R.I.P. Sheriff Woody 1995-2011

Say it ain’t so Woody!

He was a champion of values, morals and honesty to children everywhere. His ability to see through the faults of an individual and reach out to show support and embrace the quality within a person was one of his many qualities. Even now, I feel that heart warming tug deep inside my chest when I hear that loud, cheerful laugh that makes you feel like riding off into the sunset for one last great adventure. You had a friend in Sheriff Woody.

But now Woody has sadly become apart of something that saddens me not only as a person, a Disney fan, but also as a Christian. Woody became a supportive voice to gay rights. Yes partner, that lovable and gentle champion of personal character has become a fixture to a new video that aired during a recent episode of ‘Glee’ called the, ‘It gets better project’ by Google and Dan Savage. The one minute and thirty-one second clip has inspired thousands in response to this popular, celebrity endorsed video series. Sadly though, Woody has become a victim in the ongoing war on traditional Christian morality and whose voice and image has been lent to this propaganda tool by those who seek to undermine established values.

Now, of course we know that Sheriff Woody is a fictional character created by Pixar and Disney, but his impact on children has not only been great, but also influential. This brings me to what I am beginning to see within this homosexual spirit of deception that is sweeping across this nation, and that is this – it not only wants adults, now it wants your children as well.

We’ve come to a new tactic in warfare and by far, this is the most concise, deliberate and well orchestrated attack yet on the minds of children to date. Make no mistake, the enemy succeeded in making it even more difficult in what parents can allow their children to watch as well as read. For by using a popular image of a loveable cowboy, where millions of influential children will follow every word and idea spoken at the pull of a string, the enemy has cleverly hand picked the one innocent figure that will lead many children astray. What better teaching tool of tolerance and acceptance than Sheriff Woody and his pals?

The war on Christianity, it’s values, and the word of God, has become all too clear in these last days that we are most certainly in, and that is this, anything is game – even an animated character. So while I sadly say “Good-bye partner” to a friend, I chalk it up to the casualty of spiritual warfare. Still, I find comfort in knowing that we’re not truly alone, for there is one who goes with us that is closer than a brother, for it is he who reminds us all that we truly do ‘have a friend in me’.

Good-bye Woody.










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  1. The Word of God has been realized completely through a human mind, and subsequently proccessed through primitive caveman understanding. As such, what you refer to as the Word of God ( erroneously referred to as ‘logos’) is in fact the words of Men ABOUT God. Here is to intellect!

  2. “Intellect has brought us wars, famine, slavery, greed, poverty, oppression, disease, tyrants etc., etc., But God has brought us life through the cross, found in his word. I’ll take the cross over intellect any day.

  3. Are you serious? Look up the dark ages, the Salem which hunts, and when you do , you will discover that ‘religion’, not science or ‘intellect’ is responsible for such atrocities. I can’t believe how much of a revisionistic load of malarkey your last statement was.

  4. Religion in the hands of men will always bring bondage. Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship – know the difference. Christianity is a real, personal relationship between Christ and those who follow him. Intelligence rejects the cross for it is based on man’s attempt to reach God through HIS means, faith trumps intelligence for it relys soley on the trust God provided for us in the cross. Your ideas are a twisted one because your heart has not been changed. When the heart changes to reflect Christ, only then will the intellect change to match it.

  5. Amen Mr. Gregory–you have responded excellently!!

    Unfortunately Truthkid needs the scales to drop from his/her eyes to be able to receive this.

    We continue to pray.

  6. I will say this once again, unless you want to discuss the content of the post, refrain from posting. Back and forth personal attacks will be deleted.

  7. Not Woody too!!!! Woody was one of my child’s favorite Disney characters. The gay agenda will stoop to any levels to get our children. Parents we have a God given responsibility to teach our children God’s Word! Not the Sunday School teacher, Youth Pastor, Elder or Sr. Pastor – it is our job to turn off the TV, cell phone, computer, Netflix and teach our children the ways of the Lord. I’m always shocked and disappointed at alleged Christians that watch shows like Glee, Modern Family, and American Idol and so on. These people are driving with their eyes closed. We will have to stand before God one day and give account for what we do and allow our children to do.
    Deuteronomy 6:6 -9 “And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. 7 You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. 8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. 9 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

  8. WOW!

    Its no secret that if you can influence the Children you cab no doubt change the world. Children minds will believe almost anything you tell them, especially it is “someone” whom the really like – Woody.

    The amazing thing is that so little people in the world are homosexual but this minority has so much power. It goes to show you how sinful and perverse many people the world looks up to most probably are.

    Its not by chance that they put the commercial on during glee either since that show openly promotes homosexuality and I am quite sure has a big homosexual following.

    Poor ignorant me thought it was about “singing”. I said to my wife lets have a look and then after a few minutes we see two of the young men kissing.

    Very sad days we are in, very sad!

  9. @Paul-well their sin is backed by the price of the air aka satan so you know they will pack a punch.

