, sarcastic stuff and inject some warmth and kindess into all that Truth? After all, we know for many the Truth is already enough of a stinger all by itself, isnt’ it?!

  6. Mr. Obama may be a born-again Christian who has failed to take the yoke
    of Jesus Christ upon him and learn of Him. Jesus Christ taught the multitude
    about the kingdom of God. Mr. Obama is only a man of flesh and can be
    easily persuaded to believe in another doctrine that he may have learned from
    Jeremiah Wright. If you are taught erroeous information for 20+ years, then
    you will have a hard time believing the Truth. He’s at a place in his life where
    the Truth is foreign to him. God says to pray for those in authority. God will
    do the rest.

  7. Hi CPie, so good to hear from you after a spell 🙂

    You always get at me about that dont you? Well, I will say that even the best of us sharpens the sword at times. I dont think thats a necessarily bad thing considering the context of what we deal with here. Im just going to be honest with you. I have zero love for false teachers and purveyors of lies against the Word of God. My rebuke (with a healthy amount of sarcasm if merited) will be forthcoming. I dont want this to become a den of comfort for thieves and liars.

    We all have different temperments and what you may see or interpret as “snarkiness” may only reflect your temperment in any given situation. Biblically speaking Jesus, Paul, Jude, Peter, Elijah, James, Nehemiah and others used different forms of speech and temperment to deal with detractors and workers of iniquity. I dont consider myself outside the realm of what they did and how they did it.

    And I hope that you do see all the warmth and kindness shown here over and over where applicable. I think there’s a good balance of all of the above at GCM Watch. Where you sense lacking I welcome you to share what God has given you.

    I am thankful for your concern in that regards.

  8. It is very sad that many would join in with this? I wasnt aware that so many of the gay “christian” movement were involved in it.

    I dont even know what to say but that many were invited but the God of whom they spoke about was not.

    Its quite sad that this actually passes off to this world as an Easter breakfast and a reflection on what Christ accomplished by dying on the Christ and being raised from the dead.

  9. President Obama view of Christianity is different from the main stream view of Christianity. Rev. Wright’s teachings aren’t main stream and so neither is Obama’s. Obama is heavily influenced by his mother and his upbringing. His mother was agnostic and did not believe in organized religion. However, I believe Obama did give his heart to the Lord, while a member of Rev. Wright’s church, however Rev. Wright’s church is a socially progessive Church; their views on homosexuality is not the main stream view. Rev. Wright preached back in the early 90’s a series of sermons titled “Good News For Homosexuals”; it was Rev. Wright’s first coming out sermon regarding his views on Gay’s and Lesbian’s..this is also during the time when Aids was becoming a major problem in the black community. Rev. Wright was among the first black spiritual leaders to address the issue of Aids and Homosexuality in the Church. So, this is the background of Obama’s faith. I also believe it is the faith of Michelle Obama as well. In many ways..they are “liberal Christians”…they don’t take the Bible literally but they do believe in Jesus and his primary teachings of LOVE and service to the poor and the sick. I believe in Obama’s mind; the most Christian example is providing for the poor and the sick-I believe those core priniciples governs his Presidency. I happen to admire him; even if our Christian views are not the same on all issues..I do believe LOVE covers a multitude of sin and that we must reach out the UCC’s and the MCC’s of this world; in Obama’s mind bringing people of all Christian Faith’s together is the Christian thing to do. Obama isn’t an exclusionist..in his mind.all are welcome at the table…he tends to focus on the things that “bind” us together rather than the things that seperates us. GCM watch and many on this board and many main stream Christians are not inclusionist; therefore find this “all is welcome at the table on equal footing” offensive…as they should..President Obama understands such views and he understands why some Christians would question his way of leading and his way of thinking-we want to put away the false teachings among us…and for us; that is simple..for him as President..its not that simple..it doesn’t fit into the Christian prinicple’s he believes in and many others to do..we are not a monolithic in the Christian community. Nevertheless..I understand where GCN watch is coming from..but to call him the “fake savior of the US” is a little unfair..President Obama never declared to be the “savior” of the US”. He is only seeking to do what he believes is right by ALL american’s; not just main stream Christians. After all America is not just a Christian nation; even if it was founded by so-call Christian men; I say so-call because their views in my opinon were not all Jesus Christ like..but we have progessed as country and we are continuing to progress and many don’t like the progession the Democrates or Liberals..or President Obama is taking the country..the answer to that is Nov. 4th. But, really…do the republican’s have any one better to offer? I mean Donald Trump?…enuff said. My faith is Jesus Christ and I pray for my leaders and even when I disagree with them I do have enough respect for them…I even respected George Bush Sr. and Jr..both of whom who have been at my church…so has Obama. I will continue to pray for our President no matter what their policitical, social and spiritual views are. In the end “God is still in Control”!

