Is TBN silencing God's prophets?

If you would have told me 30 years ago that a Christian network in the future would play a part in the silencing of Godly men and women who were preaching the truth, denouncing corruption in the church and exposing liberalism and the teachers who promoted such views, I would have told you that maybe you should take a break from science fiction. But interestingly enough, that’s exactly what seems to be going on within the nation’s largest and most prominent Christian television network – the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Sometime during the week of June 11th, long time preacher Jack Van Impe became the second casualty in recent years when he was ultimately silenced by officials at TBN for comments and opinions expressed in a taped program set to air on their network, but after viewing, was considered a violation of their network policies of offending other ministers, even though this same offending program was aired the previous Monday.

So why did TBN become unhinged about Jack’s comments in his program enough to not only reject him by not airing his program, but forbade any future programs which contained his DVD full length program, “Reclaiming and Restoring Biblical Christianity” as well as moving him to another night where the audience viewership was 25% less than his current time slot, which would ultimately give him a much lower viewing audience which ultimately means less exposure. So what could Jack Van Impe have said, or was going to say that brought down the wrath of the Crouches and ultimately silenced a significant preacher of the gospel?

The answer, it seems, was Rick Warren and Islam.

It’s no secret to many who believe in traditional conservative Biblical views that Rick Warren has ultimately forsaken the gospel for a social gospel, which is no gospel at all, but a gospel of popular ideas not founded on the word. Warren’s belief’s of the removal of the cross in most churches, his pro-Islamic stance and his purpose driven theology, all point to a complete rejection of foundational Biblical truth.

What Jack apparently did, was discuss the major points of four (4) leading emergent evangelical leaders and how they were combining their doctrines to include Islam, something that our Lord has strictly forbidden (Ephesians. 5:11) as well as expose the many false teachings that are literally running rampant within the modern church and the people who are behind these teachings. Two prominent leaders, Rick Warren and Robert Schuller, were singled out concerning their liberal teaching and why merging Christianity and Islamic teachings is not only wrong, but damaging to the body of Christ. Schuller’s pro-gay stance has increasingly become all too well known here and here.

Once Impe began to reveal exactly what was being taught by these men and why their popular and accepted views are being held by many ecumenical leaders today, and why these same views would seriously hinder the gospel, not to mention it’s devastating affects on evangelism, folks over at Trinity began to get nervous, possibly outright upset that someone like Warren, who to many within the TBN camp is idolized, would start getting their feathers ruffled at the mere notion that one of their favorite Pastors was being labeled a false teacher.

It didn’t take long before the consequences of touching TBN’s favorite Pastors would be revealed, as the official statement by Impe’s own website clearly states, “On Wednesday afternoon we received a call from Matt Crouch of TBN informing us that they would not run that program, despite having aired it Monday evening. The reason he gave was that we specifically mentioned Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and that it is TBN’s policy that broadcasters are not allowed to rebuke other ministries. This is a rather hypocritical statement in light of the fact that they have never said anything in the past when we have rebuked others such as Bishop Spong, Bishop Pike, and in the past few months Harold Camping and Rob Bell. They also stated that they would not run any future program where we offered our DVD Reclaiming & Restoring Biblical Christianity as a premium for a donation to our ministry. A DVD that exposes false teachers and the heresies that they proclaim.”

So it seems that not only is it forbidden to examine the teachings of others, it’s also forbidden to challenge any viewpoint that is currently popular and accepted by the status quo. That’s where the censoring begins.

There was another man, a prophet of God by the name of Jeremiah, who went before the people of Israel and preached righteousness, exposing the false ideas accepted by many of his day and when they heard what this prophet declared as “thus sayeth the Lord” the people reacted angrily to the point where Jeremiah was thrown into prison at times, yet his declaration remained true.

But this is not TBN’s first rodeo when it comes to applying pressure to someone who is openly critical of another faith, one has to simply look to Hal Lindsey and see the affects of tolerance pressure when it is applied. Lindsey himself got into much hot water for questioning Islam and why the Islamic religion is dangerous not only to our nation, much less the world, but to the body of Christ. And yet, when Lindsey began to speak openly on his program, it didn’t take long for the Crouches to put a stop to his rhetoric and soon, Hal Lindsey was removed completely from the network and long time friends (Lindsey and Crouch) became divided. Lindsey was eventually brought back to TBN after much public swaying, but obviously the damage was already done.

The idea that a Christian network, ANY Christian network, would pressure a minister of the gospel in what they can or cannot say, should concern all of us who value God’s word. A true preacher of the word cannot be regulated, nor is he subject to sermon approval, the reason is simple, the gospel must be preached regardless of who it offends. Once we start silencing the gospel under the guides of tolerance and political correctness, we lose and not only us, souls lose as well.

At a time when Christians are accepting homosexuality within its walls, accepting worldliness, secularism and humanism, when Pastors can write books stating there is no Hell and that the atonement for man’s sin is not in the cross but through psychology and a purpose driven ideology, God will raise up a watchman or a Prophet that will declare what God has to say and no other. When a Pastor cannot state for certainty how a homosexual can be saved and delivered, when another wants the church to subscribe to ecumenicalism by joining up with Muslims, while another Pastor produces a popular movie which depicts a nearly half naked woman sitting on the couch undoing her bra, something is sadly wrong within the body of Christ and it takes someone with grit to expose and deal with this problem we are now facing.

Trinity Broadcasting is in error, and their new direction is clearly a sign of the times we are living in, when men would rather seek the praises of men rather than to promote Godliness and righteousness. When a Christian network begins to silence preachers and prophets of the gospel who are doing nothing more than warning the body of Christ what is happening in the church, it fulfills the warning of the apostle Paul, who saw this great falling away in our future, “For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.” 2 Timothy 4:3

I contacted Paul Crouch Jr. seeking a comment for this article and was given this reply, “We choose to lift up the Lord, not chastise others. That’s not our calling. If he (jack van impe) needs to do that, he can buy time on secular TV outlets. Remember, we would not allow anyone to criticize Jack Van Impe either, even though many would love to! (The sword cuts both ways.) Again, it’s not our mission. “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men…” end quote.

Again, it bears repeating, part of the gospel is weeding out the false and exposing those teachings which bring harm to the body of Christ, if we ignore those who are called of God to warn us of the poison many are bringing in, is that not lifting up the Lord by protecting his sheep he has entrusted us with?

All I can say is, judgment day is going to be a time of joy for many and a heartbreak for others.












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  1. Thank you for reporting this.
    TBN chooses to lift up the Lord? I used to support TBN monthly, until 4 or 5 years ago. Something didn’t feel right in my spirit. I realize that it’s not “all” bad … but it isn’t “all” good either. A lot of teaching is promoted in the name of “Christianity”. Not just TBN, but other networks as well.

