Twice the Lemon: CNN anchor pitches defective religious argument

ATLANTA – Newly announced homosexual activist Don Lemon may be adept at reading prompters in front of the CNN cameras, but his cut and paste attempt to smear the power of God is nothing short of juvenile story-telling. In his opinion peice for CNN’s belief blog, Lemon’s argument is biblically flawed with such severe defects, it needs to come with a large “reader beware” label.

Lemon claimed on air that since he asked his interview subjects for honesty, he felt he was required to do the same. There’s one glaring problem with that scenario. None of us asked Lemon to tell us he was having sex with men. Its just not something any decent person is really interested in knowing when you are watching the news. But gay activists need to leverage the strawman somehow. Then too, with a book out, Lemon must manufacture a fair amount of controversy to help book sales along. What better way to do that than take a swipe at deliverance, one of the central tenets of the scriptures. Since the beginning people have called on God in prayer to deliver them, give them freedom from and power over the destructiveness of sin. And with amazing results! Lemon says he tried it, but failed. But just because 10 people go to Harvard and fail, does that mean Harvard is a bad school and no one should go there? Faulty logic, Mr. Lemon.

Its no surprise then that Lemon would fish out a slur (from  the same slur cesspool as nigger and faggot) to launch his ill-conceived notion that prayer to God is useless against the APA’s doctrine of unchangeable “sexual orientation”. So who would you believe: Don Lemon or the Bible?

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit. James 5:16-18

Its unfortunate that Lemon didn’t use his journalistic training to  research and deliver a more mature opinion piece. Instead, he hit the familiar cursory gay church talking points. From My Faith: How I learned to stop ‘praying away the gay’

“By age four or five, I was too young to sexualize my infatuations but I knew that everyone else, including my family and friends, would think it was wrong.

Perhaps it was the conversations I overheard from adults around my hometown of Port Allen, Louisiana, who’d mimic gay people, calling them “funny” or “sissy” or “fagots.”

Perhaps it was Sunday mornings at our Baptist church, where preachers taught that liking someone of the same sex was a direct and swift path to hell. And that if that person would just turn to the Lord and confess his sin, then God would change him back into the person He wanted him to be – a person who only had crushes on the opposite sex.
All of which meant that, from a very early age, I began to think I was dirty and that I was going to hell. Can you imagine what that feels like for a kid who was just learning to read and perform basic arithmetic? It was awful.

I prayed the silent prayer for God to change me every chance I got until I started attending college in New York. That’s when common sense began to take hold and I realized that no amount of prayer would change me into something that wasn’t natural to me.

Please God, make me straight

GCM Watch addressed this common prayer fallacy used by “ex-ex-gays” to support their claims that prayer doesn’t work.

The main dysfunction with the  “God make me straight” prayer seems to be focus. Prayer has never been about getting God to give us what we want, but rather aligning ourselves with His will. As Jesus prayed, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  If the will of God is for man to be holy (Lev 20:7),  but an individual prays to be straight,  conflict is inevitable. God doesn’t bend to our desires, we must adjust to his will.

How long does a person wait for God to answer before he or she decides that’s enough…and then answer his or her own prayers? Who decides when enough is enough? Again, stories from ex- ex-gays reveal that it wasn’t  God  who provided an “answer” to their misdirected prayer. Other means were used to “reconcile” the conflict. This dangerous practice can only lead a person into a rejection of God’s will and plan for man. Don Lemon is proof of that.

“With my religious upbringing, I’d had the opportunity to study religious doctrine. But I learned from different perspectives, from Catholic Mass on Fridays to Baptist services on Sundays to vacation Bible school in the summer to Bible study with a Jehovah’s Witness as a teenager.”

With so many divergent doctrinal perspectives floating around in his head, its no wonder Lemon is confused about the bible.

“As I got older I began to realize that all these people and institutions interpreted the Bible somewhat differently. I had a sort of epiphany: the Bible was about the lessons you learned, not about the events or words.

When I became old enough, intelligent enough and logical enough to discern the difference between metaphor and reality, everything changed. I realized that Jonah living in the belly of a whale was a parable written in the same vein as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saying that he had “been to the mountaintop.”

