Late evangelist David Wilkerson prophesied about gay christian movement

Our deepest condolences and prayers are going out today to the family and followers of  prolific Prophet-Evangelist David Wilkerson who was tragically killed April 27 in a car accident in Texas.

David Wilkerson was the famed author of the book The Cross and the Switchblade and founding pastor of Times Square Church. The Cross and the Switchblade —later made into a movie— is arguably one of the well known evangelistic tools given to the church.

The Rev. David Wilkerson, the founding pastor of Times Square Church in Manhattan, N.Y., died in a severe car crash in East Texas Wednesday afternoon. His wife, Gwendolyn Wilkerson, was injured and airlifted to a local hospital.

Wilkerson, 79, crashed his car into an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rig on US Highway 175, outside of Cuney, about 95 miles southwest of Dallas, according to East Texas’s KLTV 7. The Department of Public Safety said the accident happened around 1 p.m. [source]

Wilkerson carried a strong prophetic calling speaking to America and the church, many times and warning of many of the situations facing us today.

In 1973, Wilkerson  accurately prophesied the rise of homosexual religion and the gay christian movement. In a book called The Vision. He has said that God revealed to him a great calamity which was going to befall America due to increase in sins such as homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and greed. [audio] [audio 2]

“There will be an acceptance of homosexuality, and the church will even say that it is a God-given gift.”

  • David Wilkerson’s prophecy fulfilled here and here

“Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and this will be heralded as a new breed of pioneer”

  • David Wilkerson’s prophecy fulfilled here and here

As a young minister, I was drawn to his strong and urgent call to repent and turn to God’s ways. I received his newsletters (before the email years) and found great inspiration in his sermons and writings. When I moved into ministry to homosexuals and speaking out against homosexuality in the church, David Wilkerson had already paved the way for me to boldly proclaim the message of freedom…and of warning.

Although the circumstances of his death are tragic, we give God praise for the tremendous fruit and works of this servant of the Lord. I encourage others to pick up his mantle and prophesy to this wicked generation to repent and turn to God before too late.

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  1. Hello. Just wanted to share that you misspelled Pastor Wilkerson’s name. You have it as “Wilkinson” … God bless.

  2. Amazing how David prophesied this coming trouble… RIGHT BEFORE the great trouble for this nation. I am sad for our country, but very excited about what our Heavenly Father will do with HIS people who remain faithful until the end. Going to get very exciting!

  3. I watched one of his videos on Utube the other day and was just moved to tears. It literally had me praying for a greater denial of self and to move into another level of seeking the Lord. It was awesome. His sincerity was evident with every word. I praise God for his service.

  4. I attended his church, Time Square Church. Glad to say my mother & two brothers later began to attend. So much of what know as christian is because of this man’s ministry. He’ll be sorely missed. But praise God ANOTHER SOILDIER MADE IT HOME!!!! I can’t even begin to imagine the joy & wonder he’s experiencing in the presence of the Lord. God bless his family.

  5. A friend dragged me to the YWAM campus in Kailua-Kona for a screening of The Cross and the Switchblade back in 1981. As a heathen, I was impressed with the movie . . . and especially so with David’s sermon.

  6. Pastor Wilkerson was sure enough a true Prophet of God and man of God. When he preached you could hear the “heart of God” in his messages, you would want to repent. I remember listen to a message he preached called Anguish of God on youtube a couple of months ago, it made me reflect what God really desires from the saints, and the Lord hatred of sin.

    He will be missed, Pastor Dave was real spiritual general in the kingdom of God.

  7. Dear wilkinson family, I want to give you my prayers and wishes for the furture for the ministry that Mr.Wilkinson started and hope that all of you will keep it going.
    Love from a born again christain Pam

  8. I have followed David Wilkerson’s ministry since I was a teen in the 1970’s. His strong words always stayed with me. He always said that he wasn’t a prophet, but a watchman; but even if that was the case, the Lord used him prophetically in spite of himself. I wonder if God will raise up another prophetc voice or are the “prophetic books” now closing because of what is at hand…? May God protect his people!

  9. David Wilkerson was (still is) a Giant in the faith, a real General and true authentic man of God… yet he probably would have shunned those titles.

    My heart was heavy, because of the suddenness of his death … yet, after viewing a video message given by him at Times Square Church (dated 10-25-09 titled ‘The Lord’s Loving Response to Grief’) and toward the end I heard him say that the Lord spoke to him while he was sitting in the pulpit the week before, and the Spirit of God said something to him that he will never forget” ….
    He said, “David, your destiny is in nobody’s hands but Mine.”
    Listening to those words bring comfort and clarity.

