Gay churchfest features 'Sunday Best' winner LeAndria Johnson

If you are a gospel music idol worshipper, you won’t like this.  If you are one of those deceived false converts who believe homosexuals have place in God’s house, you won’t like this either. And finally if you are a fearful of standing for holiness, you definitely won’t like this. Perhaps at this point, you should just exit this story.  Despite all the feel good goobley-gook that is called preaching in the contemporary church, GCM Watch apologetically holds up God’s standard. Let God be true and every man a liar.

The homosexual churchfest is back in the spotlight. Each year, you can count on some misguided gospel industry worker to show up to collect a check “minister”. In case you missed previous installments, you can review at your convenience.

In short, the storyline goes like this: the gay church people wave money but obfuscate their real agenda.  Gospel music industry booking agents, hungry to keep their client in the spotlight and get paid, grab the gay church money.  No mention of gay church appearances is made on client’s website. When GCM Watch shines attention on the dirty deeds,  managers claim ignorance, gospel music industry workers claim ignorance or feign “ministry”.  Gay church stands by and snicker like alley cats. And around and around we go with all the gay church-gospel music drama.

So, here we are again.

We can now add LeAndria Johnson to the list of the fallen ones. Johnson is the “Season 3” winner of  BET’s top money making gospel blackface show Sunday’s Best. Johnson is the second winner of the show to matriculate into the gay churchworld. But is that any surprise that SB is cranking out gay church performers?

Attempts to reach Leandria Johnson (and family) for comment have gone unanswered. A booking agent listed on her facebook site at first affirmed his association with Johnson, then on a follow up confirmation called denied association.

Johnson is listed as singing at the June 22nd consecration of a homosexual bishop at the Vision Church in Atlanta. Johnson should be ashamed and blacklisted from every church door that believes the Word of the Lord. Appearing at a homosexual church event, picking up those foul spirits and then spreading them to unsuspecting people in black churches should be an urgent concern to pastors everywhere.

Can a backslider minister?

If a Christian is in an admittedly backslidden state, why would anyone want to PAY them to “minister”? Minister what? Minister to whom? But at a Brooklyn church in January, Johnson broke down and admitted to the church that she was in no state to be ministering to anyone.

Johnson seemed very regretful that she had even gotten involved in the gospel music industry. Undoubtedly, she’d had a glimpse of the wickedness that goes on behind the scenes…and was influenced by it.

“Pray that my mind stays focused on Jesus … Even after ‘Sunday Best’ I found myself going back to where I had came from … I didn’t think I’d minister again,” she confessed.

“I’ve been holding this in for a long time and I didn’t know how to express myself,” Johnson continued with tears streaming down her face, “I’m tired of turning my back on God … that’s why I ask for your prayers. Please keep me in prayer.”

After that admission, as several women encircle Johnson and pray an unidentified woman takes the microphone and said, “The enemy is after our musicians … and the enemy knows how to send people that just wanna get in to the fame and into the limelight and they’ll let you do what and say what you want. But thank God for some leaders that don’t mind telling you the truth and when it’s all said and done, we’re going to pray until something happens.”

While we hope that she has recovered and is living holy, its 10 steps backwards to legitimize people who are working against the Word of God. If Johnson were serious about living right and ministering to truth to people, she would cancel her appearance at the homosexual churchfest AND  call on them to repent.

Does God send his ministers to minister to people who are living in rebellion against him? Of course he does. The question which determines whether God has sent someone or whether someone is just doing a gospel music gig depends the message delivered. God sent Jonah to Nineveh with one message: “repent”! When the occupants of that great city repented with great humility from the least to the greatest, God turned away his judgment. But the gay churchfest is a celebration of sin, not a turning away from sin.

The bible says: let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity (2 Tim 2:9). Its simple if you call yourself a Christian, you should separate yourself from iniquity, not set an elaborate religious ceremony celebrating it. You can see from the gaggle of  false prophets, heretics and court jesters attending the ceremony, there’s only one god who will receive any praise from it.

While many people bemoan the presence of homosexuality in black churches, in their music “ministry” and in the pulpit. But the ugly truth can be seen in the nearest mirror. When a person supports a perverted, celebrity cult worshipping show like Sunday’s Best, they are directly contributing to the worst blight of sin on the church in recent history.