  10. Friends,

    I must admitt I personally do not believe the President is a christian, due to the things he’s said towards those of us who are traditional in our views pertaining to the Word of God. But in spite of my own personal feelings, I must recognize he is the leader of this nation. I must recognize that God when telling me, to pray for those in leadership, so that it may be well w/me and my household, and also praying for those who are froward. What God tells me to do towards those in leadership has nothing to do w/rather or not I like them.

    Now does that mean we are not to keep our leaders’ accountable and responsible, as Paul would say, God forbid. Were fully aware how the prophets of old dealt w/the kings, constantly keeping them accountable of there actions, then so must we as believers. But we must be just as accountable and responsible to the Word of God, as we would desire to keep them accountable and responsible to it. Now am I any great fan of this president of, I must tell you of course not, but that has nothing to do w/me and wife praying for him and his family, Praying for the welfare of his presidency and his family, have nothing to do w/us agreeing w/his policies and or opinions, because if it did we would never pray for him.

  11. I know a lot of people want to bring up the praying issue when we talk about people like Obama. I havent suggested that anyone not pray for him.

    Obama didnt get rotten when he got into the WH, he’s had rotten beliefs as long as I have been aware of him since he was in the IL senate.

    But that is an aside when he uses his office to legitimize false prophets and sexual perversion.

  12. In this context, I think Obama is no different from any other politician or president. Every president this country has ever had has professed to be a Christian. After all, the consensus is that the United States was founded on “Christian” principles. Doesn’t explain and justify slavery, but I digress. Think about the political dilema if Obama, or any past president for that matter, were to really stand on God’s Word and declare “Thus saith the Lord” to this nation. It wouldn’t only be a dilema, it would be political suicide. Many liberals would call for his ouster because he would be “forcing” his Christian beliefs on everyone else. The “Christian” conservatives would applaud and cheer, but they themselves would not take their own stand for Truth.

    The issue of homosexuality is no different. A president cannot appear to alienate any sector of the eligible electorate, even if the lifestyle of that sector goes against his fundamental Christian beliefs. That can cost him the WH if he’s running for a second term. The polarized groups are powerful enough to garner enough support to oust him. So he’s forced to play the political game of “inclusiveness”. IMHO, no one, male or female, who calls themselves a true Christian, can effectively run for the highest office in the land, get elected and remain true to their core Christian values. The political atmosphere will force them to compromise and in which case, they should respectfully withdraw from the race before they even get started..

  13. Trinigirl I disagree with you. None of the other presidents (per you) who have claimed to be Christian have personally refuted and diminished scripture because they wanted a pet issue to have legitimacy. If any have, please cite them.

    And if your premise is right how would you respond to Proverbs 29:2? When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

  14. Correction: Rev. Wrights and Obama’s views on homosexuality are not Biblical, lets not confuse the unchanging Truth with mainstream beliefs.

    If you don’t take the Bible literally you don’t believe Jesus.

    John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. 4In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. 5The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

    There is no such thing as a liberal Christian or Conservative Christian there are only the Sheep and the Goats.