    At the same time … that is a Word for the body of Christ. Our destiny is not in the hands of the US or world economy, or the powers of Congress, the Whitehouse, the terrorists, or the storms, earthquakes, etc. It is in the hands of our Father in heaven!!!

    I’ve been stirred in a quiet and sobering way since learning last Wednesday night about David Wilkerson’s departure to heaven.
    I searched through my emails and it was on March 21st that a friend sent a link of his audio message ‘The Touch of God’. It’s dated 5-1-2003 and can be found on Times Square Church’s website.

    The morning after his departure I listened to it again and my heart was stirred when David shared how complacent his life had become in the late 1980′s (it is at the 40 min mark).
    He was living a comfortable country life inTexas (their headquarters) from being “well known” in ministry and from the books he had written. He was traveling the world preaching to tens of thousands at a time, seeing the altars filled ……….. yet, he confesses that he got too busy to really pray.

    He explains how earlier in his life he gave up his TV set because he didn’t know how to handle it. He spent time praying in the hillsides in Pennsylvania and received a vision from God that took him to the streets of New York City to work with teen gangs and drug addicts. Teen Challenge was born, then World Challenge.

    But, later as he could “handle” it, he got it (TV) back. He was traveling the road in a half-million dollar coach tour bus with a driver and entourage …. tinkering around with antique cars – yet he was still meditating and having his little half-hour to hour with the Lord everyday. However he confesses there was no true brokenness, no seeking the face of the Lord.
    He says how during this time he inwardly hated getting up before people to minister, because he knew the hand of the Lord had been lifted from him. This is where he found himself after years of being known as a man of prayer and brokenness.

    Then one day as he was getting into his tour bus on his way to a crusade in Florida with his ministry team, Leonard Ravenhill his neighbor and good friend waved him down before they took off and gave him a book to read – ‘The Christian in Complete Armour’ by William Gurnall. He tossed it aside thinking … who has time to read a 1200 page book by a man who has been dead over 250 years?
    Twenty five miles down the road the Lord told him to pick it back up and read.
    He opened it and didn’t get to 20 pages before he was convicted on his face saying, “Oh God, I don’t know you. What happened to me… what happened?”

    He said he barely got through those 3 nights ministering at a mass crusade in Florida. After the last service, he called his team together and told them it was over, no more travel – they could have the half-million dollar tour bus … he was taking a year off to seek the Lord. He headed back to the hills, once again to pray and seek God with all of his heart.

    From there, the Lord led him to go back to New York. While walking the streets, he began weeping and prayed for God to raise up someone to establish a church in Times Square among the drug pushers and the sensuality – but God chose David and told him if he would obey He would give him a theatre that would take his breath away, he would not lack for money …. that He (GOD) would raise up a church because He had a people there. God gave them the theatre which now houses the Times Square Church.
    His last assignment from God was to “feed the poor”. With that instruction, ‘Please Pass The Bread’ was born. How well he ran his race on earth!! How many lives were transformed because of his obedience!!
    Yet, I believe that through his death, his voice will be heard once again by multitudes in the body of Christ… through his books and messages they will hear the clarion call to wake up from their slumber, return to Jesus Christ their First Love and prepare for His Coming.
    I would encourage everyone to get a copy of David’s book ‘The Vision’, based on a vision he received from the Lord in 1973 and first published in 1974.
    It is available on his website for only $5.00. Many of the things he was shown have come to pass – which in 1973 would have seemed incredible … and many are even now happening.

  10. One of the first books that I read when I became a believer in Christ was Cross and The Switchblade. It was a compelling book that puts you right in the middle of what street evangelism in NYC in the 60’s was about. Growing up in Brooklyn, that’s all that was happening. Street gangs and street preaching. Very few know anything about ministering on these streets in the toughest town on earth. As the church mourn his passing into heaven to be with Jesus, we honor his legacy, and celebrate his ministry. We pray for the local church in Times Square. The work has yet to be completed but they will need time to heal and then carry on the work of the Lord. We must recognize that it doesn’t take all that to get a soap box and herald the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord was never caught off guard because of this tragedy. Many will rise to the call of the Father, as Pastor Wilkerson did, to preach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ under a Holy Spirit, prophetic anointing and grace.

  11. “Many will rise to the call of the Father, as Pastor Wilkerson did, to preach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ under a Holy Spirit, prophetic anointing and grace.”

    So very true Pastor Fred. I have great hope that in the midst of stunning apostasy and deception running wild, God is raising up men and women who are speaking his truth with passion, grace and anointing. He will not be left without faithful witnesses. Pastor Wilkerson has served the Lord well and left an awesome example for those of us who must deal with this generation.

  12. The actual sermon title that I committed on by Pastor Wilkerson isn’t the Anguish of God, but the title is called “A Call to Anguish.” Here is part 1 below

    Powerful sermon!

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