Indeed, when seducing spirits gain a stronghold in the church, it is because they have been invited in and allowed to operate.

Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. Rev 2:20

Leandria Johnson performed at TD Jakes so-called leadership conference in March. She also performed at Dorinda Clark Cole’s music conference.  If we really want to know why homosexuality and the spirit of perversion is so strong in the church, the blame is squarely at the feet of so called leaders who have opened the doors of God’s house of prayer and made it into a den of sexual perversion.

And when you buy their music and attend their concerts,  you by proxy, endorse their sins.  Pornography is more than looking at naked images. Too many so called saints are spiritual porn addicts, getting their fix on vicariously through these workers of iniquity.

Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

48 thoughts on “Gay churchfest features 'Sunday Best' winner LeAndria Johnson

  1. AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN! I’m so glad that there are still Saints such as yourself that’s NOT ashamed of speaking the real Gospel of Jesus Christ!
    Too bad nowadays, “talent” is worshipped and accepted over “truth!”

  2. LeAndria Johnson is a joke! She seems to be very unstable.

    The majority of these gospel artists are something else. Nowadays I”m not even surprised. The “revelent pastors” has done a disservice to their members by not teaching holiness, brokenness and santification. Most churches just have a bunch of folks claiming salvation but their lives don’t line up with the Word of God and instead of them repenting and turning away, they come up with foolish slogans like “God ain’t through with me yet” to justify their sin.

  3. Whoa whoa Pastor Foster now you can’t go around talking to people like that!!! How dare you hold up the biblical standard of holiness and admonish the saints of God to do the same!

    Who do you think you are???? lol I’m just kidding but I can hear the trivial rebuttals and old church foolishness that those who hate the truth are going to use to express their anger about this one!

    Well Written and I’m proud to be a part of the team!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Am I seeing this ad correctly…is that the Barrett Sisters at some kind of disgusting event??? I love their music….am I missing something here??

    GCMW: Devon, click on her name at the top of the story.

  5. Amen! Great Article as usual! We are clearly living in the last days. Evil has been called good and good has been called evil. Sinners are even so bold now, that they who have no relationship with Christ nor do they even study the bible, are trying to tell the saints of God, how they should serve Christ. Trying to tell them what they “think” Christianity and giving ones life to Christ is! They do this obviously because there are few who are willing to speak out bodly like GCMW and a few other minsters of righteousness. To come here, and to other unashamed of the Gospel sites, and see real TRUTH has to be truly shocking. The new gospel is do what you “feel” or “think” is right. So many are pushing supposed “truths”, but all it really is, is their cloaked opinions.

  6. well i have lived my life n went astray towards gay life. I feel it is just a phase and i will come out alright. I love the lord dearly. i grew up knowing nothing but the church. Then people like u come along and insted of trying to help bring gays away from that life and into the church you just down them. This ism why the world is so bad today because when they do come to god to get right you all push them out of the church.

    GCMW: April, no one is responsible for their sins except the person committing the sin. Church is not the solution for sin and it never has been. There are many people in the church, but not out of sin. Being homosexual and a member of the church doesnt mean a person will enter the kingdom of God per 1 Cor 6. So the answer for the sin of homosexuality is repentance and turning to Christ in faith. From there, he is able to keep you. Jude 24,25. No one has the power to push anyone away from Christ. The church is a building where anyone can attend but not anyone is qualified to lead or influence others. I hope that clears up your confusion.

  7. I seen the advertisement for this mess of a “convocation.” I saw another former contestant that will be ministering on the program (Clifton Ross III, I think). Then you have Tonex preaching, along with Carlton Pearson, so this is just a royal mess all the way around.

  8. Pastor Foster you are confused it’s entertainment not ministry. Now repeat after me it’s entertainment not ministry. I’m looking for Mary Mary to show up on BET 106 & Park in Booty shorts with a cross stitched on the back pockets. The Gospel Music Industry is DEAD.

  9. what’s even more telling (not sure if you noticed) but that ad is from 2007.

  10. oh nothing – Devon seemed surprised to see the Barrett sisters listed on the ad. I was just pointing out to him – that they’ve been involved in these gay programs for at least 4 years.

    Great article – I appreciate your blogs.

