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“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3

There is an epidemic in the nation of the United States, affecting many with it’s malnutrition laced gospel, effecting and causing untold many to fall ill from its affects of false spirituality which is being packaged and marketed as 100% pure truth.

Millions of families, children and teenagers have been and are being sucked into a void, a stark deception which has absolutely nothing to do with the gospel, but more with commericalized, slick advertising in hopes to attract them while the same time taking them for everything they can financially.

What it is, is nothing short of manipulation of the worst kind, and the sad fact remains, many are eating it daily, not realizing that the very thing they are consuming is immitation Christianity that has absolutely nothing to do with Christ or his Kingdom.

“The American way is God’s way!”

At the turn of the century, the culture in America was beginning to radically develop itself as a nation founded with principles. While many aspects of growth in the country focused on building American Cities and Towns, there was also an honest and genuine foundation that many held onto and it was spiritual in nature, the gospel of Jesus Christ was the staple to our very foundation in many ways. It must be said that although we were not a traditional “Christian” nation, what we were was a people dedicated to helping one another to build something great and the world took notice. After two world wars, conflicts in Vietnam and Korea, America cemented itself as a nation unlike any other in the world. We became the leader of the free world in every area of life – including religion.

From the early days of Billy Sunday to Billy Graham, there was a genuine move of God that took place in our nation and culture. Even in a small mission house in Los Angeles California, there began to be a powerful move of God that was unlike any many had seen before, and they called it the Asuza street revival.

For a period between the early 1920’s to 1950’s, Cities and Towns were made pit stops to tent revivals, open street preachers where hundreds turned into thousands of people came out to see what was happening in these meetings. The Church was having a genuine move of God and thousands got saved. But with the coming 60’s sex revolution and then the 70’s drug exploration and liberalism, the Church’s impact had little to no affect upon the millions of people in our society.

The charismatic/pentecostal move had dwindled to sparatic pockets in areas of the country, but the major revival and growth it had seen in the years prior had all but faded away.

During the 80’s, the Church saw a continuing steady growth, although it also saw the failures of some of the top leading men of God at the time, still, the Church began to grow once again, but something began to surface and began to take shape, a more commercialized gospel was beginning to become the anthem to many and within the next two decades that message of social causes laced with Christian ethics began to seep into the pulpits of America’s churches and before long, millions were being introduced to a new gospel, not the same gospel message of old, but of a new kind – the gospel of social conveinence.

It didn’t take long for this gospel to have many leaders, from a young Rick Warren, to an older Robert Schuller, the gospel of Christianity had changed its message and was more focused on health, wealth and prosperity. Gone were the messages of sin, conviction, hell and of man’s failure to meet the standards of God. The new gospel became a rallying cry to many and many were listening.

As the new 21st Century began to come into reality, the Christian Church in America saw that with the acceptance of a non-confrontational gospel message, it also brought something else – money. And lots of it.

Soon, most Churches replaced the tattered and torn symbol of the message of the cross and took on a more diplimatic approach, one that said, “God loves us all, no need to repent.” And with that gospel more and more became tolerant and more accepted those that preached the message of conformity.

The compromising leaders of the modern church also, like Corporate America, seeded their status in the nation and the world and took advantage of their financial gain, like Judas, they betrayed the master for 30 pieces of silver and reaped a harvest.

Today, the mega churches line practically every major City in America. Pumping it’s processed spiritual food into the lives and homes of millions and the affect is now beginning to be seen.

Just like bad food to the body, bad spiritual food to the soul is even worse, for just as a constant diet of high fatty foods will lead to clogged arteries, a life of plagued with medical problems and weight gain, a spiritual diet of sugar coated sermons, little to no intake of Bible training and reading, will bring about a person to a weak life in Christ, and if not corrected, could even mean spiritual death with the loss of ones soul.

Our Cities are plagued with Wal-Mart themed Churches where the object is filling seats, rock concerts from the latest Hollywood heros to renting baseball stadiums filled to capacity while the true gospel of conviction and repentance is replaced to a 90 minute message of universalism and tolerance of other faiths. Our pulpits are filled with men and women who have never experienced the power of the Holy Ghost as the early leaders of the day were. Healings and demonic possession are backroom discussions during board meetings, or late night gatherings at the local restaurant.