Neither Jonah nor King had actually been to those places. They were metaphors for lessons for those of us who cared to absorb them.
So many of us, especially in the black community and in churches, tend to think that religious teachings happened word for word as they were written in Scripture. I think that’s naïve, even dangerous.”

Lemon suggests that since people interpret the bible differently, he could come up with his own interpretive version. And guess what? In his version, homosexuality isn’t wrong! But if he can dismiss someone else’s  interpretation as “naive and dangerous” solely on the assumption that they see things literally, what makes his version legitimate?

“Imagine if we had allowed Christian doctrines and teachings that supported slavery, segregation and the subjugation of women to pervade our society all the way up until the current moment. What kind of world would that be?
Instead, we got on our knees, just as I did as a little boy, and prayed that slavery, segregation and the subjugation of women would end. In the United States, at least, those prayers have largely been realized.”

If Lemon were honest, he would admit that white religious racists were wrong about slavery, white social alpha males were wrong about women, and white progay revisionists are wrong about homosexuality. By aligning yourself with the latter, youre no better than the former.

There’s really only one thing you can do when you realize you’ve been sold a lemon. Get rid of it as quickly as possible. Then warn others not to get taken by the deception.


39 thoughts on “Twice the Lemon: CNN anchor pitches defective religious argument

  1. Neil, I think his biggest problem is that bizarre concoction of hybrid religious beliefs he’s working with. He wasnt born with that, he learned it. And it has severely crippled his ability to see and process truth.

  2. Great write up! this is my thoughts exaclty.

    He is a hypocrite in his article and it is such a shame that he wants to discredit the power of God.

    I can bet he doesnt believe “thou shall not kill” is a metaphor?

  3. Paul, convenience becometh these people. While he argues against literalism when it addresses HIS sin, I would daresay he would argue against taking the murder prohibitions literally.

    They always exempt themselves while trying to implicate and judge others.

    Im sure the nasty false gay teachers got his ear and had him launch this incredibly shallow attack on one of the basic principles of the word of God: prayer.

    Look at 1 John 5

    13These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
    14And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
    15And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him

    So according TO THE SCRIPTURES, you must pray ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD, not what you want and how you want it. If you pray his way, we have CONFIDENCE he will hear us and answer our cry for help/change/deliverance/salvation

    People like Don Lemon who failed need to go back and do it God’s way instead of becoming sneering fools.

  4. Isnt it also something that he talks about “the religious” abuse he got while not even mentioning the sexual abuse.

    “That’s when common sense began to take hold and I realized that no amount of prayer would change me into something that wasn’t natural to me.”

    Natural? how far can one go with that comment?

    It feels natural for men to sleep around too. Man feel as if its natural to “love” animals.

    If we are going to go by what we believe to be natural for ourself then nothing can be innately right or wrong. Choice is gone and Morals become something based on what the individual believes them to be.

    They also never note the destructive “nature” of homosexuality.

  5. The main dysfunction with the “God make me straight” prayer seems to be focus. Prayer has never been about getting God to give us what we want, but rather aligning ourselves with His will. As Jesus prayed, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    That says it all!!!

  6. Ageed Pastor, I am appalled by what he has said. One of the worst yet because he is coming off as so understanding and humble while giving people poison to drink.

    Not only doesnt he want God but he is trying to shut all people struggling with homosexuality away from the power of God.
    This is detestable!

  7. They always throw in the physical slavery argument. But spiritually the Bible says he is a slave to satan, sooooooo thats not a better position because even if your in physical bondage, you can still be Saved. I’m not advocating slavery, but one form is temporary and the other is eternal…..

  8. Yes! he needs to go back to the cross.

    The bible doesnt even say that we wouldnt be tempted but that God always gives a way of escape.

  9. What a mess…..Don Lemon claims such a higher state of knowledge but in reality he is as foolish as they come:

    “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written,

    “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
    and the discernment of the discerning I will thwart.”

    Where is the one who is wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe. For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

    Lemon has turned from the message of God and gone after vain teachings of wayward men. Therefore his false humility he presents is nothing more than a sham, a good cover up for out right rebellion against God Himself. True humility is when a person humbles themselves and does what God’s word says a la Jesus Christ:

    “And he withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and knelt down and prayed, saying, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” Luke 22:41-42

    People of God prepare for more and more of this but stand on the foundation that has already been laid….The Word of God!

