Attack of the 50 ft gay Christian college alumni

Wheaton College is now officially under siege. In the 1958 low budget film Attack of the 50 ft Woman, the main character  used  her alien induced size and power to seek revenge against her adulterous husband and his mistress. In the 2011 spiritual remake,  religious homosexuals induced with satanic power are seeking revenge against  Christian schools who won’t give in to their demands. Let the schools beware.

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that a homosexual group had formed to “provide support for the gay community on the conservative Christian campus.”

It always starts out with a benign “support” premise, but quickly grows into giant, 50 foot demands of acceptance, inclusion, power-sharing and celebration. Like false gay bishop Jim Swilley, one of the alumni evokes the teen suicide phenomena.

Thankfully,  the school’s president Philip Ryken immediately responded with the school’s position on homosexuality. One that reaffirmed its sinfulness.

OneWheaton seeks to offer “a safe space” for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community, said group spokeswoman Kristin Winn. The LGBTQ community, according to Winn, is not widely accepted on campus because of the school’s official position against “homosexual behavior.”

Organizers began reaching out to students last week by passing out informational fliers outside a chapel service.

Soon after, Wheaton College President Philip Ryken sent an internal email to all students, faculty and staff that cited passages in the Bible that condemned homosexual behavior.

But Christian schools need more than a statement and internal emails. Students already know the bible is against homosexuality. Just knowing that is not enough when the opposition is offering cupcakes and sweet tea.  They need proactive measures to steal the thunder and diminish the wild claims of homosexuals whose only agenda is to legitimize their sexual acts.

We outlined several things Christian schools can do or build upon to halt the attacks. But unless they see what will become of them if they fail to contend for their heritage, it will be lost within the next ten years. Christian schools will cease to exist as a true reflection of  biblically influenced education thanks to homosexuals and vision-less school administrators.

Its no secret that scores of students are not only “struggling” with their sexuality, but others are being seduced into homosexuality because they have unresolved identity issues which makes them vulnerable.

Second notice to Christian schools: the ground is starting to quake from the giant’s approaching footsteps.


(1) This is connected to why Christian institutions of higher learning are allowing homosexual advocacy groups to gain a toe-hold inside their walls. Bad news all the way around.

(2) The OneWheaton group is shopping the idea of handing out tea and cupcakes. If they do, check for arsenic and razorblades first. Spiritually speaking, that is. Its just like the satan to fold his lies in sweet sounding tricks.

(3) Ministry Today covers the OneWheaton gay activist group’s madness.

14 thoughts on “Attack of the 50 ft gay Christian college alumni

  1. My son graduated from a very small Christian school, and one of his classmates goes to Wheaton. She chose that school because she wanted to be at a school that would challenge her and uphold the values instilled by her parents and reiterated throughout her school years. Her father is a pastor, and I am sure this does not sit well with them at all. She will be one of the ones that will organize against this attack.

    I hope Wheaton does not bow to the 50 ft menace approaching them.

  2. First of all, I feel obliged to point out that your photo depicts the Wheaton College in Massachusetts, not Illinois (the founding year is kind of a giveaway). No problem, easy mistake, it happens.
    GCMW: Thanks for pointing out such a small error. Its been changed.

    I’m speaking as a former Wheaton student. Am I one of those 50-foot gay alumni? I might be. Does it matter? Would it make me any more or any less saved by grace through faith? Since you so readily attribute homosexuality to direct satanic influence, perhaps it would.

    Firstly, I wanted to point out that although you are correct in pointing out that Dr. Ryken’s response letter reiterated the colleges firm position on sexual purity of all kinds, he also says in the letter that “We stand with LGBTQ persons before God as persons created in God’s own image, and also as sinful persons in need of God’s forgiveness and love.” You don’t even need to reed the gay-tainted source material for this; I’m quoting from the Tribune article you linked. So either you didn’t read it well (you probably did) or simply felt the touchy-feely love each other stuff would undermine the bombastic reiteration of tired talking points and ideas that most of the American Christian church is used to when it comes to discussing the specter of gay people among us. You know, because gays aren’t real people. They don’t feel pain the way normal people do. I think you must believe that, otherwise this article becomes unpardonably offensive.