    What is troubling to me is this network will host preachers, pastors and bishops that have not (to my knowledge) made an appearance to acknowledge with repentance of committing adultery, divorcing their spouse, sodomizing young boys and deceiving their members. How does this “lift up the Lord” when there is such contradiction and hypocrisy in the lifestyle of spiritual leaders within the church.

    The office of a Bishop must be blameless with a good reputation among those outside of the church. (I Timothy 3). These men and women should not take (nor should TBN) their position of influence so casually – since they will be judged more severely (James 3).

    So, after 23 years TBN will not let the Jack say what he believes and allow the viewing audience who send in $$ to keep TBN on the air to listen to Jack as they read their own bibles, pray and discern whether they agree – yet TBN will allow people to be on their network who prostitute and pimp the Word of God for money.

    I may not always agree with Jack Van Impe’s teaching, but God bless him for saying “NO” to filling TBN’s bank account every month while they censor what he says. Jack is accountable to God not TBN.

    This is what is wrong with most Christian networks.
    Pluralism and lack of discernment (both the network and most viewers).

  2. TBN has been creepy for a long time. Much of what they show doesn’t lift up the Lord at all, it mocks him and abuses his word via shameful money-grubbing.

    Jesus warned of false teachers quite often. Was He being wrongfully divisive?

  3. I seemed to hear about this when they had the row with Hal Lindsey about the same thing. Their rationale was they are trying to “reach” muslims so we shouldnt say anything bad about their religion, even tho it keeps them bound in a cycle of death and violence.

    TBN is riddled with false teachers, false minstrels. I wouldnt send them a red penny.

  4. That’s our Modern TBN for ya! For them to allow Steve Harvey to interview Tyrese on there last week, and allow him to spew out such abominations as ( I’m paraphrasing, but you’ll get the point) “if you have to use the “sexy” to get them to listen to you, do whatever you need to do to draw them…” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I thought THE BIBLE SAID, in order to draw, we just
    have to lift up Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will do the drawing, for no one can come unless the Holy Spirit draws them, not
    some “sexually aroused” performance by Tyrese! It was an utter abomination to the Word of God! So if TBN let that program
    air, then it truly doesn’t surprise me that they are going more and more to the left and will silence/censor anyone
    that dares to speak/preach/teach SOUND DOCTRINE!

    (Please forgive it my typing is jumbled as I’m at work and the computer is doing weird stuff, and not allowing me to
    see all of what I’ve typed)

  5. So TBN is in the business of lifting up the Lord with people like Steve Harvey, who mocks the Lord on his radio show, is extremely vulgar and worldly, taking the stage to so-called “preach”? Thank you, I will pass, and thank you CGregory for a wonderfully written piece.

  6. Friends,

    I have muslim friends’ whom I’ve made no mistake in letting them know how I feel about there religion, but still letting them also know that I love them and they also continue to show friendship to me. There are some believers’ when letting them know there in error, they won’t either speak to you anymore or you wish you would’ve never received a rebuttal from them. The Word of God says, “Cry aloud spare not tell my people about there sins” and also “Preach the word in season and out of season, rebuke and correct w/all longsuffering and sound doctrine.” Most of the ministers on TBN give either a watered down, tickle your ear message and or you would think they’ve never committed a sin or rebuke harshly anyone who keeps them accountable and responsible for the obvious and knowing sins they’ve committed. I and my wife still watch TBN watching certain ministers, but staying away from the seasonal praise-a-thons and praise the Lord nightly shows, which most of the time are nothing short then a bunch of want to be christian celebrities.

  7. ****Update****

    We have received word from Paul Crouch Jr. that an official response to the events which led to this article and Jack Van Impe would be posted on the TBN website, as well, Paul Crouch Sr. will be addressing this issue tonight, Tuesday June 14th, on their Behind the Scenes program at 5pm PST – 8pm EST.

  8. There’s a fundamental problem with TBN. It like much of the apostate church in America has lost its value and respect for the authority of God’s word. The gaggle of false teachers and homosexual gospel industry workers they regularly feature on the program as official representatives of the faith are a result of the damnable heresy the gospel of inclusion inching closer and closer to the heart of the church.

    Thanks TBN for hastening the demise of the American church.

  9. Funny they jump on Jack about slighting Rick and Schuller but they encourage him when he openly praises the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican and the Pope. I’n not sure where in the Van Impe Memorization Bible it says to worship Mary, Pray to dead men, or that the Pope can trump the Scriptures….but I’m sure Jack has it memorized! I believe the Vatican is the main financial supporter of TBN. That is why Paul Sr., Jack. Benny, Jesse, and others are so drop dead in awe of the Catholic Church. I have heard recordings of Paul Sr. screaming for Catholics and Evangelicals to come together as one. Funny thing is this is also what Rick Warren and Robert Schuller wants.
    I can not stomach much on TBN. Jack is nutty because of his love of the Catholic church. I dont care how many scriptures he has memorized or what Illuminati plan he is exposing….if he is admirant of the Vatican he is off his rocker.

  10. This is wrong TBN.

    daily news update – Welcome to Jack Van Impe Ministries InternationalTBN CENSORSHIP OF JACK VAN IMPE PRESENTS, June 11, 2011

    We will notify news outlets. CNN and others.

  11. My husband and I watched the on-demand Behind The Scenes program for June 14. It was 30 minutes of fundraising with no mention about Jack Van Impe. We had watched the first 30 minutes of TBN (first time in many years) to see if maybe they might play a taped response by Paul. If they did it must have happened after we quit watching. I was NOT going to try and watch an entire program. I sincerely hope that they did not lie about addressing the issue to you.

  12. Exactly! Any Christian network that cosigns what “wait 90 days before fornicating, all religions are okay, nothing wrong with being gay” Steve Harvey has to say must question their motives. It’s obvious that mammon is his god.

  13. I stopped watching TBN years ago when it became clear that the Gospel was being watered down and money was the main focus. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start letting gay so-called preachers on the network.

  14. TBN=The un-Holy Broadcasting Network!

    Even when I was a babe in Christ I knew something was seriously wrong with the Host of this network.

    But I am grateful to TBN for one thing:

    Exposing the false prophets. Every time they do their Praise-A Thon’s I get to watch heretical liars, butcher the word of God in praise of their god aka mammon…..

    Good article Brother Gregory….

  15. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they start letting gay so-called preachers on the network.”

    JS, they have already done that many times.

  16. Wow! Are they “openly” gay? I know I’ve seen more than enough questionably (& I say questionably as this is what I’ve discerned) gay preachers and music ministers on TBN (to include Paul Crouch). But are they welcoming openly gay so-called preachers now? Wow!

  17. open or closed, it dont make a difference in God’s sight.
    Sin has the same destructive ending: death

    And for TBN to use their “policy” to squash anyone from speaking out against them on their show is despicable. They are intentionally helping to deceive people while raking in millions of dollars to “spread the gospel”. Yeah, the gospel of inclusion.

