GCMW talks with Dr. Michael Brown about "queer things"

In an exclusive and extensive interview with GCM Watch, noted international author and teacher and Dr. Michael Brown shares insight on just what has happened to America when it collided with homosexual activism.  His well documented book A Queer Thing Happened to America chronicles the startling darkness that has accompanied the homosexual movement into American culture.  In contrast to the masked public image of the gay movement, Brown’s books proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the homosexual movement’s deception is as alarming as it gets.

Gay Christian Movement Watch: Congratulations on this phenomenal book Dr. Brown. I’d like to start by asking you if this book represents an evolution of sorts in terms of how you have viewed the homosexual movement in America?

Dr. Michael Brown: Thanks for the kind words about the book. Yes, it absolutely does represent an evolution in terms of how I have viewed the homosexual movement in America. As I did the research and observed the developments in our society, my feelings went from serious concern to grave alarm, yet at the same time, my heart began to break more and more for the people involved. So, I deeply love those who indentify as GLBT while firmly opposing their activism, which to them, of course, is a complete contradiction.

GCMW: How you think the average American will react to seeing this? I mean some of the information can be quite stunning to someone who isn’t aware of the depth of depravity among this subculture.

MB: The average American will be shocked on quite a few levels. In fact, I’ve heard from people who have been actively involved in dealing with the relevant social and moral and religious issues that they have been shocked by what they’ve read. First, it’s shocking to see how widespread and pervasive gay activism is in our culture; second, it’s shocking to see how successful that activism has been, especially in such a short period of time; third, it’s shocking to see how this activism is trumping religious liberties and freedoms of conscience; fourth, it’s shocking to see how the trajectory of homosexual ideology actually undermines the very foundations of male-female gender; and fifth, it’s shocking to see how, in some segments of the homosexual community (even religious ones), the sexual fixation is extreme.

GCMW: The book has almost 90 pages of endnotes. Why was it necessary for you to so heavily document your writing?

MB: There are more than 1,500 endnotes in the book, and if we didn’t use such a small font for the notes, we would have ended up with many more pages. For me, though, it was very important to document everything carefully and fairly. Not only is it my habit to do meticulous research (I earned my Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University, and so I I’m trained to look carefully at the original sources), but I also wanted it to be clear that I wasn’t simply citing the latest internet rumor, that I had done my homework, and that those questioning me – and I knew there would be plenty of critics – would be able to check the sources for themselves. I also wanted to allow those with whom I differed to present their positions in their own words, in context, with reference to the original sources.

GCMW: We’ve  done a lot of documenting on the excesses of the gay christian movement and in “A queer thing” you devote a chapter [10] to this. What stands out most about the gay religious movement to you?

MB: That’s a big question, and one that’s especially painful, since I’m sure there are many sincere people going through very intense personal struggles in the gay christian movement. Can you imagine how “liberating” it is for some of them to conclude that, “God made me gay and the Bible doesn’t oppose loving, committed, same-sex relationships”? It’s a very powerful deception, for sure. But there’s another side to that deception, one that I focus on in Chapter Ten. There is often a terribly disturbing, perverted reading of many holy texts in the Scriptures, a sexual focus that produces horrific and deviant interpretations. I was so troubled after writing the final lines to that chapter that I went into another room in our house where my wife was doing some work and broke down crying. To be sure, there are “gay Christian” advocates who have accused me of cherry picking and just looking for perverted interpretations, but the truth is that I simply began to build up a library of major “gay Christian” volumes (actually, getting some “gay Jewish” books as well), and then I began to go through the material and document what I found. Even then, I could not get myself to reproduce some of the quotes – they were just too vile – and I had to summarize some of the content. Of course, I’m aware that not all “gay Christians” read the Bible this way, but to the extent they claim that God made them gay, that their same-sex, sexual relationships can be sanctioned by God, and that, perhaps, men like David and Jonathan or women like Ruth and Naomi were gays and lesbians, to that extent they have seriously misrepresented the Lord and hurt themselves.

GCMW: Look forward about 10 years in America and tell me what you see with this issue.

MB: Barring some kind of spiritual awakening that leads to a moral and cultural revolution, that’s a very frightening prospect. I see the complete normalizing of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism to the point that anyone who does not affirm all manner of GLBT identification and behavior will be viewed by society as a bigoted extremist, akin to a member of the KKK. I see schools across the nation fully embracing a full-fledged, gay-slanted curriculum, with no option for parents to opt their kids out, and with strong encouragement for kids to “come out” as GLBT at younger and younger ages (becoming sexually active at younger and younger ages as well; in fact, given enough time, there will be a push to lower the age of consent). In fact, I could easily see gay-slanted curricula being mandated for private religious schools and even home schools. I see the complete breaking down of the “gender dichotomy,” so that more and more people will identify as genderless or multi-gender or gender non-conforming, to the point that men in dresses using a ladies room will be considered quite normal. I see same-sex marriages becoming the law of the land, meaning, once again, that those who do not affirm such unions will be codified as bigots (which, of course, will also be the case as for more “non-discrimination” laws are passed based on gender identity and sexual orientation). I see religious liberties and freedoms of conscience being negated by sexual liberties and freedoms, and I see it becoming illegal for counselors and therapists and, one day, even pastors, to tell homosexuals that they can change their sexual orientation – and this is just for starters. And yet deep down, I believe that God will have mercy on our land and send an awakening, but only if we get to a point of spiritual desperation.

