How racists, slaveowners and progay clerics profit off misinterpreting scripture

You dont know Eric Dillard. Just consider him representative of the thousands of deceived religious gays who continue laboring to prop up a lie that has no legs. Dillard once supported deliverance from homosexuality, even singing on a song written about overcoming homosexuality. But false converts never remain true to Christ’s teachings.

“Let’s put everyone back in slavery. 2. Women, no rights for you at all. Sit in the back of the church and be seen and not heard. 3. If anyone gets divorced, women take cover because you’re about to be stoned. And on top …of that, none of you will be getting remarried and have it smiled on in the congregation of saints as we watch you walk down the aisle in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tuxedo and white wedding dress.

When people refer to homosexuality as being a sin. We first need to know in “what” context it’s referring to and then what is the distinction of it. Because the way that the Bible (written by faulty men) states, even if you’re feminine you are not going to Heaven. That has nothing to do with being gay at all. The Amplified Bible goes further to call it out right homosexuality.So again, this is not about making homosexuality right. But if we’re going to be consistent. Let’s be consistent. How consistent are we really…..?

When confronted with the truth about their sins, religious homosexuals (just like their political counterparts) typically trot out a series of illogical arguments intended to somehow tie biblical teaching about homosexuality to other forms of human oppression.

The major flaw with this ideology is derived benefit. Derived benefit, in this case is something that is financially advantageous for those in power. The flawed logic used by the gay christian movement is severely juvenile in its scope. Its almost like a schoolyard “yo mama” perspective. Not only are Eric Dillard and his progay cohorts grossly misinformed about history and social movements, it appears they aid and abet the deception by claiming to be fighting against the very lie they now help to uphold.

Dillard’s premise that we must know what “context” sin is, is within itself a major sign that such a person is only seeking a derived benefit for themselves. In the eyes of God, sin has no “context”. Sin is any and everything, whether consensual or nonconsensual that defies God’s standards. It doesn’t matter who commits sin, whether its committed in thought or deed. If it falls short of God’s clearly stated standards of holiness and righteousness, it is sin. Only a foolish and disobedient mind would seek some sort of contextual exemption clause.

Now, let’s follow the money trail.

1 Timothy 6:10. For the love of money is the root of all evil.  Thus, money helps to supply what the evil hearts of men desire until it consumes all in its cyclic and systemic obsession.

1. Slaveowners derived a tangible financial benefit from misinterpreting scripture to keep blacks under the bondage of slavery. The perversion of religious teaching from the mouths of the slaveowners was simply a means to achieve an end. It was a calculated deception including forbidding the slaves to learn to read. Telling the slaves that God and/or the bible wanted the blacks to serve their white masters helped slaveowners to continue reaping the benefits of free labor estimated at billions of dollars.

“Slavery is fundamentally an economic phenomenon. Throughout history, slavery has existed where it has been economically worthwhile to those in power. The principal example in modern times is the U.S. South. Nearly 4 million slaves with a market value of close to $4 billion lived in the U.S. just before the Civil War. Masters enjoyed rates of return on slaves comparable to those on other assets; cotton consumers, insurance companies, and industrial enterprises benefited from slavery as well. Such valuable property required rules to protect it, and the institutional practices surrounding slavery display a sophistication that rivals modern-day law and business.”–The Economic History Association

2. Anti-suffrage males  fought against women’s rights primarily for financial gain. Sharing jobs with women meant that men would lose their dominant edge in the workplace, thus lose their financial power (and perks). Denying women the right to vote was simply a tool to keep them out of power while ensuring that money and jobs remained in the hands of men. Like the white slaveowners, the social oppression of women by men was all but assured to duplicate itself  in the church because the same men populated the church.

“The idea that the only “true” woman was a pious, submissive wife and mother concerned exclusively with home and family.” –

Men derived a tangible financial benefit by misinterpreting scripture to keep women subservient and silent in the presence of men. Jesus himself restored the equality of women and at the same time maintained the order of God’s creation. And he did it with no conflicting variance. A man who finds a woman for a wife finds something good. And as a single woman, she is good before he marries her. But sharing power with women threatened the financial benefits men derived and thus twisting the scripture use but a natural progression to maintain the status quo. Like denying them the right to vote, keeping them silent and subservient in the church served the greater purpose.

