Wreckxs n effect: A tale of two messages [updated]

Here are two messages you should hear. See if you can pick out the false one.

UPDATE: Youtube has shut down the site and removed Creflo Dollar’s disgusting (and lie-ridden) video. It was expected that Dollar would use his “world changing” power to keep people from seeing his wreckx n effect sermon.

(5:24) Creflo Dollar telling former members of New Birth they are not welcome at World Changers and to go back to New Birth and Eddie Long.
Partial transcript:
You gonna leave the preacher [Long] for his wreck…. when you done had more wrecks? The Blood will take care of his wreck just like it took care of yours.
I can’t believe that people would LEAVE THEIR PREACHER JUST BECAUSE HE HAD A WRECK.… instead of praying for him.
I mean… that pastor has loved them… has taken care of them… has given to them… he’s done for them… so he HAD A WRECK!
You had some wrecks! I mean… the mercy God showed you but you can’t show none to the preacher?
And then the gossip that’s in the body of Christ over the preacher that had a wreck? He had a WRECK…. here’s the good news.. HE HAD INSURANCE!!
The preacher in the city here, he’s still gonna go to heaven. He’s cleared… he’s alright!
And if you from that church that you know what I’m talkin’ bout and you tryin’ to join here, I don’t want you here! That is my friend! That is my brother in The Lord!
And if you came from there, you get on BACK OVER THERE [New Birth] and do what you’re supposed to be doing. Because he had insurance, and Jesus paid the premium.


(5:26) Following the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, Rev. Carter Colon cries out for people to heed the voice of the Spirit and flee false teachers.

Creflo Dollar protects his money in Canada

Special h/t to Kevin M. Oliver

30 thoughts on “Wreckxs n effect: A tale of two messages [updated]

  1. A little leaven………….WOW!

    I and that preacher are going to heaven!…………..I don’t know were to begin.

    Thank Jehovah that all have not bowed their knees to baal.

    A friend sent this to me recently and the first thought that came to my mind was WOW this man is quite bold, but as I said at first a little leaven will rise because that is its purpose and his leaven has just about reached its peak………again WOW

  2. Villiam, Im sorry but I dont get what you are referring to. What is your “wow” in response to?

  3. Someone’s pulling these videos down off of YouTube like gang busters. Apparently, this is a sore subject with someone. I’ll just say this: if I were to flee New Birth for ANY reason (and I’m not a member there, this is only hypothetical), my next destination would NOT be World Changers. Smaller ministries that preach the Word first and put aside the nonsense are where I would look first. I don’t hate mega ministries but I know that if 15,000 calves all try to feed off of the same cow at the same time, some will starve, some will be pushed aside, some may be favored over others and there will most definitely be some confusion.

  4. I saw this video yesterday, and I was quite upset.

    Does Creflo have a heaven to put eddie in?
    Creflo opens up his mouth about everything but could not rebuke his friend eddie but yet considers it a wreck? ohhhhh myyyyyy

    These mega ministers are becoming like brother and sisterhood movement where they refuse to correct each other. Instead of a call to repentance everybody wants the blood to cover.

    May God have mercy on us.

  5. Something hit me today about words and phrases (terminology) being used in the church today and what struck me about this video with Creflo and the many other teachings and sermons by these other “preachers” is the fact that they are replacing the word “SIN” at every opportunity. “SIN” has become a negative. It remains opposite of the positive words now used in many pulpits across the nation and by using the word “SIN”, it hinders their agenda – to deceive. “WRECK” was used several times in this video and not once did the viewer hear the word “SIN”. If there is no “SIN” to worry about then there is no cause for fear of our mortal soul, for there is no sin but just mistakes. This is the deception and we best be paying attention.

  6. Here you have people who at the very least feel that Long is not to be followed, they run from him to another false prophet only to be rebuked so to speak & are basically told to go back to another false prophet. What makes me so sad about this is some will return to Long when leaving was the best thing they could have done. It’s the picture of a mother slapping her child for telling her that mommy’s boyfriend has been molesting them. Tragic. Then again, if people would simply read the Scriptures they’d know better. The Word says people will heap these kind of teachers to themselves because these false prophets are saying what they want to hear. I God will use this to draw out His elect. God forbid anyone should return to this mans clutches.