GCMW: A New York Times story recently revealed that gay marriage is devoid of the same sexual standards (like adultery) of biblical heterosexual marriage. Is this something that could eventually spread to the general population of marriage?

MB: You’re talking about what some homosexual men call “open monogamy,” which means that they are primarily involved with one person – living together with some level of commitment, possibly even a formal marriage certificate – and yet they acknowledge there will not be complete sexual fidelity. In fact, some of them are convinced that this is the key to a long-term, successful relationship. In my opinion, this reflects two things: First, it reflects the fact that two men do not have the moderating, tempering effect of a woman in their lives, hence their sexual appetites and fixations are not moderated as would happen in a normal, male-female relationship. It is a well-documented fact (and I discuss it in the book) that homosexual and bisexual men are more sexually active than heterosexual men. Second, it reflects the general moral collapse of our culture, where premarital sex has been the norm for more than a generation; where more and more kids are born out of wedlock; where TV shows celebrate adultery and polyamory and polygamy and where being a prostitute or stripper is something to be celebrated.

GCMW: It’s hard to believe that Christian publishers were afraid to publish the book. Has it gotten that bad?

MB: Yes, it has gotten that bad. I did discuss the project with one particular Christian publisher, and we agreed that what they were looking for and what I was writing were not the best match. Beyond that, it was simply a matter of rejecting the manuscript for a number of reasons (despite my good publishing record as the successful author of twenty books). For some, this was a lost war already. No need to beat a dead horse! For others, this was the wrong strategy. In other words, let’s not fight these cultural battles anymore, let’s just love the people. Others felt the contents were too controversial; all felt the name needed to change (which is so ironic in that the many secular and LGBT folks I talked with about the title had no objection to it all, with some really liking it). I was told by some that they agreed with the book but it would be too costly to publish (this was from a strong conservative publisher who feared bookstore boycotts of his other titles and loss of good authors), and all this was before the book got to be as long as it was, so the length wasn’t the issue then. Others told me plainly the subject just wouldn’t sell today. In no case did anyone criticize the research, the quality of the writing, or the accuracy of the content, nor did anyone take issue with the tone of the book itself.

GCMW: We think homosexual activism is the new social bully on the block. With such overbearing demands of acceptance being forced so relentlessly, why don’t we see the church community fighting with more passion?

MB: It is because to a great extent, many church leaders have lost their courage. On the one hand, we don’t want to be perceived as intolerant, and the moment we are compared with segregationists and slave-owners of the past, we cave in, not having good answers when we are accused of lacking love. Sadly, many Christians were on the wrong side of these issues in our past, and we don’t want to be on the wrong side again, and so, even though we disagree with homosexual practice, we dare not speak up against it. But it goes deeper than that. It’s too costly. We might offend some congregants. We might rustle some feathers. We might get an angry protest outside our lovely building. We might get blasted in the local newspaper. The way of compromise is much easier, and we subtly and unconsciously justify it in the name of wisdom or love. And yet it goes even deeper than that. In many ways, this is just a symptom of our larger compromise with the world, our failure to take up the cross and follow Jesus, the culture changing us rather than us changing the culture. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke this very relevant warning, and I truly believe it is a picture of what we have become today. He said, “The Church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool. . . . If the Church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.”

GCMW: You cited an incident where a gay activist openly posted a graphic, racist death threat to me [page 81], yet nothing was done to him. What do you think would have happened had I done the same to him?

MB: Your face might have been blasted all over the internet and the news media as the latest example of a “God hates fags” preacher, and worse still, you might have been charged with instigating a hate crime of some sort. This much is sure: It’s a lot worse to be labeled anti-gay than anti-black today.

GCMW: I’m interested to know if any prominent church leaders have weighed in on the book. If not, do you think they will?