  10. This is an excellent piece Gcmwatch. I have been following your site for a little while now and have found so many interesting, and eye-opening articles here, so thank you! Don Lemon is a stunning example of biblical heresy. He perverts the word for his own comfort, and to cover his wrong-doing. I would not be surprised if after he attempted to pray the gay away, he took out a stopwatch. When God did not deliver him in HIS time, he allowed his own free will and the gay spirit to continue to have its way with him. Even worse, now he will profit from it. He is a small and shameful person, and I will continually pray for his deliverance.

  11. I knew you were going to post something on this :). This has me a little heated. Don Lemon took a swipe at deliverance and also the black community for it supposed homophobia. I pray for him because the gay lifestyle is not all peaches and cream. Homosexuality to holiness is the way.

  12. Mr. Lemon seeks to measure the Almighty with a worldly yardstick. Such measures simply don’t apply.

    To form a personal relationship with the Lord, and reap the benefits of such a relationship, the very first step is to surrender ourselves to Him. Failing in that first step, all other efforts avail us nothing. First comes surrender, then Jesus Christ begins to manifest Himself in our life and to change us and reveal Truth to us.

    It doesn’t work the other way around. We can’t demand that Jesus Christ work miracles in our life and only then will we deign to surrender to Him. First comes the act of Faith, then come the transforming miracles.

    Why do some refuse to surrender themselves to the Lord? Ego! They want to sit on the throne and have the universe cater to their personal whims and desires. That quite simply doesn’t work. Most of us have tried that at some point and proven to ourselves that it doesn’t work. If it did, we might not have come to be Christians. We are Christians because we have proven to ourselves that unless we put God on the throne, where He belongs, our lives are a mess.

    Any person who conducts an objective experiment with Truth will get the same result. Put ourselves on the throne and nothing goes right. Surrender, and put God on the throne, and everything immediately starts changing for the better. Only those who refuse to put it to the test will not know. Show me someone who denies the Lord and I will show you someone who has not had the courage to conduct the experiment of surrender.

  13. Jysuper honestly I wasnt going to say anything cause if he wants to have perverted sexual intercourse with other men, that’s his choice. But when the lies and religious vomit start ooozing out, expecially about deliverance, we need to correct.

  14. Wonderful Piece!
    I would also like to point out that some months back Don Lemon admitted on CNN that he was sexually abused as a child. From what I’ve seen many men and women living the homosexual lifestyle were sexually molested or abused as children, leaving them with a warped sense of who they are and what’s normal. It’s a shame that he didn’t mention that point when he was giving his opinion of the Bible and what scripture means to him. If more people were honest and admit that deep down they are still hurting from the abuse they endured as children and they need to be delivered and healed I think that would be a huge step in experiencing the freedom God wants for all believers. Until then he will just continue to live a lie.

  15. The ignorance and self-hatred exhibited in the comments on this is really what causes much confusion among many people. How can you assert that Don has “bad theology” and not realize that even the very interpretations that many denominations employ (including the ones on this site) are formed by MAN. The arrogance is insulting. At least Don is being honest about who he is instead of choosing to live a LIE to appease bigots like you. I, for one, am so glad that our personal relationship with Christ is not determined by you, but by the price He paid at Calvary. Good day.

  16. Great article! I would like to just point out that with the “soup” of theology he was listening to, he was/is unable to have a clear picture of God, Who Jesus is and What He came to do nor the Holy Spirit’s work in the heart and life of a believer.

    If that basic understanding is missing then you do not know that what Jesus did on the cross is the answer to ALL of man’s ills. To believe Jesus is not God means that He could not be the sacrifice for sin and nullifies any power He has to deliver you. If you believe you need to pray to Mary (co-redemptress) then you are not placing your faith in the proper object which is Jesus Christ AND Him crucified. The Holy Spirit works exclusively within the framework of grace through faith in Jesus Christ. So Mr. Lemon had no help because he simply did not believe. How could he with such twisted theology washing through his mind.

