GCM Watch 4 years on the Wall

June is our anniversary month! Gay Christian Movement  Watch was launched June 2007 to the fanfare of four hits and has since become the leader in upholding the biblical standards of sexuality. We’re giving praise to God and the Lord Jesus Christ for the souls that have been saved, the false teachers who have been exposed and God’s word which is a light unto our pathway and a lamp to our feet.

Please check and research our extensive archives and teachings to equip and inform yourself.

God called us to be faithful watchmen on the wall: warning, teaching, instructing and equipping the saints on the critical issues of sexuality, false teachings, biblical illiteracy and the worship and adoration of the one true God.  Still, exposing the wicked and vile agenda of the gay christian movement (with its attendant allies) continue to be our number one priority.

Yes, we have been celebrated, congratulated and consulted, but also vilified and persecuted. Nevertheless, we remain faithful to the mission of the Kingdom of God.

I along with my co-writers and fellow laborers,  thank you for your continued support (that includes our enemies too)  and ask for your continued prayers and vigilance. Let us occupy till He comes and be found faithful when he arrives in all his glory and splendor as our King.

Pastor DL Foster
Founder and Publisher


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  1. Congrats on four years!! Ironically enough, it was this site, along with a handful of others I came across in JULY 2007 at the time I was researching the Juanita Bynum/Thomas Weeks mess in ATL online.

    I just lost my father at that time, and saw profound changes come into my spirit that eventually led me out of the IC system in February 2008 and stay out. Again, I credit this site, and its writers, for helping me heal, gain discernment and unlearn the garbage of my eight years with the IC system.

    Thank you again for this important work, your deliverance from homosexuality and God bless you for more years in fighting the good fight of faith.

  2. ((((((Congratulation)))))) I might not reply to a lot of your articles but that don’t mean I’m not reading a lot of your articles. Again great work!

  3. I am a newer reader to GCM Watch (about 5 months now) and it has been nothing but a blessing to me! I thank God for the healing, deliverance and biblical knowledge that He has granted to the Ministers/Pastors here, and I am also thankful for the resources that are provided. Yes there are many “exposure” websites, but not all of them are to the glory of God. I check this website each day to supplement my bible reading, and I am continually learning something new. Special thanks to BRD for his support at my blog as well! We are to encourage one another in love, and I love the teachers here and the site as a whole!

    God bless and continue in the Faith.

  4. Thank you Pastor Foster for being so faithful, exposing lies, snatching off the covers of darkness, and bringing hope and healing to many. You and your staff are a blessing and a shining light in the darkness.
    May you, your family and staff be richly blessed~

  5. I know I have been coming here for a while, I comment every now and then.But I remember the basic blog site. Many upgrades and site improvements since then.

    This site was one of the first sites to open my eyes to truth of what really goes on behind the scenes in the some church leaderships as well as in the gospel music industry. It also was the very first site to show me the tools for the truth in regards to the homosexual agenda in the church. I knew it was wrong and I knew the bible. But this site, has shown and applied the truth vs their lies. God bless you all and this ministry.

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you all for sharing these wonderful testimonies. Truly GOD is good. My soul is blessed and encouraged.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I appreciate your obedience in doing what you’re called to do. You are indeed a blessing to the Body of Christ! Be encouraged and continue on strong in the Lord.

  8. And being on the wall has done nothing but open eyes and tear down the devils kingdom and demand for secrecy.

    Thank you my friend. The UDHR has come full circle and what you brought to light by inspiration of the Holy Ghost is FRONT and center in the face of the critic.

    Well Done, continue to be blessed and bless the kingdom. We may be on the inside, but won’t bow to Baal.

    Bless you and the family my brother and Happy Father’s Day!


  9. Pastor Foster I already documented my testimony of how you and the GCMWatch blog has blessed me here on my blog. But I also wanted to let you know how honored I am to be a part of the team of Righteousness! This blog and the sound doctrine of information that goes out is really helping people. I pray that we would all continue to seek the glory of God in all that we do.

    I will continue to cry aloud and spare not!!!


  10. The Body of Christ has benefited from your timely insights into this area. Already, the impact is tremendous. We praise God for your ministry and strong stand in declaring the Word of God. Continue to stand strong in the Lord, for His glory. Time will tell of the many souls that departed from the house of deep bondage, experiencing lasting freedom in Christ, through your anointed and graced by God ministry.

  11. Blessings Pastor Foster,

    I want to thank you for the stance that you take against the enemy. Your unwavering faith and controversial attitude has caused many to wake up and see the true light of Christ.

    Continue to sound the alarm.

    -Bobby Carter (EX Times)

  12. Thank you brothers (Pastor Fred, Bobby, Min Davison). Its a blessing to know that the men of God are standing on the front line with no fear.

  13. Yes Sir! Keep on speaking the truth in love, encouraging holiness unto the Lord, and exposing the works of darkness without fear or favour. Your site has been a real blessing to many.

    As the warfare intensifies in cyberspace where so-called ‘anti-gay’ comments and articles sometimes ‘disappear’, it would be good for readers to print and file certain articles,( if it doen’t impinge on your copyright).

    God bless you and your team, as you keep yourself pure from the blood of all men, by declaring the counsel of God.

  14. Congratulations on 4 years anniversary for Gcmwatch Blog and Happy Fathers Day Pastor Foster. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to be an author for gcmwatch.