    Since you could find no fault with OneWheaton’s “benign support premise” you had to paint them as mutants. Monsters. Stomping giants out for blood (though using your analogy, it’s hard to fault the 50-foot wronged woman whose husband cheated on her. You might want to find a different metaphor.) Since all the group did was offer a safe haven to help students find answers, you resorted to using words like “attacking” over and over to describe the hidden, ultimate aims of The Gays. By demonizing homosexuals and turning them into this unified, agenda-driven war machine, you can blithely ignore that these are individuals, many struggling with spiritual issues, many struggling with intense shame and even more fear. People like yourself.
    But as we learned from the “Karate Kid” these gays are your enemy, and the Enemy deserves no mercy. They deserve none of the love that Christ commands from us. If you can paint a group as completely opposed to everything you hold holy and true, then you don’t have to see them as your coworkers, or your neighbors, or possibly even a relative or loved one. They’re simply gays, working to destroy the church, and now Christian colleges as well.
    So there’s no need for silly references or support for your claims (e.g., “It always starts out with a benign “support” premise…” or “homosexuals whose only agenda is to legitimize their sexual acts.” (emphasis yours)), not when your only agenda is to stir up alarm, anger, and ultimately hate.

    If the actions of a group are concern for the downtrodden and reaching out to love those who feel unloved or possibly even unlovable, and the response from a Christian organization is to lash out with hate-filled speech and condemnation for acts the group hasn’t even come close to committing, then which of these is truly doing the work of God?

    It’s all right, GCMWATCH. You want to keep the Church doctrinally pure. You were saved by the grace of a loving God who sent his only son to pay for your sins. Like Peter striking the ear off the guard in the garden of Gethsemene, your actions in defense of Christ are understandable. For a savior who has done so much for you, how can you stand by and do nothing as he is attacked?

    But Christ healed the ear of the guard Peter struck because Jesus understood something you seem to be having trouble with: Christ was to die for the guards, too.

    As those at Wheaton are so wont to say: “I’ll pray for you.” I firmly believe that if you seek the truth unbridled by hate, you and I will one day stand before the same God in worship.

    Very sincerely,

    James Ratcliffe, class of ’99

  3. James, I am very aware of the entirety of the president’s letter. Anyone with basic clicking and reading skills could do the same thing you did and read what was said at the link. That’s a moot point but apparently it means a lot to you, so I am glad I put the link there to the CT article so you could click, read and comment on it.

    Yes, the analogies with the 50 ft woman are appropriate and used intentionally. Homosexual activists in religious blackface are terrorizing Christian schools and attempting to force them to change basic biblical beliefs on sexuality. Wheaton’s not the first. If you take some time to read and research, you’d discover its a growing tactic being deployed by terror groups like Soulforce. You minimize the danger to schools, we paint the picture as it is.

    Sin is our enemy and those who seek to institutionalize sin are partnership with the enemy and against God. Bible 101: Sin destroys everything and everyone it touches. And homosexuality is sin. No need for any exegesis there. Its sin. Unfortunately the misguided members of OneWheaton are blindly doing the bidding of satan which is to legitimize homosexuality. If they really wanted to “help” someone, they would first repent of their own transgressions, then advise students who are struggling with their sexuality to do the same and follow the Lord’s way.

    Jesus loves all, even those who oppose His word and teach others to sin. But love does not cancel judgment. In fact, judgment will be the more harsh because despite all the love he poured out, they still rejected his truth and rebelled against him.

    Christ didnt die to make people happy and accepted, he died to make us free from the penalty and power of sin, thereby reconciling us to a holy God. You’d do well to return to the fundamentals of our faith instead of trying to infuse it with humanistic ideology which in the end with perish, along with all who eat its poisonous fruit. Watch the movie. Take some notes.

  4. GCMW: You do not understand analogies, clearly. James did a nice thing in pointing out that, in order for OneWhaton to be to be the equivalent of a 50-tall “monster” of a woman, the institution in opposition of OneWheaton (your website) is the equivalent of an adulterous husband. In fact, if my thinking skills are what I think they are, I bet the movie was playing off the idea that the giant thing seeking revenge is thought of as a “monster,” when, really, it’s actions are quite justifiable. Food for thought.

  5. I only hope that the African American church will finally take a wide and broad stance against the RAMPANT homosexuality that is taking place in America.

  6. I disagree with your statement “No need for exegesis.” If there’s dissent regarding a portion of the Bible’s interpretation, whether or not you agree with it, that’s PRECISELY when exegesis IS needed.