    @Lady D-Now I’m all for turning off that T.V. and getting in the word. But what’s wrong with american idol? I allow that on in my house. But it will not come before the word of God.

  10. The best place to hide something, is in plain sight. If the devil came to your door and said “Hi, I’m the devil. May I come inside and teach your children some witchcraft, pagan worship, idolatry with a little sexual perversion on the side?”, would you let him inside your house? Course not, not only would you slam the door in his face, but you would plead the blood of Jesus and command him to leave and never return. Then you’d call up the prayer warriors and tell them how the bare-faced devil showed up at your doorstep and had the nerve to ask if he could come inside the house of a blood-bought, spirit-filled child of God…and you’d testify about it on Sunday, and warn your brothers and sisters in Christ.
    The devil knows this, so being the most subtle of all God’s creation, he gets his servants to create tell-lie-vision programmes and characters that brings his evil right into your ‘Christian’ home, and your children build relationships with these characters. Your children listen to them, sings with them, speaks like them, memorise lines of dialogue, dresses like them………and we call it entertainment. . Woody, Dora, King Julian, cartoons as a whole, their true purpose is to program persons especially impressionable children. Once the children are hooked or yolked to these characters, then they can teach them anything the programmers want.

  11. @brdavision
    Amen brother, as long as nothing comes before the Word of God. The point I was making is that so many leave training of the children to others and look what has happened to the past 3 generations. Television is the unpaid babysitter and often has a negative impact on young minds (and old minds). As believers we are commanded to teach our children the Word of God.
    I’m a single parent and by the grace of God, took time in the evenings for family devotionals; and it has paid off in a huge way.
    We watch TV, but we try to filter programs through the Word – not trying to be holy, but careful.

  12. Gay columnist Daniel Villarreal just ran an article admitting that it is in the gay agenda to indoctrinate the kids, as we see the clear examples of California which is in a state of decay and has been for some time.

  13. I have been watching this slow descent into darkness by Disney and other “kids’ channels” for a while now. Parents, please be extra careful because even some of the cartoons are including these odd male characters that reflect a more “docile, soft spoken, effeminate” type of guy. More than ever now, you have to screen everything your children are exposed to. The suttle entrances to enticing your children are everywhere. There’s even a psuedo-social site for young adults similar to facebook out there that, when you go through the different avatars the child can choose, there are about 3 or 4 that has the gay pride flag. NO JOKE.
    Parents, if you care for the soul of your children, teach the Word, monitor their dealings and exposure to entertainment and show them the difference between clean and unclean.

  14. Really sad. It is just sad.

    These kids will be deluded and when they grow up they will have problems and not know why.

    This is just completely immoral and the air waves have been taken over by Satan who is prince of the air.

  15. Let us not mistake a symptom for the cause lest we attempt to treat a hypertension headache with aspirin.

    Those for whom God is the enemy aren’t interested in adults who have made a firm and concious choice to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ. They are interested in the children and seek to influence them before they can freely choose the Lord.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

    “The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.”

    “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

    So spoke Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the first head of the Communist Soviet state.

    In the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, Chapter II, “Proletarians and Communists”, Karl Marx explicitly states that Communists seek to abolish family, religion and even morality. Are those not the results of the efforts to promote “gay rights”?

    Homosexual activism is the symptom but Marxism is the cause.

  16. After watching the Pixar employees’ heartrending “It gets better” clip, which is actively trying to help prevent suicides, this anti-gay crusade seems like a criminal diversion of resources. How can Woody be called a ‘victim’ of a war on morals? He is a creation (in part) of the rainbow of people who work in that studio. If he was such a wonderful example for your children, it can ONLY MEAN that those wonderful morals originated in the Pixar folks who gave him life. In a word, the LGBT writers and animators are the propagators of the morals you say are under attack. Woody isn’t a victim. He is the property and face of these people, and if they want to employ him to cap off their video, they have every right, and you cannot accuse them of deception. Watch the ORIGINAL clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeZiF_BJ3ss&feature=related

  17. Let’s put things context.

    “Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty. But, you say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social. And your education! Is not that also social, and determined by the social conditions under which you educate, by the intervention direct or indirect, of society, by means of schools, etc.? The Communists have not invented the intervention of society in education; they do but seek to alter the character of that intervention, and to rescue education from the influence of the ruling class.”

    “The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child, becomes all the more disgusting, the more, by the action of Modern Industry, all the family ties among the proletarians are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labour.” – “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, Chapter 2, “Proletarians and Communists” by Karl Marx.

    The Marxists want our malleable children. They want to “save” them from their parents and from God. It is fascinating that the actions of homosexual activists promote the implementation of Communist ideology. Is it surprising that the homosexual “equality” agenda is openly backed by the Communist Party USA?

  18. What a ridiculous post. The goal of the It Gets Better campaign is to save lives of teenagers. Decrying it is tantamount to contributing to the loss of life of young people. Messages like this one are an embarrassment to the very definition of Christianity. Shame on you.

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