    Matthew 25:32″All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats;

    sheep = Children of God
    goats = children of satan

  15. Friends,

    What I’m about to say, maybe misinterpreted and also purposely misinterpreted, but I speak this in utter love, and those who have come to know me, know this. I have found over the yrs in my walk w/Christ when debating even the most mundane issue/topic and both I and the other brethren/sister may both be lining up w/scripture and its pertaining to the issue/topic at hand. I have found, that if one of us is not seeing it exactly the way the other is then I or the other must be wrong. And in many cases its not even an issue of right or wrong, but the attempt to make one or the other see it exactly the way one does. Then I as I matured more into the things of the Lord, the Holy Spirit brought me to a situation where the Apostle Paul was confronting the same issue and the Apostle wrote, “Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ received us to the glory of God.” It brought me to a place where the other doesn’t have to see it the way I do, but as long as it pertains to the issue/topic I will receive them, because receiving them in this particular case is more important then me being right and them wrong. I pray my intent is received and understood, but if not now perhaps latter.

  16. Bro. gcmwatch, thank you for disagreeing with me. It makes for healthy discussion. IMHO, many presidents have personally refuted and diminished scripture in this country’s history. They did so by advocating slavery and after it was abolished, completely disenfranchising African Americans until LBJ finally passed the Civil Rights Act. I don’t think gay rights is a pet issue for Obama but an issue that several presidents have passed the buck on and now he feels he has to address it. I’m by no means advocating that what he’s doing and how he’s doing it is right. I’m simply looking at things from the other side. He’s doing what he thinks is best as POTUS by reaching out to a group that feels like they have been disenfranchised and ignored by every GOP president in recent history. Bill Clinton skirted it too while he was in office. As POTUS, if Obama didn’t reach out to them, people would perceive him to be exactly what you quoted from Proverbs 29:2 – evil and a tyrant for not being open to address their needs. I don’t dare to judge Obama’s salvation as some have. I don’t walk in his shoes and can never. Only God knows the heart of a man. So I ask the question again: how does one reconcile his or her fundamental Christian beliefs with doing what is politically correct when you hold the highest office in the land? It would be very easy to do if the US operated like Israel did back in the OT – a theocracy. But we’re not. We’re a democracy.

  17. Greetings Tony,
    You are correct in the matter of reception, however the receiving was just a ticket to get you to the table. Look at the end of the day how many views we recorded as scripture given under the inspiration of the Ruach HaKodesh. It was Paul’s view. I understand completely what you are saying.

  18. Trinigirl,
    I really appreciate your comments here and agree with what you are saying. I’ve expressed the same thoughts on other blogs as well when issues concerning President Obama have come up and even posed the same question asyou did” So I ask the question again: how does one reconcile his or her fundamental Christian beliefs with doing what is politically correct when you hold the highest office in the land? It would be very easy to do if the US operated like Israel did back in the OT – a theocracy. But we’re not. We’re a democracy.”

    Unfortunately, I have yet to get a thoughtful answer.

    As you say, we live in a democracy where our leaders are expected to, dare I say required to, represent all of us and the rights we have under the law and what we all perceive to be natural rights. Although we are Bible believing Christians, do we really want a “christian” government? I say that because the question then arises as to whose interpretation of the Bible do we follow? I think we can all agree that this could be problematic. The freedoms and respect that we have for individual rights in this country cut both ways… Some we agree with and some we don’t. That might just be something we have to accept.
    Thanks for your comments – I eas beginning to feel all alone out here. 🙂

  19. Trinigirl, I was looking for some specific facts to back up your assertions not just your opinion. I cited numerous examples in the story to show that Obama overreaching to placate the homosexual community. His invite of homosexual clergy and suggestion that we’re just all one big happy religious family is more than proof of what the main point of my article is about.

    You are talking “disenfranchisement”, “democracy” and other political nebulons which have nothing to do with using scripture to justify legitimization of false teachers, particularly those who teach that sexual immorality [homosexuality] is a gift of God.

    So I guess I can conclude that you arent interested in the core of the article just political peripherals.

  20. Pastor F:

    Come on, man of God! “Snarky” and “sarcastic” simply should not be in our arsenals! Proverbs speaks over and over about proper responses, I dare not start quoting. I think John 3:3 sums it up: “He must increase and I must decrease.”

    Yes, I know this is a small point when compared with the great work you are accomplishing but I just think it undermines you and the mission and I just wouldn’t want satan to have not one more bullet to try and shoot you down. In any case, allow me to speak as a mom and say, “David Foster, if you don’t cut it out I’m going to stop this car!” (LOL). Be blessed!