    To suggest otherwise is to believe that Scripture, when read without an understanding of the culture of the writer, can be perfectly understood, which is patently false. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all of this, since you know it for yourselves.

  7. Exegesis isnt needed because of dissent. Its needed when the scripture isnt clear about certain issues. My statement is that homosexuality is sin. Your dissent isnt with me because Im not the orginator of that truth God is. Therefore unless you agree with his truth, you are “dissenting with God”. I think we all know how far that will go.

    Case in point:
    Man shall not lie with man as with woman, it is an abomination.
    Lev 18:22

    What about that needs explaining any further unless you have no intentions on obeying it whether its explained or not?

    100% of scriptures that mention THE ACT both explicitly and implicitly condemn it, with one exception. That’s when 1 Cor 6, talks about being washed, cleansed and justified from the sin (that’s past tense).

    The root of sin is disobedience. That’s what OneWheaton needs to learn. Helping someone feel good about sin isnt a solution, its an act of hatred towards the person.

    And a note to you: this will not turn into a sidebar on whether homosexuality is right or wrong. We’ve already hashed that out more than enough. If you want to explore more just use the blog search.

  8. Your response to James compares Soul force to terror groups and says that groups working toward equality and safety for homosexual people are “terrorizing” campuses.

    Terrorism, by definition, involves violence or threats of violence. Can you provide a legitimate, substantiated example of Soul Force or OneWheaton inflicting or threatening violence?

    GCMW: On the left side bottom of the blog, look for categories. Go to Soulforce and follow the trail. And make sure you note SF’s habit of accusing schools and churches of “spiritual violence” and accusing them of being responsible for the deaths of homosexuals. Make sure you note that when you read and remember you said terrorism by definition includes “threats of violence”.

    And speaking of exegesis, I would be very interested in an explanation of what you mean by “religious blackface.”

    GCMW: Its just what it sounds like.

  9. We are sinners because we identify with Sin. Our hearts are set against God and that manifests itself in many ways. If we didn’t identify and “like” Sin, then the Good News wouldn’t be necessary. But we’re not victims; we have chosen this road for ages and ages, time and again. If we feel anxiety over our choices, it must be because of society, hateful people or some kind of outmoded authority — definitely not our ever-present conscience.

    If you do not accept the premise of the Bible, why try to change it to fit what you think it should mean? Why not disregard it entirely? If it indeed is set in one largely irrelevant historical time period – and not a living document – what power does it have over you? Toss it away. Invent something new.

    Going to a Christian school, being raised in a Christian household or reading the Bible cover to cover for 10 lifetimes will not change our orientation to identify with Sin. True change begins when we turn to Jesus Christ with genuine humility and seek His Lordship over our lives.

    The Truth hurts. It cuts through our nice exteriors and artificial fronts and sophistries. It reveals our deceiving hearts. It exposes the idols of our minds.

    I stand with Brother Foster for the Truth.

  10. I think part of the problem with religious colleges is that higher learning is about questioning and examining one’s own beliefs and assumptions. If one takes specific issues off the table, then there cannot be a serious inquiry. College student need to be exposed to EVERY point of view.

    If students or educators do not want to see their own values challenged then they do not belong in college. (And anyone who cannot stand to see their values challenged obviously does not have much faith in them to begin with.)

  11. I agree with that Torren. What do you think is the reason why Christian colleges havent exposed students to more speakers, conferences, lectures and programs about coming out of homosexuality?

  12. Stephen the purpose for an exegesis of a portion of scripture is only to explain what the text means. The bible has only one interpretation and that is God’s interpretation. Exegesis does not change what is written no matter what you try to infer upon the text. And if you are trying to say that the “homosexual behavior is sin” thesis is wrong well then you have completely stepped aside from exegesis (and scripture) and have now started to use eisegesis…..

    that would put you in the ranks of some of the most ignorant bible teachers out there today:

    jakes, joyce meyer, osteen, blake etc…….

  13. If this school recv’s any federal funds then they are unfortunately obligated to support their entire student body including those in the LGBT community The school cannot deny the LGBT students from organizing or forming a group…Churches and Christian Schools should be careful when it comes to using “federal funds”…

  14. I agree with you completely on that gbg111. When you accept government money, you place yourself under their authority and it will complicate at best holding fast to biblical directives. God or Mammon? Cant serve both.
    However its unknown whether Wheaton is a receives such funding.

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