    Which leads to reliance on self. How hard can I pray? How can I figure this out? I can become a better me. I don’t need this “God” stuff, I have intellect. Do you see the descent to acceptance of sin as normal?

    I am so thankful for articles like this as it helps us to understand even more how the enemy has twisted the minds of those around us and how to give an answer as the Holy Spirit leads.

  17. Haughty homosexuality at its best! I pray that someone would introduce Don L. to the Real Creator, and that his heart would be open to truly receive the love of Christ and the redeeming delivering power from sin that can only be found in the shed blood of Jesus Christ!

  18. There are three things that really stand out to me from Mr. Lemon’s op-ed piece:

    1. “By age four or five, I was too young to sexualize my infatuations but I knew that everyone else, including my family and friends, would think it was wrong.”

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but does a four-or-five-year-old child really understand “infatuation” beyond simply “liking” someone or something? How does a toddler put any weight at all on such behavior?

    Also, Mr. Lemon doesn’t mention how the sexual abuse he suffered (that’s what he previously revealed, right?) affect his perception of sexuality growing up? If one suffers any kind of abuse as a child, it will undoubtedly have an affect and demand to be dealt with (if we want to live a healthy life).

    Also, he’s not saying he knew he was gay since he was in kindergarten, is he? Or is he refusing to admit that what he had been exposed to as a child by a pedophile affected his sexual awareness…? I just find it strange that he doesn’t mention that at all. Even if he wants to deny that it “made him gay” he could at least be honest and acknowledge that it may very well have had some affect on his perceived sexuality.

    2. “I had a sort of epiphany: the Bible was about the lessons you learned, not about the events or words.”

    So… his “epiphany” was that the Bible is composed of fairy tales offering moral ideals? And that we can just ignore the “words” in these fairy tales, like effeminate or homosexual or any such similar term which may refer to our understanding of same-sex behavior. And I guess we can also ignore the “words” describing “events” like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (which is about more than sexual immorality). I guess only the “words” composing the sentence “God is love” are acceptable. Those are nice, safe words.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Lemon reveals that he had no real desire for GOD to intervene in his life. He simply decided that he wanted to do what he wanted to do… and that it was in college he decided to give in to his desires.

    3. “I prayed the silent prayer for God to change me every chance I got until I started attending college in New York. That’s when common sense began to take hold and I realized that no amount of prayer would change me into something that wasn’t natural to me.”

    That wasn’t “common sense” that took hold of him… it was him rationalizing his desire to be sexually active with other men. Period.

    It’s a shame that Mr. Lemon has given himself over like this, and I pray he hasn’t completely closed off his heart to GOD. Although the LORD can reach out and speak to anyone at anytime anywhere… if we close the door on HIM, HE most definitely will not break it down with force. HE might keep knocking for a while, but HE won’t break it down.

    And I suppose those behind the scenes of this agenda to have homosexuality legitimized in every sector of society are jumping for joy. The devil was jumping for joy, too, when Christ Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. But that smile was surely wiped off his face on the third day… The victory is forever the LORD’s. We would all do well to get on HIS side before the whistle is blown.







  22. Lavrai, Lemon has worked overtime to diminish his sexual abuse issues because he knows that most people would make the connection. I think he really didnt intend for us to know that but the EL interview made him reveal it. Now he has to try and make it seem like it didnt affect him nor did it have any connection to his homosexuality. NOT. TRUE.
    As you alluded to, sexual molestation deeply affects how a person views sex, sexuality and their own identity. I was sexually molested and while I do not say that specific trauma caused me to be homosexual, it was a significant factor in my choices and decisions when homosexuality was presented to me as a lifestyle option.

    Lemon is lying like most gay activists (Ellen Degeneres, TONEX and others who will admit it) who are molested because they are seeking to make homosexuality all about love and orientation. The ugly truth is that sexual molestation is an undeniable factor.

    Even in my own ministry over the last 16 years, 90% percent of the men I have ministered to have some sort of molestation in their background. For the women the numbers are lower but still the same devastating connecting issues.

  23. covering up for your own sins huh, DCE?
    So do you think COGIC’s interpretation of the Hebrews 12:14 on holiness is “man made”?