    G-d bless,


  15. God bless you for your continual stance against the devil’s agenda, honestly your site have been up to the match of all the subtle antics of the devil. ever since igot to know this site my life have never been the same to be honest.
    One thing which i loved most about the team is your awesome humility, you are not concerned about advertising you names, you are just a team united to dismantle the enemy’s front line against the saints.
    Im as far as Zimbabwe but your articles are so relevant
    May God bless you

  16. God bless you Helper, what a great blessing to know that God is moving on your heart in Zimbabwe. He is God and he reigns supreme in all the nations of the earth. Thank you for your kind words and pray for us that we continue to expose and destroy the works of the devil. His kingdom is doomed.

  17. God bless you, Pastor D.L. Foster and GCMwatch, please to continue to be on the wall as God’s watchmen. This website is so important in this age of Sodom, compromise, false prophets, and end time deception. I hope and pray your courage, boldness, and no compromise stand for Christ spread throughout the body of Christ.

  18. Minister Foster: Congrats on 4 years fighting the good fight. I have been away for awhile because the site became a bit too partisan (politically) for me. I don’t see the salvation in either political party although, on this issue, the Republicans seem to be steadfast for now, but who knows what the future holds. The Democrats have completely caved. Again, the political system is not going to be the salvation because there is too much corruption from top to bottom.

    But the NY vote on gay marriage prompted me to return. Sometimes I believe the world has gone completely insane. Anyway, congrats again on being a voice in the wilderness. Please know that there are others who will not be moved, no matter how much the mainstream media wants to shove homosexuality down our collective throats.

  19. Hi Gwen, its real nice to “see” you again. I do want to point out this site has never been partisan. There are some people who may post here that are partisan, but the site is not partisan. I agree 100% that there is no salvation in a political system. It used to be that you could at least depend on the GOP to fight against gay activism but those days are long gone. Perhaps thats what God wants from us. Total dependence on him. I agree with you that this world is gone mad and insane. I just think that happened the moment we rebelled against God. Take heart, in time God will make all things new.

    Thanks again!

  20. Minister Foster:
    I thought you might be interested in a Facebook message I received a few minutes ago in response to my post earlier today. It is very instructive in terms of how much the gay community now feels emboldened. This is from a person who I do not know at all. He sought me out on Facebook (he’s not one of my FB friends) and sent me this private message:

    From: Minister Gerald Palmer

    Sister Gwen you are entitled to your own opinions however I find it quite hypocritical that you state that the media wants to shove homosexuality down our collective throats and yet you profit from those in gay community and their allies. You offer books written by gay authors and you offer movies and etc from those who are either gay or glbt allies.

    My concern sister Gwen is that for decades our gay brothers and sisters have been talked about, mistreated and yet their gifts were used by those in the church and beyond.

    Again you are entitled to your opinions however websites like GCMW is damaging to the black community because it only offers division in our community..

    In closing Mrs. Richardson, I would like to talk to you more about the impact of homophobia in the black church and how our words can kill and have harmed our gay brothers and sisters.

    My Response to Minister Palmer:

    Minister Palmer, I don’t know how you can reconcile the sanctioning of homosexuality with preaching the gospel. I’ve been a believer my entire life, have read the Bible extensively, and I think it would be the most detrimental thing in the world, not only to the church but to the black community and society at large, to start endorsing this practice. If one is given over to a “reprobate mind,” as you obviously are, any viewpoint is possible.

    As far as providing books by gay authors on our web site, we don’t screen every author for his/her political views nor their sexual orientation before including books on our site. The problem with you people who support the gay lifestyle is that you are always looking for some way to attack your enemies. If we excluded books by people who are also gay, you would say we were trying to censor their voices. So we’re darned if we do and darned if we don’t. Our web site sells books by or about African Americans — period — some of whom may be gay.

    You obviously spent some time researching me and what I do before you posted this on Facebook — finding out what I do for a living, combing through the thousands of titles on our web site to find some flaw you could exploit. Frankly, it’s none of your business or anyone else’s what books I sell or do not sell, read or do not read. I don’t answer to you or your cohorts.

    The hypocrisy comes from those who promote the gay agenda, who claim to want freedom of speech, but want to silence others or are constantly looking for ways to attack them. I didn’t ask for your comments/opinions, nor are they appreciated. Please do not contact me again. Your entire approach is offensive and serves no purpose because you cannot change my mind. I’m a citizen just like you and, the last time I checked, gay activists don’t have the right to censor people either.

  21. “You obviously spent some time researching me and what I do before you posted this on Facebook — finding out what I do for a living, combing through the thousands of titles on our web site to find some flaw you could exploit.”

    Hate to say this, but this guy is not only a D grade false teacher, but a serious internet stalker. See my email to you.

  22. Thanks again, God bless you and continue to bless you for sounding the alarm in these last and evil days.

  23. gcmwatch:

    Thank you for your unwavering stand in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I came across your site in 2008 while looking for information on Gospel music.

    I pray for you and those that write with you as you stand and earnestly contend for the faith! Thank you again.

  24. He told me he stalks reads this blog all the time, so you know he is pretty upset with you calling him a false minister.

  25. Well I hope I grieve (upset) him enough to repent of his false teaching and believe the gospel…….


    if he ain’t mad yet, he is now lol

  26. Thank you CJ! Its good that we all stand together and encourage each other as we see the day approaching. Heb 10:25

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