New Book: Queer Things Happening to America

In this case, queer is never a good thing.

Charlotte based Coalition of Conscience founder Dr. Michael Brown appeared on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural” to talk about his  new book  “A Queer Thing Happened to America.”  During the interview Brown revealed that no Christian publisher wanted to touch his book because of the fear that the homosexual community would come down on them hard and virtually cause them economic loss. One literary agent told him to change the title of the book because a publisher believed the title was to controversial. This eventually caused Brown to self- publish the book.  It has been one of’s top selling…and most controversial. Based on some of the comments from the customer review section this book definitely has edge.

In the interview, Dr. Brown touches on the subject that the homosexual agenda has impacted all facets of America life and driving American society more tolerant and accepting to homosexuality. Sadly, the church is following the lead of culture and not the Word of God.

In April, just a month after Dr. Brown interviewed with Sid Roth, the California Senate passed  Senate Bill 58.  This legislation would require California public schools to add gay history to its already overcrowded curriculm.   This  bill is now waiting to be approved by the California  State Assembly.   A Queer Thing is Always Happening in California that is for sure ( here, here, here).  This is further confirmation of what Dr. Michael Brown has spoken in his interview and written about in his book.  Please take out the time and view Dr. Michael Brown’s interview with Sid Roth.

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  1. powerful and truthful.. i will buy this book. we have to fight for the souls of people against this powerful deception of satan, and we have to pray for a miracle from God to destroy this great lie.

  2. I will be purchasing this book as well. And I will be praying for this Nation, and praying for the Lord to show himself strong.

  3. Dr. Brown is an awesome writer, and a true man of God that preaches and teaches holiness. I plan on getting the book also.

    I have already read his books called: Revolution! The Call to Holy War, and The Rude Awakening How Saved Are We. One of my friends introduce me several years ago to Dr. Brown writings.

  4. I came across one of your posts back on wordpress in 2007 but the section for comments was closed. Your post was entitled “Mel White: Don’t discuss the Bible” and it basically said that gay Christians are scared to discuss the Bible passages that (appear to) condemn homosexuality. I am not afraid at all and I challenge you to research and pray for discernment. I’ll begin with Sodom. Read Genesis 19:1-11 without your humanly biased thoughts and realize four truths that change the story completely. 1) the men in Lot’s house were not humans, but angels. 2) The men of Sodom were wanting to have sex with them against their will, i.e rape the angels. 3) Genesis was written before Leviticus instructed against (what appears to the out-of-context-reader as) homosexuality. 4) God already decided to destroy Sodom before the act in question occurred.
    Are you familiar with Biblical culture? Barbaric males of the time often raped foreigners as a sign of power or punishment. When Lot did not give up the angels to the men, they said, “Now we will deal with you (Lot) worse than them (the angels)!” “Dealing worse” clearly meant a stronger punishment, not friendly gay sex and not certainly a committed loving same-gender relationship. Looking deeper, Jude 1:7 speaks of those in Sodom going after “strange flesh” (Greek words: sarkos heteras) which is equated to “going after one not of the same nature or class.” It is obvious that two people of identical gender would be of the same nature or class even more than a male and female. Humans are in a different nature and class to angels just as we are in a different class to animals. Therefore, “strange flesh” is referring to angel and human relations and/or inner-species sex, not gay/lesbian sex.
    This just touches the surface of one verse of the others in the Bible. I discuss each one in great detail on my website, including what the Lord stated in Ezekiel as the real reason that Sodom was destroyed (no mention of homosexuality). I am wondering if any of your readers, as well as you, have prayed to God to show you the truth of His word and not focus upon such things as this which alienate an entire group of followers. Would God want you to do this? Ask Him.
    I wish you could go to my church with me and you would be shocked to feel the presence of God radiating in its members within its walls. We are a small conservative church made up of almost all gay and lesbian believers, but I find more Holy presence there than any other heterosexual church growing up. The fundamental churches left me spiritually blocked because of the hatred of man, not God. I have found my first love again. Praise be to my Lord Jesus! He is my Lord as well as yours! I leave you with these important verses:

    “God has shown me that I should never call a person impure or unclean…What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” -Acts 10: 28,15

    “Let love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the law demands. In the law there are many commandments such as ‘be faithful in marriage,’ ‘do not murder,’ ‘do not steal,’ ‘do not want what belongs to others.’ But all these are summed up in the commandment that says ‘love others as much as you love yourself.’ no one who loves others will harm them. So love is all that the law demands.” – Romans 13:8-12

    GCMW: Unfortunately, youve dropped your speech off and its unrelated to the subject matter of this post. So until there is a post specifically dealing with what you said, consider this the end run. And I strongly suggest you go back and read the article you referenced. You grossly mischaracterized it.

  5. So glad to see this article and interview posted here. May God wake up the sleeping giant (the church), before it’s too late!

    I wrote the following comment about this book on March 26th (published 3-30-11) under the following Blog discussion titled:

    25 years ago: Dr. Walter Martin, Andy Comiskey Take on Progay Clerics

    …….”Friday evening I attended a meeting in Fredericksburg, VA where Dr. Michael Brown was speaking about his newly released book …

    ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America’ (And what a long, strange trip it’s been). He explained that this book was not his idea, but was a ‘God Assignment’.
    He spent 5 years researching and his book contains over 1500 end notes. Sadly, he had to self-publish because no publishing house would touch it (they were afriad of the homosexual community). Even the so-called christian and conservative publishers said “No”.

    The book is a must read!
    Purchasing it on Amazon will help in the ratings and get the word out faster. Ironically it was listed 1st in Gay and Lesbian non-fiction!
    Hope it stays in that spot!”

  6. I already have Dr. Brown’s “A Queer Thing Happened to America” and have read several chapters. It’s been difficult and even depressing to read because the level of deception which has been perpetrated upon the church and the world is so great. I’m particularly interested in his discussion of how and why the mental health profession removed homosexuality from the recognized diagnostic handbook in 1973 and the result of that one crucial decision today. I work in the social service / mental health field and was aware of this history but rarely is it discussed in one place.

    Pastors and church leaders should be reading Dr. Brown’s book and attending his presentations whenever possible. I’m sharing my book with my church family.

    P.S. I also recommend Dr. Brown’s books about our Jewish brothers and sisters in the faith such as “Our Hands Are Stained with Blood”.

  7. Should we be surprised? Pastor Foster, thanks for this awakening. We are not facing a crisis, we are facing an opportunity to stand and reveal the lies and share the truth of GOd’s Word. Dr. Brown wrote a book “What Happened To The Power Of God.” We now know why. The spirit of compromise opened the door to an evaporation of God’s presence and power. Dr. Brown said, “I’m not ready to go into the closet.” I’m not going into the closet! It ain’t happening. The commissioning of apostolic preaching to an apostate church has begun. Who will answer the call? As a former Navy vet, I know what it is to protect and defend. Every person that name the name of Christ must do the same. Only this time, for the Kingdom of God.

  8. Thank you for this head’s up Brother Foster….I too want to get this book! Dr. Brown is a well known Jewish Brother in Christ…I have many of his older books but I am glad too see someone tackling this dangerous homosexual agenda….May many other brothers and sisters continue to speak the truth in Christ against the homosexual agenda.

  9. Sinners have no clue what love is, what they call love is perverse and if your presentation is not perverse they will call you all kinds of names.They are immersed in lies so it is no surprised they call Dr. Brown a Nazi or hate monger, they want their sin and want us to not only approve it but also conform to it as well. Those who will repent will repent but those who want will hate you as they hated Christ.

  10. Here is an interview with Dr. Brown I ran across regarding this book.

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  11. gaychristian(an oxymoron) I think you need to do a more thorough study on the scripture references you provided. It is quite obvious at least to me that you have presented a slant that only supports your muddied view of the holiness of God and His truth.

    Love: interesting that you would end your argument with that term. Again I would suggest that you do a much more thorough study on biblical references. Please delve more deeply into the concept of love as revealed in scripture and be honest and see if what you find supports your claims…:)…God bless

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