  24. Just because people fail the standard (Romans 3:23) it doesn’t mean that the standard has failed. That’s what verse 24 is all about that no one in the world (and some that claim to be believers) seem to understand. The Bible was here before us, and should Jesus tarry, the Bible will be here after us. So who are we to tell God that He’s wrong when He was, and is, and is to come?

  25. If we don’t mind, we need to understand some very basic facts about sex. Number one, sex was God’s idea. Number two, the devil observed that he could pervert sex but more importantly, reproduce himself, thus reproducing sexual perversion, including molestation. Number three, the flood of Noah’s day was about wide spread sin that was probably more diabolical than we will ever know. Number four, Sodom and Gomorrah is a revelation of the kinds of perversion that persisted. Clearly, the origins of sexual molestation could be traced all the way back to the time of Noah.

    We must also understand that according to Dr. Amen did a study on brain trauma (over 30,000 persons), (no joke y’all) when the brain experiences some for of trauma, by way of cat scan, certain traumas can be marked as a triangle on the brain. Emotional and physical brain trauma.

    Dr. Amen concluded that all trauma could be reversed. The frontal cortex lobe which governs decision making in the brain is the place where it all starts. This includes recovery from emotional trauma by retraining the brain to function normally. Which means that a person that is homosexual can be retrained to think normally about sex and have normal sexual relations with a woman in matrimony no matter the depth of the emotional trauma, including sexual molestation.

    The retraining must be Biblically based however, because the Bible is the Manufacturers spiritual, mental, and physical repair manual.

  26. Sooooo, he went to college in NEW YORK!!!!!!! and that’s when he gave up on God. He should have remembered where he came from and kept praying.. He probably went to college and fell into homosexual sin and really liked it and so he turned his back on all he had been taught to pursue his pleasure. Well, he better go back and remember what the church told him where he was going if he continues in that perversion. Repent, before it too late….

  27. The Holy Bible is unambiguous regarding the practice of homosexuality. There is no issue of “interpretation”.

  28. I never prayed away the gay. I just repented of my sinful nature and the gay was taken way.
    It’s so easy to call someone a liar when we don’t know real Truth. I tell you the Truth but
    you don’t believe me because you don’t think I possess the Truth. Those who don’t know
    the Truth can only depend on their opinions and the opinions of others. A relationship with
    Jesus Christ helps us to surrender our opinions and receive the infallable word of God. Mr.
    Lemon didn’t pray for his delieverance from his sinful nature, he just prayed for one aspect, his
    “gayness.” Jesus Christ requires full and complete repentance, period. An alcholic doesn’t
    just pray for the alcohol to be taken away. He must pray for his sins to be forgiven, then and
    only then will the alcoholism be taken away. Jesus Christ doesn’t do half repentance.

  29. This is the biggest crock of malarkey ever: There zero valid evidence that a homosexual person than un”learn” it. Dr. Amen (who ever that is) is apparently a psuedo scientist, like many on the right.

  30. The Holy Bible, was selectively pieced together, and in fact NONE OF The synoptic gospels are FIRST HAND accounts. They were also ALL written anonymously. So pray tell, what makes your Bible Holy?

  31. Kid (I removed the truth)-

    The bible is indeed Holy because the words that fill it come from a Holy GOD!!

    “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” 2 Timothy 3:16

    All scripture is breathed out by God. Greek word “theopenustas”. Theo meaning God, Penustas meaning breathed. Go check it out kid…..

    “Knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” 2 Peter 1:20-21

    Holy God equals a Holy Bible…..

  32. Beautiful, Steve P.!

    TruthKid: You won’t know what makes the Bible Holy unless and until you begin to live by the eternal truths stated therein. Then you will know, without question, what makes it Holy.

    First comes an act of faith, then comes the “proof”. It doesn’t work the other way around. That’s just how God set it up.

    TruthKid, we can’t know what is Holy about the Bible by measuring it, by weighing it, by counting it’s pages, by analyzing who wrote it and where it came from. Can we determine what is Holy about you by doing a assessment of your physical body? Is there not much more to you than your outer physical casing and your genealogy?