  21. @Trinigirl I must tell you I believe you are articulating your viewpoint very well. I don’t discern you making excuses for the president’s views and or agendas’. I believe what your saying which is clear, because of the democracy and political atmosphere we live in he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. But as far as judging whether or not he be a believer the bible is clear, “you will know them by there fruits” and also “test the spirit by the spirit.” So we must have the spiritual discernment to acknowledge whether one be a believer or not, I can judge what you do and say (as long as its not hypocritcal) but I cannot judge the content of anothers heart, that must be relieved by the Holy Spirit.

    But if he be truly a believer he must stand, as we all must, that be believers on the Word of God and leave God to the delivering of us from our enemies. And if I’m not mistaken your also speaking in the perspective of, if we were in his position of life, would we be up to the task of “contending earnestly for the faith” or would we falter under worldly pressures. I don’t believe personally he’s faltering under any worldly pressures though, this homosexual/can we all just get along agenda is just what he believes personally. Thats why I believe the Lord’s Word says to pray for those in leadership, because by praying and bringing it him, He can set up a standard (if it be His will) against such foolish agendas and policies.

    But we must believe He can do so by prayer and not always intervene hastily w/our own verbage/opinions, and by doing so taking His hands off of it. Were definetly living in the times of the Judges, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes” and that goes for saint and sinner alike.

  22. So the gay community has been disenfranchised and ignored by the GOP for years……and the President is righting this egregious wrong?
    Does this mean that all these media reports & programmes showing the influence of gays in movies, fashion, music, art, politics and their massive purchasing-power are just fairy tales?

  23. @ Cici. Exactly! Thank you for your thoughts. You make some very good points. Likewise, I was beginning to wonder if there’s anyone else out there who gets what I’m trying to say. I can’t be the only Christian who’s thinking along these lines and raising these questions.

    @ gcmwatch: Yes, I’m talking about “disenfranchisement” and “democracy” because they exist in the society we all live in. Yes, you’ve shown how Obama is overreaching to placate the gay community. I get it…..and I actually agree. I’m simply putting forth another viewpoint for consideration, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The discussion you want me to have is “Obama is wrong!” and take my stand like most everyone else has done here. I can’t do that. This is my citation and where my opinion is coming from: I always try to look at an issue from both sides and try to put myself in the other person’s shoes. I may not necessarily agree with them, but I understand what they’re doing and why. I’m sorry you feel it’s not enough to address the core of the article.

    @ Tony: Thank you. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I understand what you’re saying from the premise of “by their fruits you shall know them.” Obama doesn’t seem to display such fruits. However, I wouldn’t go out on a limb to say that he isn’t saved or isn’t a true believer. But I would hazard a guess and say that he is what the Apostle Paul classifies as a carnal Christian, one who is led by sight and not by faith. But it’s just my opinion. You do raise some valid points for consideration and careful thought.

  24. “Can we with any integrity call those who profane the name of Christ and call his word a lie, brothers and sisters in Christ?” A resolute, “NO” is the only suitable answer. To say anything less would be a disservice to God, the Church, and the watching world. They are not us and we are not them because they are not His.

  25. Wow. I’m actually surprised that there are believers who still look at Obama after all these years and and consider him to be a Christian. To me, it’s simple… Jesus said it plainly: “By their fruits ye shall know them”.

    Obama has shown zero fruits that a true born again Christian should/would exhibit. ZERO. If an “apple tree” keeps producing limes year after year, then at some point the plain reality has to set in: it’s really NOT an apple tree, no matter how much some of us might like it to be one.

  26. Considering the President and his current state of salvation and relationship with Christ, it is painstakingly transparent. There is no “looking at the other POV” where God is concerned, that is treading dangerously close to playing the “devils advocate.” When it comes to Jesus Christ, He is right and everyone else is wrong.

    The President is wrong, because he opposes Christ.

  27. @ Trinigirl

    “So I ask the question again: how does one reconcile his or her fundamental Christian beliefs with doing what is politically correct when you hold the highest office in the land? It would be very easy to do if the US operated like Israel did back in the OT – a theocracy. But we’re not. We’re a democracy.”

    Let me make an attempt to answer this very important question.

