Are church gays killing gospel music?

So called gospel music may be on its last stanza according to one Dallas based minister who cites homosexuals in the gospel music industry as one of the main reasons.

Elder G. Craige Lewis of the famed ExMinistries wrote in his blog that compromise, poor quality music, carnality and “copy cat” gospel  has deeply impacted what was once a great asset to the church.

“Kirk Franklin posted on his facebook that Gospel Music sales are way down. Wanna know why? I can give you 5 good reasons why, and here we go.
1. Homosexuality – Even the married male gospel singers are suspect these days because they approve of the homosexual ones. They are on the stage with them, they make music with them, they have them singing background and playing instruments for them, so, where are the real men in Gospel Music? How does this affect the sales of Gospel music you may ask? Well, the devil controls the music industry so, his plan is to kill ALL sales of Gospel by merging the gospel with the secular industry. So, as Kirk puts on the pink, and Tonex dances in drag, while Dillard drops it like it’s hot, and Woods openly performs at a lesbian wedding, the devil has a greater plot. The LGBT is getting ready to shine it’s flashlight on the church and it’s gonna catch a lot of these artists and pastor with their pants down. Once they get the goods, they will force these Gospel Artists to come out like Tonex and support Carlton Pearson’s inclusion. Who wants to buy inclusion gospel music? No one, because inclusion gospel music is secular music!”

Pink lip syndrome?

Kirk Franklin’s comments may reflect 2011 sales issues. And then again with his pink lipped “I smile” video images, people may be backing off gay-themed gospel music.

According to, the top 10 markets for Christian/Gospel music in 2008 were Los Angeles · New York · Dallas/Ft. Worth · Atlanta · Philadelphia · Chicago · Washington D.C. · Houston · Washington D.C. · Seattle/Tacoma · Minneapolis/St. Paul

A 2009 article in Eurweb contended sales were up, but concerts ticket sales were down.

Gospel music sells have exploded in recent years. The Christian music industry as a whole sold more than 44.9 million units in 2006 with twenty percent of those sales attributed to black gospel music. Black gospel music has grown to being heard on mainstream radio formats nationally and has a platform few imagined.

Although sales in the genre are up, attendance at gospel concerts have not followed suit. Major artists are struggling to fill seats causing local concerts and national tours to suffer. Some of those tours, backed by major sponsors including the Patti Labelle Tour and the Sisters In The Spirit Tour, have been cancelled abruptly leaving gospel music fans standing in the refund line scratching their heads.

James Walker, Esq., of Walker & Associates, an attorney for some of the biggest names in the business, blames market saturation.
“The explosion of gospel music has been a blessing and a curse in some ways for our touring business,” Walker told Gospel News Now. “There was a time when you could only see your Gospel artist once or twice at most a year in a given market, and rarely on television or in a video. With the present billion dollar state of gospel music and the industry as a whole, many of the artists are touring all the time and the feedback from consumers has me very concerned.”

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  1. I agree with 99% of what he said.

    The issue I take is where he says, “Where are the true musicians that want to do it without worldly influences? Most of them are in the local church, praying for an opportunity to sign a record deal and become a copy cat as well.”

    I believe there are some ‘true musicians (or minstrels)’ that will continue to stay true to God. Not everyone is looking for a record deal…

    Though the current state of the industry may be “done” – I believe that God will use that time to “shake” whatever is not built on a solid foundation (Prov 10:30; Heb 12:26-29) so that He will have what He wants in the way He intended (that “foundation” is Jesus 1 Cor 3:11-15).

    I believe God will always have a remnant that will be uncompromising, that will declare the Gospel (via Music) regardless of who agrees with them and will make sure that God gets the glory in everything they (do sing, play etc..)..

    Gospel Music is still “good” because it comes from God (even though sales may down, the gays may be running rampant, etc) – just like marriage is still good regardless of the high divorce rate or gay agenda etc,). satan cannot corrupt what God has instituted (though satan may try) – he cannot destroy what God has created. satan may “taint” it (for now) but in the end, it will speak to what God said it will be..

    Sorry for the rant – I take these things rather personally… LOL!! I love G Craige maybe I misinterpreted what he said/meant…

    Be Blessed!

  2. For me, it’s a combination of things……spiritually weak songs, flamboyant performers, the “entertainment” factor, promiscuous minstrels, worldly appeal instead of ministering unto the Lord. I mean, it’s a mess. I refuse to purchase the stuff anymore.

  3. If we’re talking about sales, profits are down across the board. The music industry in general is being hit hard. People don’t have money to spend on cd’s & concert tickets. Sales in those two areas reflect that. That said, sin stains & destroys anything it touches. That, coupled with a permissive, anything goes attitude that is so prevelant in the church, has neutralized gospel music. It’s ineffective because it’s not really saying anything of substance. “I Smile”? You don’t need to repent, just smile & it’ll be alright. That’s the best they have to offer.