  18. I’m not surprised. Those who would be deceived would be those who follow preachers and not God. Many are leaving the faith and bringing false doctrines just as the bible said.

  19. I totally agree with that. By “openly” I meant.. were they on the inclusion bandwagon too. But you’re right, open or closed, it doesn’t make a difference. I’m guessing it won’t be long before Soulforce will be on TBN. It’s like ppl just don’t have a reverential fear of God anymore. Anything goes these days.

  20. @JimmieKrackKorn, I’m in agreement with Jack Van Impe, he will quote Catholic dogma and false prophecies, and rave about the Pope, and TBN says nothing that.

    However, Rick Warren and Robert Schuller churches are both located in Orange County, both have money, power, and influence in the Orange County area of Southern California. TBN main studio is also located in Orange County. Crouch and TBN know that, that is why they defend Warren and Schueller(ecumencial whores), Warren and Schueller will lie down with almost any harlot false religious system.

  21. Correction: I’m in argeement with JimmieKrackKorn the statement he made about Jack Van Impe and TBN. Van Impe statement he made on Warren and Schueller is so true, to bad he doesn’t follow the same guidelines in regards to Pope Benedict and the Roman Catholic Church .

  22. Interesting development on the Jack Van Impe website:


    June 15, 2011

    As we shared with you on Jack Van Impe Presents this week as well as this Daily Update section on our Web page, we have cancelled our program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, effective Friday, June 10, 2011.

    Late on Monday afternoon, June 13, 2011, I received a voice mail message from Paul Crouch, Sr. stating that he had reinstated our program for that night and his desire to talk with Dr. Van Impe. In a conversation with Dr. Crouch later that evening, I told him that I had left a message on Dr. Van Impe’s phone regarding his call (the Van Impe’s had been out that evening with some of their neighbors and did not return home until much later.) In our conversation Dr. Crouch again cautioned me regarding Dr. Van Impe’s naming of names and publically rebuking ministers and their teachings.

    After much time in prayer the Van Impe’s determined that we could not come back to TBN. We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name.

    This was not an easy decision; we have had a relationship with TBN for 23 years. While there is hurt over this incident, we hold no animosity towards TBN. Dr. Van Impe has often expressed his appreciation to Paul and Jan and all that they have accomplished in broadcasting to the world. In fact, the last time we had a satellite uplink with Paul for a Praise the Lord broadcast, Dr. Van Impe reiterated his thankfulness for TBN and its ministry. But at this point we feel it is time to part ways.

    We have been able to over the years develop an independent network of broadcast stations all across America as well as broadcasting on TBN and Daystar. Our Media Agents have worked diligently and determined that we need to add 14 stations to be able to continue fully covering every mile of America. Praise God I am pleased to announce that negotiations have progressed in these 14 markets and that contracts will be presented to the Van Impe’s for approval in a matter of days. We look forward to reaching every city and town with the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I also want to thank each one of you that have contacted us with your words of encouragement this past week. Never before have we experienced such an overwhelming outpouring of love and support. All of your messages have been given to the Van Impe’s and they are thankful to each and every one of you. We look forward to coming into your homes with Jack Van Impe Presents each week and until then keep “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13).

    Ken Vancil
    Executive Director
    Jack Van Impe Ministries

  23. “After much time in prayer the Van Impe’s determined that we could not come back to TBN. We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name”

    No need for the world to censor, persecute and minimize us, TBN is willing to do it for a small monthly fee via the “Praise-a-thon”.

    I do not applaud the work of TBN when in its latter days it will silence and diminish the voices of those who would bring balance and critique to all the man-worship the network engages in. May the Lord reward them according to what is just and fair.

  24. People of God: I know of no good reason why anyone would continue to watch or support TBN. Their doctrine is not of the Word of God and the personalities that they allow to come on and “preach” or “teach” to their general audiences is reprehensible.
    To allow a Steve Harvey on and to allow him to utter such gibberish that he does is both sinful and harmful and yet this TBN would consider that they are led of the Spirit of God?
    Not a chance. By TBN’s fruit, you will know them.
    If TBN is also leading a charge back to “mother” Rome, they then are truly lost.
    Flee from TBN. The word of God indicates that we are to mark those which cause divisions and not to have fellowship with them.
    This same goes for TBN.
    The Body of Christ must exercise more discernment and not allow any flim flam to fill their ears or eyes simply because someone yells, “I am a Christian!”
    Need more than that.
    The money grubbers and false teachers and preachers are having a field day on TBN….do not support that nonsense.

  25. I am amazed that TBN is acting like the communists when we were up against the Soviet Union when I was serving in the Navy 30 years ago. I can’t say that it’s my Navy anymore because they have embraced Same sex unions faster than all the other service branches. Now the practice of communism is in the church. Censorship of the truth. John 3:20-21 says, “Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. for everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.” This is the same tactic that GLBT uses. Silence the truth! Should we be surprised of the source of this tactic. It is not surprising that one day TBN would be the first Christian Broadcaster to openly embrace GLBT and begin airing their programs. That’s right. Don’t be so shocked!

  26. Thanx 4 this article, i was provoked to seek God more even as the second coming of his only Son gets closer each ticking second.
    TBN is nothing less than an anti Christ, “christian”station…for the past years probably since its inception, this so called self proclaimed “christian”network have been literally fighting the True, Pure, Holy, Bride by promoting first degree heresy mixed with out of context scriptures and now we hav chrislam…what a shame to tbn
    Bretheren lets contend for the Faith which was delivered to us once and for all(Jude).
    More of this stuff is going cloud this world and we have to be careful and examine ourselves whether we still in the faith.
    Thanks to God through His Son for such a watchman at such a time like this, God bless u GCMwatch team..continue sounding the alarm till that DAY

  27. Once again gcmwatch, an eye opening article. I was a loyal TBN supporter and viewer 7 years ago, My view of TBN had change because of many questionable guests(earl paulk, j. bynum, paula white, benny hinn, steve harvey, etc.) and crouch’s scandal. TBN has some good, but some bad, so i don’t support them.
    Its now June 16, 2011, M-DAY(marriage vote in new york state,) my wife and i are praying that same sex marriage do not become law, please pray with us. This is a big issue in a prominent state, i wish more big name christians leaders(including cogic’s Bishop Blakke) were here to help, but i guess they have better things to do.

  28. Melvin we cant count on them. Its a lost cause to even THINK “leaders” like Charles Blake would actually lead on an issue this. Same with TBN. Their programming is almost like Alice in Wonderland. Looking at TBN you would never know the grave issues this country is facing. They censor and diminish anyone who would speak out and elevate the pimps, hucksters and religious talking heads that keep the people in a fog of “praise”.

    Homosexual marriage will and IS changing everything in more profound ways than we can imagine and yet the jackasses (I needed to use the appropriate term) at the heads of denominations and over Christian media act as if we should just sit still and quiet and it will all go away. Or they are cavorting and sleeping with the enemy and selling us down the river for 30 peices of silver.

