Charisma features exlesbian on July cover

From a Charisma Magazine press release, its July issue will take a hard look at homosexuality and the challenges it presents to the contemporary church with a lead story entitled “The Church’s gay Delimma: What radical activists dont want you to know”. Featured on the cover is Minneapolis based ex-lesbian Janet Boynes.

Lake Mary, FL – Charisma magazine tackles the tough subject of homosexuality and the church in order to shed a huge spotlight of truth on the enemy’s lies. For their lead story, they couldn’t have chosen a better model than Creation House author—and former lesbian—Janet Boynes.
In the July issue (on sale June 22nd), Janet exposes the deception to which so many have fallen prey, when they come to believe that same-sex attraction is a natural part of who they are. With courage, candor, and compassion, she shares her powerful story of a life transformed by God’s grace and delivered to a freedom framed and powered by God’s purpose.
Janet’s message is one of hope, spoken with the wisdom and passion of someone who’s been there. Many people will read her heartbreaking story of childhood abuse and abandonment and be able to relate to the brokenness that led her on a quest for acceptance and love. This is a familiar scenario for many individuals trapped in the homosexual lifestyle.
For years, Janet lived her life knowing she was on a destructive path, but she had no idea how to change. Her heart cried out for freedom, and the Lord heard her. Through a surprise encounter with a Christian woman she’d never met, God set the stage that ultimately would lead to her deliverance.

Boynes, the author of the book “Called Out”,  was also featured on the Dr. Drew show and  Lisa Ling’s “pray away the gay” mockumentary on Oprah Winfrey’s new network.

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6 thoughts on “Charisma features exlesbian on July cover

  1. This is awesome…I havn’t heard of this Dear Saint until now but what a testimony…..and shame on Oprah’s network in allowing the mocking of this Sister!!!

  2. I saw the documentary Janet was featured in. There was this young guy she was working with, trying to help him come out of the gay lifestyle. I didn’t hear anything about repentance, dying to ones self, relying on the power of God to deliver from temptation, etc. Not saying she doesn’t believe these things; I just didn’t hear any of that mentioned in the program. The emphasis seemed to be determination & will power, not the Spirit of God. As the program ended, I felt sad for that guy because he did seem to want answers & I think she was ill equipped to provide proper answers. I really do believe that’s at least part of the dilemma facing the church concerning this issue. If people are being lead to believe that “deliverance” from homosexuality means you won’t be tempted with it anymore, then it’s no wonder we have a dilemma, apostasy & heresy notwithstanding. To much misinformation. Repentance is the first step. You must then continue on in obedience. If the Bible says something is a sin & you must resist the temptation thereof, then if you’re really His by His power you do as you are told, slave! Bottom line.

    Again, she may believe this. It probably was edited out. There is an agenda with the media concerning homosexuality & that basically is to accept it. Those who don’t are weird to say the least. If she said any of that to that young man she really could’ve helped him. Some people really want out of the gay lifestyle. They just don’t how. They’re met up with christians who are ill prepared to address this issue or they fall prey to wolves in sheeps clothing who tell them they’re fine as is.

    I’ll definatly read that issue. The documentary didn’t go deep enough. I want to hear more of her story.

  3. Basil—I thought that same thing myself, like, isn’t there more to this story?
    I think you are right, that they only showed enough of this woman’s testimony/ministry objectives to make her look like she’s out of touch with the mainstream. I’m sure something had to have been editted out.
    I’m sure she doesn’t just teach a simplistic message that abandons someone who is struggling. I’m sure her ministry is more thorough than what was shown. Remember, this is Oprah and pro-gay media.

  4. After re-reading my comment, I think I may have come across as harsh. Not my intentions. Just raising some concerns I had.

  5. basil – i used to identify as bisexual before i became a christian…i had struggled and failed miserably to repress the feelings on my own and completely accepted it as who I was till I came to Christ. I actually agree 1,000% with everything you said. The church needs to counter this evil and intense gay agenda head on with the correct application of the word of God. There are many that want out but the world (and even the church sometimes) has convinced many that being a christian is repressing those feelings and that just living the gay lifestyle is being free. I haven’t repressed a thing but I have continually surrendered to Christ. He knows every thing about me and he knows the weakness of my flesh. But He said that His strength is perfected in weakness.

    I could never imagining exchanging my walk with Christ and my glorious eternity with Him for just this life of living after my lusts and feelings however exhilarating and strong they are. I had so many friends that were gay and I just pray for people who have been deceived. I just imagine that there are so many that stay away from Christ and are damned to torment mainly because they cannot let go of their homosexual lifestyle. It’s really hard to think about.

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