MB: I’m getting some very encouraging comments from family ministry leaders so far – to the point of saying that this is now THE book on the subject and it should be mandatory reading for all Christian leaders – but their endorsement is not surprising, although I’m blessed by their enthusiasm. As for other, prominent church leaders, some are coming out with strong endorsements, but they are the more socially active types. In contrast, one mega-church pastor, who is a good friend of mine, told me that there is not another mega-church pastor he knows in his city who will even address the issue of homosexuality from the pulpit – even in terms of sexual behavior as opposed to gay activism. That being said, because I’ve had a good track record of ministry for several decades, including being a seminary professor, being involved in world missions, in Jewish outreach, and in revival movements, and because, by God’s grace, don’t rail against those who oppose me, some are willing to rally together with me. Also, things are declining so rapidly around us that they’re realizing they must wake up to what’s happening and take a stand. But I might be too optimistic. This is a tough nut to crack right now, not because of spiritual enlightenment but because of spiritual apathy and confusion.

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  1. “In contrast, one mega-church pastor, who is a good friend of mine, told me that there is not another mega-church pastor he knows in his city who will even address the issue of homosexuality from the pulpit – even in terms of sexual behavior as opposed to gay activism.”

    Don’t look for good when priest and prophet are profane. Their unwillingness to address this damning issue from the sacred desk shows that we are being spoon fed a delusion that would busts the stomachs of the gullible!

  2. That’s was a great interview. And yes, I have my copy of this stunning book. Too bad that the “mainline,” “outspoken” preachers of our time are too busy protecting their image perception and empire instead of preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and let the chips fall. My only concern is that who will Jesus deny before the Father, and who will He confess before the Father? The compromising preacher need not look far. Lost revenue is far more important than loss of confidence and moral conviction. We must also remember that cowards will have their part in the lake of fire. Preacher. Now is not the time be afraid of confronting the issues of our time. To side step on this issue is not an option here. Thanks GCMW and Dr. Brown.

  3. Dr brown. I can’t wait to read you’re book. It’s very hard to remain celibate in a over sexed world. But only staying in the word helps me fight those battles. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  4. People of God: This same type of insidious invasion is starting to happen in Northwest Ohio in the United Methodist Church wherein
    the local bishop named Bruce Ough has condoned and fought for “committed relationships” being OK in non clergy hirees. Of course he gives no scriptures for his support of “committed relationships” other than to say that God is a God of love and mercy.
    This Bishop championed the hiring in of a chief financial officer who is in a “committed relationship” for over twenty years.
    That is the rationale that this “bishop” gave for this endorsement of this CFO.
    This bishop was not able or willing to allow the Spirit of God to bring in a Spirit filled believer for this highly visible United Methodist post but rather he vigorously encouraged this sinner to become the CFO.
    By a voice vote of 948-920, this homosexual practitioner was voted in as the CFO for this area (Maumee Watershed District headquartered in Maumee, Ohio).
    As a lay speaker at Braden U.M.C., in Toledo, Ohio I filed a protest against this anti God behavior but the “higher ups” unanimously denied my appeal (of course, they did not cite any scripture to back up their denial).
    So, now we have a local U.M.C. bishop openly defying God’s word with his non Biblical gibberish of “committed relationships” and who knows what other denials of the Word of God will spew forth from his mouth
    before his tenure as bishop is concluded.
    I exchanged a series of letters with Bishop Ough calling him out on this issue but to no avail. He is set in his ways of telling God that God had it all wrong about homosexuality and that he (Bishop Ough) has it right.
    Reminds you of Satan in the Garden of Eden telling Eve….”did God really say…………?
    So, the new word for the church is now “committed relationships” aka:
    sodomy and this is being condoned by a U.M.C. bishop.
    The bishop tries to use the dichotomy that it is ok (“committed relationships”) if you are non clergy but not if you are clergy. Again, no scriptures from this bishop to show that God made a distinction between sinners in the camp and sinners outside of the camp. Both need to repent.
    How much of a witness to Christ was Bishop Ough to this person in his committed relationship with his gay partner? ZERO.
    Did the bishop tell him to repent and believe the gospel before he would be hired? NO.
    The bishop only sang his praises and how great this guy was and how much we needed him to steer the financial ship of the UMC finances in Northwest Ohio.
    Such is the lack of fear of the Word of God expressed by this bishop and the voters who voted him in office.
    After all, the bishop did not want to offend this person whom he so eagerly championed for this chief financial officer position.
    There is a dearth of hearing the Word of God in Northwest Ohio as it pertains to the U.M.C. to allow such a lopsided vote.

  5. The bible says a lot of things are wrong, not just homosexuality. Why create a site just about this sin, when there’s plenty of other sins I’m sure everyone on this site is guilty of?

    GCMW: You can find the answer to that question here And what does this question have to do with this post? If you have any other off topic questions, send them to email.

  6. Good stuff.
    I remember reading a book by Dr. Brown entitled “Whatever Happened to the Power of God” back in the 90’s, and that book had an effect on me that still remains to this day. It’s definitely one of the top 15-20 books I’ve ever read; and for someone who’s ready hundreds of books in my life, that’s saying something. I highly recommend it to you all, and one can pick up a used copy pretty cheaply on Amazon. I hope to get my hands on a copy of this new book as well, and knowing the passion for God that Dr. Brown has, I expect it to be a quality read.