  29. Helper&Lorraine,

    You have to remember that satan IS the god of the air(waves) so really what you see on TBN or the like, and what you hear on the radio is going to be influenced. I wish that I could find some pure Gospel/Christian programming. I am so tired of seeing these Bishops (is every preacher a bishop now?) giving five minutes of preaching and twenty-five minutes of fundraising.

  30. Pastor Foster, it truly is an “Alice in wonderland” gospel – and the innocent have fallen into the rabbit hole. For years we have seen a decline in God’s truth being spoken on TBN. And now, outright censorship of those that are bold enough to declare God’s truth and warn the people. History has taught us that silencing the prophets is what the wicked do-but God will never be silent. Paul Crouch has willfully closed his eyes, plugged his ears and singing, la-la-la-la, as loudly as he can. Rick Warren and other social gospel gurus are the cash cows of spiritual enlightenment and our modern day Pharisees-true sons of darkness. They don’t want to miss any opportunities to be seen and get paid; and they don’t have a problem throwing God’s people under the bus in the process. And yes Pastor Foster, these are the “Judas’” of the 21st century.

  31. If Jack was allowed to speak out against these preachers, he might just take Paul Crouch and his Eddie Long type settlement.

  32. it truly sounds to me like we are headed toward a one world religion (government). people like rick warren wanting to blend islam with christianity. taking crosses, choirs, pulpits out of the churches. i agree with jack van impe calling out people like rick warren and others. but i think he is wrong in his support of catholicism. the bible says not to worship idols. isn’t that what the priest, mary, and pope are. also they say, i think 26 churches are going to have blended services on june 26, i think, in 26 christian churches across usa. sounds a whole lot like we’re headed toward a one world religion. pray people. keep the faith and witness for our lord and saviour.

  33. It’s sad to see those in Christian leadership roles knowingly disregard Biblical truths and instead of pleasing God, please men. I plan on removing them from my cable subscription.

  34. very true..can u help with some pure and true gospel music, m tired of this trash in many Christian stores

  35. @Nanaj-You’re absolutely right. Catholicism is as far from Orthodox Christianity as dirt is from rice…..

    Instead of running away from Roman Catholicism and declaring its doctrines heretical and a cult (like our early church fathers did “The Reformers”) we are embracing them.

    People need to do a study of church history. The reason we are Protestant Christians is because of Martin Luther’s rejection of the Catholic Church and all her idolatrous ways and sacraments. Protestant means that we protested against a salvation that requires us to work for it and gave total credit to God through our faith in the death of His Son Jesus Christ for our sins. This is what the bible says:

    “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Ephesians 2:8

    Catholics believe that their sacraments and works will save them. As if the death of Christ on the cross wasn’t enough to purchase our salvation!!!! God Forbid!

    Unfortunately all other religious cults (Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Oneness Pentecostals) believe the same thing which is why they are false religions.

    I did a three Part study on the error and lies of Catholicism. Anyone wanting to be enlightened can view them here:

    The Catholics-error after lie after error: Part 1

    The Catholics-error after lie after error Part 2: The Worship of Mary and other saints:

    The Catholics-error after lie after error Part 3: Salvation by works and not faith

    God Bless!

    Sorry for getting off topic Pastor Foster…..

  36. Helper&Lorraine-You are going to have to go back. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to those songs written according to scripture to truly hear what gospel music is. Anything that doesn’t give honor to God and His Son Christ for our salvation should remove the gospel title from their CD and call it what it is: Contemporary Music!

  37. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I don’t even watch TBN anymore. I have a “move on folks; nothing to see here!” mindset when it comes to “christian” programming”. There’s nothing to learn there except who not to follow. With these networks, anything goes…..uh, except the truth. We’re totally lost without truth & since it can’t be found for the most part on TBN, Daystar, the radio & so on, why watch or listen? Read the Bible.

  38. Schuller was the first guest ever on TBN when they started. Schuller taught “A Course in Miracles” at the Crystal Cathedral until Warren Smith exposed it. Rick Warren sits on the board of Tony Blairs Faith Foundation….who’s mission statement is: “Bringing all the religions of the world together!” Tony Blair is a recent convert to Catholicism. As is Newt Gingrich. Blair’s wife dabbles in the occult. I believe the RCC is behind TBN. I believe the Vatican finances TBN, regardless of how much money is in “the O.C.”
    I also suspect Jack’s ties to the Vatican will protect him from Paul Sr. Hal LIndsey got “let go” for a similar reason….exposing Islam… Paul Sr. let him go out of fear of retaliation from Islamist. Of course Hal is back on TBN now.
    I just believe the Vatican is behind ALL ecumenicalism…and wants all denominitions to “Come Home.”

  39. Wow people, now I’m really confused. I have been raised catholic but I was always kind of a rebel as since I was a little girl I refused to pray over statues of saints. I have always asked why, why, why do we have to work at going to heaven If Christ already paid the price. Now, I really don’t know what to think anymore as I can’t find a home church…maybe home churches are dead? I don’t want my little kid who loves Jesus to live in this confused state as I am, for I don’t know what to tell him anymore. We used to watch TBN all the time, now with JVIM gone…what to do? help

  40. There is another settlement as of last year with a Brian Duggers who also was paid off it seems.

  41. The roots of Catholicism are clear in today’s false preaching. When people misappropriate the Scriptures, if people do not know what the Bible says, they will support it because it sounds religious and true. This is all about who and what are you going to believe. That’s why you have to study to show yourself approved, a workman doesn’t need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. The gospel is not about what we can gain in this life because it is all going to pass away, and we will take nothing with us. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about eternal life. The life and nature of Christ within us. Paul called it, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” My. These Scriptures are the forgotten Scriptures of our time.

  42. Tbn also choose not to air an interview from ex ministries speaking against the music industry. Why, the money, all you need to do is be famous have some money and say you are saved to get on tbn. Like your worldly fame transfers to the Kingdom….

  43. Very Confused….
    It sounds like you will be “lost” without Jack Van Impe…Have you read the posts on this site exposing him as a collaborater with the Vatican and it’s etrocities? How can you trust anything out of the mouth of anyone who praises and promotes the ritualistic pagan cult which is the Roman Catholic Church? That is Very Confused. I would suggest you study the bible and pray for guidance in seeking a true bible based bible study, and church…and read your own bible for yourself. There is absolutely no way the Vatican lines up with the Word of God. None. So no matter how many scripures Jack has memorized…it is all for not if he stands beside the Catholic church.
    If you stop watching TBN and Jack Van Impe and study your own Bible, it will be a great step in becoming Less Confused.

  44. @veryconfussed-read your bible. Pray that God will give you an understanding of the truth found in the bible. Step out on faith in Jesus Christ alone as the propitiation for your sins.