    Be Blessed

  11. oh okay, well according to her granddaughter before she died, she disavowed the whole thing and said the gay folks tricked her into coming to their churchfest. Thats why I told him to read the story. Thanks~

  12. I find myself at a loss for words after reading and watching a few of the videos regarding LeAndria; most specifically the video on youtube where she asked for prayer for God to help her to get her life back on track.

    The pull of the world is very real and every day we must chose to resist the Enemy and live a life which honours the Lord. I wandered away from the Lord into a homosexual lifestyle and found no peace, no hope, nothing but destruction and pain. I have now returned to the Lord and am seeking to restore my relationship with Him. When we come to Him in repentance, we find His grace is so amazing and His love is beyond measure. He promises to restore unto me all that the locust has eaten!

    LeAndria, if you are reading this, I’d like to share a scripture with you. It’s one that is helping me on a daily basis and it’s found in Ephesians 4:22-24.

    “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

    Our walk with Jesus is a 24/7 relationship and every day my desire is to put off my old self and put on the new in Christ Jesus. I can’t do it by myself, it’s all about Christ in me. With Jesus all things are possible. When the Enemy comes in like a flood against me, God will raise up a standard against him and he will be defeated.

    I pray you will turn back to the Lord as I have done. In Him you will find true lasting peace, contentment and true happiness and fulfillment. Sing for Jesus and store up your treasures in Heaven.

  13. April,

    I did the same thing as you but as mentioned earlier, I’ve returned to the Lord. I urge you to repent and get right with God. The longer you stay there, the harder it is to walk away. Sin has a way of taking us further down than we ever intended to go and keeping us much longer than we ever intended to stay.

  14. I’m not at all familiar with this girl because I don’t watch Sunday Best. I do know we all need Christ. Granted no one knows who is really saved & who isn’t. But we can judge the fruit. Again, the Lord knows those who are His. I just have a hard time reconciling what a lot of these artist claim in their lives & what they do. I clicked on some of the names above & when I see what they’re involved in or seemingly espouse, I’m a bit confused. Even if they really are saved, their presence at these events is a co-sign. As a young christian, there were certain ministers & ministries I avoided. I didn’t read their books, I didn’t watch them on tv & I certainly wouldn’t attend their meetings or conferences. Even on a very basic level, I could see that they were scripturally off. But if I saw someone I admired in the faith attend, watch or listen, I would begin to revisit my position. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe they’re not as bad as I thought. As a baby Christian, what did I know. These people had years on me & I really looked up to them. All that to say we really do have to watch our walk, not just for ourselves but for others who may be watching us. These artist are giving their stamp of approval just by sharing a platform, pulpit or stage with reprobates. Then when asked where they stand on gays, etc., they don’t seem to have a solid position. What kind of message does that send to someone young in the faith?

    And where did the whole “music ministry” thing come from? Psalms, hymns & spiritual songs, yes. Choirs & church bands, yes, but where did the idea come from to deliver the Gospel in song? It would be one thing if that’s what is happening but most of what I hear is void of any real Gospel message. Sounds good & appeals to the flesh but nothing that makes one contemplate ones standing before God. Oh, & sometimes they even mention God but it’s so generic, they could be talking about a lover or a friend. How effective is that? There again, you can only give what you got. These artist don’t seem to have a real grasp on what it means to be saved. Could it be because some of them( or a whole lot of them ) haven’t been converted themselves?

    Is Le’andria even a christian? I ask not to be pious or to jugde. This woman is going into churches under the guise of ministering to people. Churches should be concerned whether or not a person standing before them is really saved or singing about a God they don’t know. Perhaps that is her problem. She has talent but so Chaka Khan. So does Stevie Wonder & a whole list of others. Does that make them saved or anointed?

  15. When the praises go up. They come right back down. When the praises go up. They come right back down. You know the song. But that’s what God said in Isaiah chapter 1. “Let us reason together” is not God giving up His righteous standard. God commands sinners to surrender their failed reasoning for God’s reasoning. “Thought you sins are like crimson, they shall be white as snow.” Get the blood on sin and the blood will make it white as snow. Or if you got sin in your life that is red like blood, the blood of the everlasting covenant will wash it all away and make us clean. Until then. When the praises go up. They come right back down.