  7. Basil, I felt exactly as you did while watching this video; the people who left the wolves lair and ended up in his brothers` house are then told to leave that house to return to the wolf? God forbid! Do they not fear the prophecy of Jeremiah 23:1-3?

    “1 Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” says the Lord. 2 Therefore thus says the Lord God of Israel against the shepherds who feed My people: “You have scattered My flock, driven them away, and not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your doings,” says the Lord.

    Wolf number one drives the sheep away, wolf number two tells them to go back to wolf number one. For the ones who choose not to go back, and know they are not welcome at Money Changers church, they will be left to flail in the wind. Woe to these so-called pastors! God`s word is still true!

  8. You are so right on that Bro gregory. He used the word “wreck” incessantly thereby diminishing the lurid fact that eddie Long had committed grevious sins

  9. People of God: You know…sometimes you gotta wonder out loud: Do these false preachers and teachers like Creflo and Eddie and
    Ken and Paula and Juanita and Fred and Murdock and a host of others….do they know that they are preaching another gospel not approved of but yet, they continue because they are in so deep or that the are deceived into believing that at the end, they will get a wake up call and repent and thus enter the Kingdom of God?
    You talk about a famine of Word in the land when so many people would remotely consider being affiliated with such apostate churches but the evidence is that so many do and will fight you if you say that they are being duped!
    Even for Creflo to substitute the word sin with the word wreck shows how far fallen he is…Everything is now a “mistake” or a wreck!
    Talk about adding and detracting from the Word of God with manmade gibberish!
    Just wondering out loud.

  10. Pastor Foster. Again, thank you, sir. Run! Run! My God! When are we ever going to stand for the standard of the gospel of Jesus Christ? I wish there would have been a passionate, solid statement about the standard of holiness and righteousness among preachers. “He’s my friend, and he’s my brother in the Lord BUT, sin is sin. Be sure your sin will find you out. He’s my friend but I told my friend to get right before God. I love my friend but He has to know that God is God and we cannot live like this before His people.” Just ask Hophni, Phinehas, and Eli what happens when sexual sins go unchecked in the house of the Lord. It gives birth to Ichabod. Ichabod must come forth from the womb of sin where we thumb our nose at God and never stand for righteousness. The contrast is clear and startling. We want to run the people that escaped back to the house where homosexual sins (or any other sexual sins) may still be prevalent, instead of running from it. God’s sheep that were running from Eddie Long’s church where sexual sins were permitted, and ran to Creflo Dollar’s church, probably weren’t running in the right direction. Instead of it being a safe haven, Dr. Dollar scolded for leaving a man caught in sin. Believe me when I tell you. I’ve watched what happens when a church empties when a man of God falls. Dr. Dollar should have told them the truth. Come and get healed. Come and understand that sexual sins is MOAB, the Mother Of All Battles and the devil is not finished. Come and understand the power of forgiveness and grace in the blood of Jesus. Not just to cleanse us when we fall but to treasure His blood as our way to complete victory over sexual sins on a moment by moment basis. Come and understand that sin is sin. Come and understand what the Word and what Jesus will do to help you to solidify your life so you could avoid the same pitfall of your former pastor. Learn from my example of following Christ. But this is wishful thinking and beyond comprehension for most preachers that have a platform to perform instead of ministering grace to the hearers.

  11. What did this (Creflo Dollar) do? It put questions in the minds of the those searching for help. If I were those folks, I would have walked right out and found a safe haven. “Evidently, you do not want me here. All I wanted was for some help, and I get scolded.” No hurt like church hurt especially wen it comes from a preacher.

  12. You’re right Brother Gregory….

    They call sin “making a mistake” now…..but in my last post on GCMWATCH God calls it a stink filled period pad!!!!

  13. Thank you for posting this. Anyone who can’t see the difference between what is true and false is blind … let the blind lead the blind.