    Study the articles I provided above and compare what scripture say in contrast to Catholic Doctrine. Notice the many errors and inconsistencies as well as the outright contradiction to what the bible teaches about Jesus Christ and how salvation is obtained.

    “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.Ephesians 2:8-9

    Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ Alone!

  45. TBN… The Blind Network Strikes aging! I will never support that network again in life. Yes, I like Jack and some things I do not agree with what he says but he is telling the truth about this watering down of the gospel in the church and it has to stop! Preach the Word! Lord have mercy, where are all of these vultures coming from? To me, any one that has a Mega Church has a Mega Mess. These pastors prey on the sheep to come see them to support them instead of shepherding the sheep they live like Royalty and fleece the sheep. How can one man truly take care of the needs of so many? They can’t Why won’t they train up others in their congregation to take over some of the flocks so that the people can go and win the lost for Christ. That is how we win the world for God. No, they are too busy creating bank accounts and filling the coffers for them selves. Oh yes they give on occasion to over seas projects. But what about the people in their own congregation some are starving. I have seen this with my own eyes. People who have been giving faithful for years and for some reason fall on hard times. When they ask for help their own church turns their back on them and sends money to another country. Don’t get me wrong it is good to give to the poor in other countries but what about the household of faith first? If you help them in your own congregation first and raise them up when they get strong financially they will help the church more and then the church will have more money to give to overseas projects. Money in the church should be like running water, what comes in keep it flowing out. But no they stockpile it and it starts to entice the leaders.

  46. I too was decieved and gave thousands so that God would love me more and then I realized that the only currency that God recognizes is the blood of his dear son. Todays ministers preach a different Jesus and they manipulate people into believing that our own filthy works of righteousness will somehow give us a higher standing with God. They go so far as to teach that God can be manipulated by giving money to them! Witchcraft and manipulation go hand in hand. Confusion and every evil work prevail in far to many churches!

  47. Hit TBN where it hurts the most–in their pocket book. Stop all donations or support in any way. Let’s all remember that God is Sovereign and in charge. Things will move according to HIS timing and plan. All believers have the one thing that the lost don’t have…HOPE for a better tomorrow (future) spending an eternity with our saved loved ones and the Lord. All they can look forward to is judgement day if they persist in their sin and disbelief. Maranatha.

  48. Don’t give up, wait and listen. I like to listen to for my daily living messages. He is peaceful to me and follows the word with his sermons. Jack Van Impe is alerting humans who listen that the time is near for the return of Jesus. I was born and raised Catholic, now I am 60 years and I cannot remember any sermons that talked about our next life. Simply readings, probably out of context. You can watch Jack online. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Wait and listen and understanding will come to you.

  49. I don’t agree that Jack lines up with the Catholic Church. His principle message is that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the only ticket to Heaven. He also teaches the end-times message which is not being taught by any churches that I know of. The Catholic Church has been around for a long time and has blinded a lot of people. I was born and raised Catholic and have lots of family who are blinded by the Catholic Church. All I can do is pray for them. All I can do is ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, wisdom, and courage to speak out when I have the opportunity. I must ask, wait, and listen. Jack is very courageous to stand up to false teachings. Thank you Jesus!

  50. I thank God for taking you out of TBN just as he moved Lot out of Sodom and Gomorrah i had never understand how you mingle with them must of them are gay is the head is gay what do expect of the rest of the body.We should always remember we are white as snow,please try this put on a white glove go pick some mud and see what happen,Ro,12:1-3. Thank you Lord Jesus for removing our brother Jack and his lovely wife from TBN.ANEM.

  51. My husband and I have watched Jack Van Impe for the 16 yrs we have been married. We were both shocked about the TBN situation but ultimately happy that JVI stood his ground. I have seen very little good come from TBN…..and as far as the Church today and “Christianity”, what is being taught IS NOT GOD…..just read the KJV Bible on this….The few comments oon here about JVI and his “love” of Catholics, is , in my opinion, being taken out of context. In ALL the shows we have watched he has referenced Catholics very little, nothing on his website seems to promote Catholics… all sincerity, he seems to believe what ALL Chrsitians SHOULD believe…..1. Christ died for our SINS, 2. There is a Heaven/Hell, 3. Man will be juded 4. The Rapture is REAL and 5. Church IS NOT

  52. (oops…CONTINED) 5. Church IS NOT about removing crosses (which is fundamental to Christianity) it’s not about rock music, jeans and flip flops, light shows and fog machines, removing altars, and it sure isn’t about Islam………………It is certainly hard to find AN ACTUAL GOD fearing/loving Church today. My husband is Active Duty Military and we move alot and I can say for 100% certainity, just within the last 3 years, Churches have did a 360 on sound doctrine of biblical Christianity…..only recently, have we even been able to find an actual Church, who so far, SPEAKS FROM THE BIBLE…..and the whole Steve Harvey issue……idk, as we don’t watch TBN but it is disgusting if he is using “sex” to sell a message about JESUS CHRIST. It’s really time to put REAL Christianity back in the Churches and STOP being hypocrits amongst ourselves and bickering with one another…WE SHOULD uplift, pray for and Praise a brother in Christ who will at least stand up for our Lord Jesus………being ‘PC/tolerant” is NOT the answer

  53. i gave a lot of money to tbn in the past. started feeling they were crooked years ago, and when i contacted them for help, they refused. crouch himself claimed “that’s not what we do”! they just take money, don’t offer it. money should go through your hands and used to bless others, not keep it and use it for yourself. they don’t need all the fancy studios nor do they need all the stuff they have with viewer’s money. some people pay to feel comfort. christ is free! salvation doesn’t cost. i’m against this modern church age and it’s country club mentality! religion is a sure way to hell… i no longer support ministry. i do what the bible says in the new testament, which is to be a good samiritan. when you come across those in need, help. but sendin gmoney and not knowing where it goes for sure, is foolish. pray for personal opportunities, not trusting men who sin to use your money to mostly bless themself. it’s a scam! jvi at least stood up for himself and didn’t kiss tbn’s ass! shame on tbn… i hope people stop supporting them so they know what it’s like to “want” and live with just their needs met.

  54. I was specifically waiting for Jack Van Impe’s program to air to see his comment on false preachers and was very disturbed when it was a re-run of the prgram from the previous week. I wondered what happened. Now I know. I also love watching Hal Lindsey and his air time is also hard to find. Shame on TBN for your disgusting censorship of God’s word. It is a sad day when someone who wants to tell the truth is shut down but they let feel good preacher’s like (and I will name names) Joel Osteen to air. All he does is tell silly jokes and try to tickle the ears of viewers for self satisfaction and profit. God Bless Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey.

  55. Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey are two of my favorite on TBN. One of the reasons I tune in. I cannot believe TBN is doing this. I don’t have a lot to say, but having Jack and Hal both criticized, that is just too much. I just cannot believe this. I would rather watch those two any day than watch most of the ‘shows’ that they air. Shame on TBN. Loss me as an audience. I agree with Tammy…in so many ways.