  16. Pastor Fred, man you hit that out tha park. Whoo I am speechless. Thank you sir for sharing that!

  17. @Pastor Fred: All I could do was say AMEN!!! That is what this NEW church will not preach! Keep preaching it!!!!!! Whoooo! That just stirred me up!

  18. First, let me say that I appreciate what this website stands for. As Christians, our goal is to lead people to Christ and to follow after Him. Jesus, being the fulfillment of law, should be considered the personified version of what God laid out in the Old Testament. With that in mind, there would be no argument over this doctrine of homosexual Christianity (which is false) and it could be immediately squelched by pointing out that fact publicly. Second, you make some valid points and also could make stronger connections between certain points toward the evidence to prove what your saying. Third, have you considered being present at these events with literature and mature Christians who can talk to people right then and there? A simple question or piece of well documented information can open the door to a world of dialogue which often opens the door to repentance.

  19. Don’t get me started up in here…You know some are embraing Gladys Knight. A lot of you do not know that she’s a Mormon, which is a cult. You guys are opening my eyes of what is going on in the industry, which is no secret..

  20. @kimberly on question number 3

    “Third, have you considered being present at these events with literature and mature Christians who can talk to people right then and there? A simple question or piece of well documented information can open the door to a world of dialogue which often opens the door to repentance.”

    My husband and I do a LOT of street evangelism, and this question has come to our minds lately. Is it possible that instead of going to the club or concerts or a festival etc. on a Saturday night that we will be directed to go to one of these ” so called gospel events” armed with the truth to give to those as they walk in? Or at least have signs that have scripture on them? I believe we will. I believe that those “events ” are just as damaging if not MORE damaging as the secular concerts.

  21. Every Gospel artist has had their struggles. The great legend Mahalia Jackson wanted to be a blues singer and even venture into it before her mother stepped in and said oh no, you will sing for the Lord. Later Mahalia would dedicate her life and her voice to God and she had the longest running career of any Gospel Artist because she made the decision to sing for the Lord.

    Alot of these new artist are struggling..they want to sing other genres of music and yet sing for the Lord; so they came up with Inspirational Gospel or Contempoary Gospel to feed their desire to do jazz, blues, R&B and Hip Hop.

    Let’s not forget Thomas A Dorsey was in a jazz/blues band and his career started in the club; he was famous in the dance clubs; he took that sound into the Church and was declared by the Men of God to be “Satan” and yet he wrote “Precious Lord”..eventually even he had to decide whom he would follow and eventually he did..he decided he would follow Jesus.

    Homosexuality is the new “trend” or “fad” of our day. Because the world is beginning to embrace it full on; many of these artist who desire to capitalize upon the “fame”; not really the money..although that plays apart..but more so the “fame” and the “devotion” of the Gay Community is very powerful…just think of Patti, Chaka, Barbara, Celion, Beyonce etc..without the support of the Gay Community will there careers be where it is today?

    Well, this has been going on in the Church Music as well…brought on by the Father of Gospel Music himself James Cleveland. We all know Cleveland lived a secret but rather public gay life and yet even after his death and knowing what we know to be true the Christian community still embraces his music….and from James comes so many of our Gospel Artist today.

    LeAndria is a product of the new society…wherein there are Gay Churches and more and more of them are being established….and the Gospel Industry is only supporting their own..for their own have been gay and closeted for years…its just now the closet has been opened…

    The Church is crying out against this now..but it should have been doing it long long long ago…

  22. If you all realy want to be honest god said to love everyone just as you have loved him people like you make people not want to go to church instead of judgeing poeple for being hohsexual what in you will lead them to change their life and be for god!!!!!! It is surely not talking about

  23. These people are being judged because they claim to be Christians but endorse sexual immorality and for that they should be called out.

  24. The Gospel Music industry is not under the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven, it is under the control by Spiritual Wickedness in High Places to set an apostate atmosphere to lead people away from the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a prime example of this.

  25. @Crossjourney Most definitely these events are equally if not more damaging. Peoples’ guards are down, they will be looking at a form of spirituality that is very close to what they are either used to or know of as “church”; add to that they are walking into a place of acceptance and inclusion (which yes, that is what Christ is about but on the basis of forgiveness of sin; God loved us and sacrificed His son so we would not perish) and it just throws the spiritual equilibrium totally off. People are definitely needed in those places to minister the truth of the Word of God.