    People coming into Creflo Dollar’s church were hurting, wounded, and confused – needing a safe place to heal.
    All he did is prove to the “World” that World Changers is not a safe place.

    On the other hand, Dave Wilkerson was a true man of God. It seems to me that Dave was taken from this earth too soon – yet I trust God’s soverignity in this ..
    May the Father raise up thousands upon thousands in his place.

  14. I tried to reply, but I don’t see the message.


    My wow was in response the leaven that has risen with Creflo to have the gall to state that he and Eddie are going to be saved, while questioning the people who speak against their fruit.

    This is the short response.

  15. This is why we must ALL cry loud and spare not!! The English language does not have words to properly express what I just watched on that video.
    Creflo does not have truth to give people that are hurt in anyway. He preaches a false gospel, and he is an atheist that is blinded by his own estimation of himself. So he can only attribute that same narcissism to Eddie. Creflo did some of those people a favor as I know that some of them will NOT go back to Eddie Long nor will they stay at Creflo’s house either. So hopefully they will finally seek the Lord for direction to a true church of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  16. BTW: May I ask on what grounds that you tube removed the videos? What about the CCC? I am truly confused about that!

  17. Raul Ries of the Calvary Chapel movement said this–child molestors are not welcomed. Maybe he was directed it toward Long..

  18. Of all the dumb things that Creflo Dollars have said over the years, this clips takes the cake for real. Eddie Long had a “wreck?” No, Long sinned against four young men by taking advantage of them sexually and mentally. I classify that as a “crime” not a “wreck.” We are called by God to flee false teachers that come to destroy the body and those former New Birthers that left Fast Eddie finally woke up to the truth. I pray that if Creflo does not want these souls, some Spirit-Filled, Word-Based church will take them in and show them the way back to God.

  19. I could not believe my ears, the arrogance. the smug self righteousness, the Im the pastor, what I say go attitude, defending a sexual predator!! He doesn’t even deny Long did it, “he had a wreck”-
    the TITANIC was a wreck!

    Playing the “nobodys perfect” card! We see a cunning master manipulator- “Eddie is my friend”
    the scriptures say “That Pilate & Herod became friends who were enemies (in their conspiracy against Jesus)

    But evil men and impostors will grow worst and worst deceiving and being deceived 2 Tim 3:13

    The prophets speak falsely and the priests rule by their OWN power, and my people love to have it so! Jer 5:31


    WOE TO THE WORTHLESS SHEPHARDS!! zech 11:1;15-17

    If anybody in Creflos church had any sense they would leave too, but we know that won’t happpen, it is amazing these men can say whatever they want and get away with it

  20. Thanks for the update on this my friend!!! I had heard half of it on the radio the other morning, but I didn’t get enough info to know what they were talking about. You are a wealth of information!

    Now, that was a hot mess. That Creflo needs to be ashamed of himself and all that stuff he talks about. I cannot believe how people still sit under that mess!

  21. As a Christian brother that had to leave a church because of the leadership, I would have been devastated if I went to another church broken and hurt only to be turned away. This video really bothered me. How can you turn away hurt people? How can you call sin a WRECK? I am the lest judgmental person but I have never heard of anything like this in my life. May the Lord have mercy on the body of Christ.

  22. No where in the Bible goes Jesus calls sin a “wreck.” God has given the Born-again Believer a simple out, “If we confeess
    our sins He is just and faithful to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteous.” Simple. Hiding a wreck will be uncovered
    sooner or later. “Be sure your sin will be found out.” Hiding garbage only makes it stink more. Mr. Long admitted his
    guilt when he stated that he still has his five stones. He will have to answer to God for his “wreck.”

  23. In an earlier Post on this website in reference to Pastor Dollar responding about whether Homosexuality is a Biblically stated sin, during an open forum in “Canada” , several people came to the Pastor’s defense in their written blogs. . The word of God in Acts tells
    us that the

    ” Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians , for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true”.

    We as church members who failed and continue to fail in doing this need to repent because we have a responsibility to do so, yet we often times want to come against “watch group” ministries . when they are contending for the “faith” that we as Leaders, shepards and Christian followers are supposed to contend for.

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