  56. The best two Biblically correct currently available teachers of the gospel can both be heard over the air on radio.

    GCMW: The best two? That sounds like some sort of reality show promo.

    They are Dr. Steven Davey of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC and Dr. J. Vernon McGee (late) of the Church
    of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles (whose 5 year verse-by-verse study of the Bible can be heard daily
    on his Thru The Bible radio broadcast and over the website) is available in more than one hundred
    languages! Both are available via radio on the Bible Broadcasting Network and via internet at

  57. I think TBN is a cowered and not the christian channel they calm to be. I also think they are for the world instead of GOD. They took Jack Van Impe off the air for telling the truth, just like JESUS. I’d watch him over you any day.One thing I can say about TBN is, they will have to answer to GOD. GOD help them.

  58. TBN take heed of this. For all the rubbish you air, know this, that God is not mocked. For a man shall reap what he sows. I am not judging you but the Word of God does and Jack did not judge the false teachers but the Word of God did!

  59. Wow! Just read all the posts and they are quite enlightening. I was shocked over the news myself. I was looking for the show and couldn’t find it. I saw the re-run and thought I had lost it. I only get free channels as I have been unemployed and haven’t found a job yet. I have been reading my Bible and praying and watching TBN and the Church Channel which they run also. Trying to get my life together while waiting for a job to come forth or some source of income. I remembered Jack Van Impe from a child as my parents listened to him and Hal Lindsey or read their media sources. I watched David Jeremiah, Jack Graham, Jeff Shreve and a few others along with Jack Van Impe, Lamb & Lion and End Times. I have noticed that the programming has changed since all of this took place.

    I wrote TBN and asked them, What is TBN’s stand on Islam and Christianity? The reply after a few days was they sent me a copy of the letter they sent to Jack Van Impe. That was it. I wrote them back and asked them, Where in that question did I say the name of Mr Van Impe?

    I haven’t heard anything back as of yet, probably won’t.

    I didn’t know about Paul Crouch (Jr) being gay or any scandal but that would explain a lot.

    I have noticed their is a lot of patting oneself on the back. They as some have said, have some good and some bad. Cencorship is not good unless someone is teaching heresy or promoting evil or hate etc.

    We can pray for them as well as the Mr Van Impe. We can choose to not give our money and instead give it to the individual ministries i.e. David Jeremiah etc. or locally or like someone else said directly to individuals in need that we run across. God can speak to our hearts and let us know what is proper.

    We do have to be vigilant and God can still use them to reach others for Christ as he can use anyone whether saved or unsaved if he chooses to get his work done.

    The rest is up to God to deal with as we will all be held accountable for what we do and the saved will be judged by their works. Even if you do good work if you don’t have the right heart attitude and if you brag about what you do then your reaward is already received on earth and not in heaven.

    This is sad to see people who have been of such influence take this stance but it has opened our eyes to many things. That the scriptures are true and that we need to be vigilant about what is false and what is true. Satan is a master of deceit and the father of lies. If he were foolish enough to tempt Christ and think he actually had a chance then wouldn’t he think it easy to fool all of us? The best way to trap someone is to take a lie and wrap it in some truth so it makes it hard to see or discern the lie.

    Maybe as another said, it is better than God has allowed Mr Van Impe to be removed from this situation and to be out on his own.

    Thanks for all the posts as it has been enlightening to see how people think, feel and to get more insight on what happened. I hope I will be able to his program on one of the new stations he signs with but since I have free only I’m not sure if that will happen.

    God Bless!

  60. TBN did the same thing to yet another network member named Joseph Good of Hatikva Ministries back in the early 90’s. They canned him for teaching his belief that the U.S. of America is the great whore of the book of Revelations. I heard it was Jan that actually got him cancelled. Now, it seems another Crouch family member (Matt) has chosen to exercise his nepotistic influence to get another major contributor, Jack Van Impe, to break ties with the network due to censorship. It’s just another sign of the end times as more and more churches and church related organizations are falling away as they comprimise their true Christian faith for political correctness. I hope the beast of apostasy rears its ugly head and turns around to bite the hell out of them.

  61. Gary, is it true or false that they had Hal Lindsey removed also or gave him trouble about his programs on islam?

  62. It sad to see what is going on in THE church world today. I have watch the Jack Van Impe show for all these years if I miss a weekly show on TBN I will go directly to their web site and view that TV show there. I stand 100% behind Mr. Impe and his lovely wife and my prayer are with them and any man of God that will not compromise the word and Gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Shame on TBN for trying to use censorship as a Vail to cover for the false prophets that the bible clearly state that in the last days are going to abound and will dress in sheep clothing while deceiving many. I could say much more on the subject but after all is said and done the one and only true God is going to have the final word and administer the final Judgment, that will decide were each and every human being is going spend eternity been that either heaven or hell. To any one that read this what you did with Jesus is going to determine where you will end in the after life. My prayer goes out for the unity of the true body of Christ and even so come quickly Lord Jesus. May God have mercy on us all…..! Love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  63. The devil is a liar what he is doing now to the body of christ is the evidence of the dangerous times we are living in. Thank you Jack for taking this step and the Lord will bless you mightly I love you.

  64. I was raised in a Full Gospel church but during college dropped out of church. I even reached a point where I WANTED to believe there was no God. However, I watched Jack Van Impe almost every week for years and his teaching kept me from leaving the faith. To me it is impossible to listen to his teachings and not believe the Bible is real.

    At the same time I was watching JVI, I would occasionally see TBN and had a completely different feeling about it. The flashy clothes, the golden thrones on stage, the makeup, the hair, it was all too much for me. Not to judge, but I felt they were more about appearances than serving God. Maybe I am wrong but I just liked had a bad feeling about them.

    Thank you brother Van Impe for your humble service to God. I rededicated my life 10 years ago and without your problem that likely would have never happened.

  65. Im upset tbn is my only channel to hear anything about the lord ,with all the sin in this world it was so nice to get away from it all and enjoy some of tbn ,the ones like jack van impe that did preach the word and a few others ,why tbn would you do this , all i have to say is one day you will answer to the lord for the way you did jack van impe ,,so ill stand with him cause i believe what he preach’s is the word of the lord,,,,may god bless you ..and may god forgive you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. melvin jones i quite agree with you but is benny hinn a questionable preacher? I am in Africa so we do not get much of the broadcasting you guys get in America. it is shocking what I am discovering about TBN today. I had some doubts in my mind about some preachers too but continued viewing the positive programmes. Please enlighten the people of Africa more about this issue because we are easily bought. I will continue to stand for the truth but not all my fellow Africans have the privilege to access the net and see these things. I need more info in order to convince people.