  26. Do you all know in fact, for sure that LeAndria is gay. If she is, that is something between her and the Lord. What we all should be doing, is praying for our sister to change her lifestyle and stop the negativity. Satan will take any negative issue and run with it. So lets join hands and pray for this sister if “those” who know for sure without a doubt that she is living this type of lifestyle. Most of all, none of us live in glass houses, so please be careful with our tongues, the devil will use that as well. Peace to all.

    GCMW: You really should try reading more carefully before you write comments. This article did not say Leandria Johnson was “gay”. It said she was singing at a gay church.

  27. AchildofthemosthighGod-you also should try reading the word of God a little more carefully as well. Where in the word of God are we told not to speak the truth?

    Our job as Christians is to first judge ourselves and then judge others who claim to be followers of Christ…..

    A child should know their Father’s word…..I’m just saying…..

  28. What I do not understand is the fact that people in the church go after homosexuals like homosexuality is the only sin! There are many other sins that tend to go unnoticed! Because in my opinion not only have murder rates sky rocketed but abortions and fornicationing as well. I grew up in the church, I’m still involved in the church and I am a woman who happens to be in a relationship with another woman in which we both are raising a child! Should my child attend church without us simply because we are lesbians? I get up for work everyday, go to school fulltime and attend church faithfully but because I lay in bed unmarried and next to the same sex makes me indifferent from someone who has plenty of time on their hands and won’t seek God themselves except on Easter Sunday and lay next to the opposite sex unmarried as well makes them a better candidate? I just don’t see the problem if gospel artists sing at homosexual affiliated churches! You never know who might received the message of the Lord & actually want to get out of that church & start a new life that will be right by God & not by mankind! That’s like telling a good teacher not to teach in certain urban areas because it’s useless! You never kno who may be actually learning! It only takes one to make a difference

  29. I too thank God that there is somebody still up holding Holy Living!! Thank God for this ad!! It is a shame and an abomination in the sight of God and to the true soldiers of God when men and women distort the gospel to gain fame and fortune not to mention approval for unholy living. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for this same cause. It is an even bigger shame when shows such as “Sunday Best” promote these type of people to minister to anyone. What can they say to anybody? If you look at Mary Mary’s new video, “Never wave my flag” you can kind of get a picture of why they would approve people like Leandria Johnson. We need to pray that God would raise up more bold and holy Christians to come out and cry against these type of people who are leading innocent sheep astray. Shame on you Leandria!! shame on you. Go and sit down some where


  30. I respect your concern. You are right. There are many sins that do go unnoticed. This is exactly why we need to live what we profess and sing about. If you claim to be a Godly and Holy person, then let it be known to the world. Don’t give half of your self for this cause and then give the other half to another cause. You either serve God or Mammon (the devil). You can’t have it both ways. It’s good to go to church faithfully. It’s good to pay tithes. You may be the nicest person in the world but regardless of all of that and more, the bible tells us that we must be born again and sin free. God Bless you!

  31. You’re correct about sin going unnoticed and some people acting like homosexuality is the worst and only sin, but that doesn’t justify the sin itself. Murder, abortion, fornication, and homosexuality are all sins and will all keep you from inheriting the Kingdom of God. You cannot point out other sins to make yourself feel more comfortable in your own sins. A fornicating heterosexual isn’t any better than a fornicating homosexual. You’re both living in sin. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a church and are faithful to it, you are not faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your religious servitude to a building will not save you, only He can do that. If you really love God, you need to truly seek a real relationship with Him and get a desire to make your life right by Him and Him alone. Just like the article quoted – let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity – that means all sin. He can deliver you if you want to be delivered. Don’t let your life be in vain because you enjoy your lesbian lifestyle. Its truly not worth it. No sin is.

  32. Melanie I agree with you telling Shonte that we cant use one sin to justify another. Two wrongs never make a right.

    However my question is where’s the proof that “other sins are going unnoticed”? I dont think thats an accurate claim at all.
    Thats one of the strawman arguments people bring up when they want portray homosexuality as the “picked on” sin. There’s a very real, observable reason we have to deal with homosexuality. Anyone who wants to see why need not look any further than the four years of evidence presented on this blog.