    There is nothing wrong with a wholesome, scientifically based skepticism. Many have come to Jesus Christ by that road. They were uncertain but willing to conduct objective experiments to discover what is true. Thus, they made an act of faith and discovered what follows.

    Might I suggest, TruthKid, that you try this:

    “Pray without ceasing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

    You only risk feeling foolish, as no one else would know, but what might you gain? Find out for yourself, for once and for all, if the Bible is, in fact, Holy. If you pray without ceasing, as the Bible says, and find yourself feeling the living, tangible presence of God, then you will know, without question, that they Bible is Holy.

    Pray inwardly, silently, no matter what you are doing. It can be done. Give it a good faith effort. Keep it up. See what happens. Put it to the test. God is eager for us to know the Truth. You will get a response. Try it and see for yourself.

    “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the labourers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” – Luke 10:2

    First comes the labor, then comes the harvest. No labor, no harvest. Who is willing to labor, even a little bit, to find out what is true and what is not?

    If we are spiritually lazy, and do nothing, we will have nothing. Are you willing to make even a small effort to find out if, in fact, the Bible is Holy or would you justify making no effort at all by simply clinging to your idea that there is nothing Holy about the Bible?

  33. Thank God Don. He gets the Glory.

    The Bible is God’s word to mankind. It’s the Christian’s manual on how to live godly before an Awesome God.
    What happened at Calvary’s cross stood out in the minds of the people who witnessed it. The Bible is True
    because what’s spoken in it has, is, and will come to pass. The Bible says, “if we confess our sins, Jesus Christ
    is just and faithful to forgive us.” I’ve confessed and He’s forgiven. Without faith it’s impossible to please God.
    I use to cuss because I lacked wisdom [ignorant] and didn’t know the word of God. The Bible says let no corrupt
    conversation perceed from your mouth. I no longer cuss because the Bible says don’t. And it’s the Holy Spirit,
    Jesus Christ that helps me refrain from cussing. I can’t do it without Him. Once we recognize wrong, we no longer
    desire to act like the “old man.” Again, “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away. Bejp;d
    all things have become new,” 2 Corinthians 5:17. It’s the word of God that changes us and it’s the Holy Spirit that
    helps us walk in that change. This can only be understood by those who have repented and made Jesus Christ their
    Savior and Lord. My Lord died for my sins. How can I continue in sin?

  34. This is an excellent article. I feel so passionately about this topic and I watch Christians around me accept homosexuality because satan has done a great job at putting it around hits the heart..and people bend to the emotions, rather than standing up in love…and pushing that person to seek truth.

  35. When folks get tired of doing something or exhaust their prayers with the same or no results, they try to twist scriptures around to fit them. I must confess that I did this (or tried to). I thank God for a praying mother. Although she didn’t really know about my struggle, she new there were some things in my life that were not pleasing to God. She is a pastor and always taught me to let every man (including my struggle) be a lie and God be the truth. I applaud Mr. Lemon for sharing his story but it sounds like he may be using different doctrines and interpretations as an excuse to live his life justified. Bottom line is HOLINESS. No way around it and no way of getting in twisted. Bless the Lord.

  36. I hate the phrase, “Love the sinner; hate the sin.” Why must hate be part of Christianity at all?

    Furthermore, the so-called sin that you chose to hate is the sin of homosexuality, the very thing that defines the group in question. It is tantamount to declaring a love for crows and a hatred for black feathers.

    All Christians pick and choose which sins they deem relevant. The book of Leviticus condemns booth seafood and homosexuality as abominations, but you won’t find Christians protesting at your local Red Lobster. Likewise, the apostle Paul deemed both homosexuality and long hair on men to be unnatural, but we don’t find Christians speaking out against certain barbershops.

    Since Christians are going to pick and choose which scriptures to regard as valid, I would like to encourage them to focus upon those scriptures that teach love and tolerance for your fellow human beings.

  37. Donald I hate that phrase too. Its cliche and it should not be used however, it is a true statement.

    God loves you (the person), but he hates sin (your unholy actions). Thats without respect of persons.

    The rest of your comment is simply misinformation, conjecture and unfair stereotyping.

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