  67. you know the catholics do not see what they do as idol worship they see it as veneration. In as much as we condemn them let as look at ourselves as protestants and as the Holy Spirit to show as what is right because they do more right than some of us do. I think Jack has sighted the good things of the church and supports that not necessarily backing them like their stand against abortion, gay marriages, contraceptives and the like. Some may get to heaven b4 we do!

  68. Standing for the truth-Benny Hinn is not only questionable but he is heretical as well. Go to google and search his name and educate yourself.

  69. Standing for the truth-Only faith in Christ alone will get you into heaven not the good things that you do. (Read Ephesians 2:8-9) It doesn’t matter what Catholics see what they do as. It’s wrong and against the word of God. Instead of protecting and them and brandishing that tired “let us look at ourselves” saying, you should study to show thyself approve as someone who can rightly divide the word of truth, and not be ashamed.

  70. It’s very pitiful when a broadcasting station such as TBN doesn’t want the truth to be told. I just found out last night. God bless Doctor jack Impe and his wife for preaching the truth. I will no longer support TBN nor watch that station at all. Please Dr. Impe let us know where we can find you at now so we can still learn about TRUE things.

  71. I have been wondering what happened when I tuned in to TBN last night, and saw that Jack Van Impe was not on. I am amazed that TBN would censor his program. I was very disapointed 2 weeks ago when I specifically was waiting to hear the program, and wondered what was going on when I saw a rerun. Hmm, same on TBN!

  72. You have no clue as to what you are talking about. I would encourage you to educate yourself on the Catholic Church and it’s teachings. The Catholic church does not worship Mary and/or saints. Check it out and search for the truth. Jack’s knowledge is superior to most and it is obvious he has done his research……have you?

  73. I am very saddened that TBN has taken this route in dealing with Jack Van Impe. I consider people like Jack Van Impe and Paul Washer true men of God! As time has gone by, people are becomming less and less tolerant of sound doctrine, and more tolerant to lies and deception.

    I never would have thought that TBN would do this, but the impossible seems to have been done. I am very thankful that Jack Van Impe has remained true to God instead of being loyal to a television network. This has negatively changed my opinion of TBN.

    I believe that ministers like.. well lets just say that mega church Pastor in Houston Texas should be called out! They hold their bibles in the air to say their confession of faith, but won’t even for once open it during the chruch service. Stop telling me that I am a good person, when I am broken, corrupt, sinful and evil apart from the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Stop telling me that the champion is inside me, when I know that the word of God says that “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who who can know it”. Jeremiah 17:9

    Jack Van Impe, know that you have a lot of believers everywhere who love you very much and support you. To God be the glory forever and ever.

  74. Dr. Impe I always look forward watching you and Mrs Dr. Impe I learn alot by what you have to say. Keep telling like it is we need to hear the truth ..I always read the bible to make sure things are right what preachers are saying on tv and
    All we can do is pray that God will help the ones to get right with the Lord. In jesus name amen.

  75. There was something about TBN that I didn’t like and this just proved it. What wrong with preaching the Gospel? If TBN don’t want that and want a circus instead they can always join the Barnaby and Baily circus. They play rock music so called prophets like Kim Clement. I thought is when you go to church you show Reference to our Holy Father.

    I like to see TBN try to tell me what I can and can’t say.

  76. About 25 years ago, I read a novel called, “Jesus World.” It was about a Christian conglomerate that created a Christian amusement park in Florida, complete with a robotic Jesus. It started out okay except for the concept of a Christian amusement park being weird, but then they got more and more aggressive, gradually controlling what people thought and believed, and how they worshiped the Lord. The story ended with the rapture of the true believers and of course, guess who was left behind? Well, that novel never made it to the bestseller’s list, but it sure made an impression in my heart. I’ve watched TBN over the years because of JVI and Hal Lindsey and the like, but I have to tell you their tall pink wigs and false eyelashes, sequined clothes and royal throne furniture always made me think of “Jesus World.” And then when they opened up their own in Florida… well, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it has. I won’t even stop on their channel any more. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  77. Bro Gregory?

    Catholics do indeed pray to “saints” no? what about how they conclude that a man is a saint by the individual having to perform miracles after death? Did Mary remain a virgin? Did Angels come and pick her up when she died? They believe that Mary was sinless.

    They say the dont worship Mary and The saints but they venerate them ironically a synonym for said word is worship. What I know is that I dont see any of these practices or understanding in the letters to the Church.

    I just read this:

    Christ is the new Adam and Mary is the new eve?

    What part of scriptures says this? if it is not written then is this then adding to The Word of God?

    Looking forward to your answers.


  78. I am really up set what TBN has done to Jack Van Impe. I love his show and I didn’t know at the time what happen that Van Impe wasn’t on Wednesday night and why there were reruns playing. I asked my sister to check his web site to see if maybe he was sick because I wanted to pray for him. I was shocked when she called and told me what happen. I always was bothered with the Crouch family but never could put my finger on the problem. Now I can see their true colors.

  79. Yes, catholics pray to saints as well as to Mary. Mormons also believe that Christ and Mary married, were sexual and produced a new form of man. It’s a mess. I remind us all, that we must get into the word of God for ourselves so that we will not believe the lie that is running rampant in the church today, not to mention the world. Even to refute the greater lie that is coming. Remember, there is coming, in the future, a false Christ, who will be able to perform miracles just as Jesus did and MANY will believe THE lie and be damned. Even some christians. Scary stuff is a-comin’.

  80. Thanks for standing up for those who preach the gospel! Jack and his wife have been faithful and to the faithful God shows himself faithful.

    The scripture is being fulfilled

    2 Timothy 3:13
    But evil men and impostors shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

  81. Just a couple of notes after reading many of the messages regarding Jack Van Impe Ministries:

    1: Make your voice heard to TBN at and click on contact us
    2: What do you make of the name of the name of the new auditorium at TBN’s Holyland Experience: Church of All Nations?
    3: Matt was married at the Crystal Cathedral, of course he got upset
    4: You can still watch Jack Van Impe Presents
    a: over the internet
    b: on local TV and Cable
    c: by podcast
    Just go to and go click on TV Program and make your selection. There is a complete listing of stations and times by State.
    5: For the those that are not aware of new Catholic Catechism, get a copy of the book; they are inexpensive. You will find the truth about many of the beliefs there, including salvation by grace not works, statues are not used to idolized, Mary is honored not worshiped.

  82. John, they pray to dead saints, that alone is enough to know that something is wrong.

  83. In my understanding, Catholics only ASK (Blessed Mary, saints) to pray FOR them or WITH them. Just like you can ask pastor/priest/parents/friends to pray for/with you to help you in certain area or needs such as: get out of addiction, get back to God, etc.