  33. gcmwatch – I’m sorry I wasn’t very clear on that point. I do not think sin truly goes unnoticed in the Body of Christ. However, I have been to churches that preach against particular sins more than others. That will preach against homosexuality, but not address the adulterers sitting in the pews. I think that sin needs to be preached against completely, especially if there is a particular one plaguing a church body. It wasn’t my intention to join the “homosexuality gets picked on” argument. I just have experienced churches that don’t seem to address all the sinful issues that need to be, whether that is homosexuality or not. From that perspective, I understand that statement. I agree that there is a serious need to deal with homosexuality the way you do on this blog, and I am glad that you are bold enough to truly stand for Christ and His standards in this way.

  34. Melanie thanks for your comments. Here at gcmwatch we not only deal with homosexuality only. We have done articles on adultery, fornication, and abortion in the past on top of dealing with false teaching & doctrine.

  35. Christ is coming back for a church without a spot or wrinkle! It saddens me to see how far some of the singers/preachers of the Gospel Ministry have strayed away or have conformed to. Still, we must continue to pray for them & be blameless ourselves. Rebuke sin where it is needed, but after the rebuking, RESTORE. Don’t forget where God brought you out of.

  36. I thank you for your passion for the body of Christ. Nevertheless, those who sing at these engagements may not necessarily agree with the sin or behavior being displayed, maybe they hope that during their time of ministering someone may be convicted. Let’s us love everyone! Please don’t be so quick to judge. Have we conversed with those who participated? Or, have we operated on our personal assumption?

  37. I’m confused…didn’t Jesus sit, eat & drink with the unclean? How else do you win souls to Christ unless you are willing to reach out to all men w/love …especially those who are lost or conflicted? Maybe I missed something…

    As far as the comments regarding Leandria, the Lord encourages us to confess our sins and seek God for healing & understanding. Even David the psalmist said to the Lord “You are my strength, I sing praises to are my fortress, my God on whom I rely.” This is the same David who had sinned and committed adultery with Bethseba.

    But oh thank the Lord for repentance…He cleanses us and washes us clean if we believe in our hearts and profess with our mouths that he is Christ Jesus. I will be praying for this young woman to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and not allow distractions to interfere with her commitment to the Lord. From one young Believer to another..

    (Psalm 51)

  38. JustReg, its interesting that people like you always trot out the “Jesus eating/hangin out with sinners, the unclean, et al?

    Id like to ask you a question in response to that. How many times in scripture did Jesus have a manager, negotiate a contract and pick up a paycheck for hanging out with sinners, ministering to them or eating with them?

    I think the answer is obvious and it would reveal the vast difference between Jesus and people like Leandria Johnson.

    The second thing is that you are making a false parallel when you equate church-going, Jesus-claiming homosexuals with sinners who do not know God. As such we are told in 1 Cor 5 do not keep company with FORNICATORS (people who claim to be of Christ and willfully without repentance have sex with others) who call themselves “brothers”.

    So if THE BIBLE tells us not to keep company with such people, why are you trying to make it out of an issue of “ministry”? If the bible says do not keep company with them, why is Leandria Johnson disobeying the scripture and attempting to call it “ministry”?

    I’ll leave you and other defenders of the children of disobedience to contemplate that.

  39. I am just wondering something. Not trying to stir up any controversy at all. But perhaps some, maybe one or two of these artists are performing in the hopes that their music may be a vehicle for transformation. Isnt that possible?

  40. I think many brothers have wanted to be contemporary with the new generations and have made the real gospel, a new gospel that harms the body, which is to be ‘light’.
    Do well to encourage these brothers, yet we must remember we are in recent times and that God would separate those who really love brothers in spirit and truth.
    I congratulate all the brothers who have been given the task to exhort the brothers that have fallen into the clutches of fame, money and power (in this case influence).
    Personally I must admit that within the Christian church are pastors who are gay men dressed as strongly deny that they have this spirit, making a delicate work of the ministry, a spiritual ruin many brothers into believing that the redemptive work of our Lord did not have enough power to renew one person who took this lifestyle.
    I think they should also take into account this point of view because personally, I renew my spiritual life has taken a long time, now listen to Christian music before, honestly, I was hard to hear some gospel songs because everything reminded me of EXPERIENCE poor who lived in the church calling itself Christian, but the grace made ​​her a total disgrace.

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