3. The white jim crow racists of the 60s also financially benefited by misinterpreting scripture about the equality of African Americans. Using barriers of unjust laws and deceptive ideology, white racists kept in place the system that prevented African Americans from reaching positions of power and thus achieving equality with whites. Keeping blacks out of jobs that paid commensurate wages, kept black people out of power. Like the other deceptive and dehumanizing socio-religious pograms before the jim crow era, the power of money was the bottom line motivation. While segregationists could not en masse prevent blacks from gaining ground, in the south and pockets of other parts of the country, the tactics against them helped slow progress considerably.

Lying pay$ off

The clear common thread in all oppressive movements was financial gain which facilitated systemic power over another group.

But there exists no such financial benefit for people who correctly interpret scripture in reference to homosexual practices. No one who believes, teaches and upholds the sexual standards of the bible stands to benefit financially from doing so. In an ever increasing age of intolerant tolerance, such people and organizations actually are penalized for not falling in line with homosexual inclusion ideology.  Logically, for the church to be compared to the aforementioned oppressive movements, it would have to allow homosexual inclusion.

Therefore its the  religious progays who are financially benefiting from the misinterpretation of scripture just like slaveowners, anti-suffrage sexists and jim crow racists.

For example, the United Church of Christ was the first “major” US denomination to endorse homosexual marriage in 2005. That decision cost them over 200 local congregations. Faced with growing deficits, the UCC courted fringe gay religious groups. It benefited financially (and image-wise) from the influx of scores of fringe black pentecostalesque homosexual churches led by lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder. Now those churches (and other homosexual churches) bear the name UCC which gives them legitimacy. According to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the UCC bled out over 1 million members in the last 40 years, with some 40,000 members running away from the sinking ship on its 50th anniversary year.

To counter this, homosexual (political and religious) activists have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into dead religious organizations, rewarding them for the benefit of lying about God’s standard for sexual expression. It was a major financial payoff in exchange for twisting scripture in favor of homosexual practices.

“Our gay dollars can turn the tide, sending a message that attacking us has grave consequences and the reprisals could very well cost a person a job or celebrity endorsements as we have seen with retracted statements and public apologies from Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway. Our gay dollars can also assert a proactive stance in which we frame the public religious discourse on our own terms. For example, “OutGiving is more than just a gathering of philanthropists – it’s a specific, focused, and streamlined roadmap to making your dollars do more … to increase capacity on the frontlines of the fight … where they can have the greatest impact,” Tim Gill, founder and chairman of the Gill Foundation, wrote in a open letter to this year’s conference participants. The time is now for us to assess our impact on American Christianity in this country, and to assert our muscle in today’s political landscape, especially against a party more set on winning votes at the ballot box than souls in the church.” –lesbian activist Rev. Irene Monroe

If  the progay clerics and organizations and had any intellectual honesty, they would inform their followers that they are part of a longstanding tradition of lying for financial gain. American slaveowners did it, the anti-suffragists did it, the jim crow racists did it and the pro homosexual apostate church is doing it.


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  1. The Bible says Christ will strip away the world’s wealth within 1 hour….. boy won’t that be a glorious day.

    Romans 11 covers this subject too.

  2. Excellent Post! You have laid this out so well that you need help to misunderstand!

  3. Don Lemon trotted this same misleading ideology out to support his homosexual activism:
    “Imagine if we had allowed Christian doctrines and teachings that supported slavery, segregation and the subjugation of women to pervade our society all the way up until the current moment. What kind of world would that be? Instead, we got on our knees, just as I did as a little boy, and prayed that slavery, segregation and the subjugation of women would end. In the United States, at least, those prayers have largely been realized.”

  4. In Biblical days, women were taught to honor their husbands. Today, satan has told them to disrespect their husbands and
    fight the Feminist fight. Mr. Lemon interprets the Bible without the aid of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ. Any born-again Christian or unbeliever can make the Bible say whatever they want. God told Moses to write the Book of Law for His people, Israel. They knew homosexuality was wrong because they knew God. Mr. Lemon still has scales over his eyes because he don’t know God. The Bible is not obsolete. It’s the sinful mindset of mankind that’s obsolete. We can only do better when we know better. Satan doesn’t want us to know better. God deals in Truth and not ideology. Apart from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, mankind has no Truth.

  5. Steve you are right. Satan and those he uses, PERVERT everything they touch and say.
    So its REAL easy for me to reject the foolish talk of blind men beating the air with silly, illogical ideology.
    These people cant even control their sexual desires but want to try to school people on what the Bible says…and means??
    Dillard, Lemon and all the other blind guides are leading people into hell. Follow at your own risk.
    As for me hands down, I believe the everlasting God.

  6. If the progay clerics and organizations and had any intellectual honesty, they would inform their followers that they are part of a longstanding tradition of lying for financial gain. American slaveowners did it, the anti-suffragists did it, the jim crow racists did it and the pro homosexual apostate church is doing it.