The average person today is inundated with images of products from books about fasting for 21 days to get rid of sin, while others promote the latest fad of dieting by Manna bread and grape juice. Even worse, our networks have been completely overtaken by slick sales men and women pitching the latest special, miracle healing oil, demonic protection oil, water from Jerusalem that can heal of cancer. The fast food epidemic in the Churches in America is now worse today than it has ever been before.

“But why does it taste so good?”

This is yet another comment I ask myself when I go into a McDonalds and eat a big mac, I know it’s not good for me, I know that it’s processed meat, not really 100% beef and I also know that their french fries can last for over a year without rotting, but, still, with every bite, the taste, it’s the taste that keeps me coming back time after time. And I will still continue to go back until my body finally tells me to stop, that it can’t handle it anymore. It’s the same with most modern day Churches today.

So many are presenting a false gospel so well prepared, so well conceived that it’s almost hard to tell the real from the immitation! Jesus said that there would come a day that even the very elect might be deceived. The very notion that so many are becoming swallowed into the gospel of self has me convinced, just as McDonalds keeps bringing the masses back, so will the current church continue to feed the masses of a gospel that is neither satisfying nor can strenghten the soul.

The mass production of prepackaged and boxed Christianity will continue to it’s final agenda is reached – till the world is so spiritually fat and unhealthy, it won’t know the difference between the real and the false and more importantly, it is preparing them all for the arrival of the man the word of God warns us is eventually coming – the Anti-Christ.

Yes, the real agenda behind most, if not all, of the compromising mega-churches today are nothing more than breeding grounds for the anti-Christ spirit that is shaping the world for his appearance. We are being forced to eat of this gospel and if we don’t stop returning back to the goldern arches of these poison laced Churches, it will be us, the true believer, that will be so unable to discern the real from the false.

Yes, the taste is addicting, that’s how the hook begins, it begins with a smile, a nice quote from the word, then it’s followed by some lies, even more lies on top of it, but in the end, the only thing that you are getting is a slick marketing gimmick for a poison which is more deadly than anything Jim Jones cold ever design or come up with.

Satan’s tactics are immense, why? For these are the last days, and if we are not prepared, it will be us who are the fools for participating in the fast food Church of America.

“Do you want lies with that?”


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  1. Welcome to GCMW! The article does a great chronology on the fast dive the current institutional church these days. The signs of the steady fast food religion is evident all around us, and has and is leaving the populace sick and lethargic.

    It’s now become the norm for people to “dummy up” as it relates to in-depth scripture reading and studying. It’s evident in the wholesale rejection of the Word as it relates to anything involving repentance from anything that gratifies the flesh. The results as we have seen to date are staggering, and are only to get worse as time passes.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. This article is a valid point, as it points to the destruction of souls due to wanting a gospel that is fast, cheap, and a taste that keeps luring them back for more. The imitation gospel will never be satisfying as the true gospel of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, it will leave those fat and weak spiritually as well. Also, I think how fast food chains use lures to attract children by giving them a toy or prize with their meal. So, the parents buy into this concept of continually returning to buy those meals. Which is comparison of some churches today trying to lure children and teens, with commercialized gimmicks because the churches know that if they can attract the children and teens, then the parents will eventually start coming too. As a result, this is how famiilies are being taken or robbed financially and spiritually, in that they settle for a gospel that is processed
    meat instead of the 100% meat.

  3. WHAT A WORD CGREGORY! If this doesn’t explain what’s going on in “most” churches in this post modern era today, I don’t know what does! Thank you for this timely, on-point post! After reading this, I don’t even want to “eat” at Micky D’s any longer! Thank God that He opened my eyes to come out of the “spiritual” Mickey D church years ago…and for ministries such as this that continues to cry aloud and spare as many of the flock that are tired of Extra Value Meals that truly have NO VALUE AT ALL…SPIRITUALLY OR PHYSICALLY!

  4. This is so on point and on time!

    Praise God!

    “The compromising leaders of the modern church also, like Corporate America, seeded their status in the nation and the world and took advantage of their financial gain, like Judas, they betrayed the master for 30 pieces of silver and reaped a harvest.”

    What a comment!!

    Its is so true that so many Churches have so many causes but the true gospel isnt one of them. The gospel is so man centered and cannot be compatible with Christ telling us to lay up our treasure in heaven.