  84. Although I find the idea that a Christ promoting entity like TBN not uphold Christ teachings, mainly that judgement begins in the house of God, troubling, I don’t condemn their position in this matter. The leaders of TBN are only responsible to God for the handling of their ministry unto God. I like TBN because it connects me with the rest of the body of Christ – for better or worst. But I don’t see it as a governing body for the church. As they were quoted in this article, their mission seems to be an evangelizing tool, in which place internal church issues probably should not be discussed. And if that is the mission that God gave them then they are correct to control what message is being brought forth – that includes the message of the gospel as well. So if a messenger isn’t leading the listener to Christ, as Mr. Van Impe implies, TBN should also deal with it.

    Now, if TBN changing Mr. Van Impe’s show time to chastise Mr. Van Impe is true, I will say that that action is un-Christ like and TBN might want to go back to the altar for clearity of action. And we the church and co-laborers with TBN need to keep TBN before the Lord, even to lodge our complaints. Its common place for us to discuss the actions of one another and its easy to point out each other errors from the outside. But when you are in the forest, satan makes it very hard to see the forest from the trees and we need someone to clear the confusion so that we may see the way through.

    The power of the Church is not in our carnal actions, although God may lead us to do carnal acts to accomplish the victory, but it lies in the Spirit and the Spirit’s ability to work through us. The Church’s power to effect change are not carnal, so carnal acts such as boycotts and letter campaigns will probably have little or no effect. The Church’s power lies in its ability to align itself with the Spirit of God and follow the instruction from Heaven, which may include boycotts and letter campaigns. 🙂

    I’ll be praying for God to give me the right prayer for TBN on this issue. It may be that TBN is in spirtual trouble and needs my prayers to get them through. Or, it may be that they are in rebellion and God needs the Church to align itself so that God can assess his judgement. Or, it could be that TBN is doing what they have been ordained to do and its us that need to be enlighten as to their role in the kingdom.

    It is apparent that TBN’s role in our Christian community is huge, and maybe what they started out to be versus what they have become may need to be addressed. Before TBN many of us didn’t have a clue what was going on in the rest of the body. Because of TBN we now can see the body a lot clearer – for better or worst. So it’s evident that the Church needed this medium of communication, but should a station that deals with evangelism also deal with internal church issues? I know God has the answer so I will be bringing these things to him and watch him reveal the answers.

    Dios te bendiga!

  85. John said: “For the those that are not aware of new Catholic Catechism, get a copy of the book; they are inexpensive. You will find the truth about many of the beliefs there, including salvation by grace not works, statues are not used to idolized, Mary is honored not worshiped.”

    John no we WILL NOT go buy a Catholic Catechism. Why don’t you go buy a bible and keep your doctrine’s in agreement with what the word of God says rather than what men say…..

  86. Hmmm..couldn’t put finger on what was wrong? finally in January 2011, when it was disclosed why Benny Hinn got divorced-Suzanne filed for the divorce…Benny was on TBN saying how some-one whom he’d prayed for their land, and then they found oil on it~~ paid his $600,000 lawyer bill (against his wife)(suggest You look up reason for the divorce-read it for yourself)…soon after this Paul Crouch Sr. was standing up for Benny~~Saying that he had a sterling character(tarnished sterling!!)-so now look up2005 Paul Crouch Sr. settled out of court $250,000 for a homosexual ?? with one of his employees) the one Sodomite Paul Crouch Sr, backs the other Benny… about this time, why did Jan go $$tart up the fake Holy Lands?
    Furthermore,TBN just finished and started broadcasting out of its new studio in Jerusalem.
    Paul Crouch Sr. is almost a billionaire-
    How many JUST FEEL IT IN YOUR GUT, THAT TBN will be soon broadcasting for the anti-christ???

  87. Hi!
    Sharp626 i am one of the person who goes to the Mega-chruch in Houston and raise my bible in the air to confess god’s words.
    I do not know where you get your misinformed information from put we do open our bibles and always have.
    I started attending in 1986 and the teaching there is excellent.
    Now Joel anointing maybe a little different from his father but he is real and grounded in the word of God and he is not the pastor of that mega-chruch for nothing.
    I know a lot of broken people who are good people, just needs God’s healing words to mend their hearts and to change that corruption to incorruption, from a live a sin to repetance.
    I see you need to open your bible and start reading the word more! to help you change you confessions and thoughts about yourself.
    You are save by grace meaning you do not have to be any of those things you mention about yourself above.God Bless!

  88. The only reason I ever tuned into TBN was to watch Jack Van Impe. I know there are others who truly preach the word of God on TBN, but now I wonder if they are still there because they have given in to this “new way”. I will never tune into TBN again. I will be more then happy to watch Dr. Jack Van Impe’s program on whatever network he is on. I do hope he never returns to TBN. Rick Warren and others can speak about whatever they want and try and derstroy our Christian faith and beliefs, but real Christians cannot??

    The Crouch’s should be very fearful of judgement day as they seem to be helping in the mass loss of souls. There is only one way guys!! Sounds like you have forgotten that way. Stick with Rick Warren and others like him and all of you will soon find out about the real hell.

    Dr. Jack Van Impe, you keep preaching and speaking the truth. We Christians appreciate the truth and want it!!


  89. Wow, that book sounds quite interesting. Do you know if it can still be found. Who was the publisher/ author if you still have it.


  90. Thank You Jack Van Impe! goodbye tbn. on the mary subject, The Bible is clear on who to pray to. 1 Timothy 2:5. For there [is only] one God, and [only] one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus. if we pray to anyone other than JESUS (Who Is GOD), it has no power or authority. if i pray to mary, or saint what’s his name, it is error. i have family that are catholic. they say, i asked saint whoever “where are my car keys”? and he showed me where they were. guess what, the devil showed you where your keys were so you will keep praying to that dead person that is not a mediator. this will probably bring you straight to hell and satan knows that. apparently you don’t. it’s like you are making them your god. GOD is a jealous God. HE said not to have any gods before you. when you pray to a saint or mary, you are attempting to make them a mediator, whether you know it or not. no one including mary is a mediator between GOD and man, only JESUS is. i thought everyone knew that communication with a god is prayer. there is only one GOD! study your bible!

  91. I will not watch nor support TBN anymore. I will watch and support Jack Van Impe and I thank GOD for his boldness and speaking the truth.
    TBN, you need to get a grip and stop leaning toward the world.
    And tell your wife to wipe off her make-up and take off her wigs.
    Man is the only one that looks at the outward appearance. GOD looks at her heart.

  92. That TBN pulled Jack Van Impe’s program does not surprise me. I stopped watching the network when they pulled Hal Lindsey’s program several years ago because he was critical of the Muslims after the 9/11 massacre. I realized Robert Schuller had a problem with the gospel several years ago when a visiting church choir was told they could not sing Amazing Grace because, as Mr. Schuller said, “We’re not wretches”. Seems he can’t come to terms with words like sin and salvation through the blood of Jesus. Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey have been steadfastly true to the preaching of the gospel. I believe God has raised them up to be the Watchmen on the Wall that the Bible talks about. Sadly, TBN is going down the wrong road and will probably take many with them.

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