    Where did they learn how to do it from the “CHRISTIAN CHURCH”

  7. This isn’t about money; people support homosexuality for the same reason you support your own religious beliefs – they identify with it or with those that are discriminated against. That is, it feels as though in defending such beliefs, we are defending our very selves.

    In fact, as the author noted above, pro-Gays often feel so strongly that they are actively paying money (and lots of it) to try to influence the situation directly. This is quite the reverse of benefiting financially.

    Jesus never spoke out against homosexuals. Not once. Only others have done so, in his or God’s name, just as certain passages of the old testament seem to imply support for the subjugation of women or unsavoury justice such as the punishment of a whole family for an act committed by one person (e.g. as in the story of the battle of Ai).

  8. I like your website, but please refrain from injecting Calvinistic philosophy into the articles. That’s simply wrong!
    How do you know that this man was “not saved” during the time he said he was “saved and delivered?” Answer: You don’t know; only God knows. The Bible teaches that a true Christian can fall away if he doesn’t follow Christ and end up in Hell. However, some Calvinists believe that one can never lose his salvation. On the other hand, other Calvinists, like Ray Comfort, state that if a believer goes back into “the world,” he was “never save to begin with” or a “false convert.” Homosexuality is a monstrous sin, but this teaching is “Eternal Security,” which is taught in most seminaries/churches and espoused by the vast majority of “Christian” leaders is the main reason why the vast majority of churches in this country are mired in SIN. How come you haven’t mentioned those Eternal Security teachers who said that True Christians can be practicing homosexuals, liars, adulterers and the like? I’m still waiting to read about Charles Stanley, James White, Pat Robertson, and others.

    GCMW: 1. I am not a “calvanist”. 2. I dont teach “eternal security” 3. Homosexuality is no more of a “monstrous sin” than any other sin. 4. No one can be saved and a practicing homosexual at the same time. 5. Unless you have something else to comment about related to the content of the post, consider this the end of the ES discussion.

  9. D.Frank please present some type of evidence or substantiation that american slaveowners, anti-suffragists and jim crow racists “learned” their oppression from the “CHRISTIAN CHURCH”. Otherwise, what you said is pure speculation and has to be dismissed as schoolyard “yo mama” tactics.

  10. Slavery, as the EHA said was fundamentally an economic phenomenon. Plain and simple. The evidence is clear and convincing in support of that.
    Homosexuality (both religious and political) is a money making industry in this country. People MAKE MONEY off homosexual acceptance. Homosexuals are more than willing as lesbian cleric Irene Monroe said to pay people to change their beliefs. Like slavery, supply and demand.

  11. Money is quite a very big issue as far as promoting homosexuality but not just for homosexuals. People dont want to upset the apple cart or will come out in its defense to benifit there own personal gain.
    This is why Tim Hardaway and many others have retracted their statements because as it is, if you are not down with the gay thing you get black balled.
    Money is all up and down this movement in more ways than one.

  12. Jose-Consider this scripture:

    “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.” 1 John 2:19

    Pretty clear that there are false converts in the world who claim to believe but never did…

    Please show me where the bible says that a true Christian call fall away…..

    You also said: “but this teaching is “Eternal Security,” which is taught in most seminaries/churches and espoused by the vast majority of “Christian” leaders is the main reason why the vast majority of churches in this country are mired in SIN.”

    That statement is ridiculous and not true at all. The reason why the church is filled with hypocrites and sinners is because of the easy belivism and false bible teaching that is being presented by those who have no clue what they are doing or talking about.

    Like Timothy said: “desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make confident assertions.” 1 Timothy 1:7

    If true believers who follow Christ and do what His word says are saved by the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus Christ as the final payment for their sin debt how then can you say that we are not eternally secure. Was the death of Christ not sufficient enough? Did He die so that we could lose it?? God Forbid!

    Also one more thing the bible says this:

    “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.” Romans 8:28-30

    God knew a long time ago who belonged to Him. He picked them, saved them, called them, justified them, and glorified them. They are called His elect. When God truly saves you, you are saved and there is no turning back. Unless you never belonged in the first place.

    Conclusion: God is Sovereign and what He says goes. Man is not…..

    go do some bible study please….

  13. Paul you are absolutely right. This didnt originate in the church. Political gays framed this by paying off people who endorsed their sin with money, favors, support and more. Now, “acceptance” pays off big for corporations who cater to the gays. Look at the HRC Corporate Index where they rate companies based on how much they cater to homosexuals. They use that not only for pay off but to punish others who wont “diversify”. Its a money driven phenonema just like slavery and segregation. Homosexuals are much more financially secure than the average American and the companies know they can and will make it rain on anyone who will buy into their madness sight unseen. Thats in every arena.