    One simply puts God’s word as the final authority in judging right and wrong. One does the right thing even if it isn’t ‘politically correct’ simply because it is ‘the right thing to do’.

    It doesn’t matter if you are the POTUS or the janitor. You don’t get to call right wrong just because the majority of your voters, supporters, or even your citizens think so. Isn’t that how slavery was able to exist so long in this country?

    We made legal was morally wrong. I don’t understand how you don’t make the connection that this is the same thing we are doing again with the issue of homosexuality. Slavery was wrong, Christian leaders should have opposed it and fought against it. Homosexuality is wrong, our leaders should likewise oppose it and fight against it. That is not what this President is doing, yet you don’t condem him but rather defend him?

    As a Christian, do you believe that homosexuality is a sin (wrong) ?

  28. To Trinigirl and Cici:
    Not to take this any further off topic but I believe that many Christians’ problem with Obama, and possibly Pastor Foster’s to an extent, is that he has given a portrayal of himself as a prayerful and faithful servant of God before his election and after. That means that he should have well been aware of the pressures that he would face as a Christian serving in an office over such a nation as ours where everyone is free to believe as they wish. But this one thing holds true for ALL Christians, whether they be managers or CEOs, teachers or prisoners, law enforcement or your everyday citizen: Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and HE will direct your path.” Obama faces some very tough situations indeed, but nothing too hard for God to guide him through if he would only yield fully. How do I know that he’s not yielding fully? Because he’s actually leading people in the way that THEY think is right and not in the way that God thinks is right. So what if he’s impeached? So what if his approval rating dips low? His first obligation is to God as His servant. If I’m correct, Israel wasn’t technically a theological nation under many of the kings because they had forgotten the Law and had thrown out God’s commands in order to follow the Baals and many other demonic practices, but God set His prophets, singular men, against entire nations and empires. They were not elected to ANY office but often reluctantly appointed to oppose the wicked desires of their countrymen ( including their own Kings and Queens). They held fast to God to the point of death but refused to bow to wickedness. This is where Obama falls short. Whether he feels bad for gays or if they were a major financial supporting group of his campaign or if he has a gay relative that causes him to have a soft spot for gays, he’s bowed down to their wants and desires and opened the door for them to walk shamelessly further into sin and ultimately into destruction. And for what? What will he tell God on that day when He stands before Him? I wholeheartedly agree that any Christian President has their work cut out for them. But if you love God more than this world, you can do no less than to uphold him before ALL men. You don’t have to say “Thus says the Lord.” You would be fine to say “This is where we’re going.”

  29. First of all it’s “President Obama” not “Obama”. Second he is POTUS and he has to be inclusive. I agree with on some things and some I don’t but we have a democracy not a theocracy. I do find troubling the virulent racism in many of his critics including the religious kind.

  30. Jason so disagreement with Obama aka SOTUS aka Barry Soetoro equal “virulent racism”? Surely you have a better defense of the anointed one than that.

  31. President Obama’s career is politics and therefore he is a politician. In the United States that means he doesn’t have to use Christianity to influence his decisions. As Christians, we must understand that he is pandering to those who supported his election. If he wants to stay in the lap of luxury another four years he will push his supporters agenda.

    I respect the office of President and respect him in that position. I disagree with his politics enough that I find them conflicting with my Christian beliefs to the point that I cannot support him in 2012. I will always vote for candidates who best uphold biblical principles because I know that nations that follow Christ will be in His arc of safety.

    In 2012, I am voting for change!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praying for a Holy Ghost filled, fire baptized zealot for Christ! No fence walkers in leadership!!

  32. What does it profit a man to gain the world, and to lose his soul? Clearly, Obama has set out to gain the world by giving into every whim while seeking popularity and status with those who oppose Christ. The day that He was voted in office, the Lord reminded me of Israel in how they wanted a king, so God gave them a king. (1 Samuel 8) This is what has happened to us..in that the majority of Americans have been crying out for change that they no longer want what was handed down by our forefathers who wrote the constitution who’s lives were based on biblical principles.1 Samuel 8:6 The Lord spoke to Samuel to hearken unto the people in giving them a king…then the Lord says, for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them. In conclusion, this has been the result of having Obama in office.

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