  5. Compromise or Conviction? What Pastor Foster shared is a prophetic warning. Your message underscores the anemic condition of the church that opened the door to open sexual sins and other sins that we still wink at. That’s why the church in America is not experiencing the power of God to change lives. Isn’t that what we are in the ministry for? How can the unchanged change the unchanged? The pastor that fails to confront sin in the church is only an indication that he or she is in sin and is a hypocrite. Do not think for one minute that God is pleased. Sin is still sin no matter what brand of ketchup you use.

    Keep it coming Holy Spirit through your man servant!

    GCMW: This article was by GCMW writer Christopher Gregory

  6. God doesn’t change and neither does His Bride. As we speak He is ironing out all the wrinkles and bleaching all the spots of His Bride that He is returning for. Thats why those who truly love God will leave their sin accepting (whichever that is) denomination and join a Church that worships God in Spirit and Truth. Now as the article points out I am speaking of America which is in spiritual shambles. Nothing has changed. Enough of what I think what does the Bible say?

    Romans 11:4-5

    4But what is the divine response to him? “I HAVE KEPT for Myself SEVEN THOUSAND MEN WHO HAVE NOT BOWED THE KNEE TO BAAL.”

    5In the same way then, there has also come to be at the present time a remnant according to God’s gracious choice.

    Daniel 3:16-18

    16Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego replied to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to give you an answer concerning this matter.

    17″If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king.

    18″But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”

    The remnant will not give in to sin!

  7. In essence the sentiment in this article is sound and speaks to the shamoblic state of the worldly church that masquerades itself as the Church of God.

    However, care needs to be taken when referencing to the various revivals of the last hundred years or so, whether Azusa street, the Evangelical movements in the various guises etc as points of where the church has fallen from.

    I say this because having spent years studying these so called revivals, all is not what they may appear to be and deception, false doctrine, sin and immorality in the leadership were almost as prevalent then as it is now, believe me, we have been fooled about some of our heritage. The only difference is media in terms of advancements in speed and distribution.

    Let me put it out there, what would be the greatest deception that the devil could pull on the church?

    1. That God does not exist
    2. That there is no heaven or hell
    3. That Jesus didn’t die on the cross
    4. That The Lord isn’t coming back

    Yes, I know, there are churches which hold one or more of theses doctrines but to any sobber person, these are no brainers. However, what if I advocated a gospel where

    1. Sin was considered no big thing because God’s love covers it all
    2. That as long as you worshipped, God would accept you.
    3. If you shout and speak in tongues, it is a sign of your righteousness regardless of your lifestyle
    4. That the move of the spirit was more important than scipture
    5. Your sins are between only yourself and God, and that no one had the right to judge you, even if you hurt a third party.

    These were all characteristics of many of the revivals of days gone by and are what has birthed the church of today!

  8. Excellent article CGregory, and the points raised by Servantman about some of ‘revivals’ are very sobering, for it shows that ‘another gospel’ was also being preached from that point onwards. Things like tarrying services, where you waited for the Holy Spirit to fill you, and you were taught that the sign of you being filled with the Holy Spirit was when you spoke in tongues.
    (i.e. not your native language) I remember so many of us young persons yearning to be ‘filled.’ and at one service it happened to a relative of mine, and she was up and down the church speaking in tongues from corner to corner, while the congregation praised God. and the rest of us at the altar were encouraged to keep on praising God, and speak whatever came into our minds. Eventually, the service was over, and the Pastor told those of us who were ‘not filled’ that we were not to feel bad, but it would soon happen to us, maybe it would happen while we were in our beds at home. So later on when I felt a ‘presence’ coming over me, I raised my hands (as taught) opened my mouth to say ” Hallelujah, thank you J- and realised that I couldn’t speak! My mouth was forming the words, but no sounds were coming out, I tried calling for help, and no sounds came out…and it felt like somebody or something as heavy as lead was pressing the life out of me. Somehow I realised that this was NOT the Holy Spirit of God , and I started calling (still no sounds) on Jesus to help me, and eventually the ‘presence’ left. Years later I realised that there are many traditions in the church that are contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and emptying my mind to speak in tongues is not of God.

  9. America is lost. Once a great nation, it’s become the Babylon of the Bible. Drunk with power, and the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures it’s only goal. Corrupted on the inside, fighting wars and spilling blood of saints everywhere. It will cease to exist as we know it, within two years. Obama was Satan’s gift to his American fans.

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