    There are people that are ca$hing in on gay marriage. Not necessarily because they support it, but because its now a growing industry that you can make MONEY from.

    Now. the religious gays, who are nothing but mirror images of the political gays have duplicated the money madness in the church. Churches are selling acceptance to the homosexuals via this false teaching that the bible has been misinterpreted. Just like the bible said the LUST for MONEY is at the root of all evil. Homosexuality is evil. Follow the money trail and see if the scriptures are telling the truth.

  14. Ben, Jesus didn’t have to speak out against homosexuality because it was a given. The Jewish people knew that it was immoral from the Books of Law they received from Moses in the Old Testament. Jesus Christ focused mainly on the sinful state of mankind and His purpose
    to offer them salvation from His sacrifice. We need to stop focusing on homosexuality and focus on the one and only
    fact that mankind will be judged for his sin brought about by Adam and Eve. Jesus Christ will judge us as to why we
    didn’t received Him as Savior and Lord. Mankind needs salvation and focusing on our “rights” only blinds us to that Truth.

  15. Steve P, sorry GCM Watch does focus on homosexuality and its devastating effects on the contemporary church. Also we need to educate people on how not to be deceived and like Jesus told us make them aware of the dangers posed by false teachers and their false teachings. So I disagree with you on that point.

  16. @Pastor and Bro. Steve P the last comments you both written I concur w/both statements. We are called to warn the masses about sin and yes at times particular sins scripture indicates this. And yes being human at times we can put too much emphasize on certain thing, we’ve experienced that, when churches have broken up over a spiritual gift (tongues) and proceeded to demonize one another because we disagreed and scripture many times showed both were correct, but once again like I said being human, you didn’t see it from my point of view. I hope I brought balance and did not over simplify or emphasize myself (smile).

  17. Wonderful article!!!
    As one who has studied American & African-American studies and Religion personally and in academic settings (resulting in degree), I can concur on the truthfulness of everything stated.
    I would also add that with all these oppresive movements, laws were put into place to maintain the status quo – in the slavery period, there were slave codes, anti-miscegenation laws, and different racist theories that were formed to keep the nation racially divided and maintain the racist oppresion. Also, with the post-slavery segregation period, there were “black laws” (such as a black man could be imprisioned for things such as leaving home without identification and being unemployed), Jim Crow laws, and the like. With women’s suffrage, along with women being denied the right to vote, women also, in many cases, were forbidden from owning land, or gaining custody of children in cases of divorce.

    We also see with the pro-gay movement laws to “maintain” oppression, but not in the way that the pro-gay advocates assert – the civil union laws, gay marriages laws, the admendments to hate crime legistlation, and the “normalization” of homosexuality in the various media outlets seek to oppress truth in the same way that slavery, segregation, and the ant-suffrage movements sought to oppress truth .

  18. Thank you Jon. The homosexual movement and the push to make us accept or be punished is one of the most oppressive social movements to date. Now, satan has convinced his workers of inquity to import the same oppressive tactics into the church and attempt to punish the people of God who refuse to bow down.

    I like what Psalms 37 says: Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. 2For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

  19. “The clear common thread in all oppressive movements was financial gain which facilitated systemic power over another group.

    But there exists no such financial benefit for people who correctly interpret scripture in reference to homosexual practices. No one who believes, teaches and upholds the sexual standards of the bible stands to benefit financially from doing so.”

    False. Millions of dollars have been raised by religious organizations such as Focus on the Family, the 700 Club, the Church of LDS, the Catholic Church, Baptist Churches, etc., by sending out letters against homosexuals. The issue is a huge money maker.

  20. Dee, your assertion is way off base. That monetary support is not to maintain control, dominance and derived financial benefit from homosexuals. The money received by groups you mentioned doesnt come from homosexuals, but people who support such organizations regardless. The financial benefit gained by slaveowners from of the slave labor came off the backs (literally) of slaves. The gain and power of the jim crow movement came not from “fundraising” to which blacks contributed but from the disenfranchisement of said people. Likewise, teaching that homosexuality is wrong has no benefit to adherents of true scripture interpretation. No one has enslaved homosexuals. They are one of the most financially wealthy demographics in this nation. Its a simple equation: if you want a peice of that cash cow, you tell the cash cow there’s nothing wrong with them. Doing otherwise, will get you nothing but hate.

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