  7. Robert, this is one book that is definitely worth the time and money to get! Hands down it is Its both prophetic and historical with a real time effect as this darkness grows.

  8. Awesome interview and awesome book. I recently started reading it. Thanks Dr. Brown. Thanks for being an example to us. God bless.

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if the congregations of all denominations would ask their pastors to issue a public statement that says they Biblically condemn homosexuality? If the pastors refused, the congregations would then ask them to resign.Sounds absurd doesn’t it? I remember a time when it wouldn’t have.

  10. I too read the book cover to cover including all the end notes. I was extremely disappointed in two chapters: Unspeakable and Queer Theology. I explain why in my extensive review of the book.

  11. Great interview! I purchased the book when you first reviewed it. It is a must read!

  12. Ms Baldock, its easy to see why your were “extremely disappointed” in the chapters on gay christian heresy. Darkness begats darkness.

  13. ah, fabulous . . . you may well be in Atlanta. I have a church that I very much can introduce you to there. Pastor Randy Morgan is a wonderful friend that I recently spend four days with in Tulsa. Check you his sermons online and the recent series on spiritual warfare. He is a GREAT preacher and an exemplary man of God with kindness and graciousness to a depth I rarely see. Come on, be brave. Go with me when I go visit him. If nothing else , you will have an entire congregation to correct. Win-win.

  14. Ms Bladlock, this is not the place for you to play your heresy violin. If you dont want to stay on the topic of the post which is Dr. Brown’s book, please make this your last comment.

  15. My Pastor doesn’t recommend reading many “Christian” books. In this day and I tend to agree we just need to stick our nose in the Bible first and foremost. But I am going to buy this book someday soon hopefully lol and pass it along to him because he is definitely aware that there is actual homosexual agenda point by point, as it is probably lined out in this book, in America.

  16. It all boils down to this one principal, some preachers are trying to serve two masters, God and mammon. If you speak out against some “controversal” issues, you risk alienating your cash cows. If your riches dry up then, the the lifestyle you’re accustomed to will cease to exist. As Paul, stated, “I have made known to you the whole counsel of God.” Side stepping the issue of homosexuality is an omission of the whole counsel. The preacher trust in his riches and not in the word of God. Their love of God must be greater than their love of a lifestyle. It’s hard to promote self and God because someone has to stand off stage in order for one to shine.

  17. okay. I did not think Mr. Brown’s book was loving nor compassionate as he claims. Period. The name is BALDOCK, remember it. I will contact you when I get to Atlanta.

  18. Thanks GCMwatch and Mr. Brown, i will buy two copies of this book. Right now, NY’s politicians are debating over the issue of ssm. President Obama sneaked into nyc for a gay fundraiser. Obama talked about his work for gays while in the white house. Yes, I voted to have a black president, he and his wife are charismatic, humble, and beautiful people, but they are slick as satan. I oppose them and will not vote for them in 2012.
    I hope COGIC’s leader Bishop Blakke and other christian leaders grow some godly courage to confront Obama on matters such as ssm which is ungodly, sinful, and which affect the church. We should hold these leaders accountible.

  19. I’ve been a follower of Mr. Brown’s work for the past couple of years, and his sermons and literature, i think, is excellent. Thanks for the great interview!

  20. I read the interview with Michaeal Brown and saw the comments that Kathy Baldock posted.Her name was underlined so I clicked on it and was taken to a website and saw about a 4-minute video on how she came to believe that homosexuality is not a sin.Though she may not be in this lifestyle herself,she still believes it’s not a sin.This is what happens to anyone who gets into this lifestyle or supports it.At some point,they either have to deny God’s Word or{as many do}just ignore the verses they don’t like{pick and choose}! Some even try to say ‘God’s Word doesn’t REALLY mean what it says’! But it all comes down to one thing — they no longer go by God’s Word.And God’s Word is clear — you can’t have it both ways! You’ll either be for God and the things of God,or you won’t! It’s that simple — it’s NOT hard to understand!

  21. I’m glad that someone has the boldness to address this hot-button issue. It is not something you can sweep under the rug and hope it goes away or fixes itself. The prevailing culture is a testament that this approach doesn’t work.
    I personally know about the gay culture because I was immersed in it for many years until I had a real encounter with Jesus Christ. That encounter changed my life forever and set me on a course of healing and wholeness.
    I am not the only one that has been set free from the great deception and lie of homosexuality. However, many that have chosen to follow Christ instead of their carnal natures also feel like they are caught in the middle of this raging battle. Many will not step up to the plate and speak openly about their testimony because of fear and intimidation.
    Who will stand up and be counted? Who will speak the truth in love and not compromise the Word of God? Who will love them into the Kingdom??

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