    There’s very little to distiguish a lot of these artist from their secular conterparts. Some gospel artist are just as wordly. They work with secular producers to score cool or “with it” points. Some, like Kim Burrel & John P. Kee, are even crossing over to work on secular projects. They’re just like the world, down to their sexuality. How can they decry homosexuality when a lot of their audience, entourage, producers, background singers & in some cases, they themselves are practicing a gay lifestyle? So yes, a tolerance for sin is most definatly killing gospel.

  4. These people are in it for money and fame. They appeal to an audience that has been deadened and need new and more exciting, titilating things to be interested. It’s the monster they created by appealing to the people, rather than ministering to the people.

    Gospel music is to draw people back to God and to minister to our hearts for God. It’s not for entertainment, and never has been. Good Gospel will bring JOY and I think the greedy recording people mistake that for entertainment, and tried to bottle it and sell it.

    Gospel music that doesn’t uplift and convict, but appeals to the unsaved is moot and powerless. It doesn’t convict and draw to the Lord, and it’s unable to keep people connected to it, for it is a weak, watered down thing, worthy to be spewed forth from the mouth.

    Galatians 6:6-8
    6Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

    7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    8For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

  5. Just today, a pastor friend and i talked about gospel music c.d.s, he and i bought a couple of gospel c.d.s in the past few years. We were big purchasers of gospel music c.d.s, but the quality of today’s gospel music is carnal, worldly, and poor. I still listen to a lot of gospel music from 70-90’s, because it is more spiritually fulfilling.

  6. I love this posting since I wrote a blog about music a little while back, I can appreciate the message in this article. As our lipstick wearing friend Kirk Franklin told us back in 1997:

    “For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far.
    You think we got too radical with our message.
    Well I got news for you , you ain’t heard nothin yet,
    and if you don’t know now you know.”

    Yep, now we know Kirk, and we cannot say that you didn’t warn us. I actually do not think that it’s just church gays who are killing gospel music, although they are not helping its cause either, but it’s a combination of things. The so-called gospel artists these days have become so secular minded because they are seeking their gods (or mammon), fame and money. I watched a video interview with Angel and Chanel from Trin-I-Tee 57 and they stated that their highlight was riding in the new manager’s, Matthew Knowles, car. When speaking about the things that he had, these girls stated that “we want it all!” That’s a problem, because God wants all of us; many gospel artists have joined the Laodicean church, they have a “form” of godliness and deny the power thereof. Where is the coming out and being separate? Where is the touch not the unclean? The new mantra is, “God is love love love…”, yes we know that but the message from the beginning is that, “God is not willing that any should perish but all shall come to repentance”. They forget that while they sing their love songs. The is no accountability in gospel music anymore, no conviction, no call for change or salvation. Just love.

    As someone else stated, music sales are down all over not just gospel. Personally, if I hear a song that speaks to my spirit I will first check Google regarding the artist, then look at the lyrics (seriously) and I will purchase the song from iTunes or Amazon. It is really rare that I will buy a whole CD anymore because so much of it is saying nothing. My husband told me that he happened to have on the Yolanda Adams morning show the other day (God bless him, I cannot listen to that mess), and the crew was talking about an appearance that she was requested to make, but the church would not be able to pay her. They laughed about it and stated that “no money, no show”. I was appalled, but shouldn’t have been; these current artist do not sing unto the glory of God, but are just hirelings who will go to the highest bidder. My main rule of music these days is if it’s played on a radio station rotation, it is not for me. I have so much more to say, but will stop here. For now.

    Sorry for the rant… 🙂

  7. ok, I know that I may be nit picking here, but can we still call this Gospel music? I can’t even begin to discuss this without first stating that this is no longer Gospel music. You can not remove Jesus Christ from your music and still call it Gospel. That is like trying to take the wet out of water. So with that said.

    Here is my take. This music is so polluted it stinks. God does not regard it because it is strange fire being offered, those who love God do not regard it knowing that it is an abomination unto God so you are left with a bunch of people who draw nigh to God with their lips but their heart is far from Him. No amount of pink lipstick will dress this mess to be good enough to spend your money on.

    I am a musician for my church. I am by no means even a very good musician, but I am worshiping God lifting up Jesus Christ when I play and sing. That music is anointed it destroys yokes and removes burdens. When we sing the presence of the Lord fills our midst and we are prepared to receive the Word through the pastor. I am no longer looking to these folks to show me how to worship or how to orchestrate songs. I get it from the Holy Spirit!

    I am not sure what can be done to stop this machine and get it to do a 180. I belive we should all seek God, and let another move happen so we can all truly worship. I believe that this machine called Gospel music industry is putrified and no longer usable. Start our own self-produced simple projects and watch God move!

  8. I agree with the article and the bold stand he takes .I only wished GC Lewis would write more. One thing I want to point out is, homosexuality is not new to gospel. Look at James Cleveland,the Hawkins, and MANY others from that era. Their songs are thought of as sacred to the church today. Last, I believe there are a lot of good church musicians that have no interest in fame or fortune. They are quite content in their local church settings. Some of the best, undiscovered talent has never been heard.

  9. From the Music World Gospel’s CEO, Matthew Knowles:

    “I prefer using the words ‘inspirational’ and ‘faith-based,’” he explains. “ ‘Gospel boxes it in, and people have a preconceived notion as to what that is. People want to be inspired. People want to have hope. When you look at the word ‘music,’ you see the root word ‘muse,’ which is inside all of us. You can get that muse from any kind of message. …It’s a feeling of hope and joy that it brings us, and the world needs that.”

  10. I agree with you totally!

    “Start our own self-produced simple projects and watch God move!”

    Amen and Amen to that!

  11. Well it has certainly killed it for me. I no longer buy or listen to any of this garbage because it comes from people who are proud of their sin. And the ones who are not involved are silent and passive.

    I can live holy, enjoy Jesus and give God a high praise without the help, assistance of any of these homosexuals in the gospel music industry. Their spirit is in that music and its strange fire.

    We’d better learn how to sing a new song, because the ones out now are perverted.

  12. help yourself Sis. Pastors Wife! Aint nobody mad but the devil and his minstrels of music.

  13. It can be concluded from Scripture (Job 38:7, Ezekiel 28:13-16, Isaiah 14:11-14) that before Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he was what we’d liken to a music minister or minstrel. Would it not make sense that he (now Satan) would fight so vigorously against anyone attempting to fill his old position in an earthly realm, so to speak? What better way to perverse music that was purposed to glorify God, than to insert homosexuality, which totally opposes the Word of God, into it? I think our crafty opponent is doing just what should be expected of him. Now the question then becomes, what are WE, the people of God, doing to counteract? Well, it’s up to true minstrels and worshipers of God to reclaim that which is lost (or on the verge of being totally perverted) by not compromising by buying, supporting, or participating in this jelly-backed, so-called “Gospel, inspirational, make me feel good music”, and cry loud against it instead.

  14. If the music isn’t sung by saved individuals who present the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as the propitiation for sin then it isn’t gospel music.

  15. I am sooooo sorry!!!! I don’t know where I got that assumption from! Please forgive me. Charge it to my head not to my heart!

  16. Excellent point! These so-called gospel singers are merely showing us the true content of their hearts.

    Matthew 12:34-35 says it best: O generation of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.

  17. Soooooo Sorry for calling you a brother!

    This is what many do not understand! If wearing pink lipstick won’t show people the contents of Kirks heart, I don’t know what will!!!

  18. Cross Journey, I’m with you. I am currently the worship leader at a ministry that began only 8 months ago. I have a singing ability but don’t feel as though I’m as talented as professionals. Still, I love to sing and I love God. Every service I get on my face and make sure that my will is not present and that God is seen. By God’s grace I’ve come to learn that no matter how good I sound, if He isn’t lifted, it doesn’t help anyone spiritually. I’ve had people prophesy to me that I would make millions from recording CD’s and that I will be a rich business man and yet none of that interests me. I’m quite tired of hearing it. I’m tired of hearing about songs Whwre God’s blessing(s) comes in some kind of material form. I know that they CAN but do not ALWAYS. And the blessings that I’ve received secretly have done more for my spirit and faith than those that were material.
    When I listen to Gospel music, I find that a lot of the songs are trying to get people happy about some pending blessing that’s coming, and then then many others are ministering to people that have been hurt because their friends/family didn’t believe in them. It was okay for a while but 5 years later can’t we find something else to minister about? How about rallying Gods people in holiness and ministering to lost souls? Kirk Franklin (yeah I gotta use him) had a song called “The Storm is Over Now” in the 90’s and yet here we are in 2011 still singing about storms.
    Those given charge to minister in song need to realize that not everyone will be a business owner, not everyone has a monetary/material blessing on the way, not everyone is having problems with “haters” and not everyone listening is even saved. Jesus has to be the subject and topic of the song, not us. I think I’m done….

  19. If what is being produced in the church is the best we have to offer, it is nothing but a production of an orgy in church. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, the church elders struggled with introducing secular music inside the church. The arrangements were too worldly and produced sexual overtones. And for good reason. What we see and hear today is their worst fears upon the church. Open your eyes and see that our worship before God is no different than an orgy. God help us. If you are not laid out before God in prayer and fasting, then in a worship service, you are no different than a person immorally getting laid. It’s true because that’s what you are bringing inside the church service and you expect God to be pleased to accept your immoral sacrifice of praise mingled in sin?

  20. Nope. I was wrong. Just a few more notes…. I can no longer tolerate Yolanda Adams’ morning show because of a lot of the things that are said in there and, sad to say it, mostly by her. People are focusing too much nowadays on how WE look and what WE’RE doing. Where are those ministers that will rejoice in the honor of being beaten for Christ’s sake? Where are the ones that will suffer hunger and ridicule and poverty just to deliver His word? May His mercy grant me strength if He uses me in such a way. It would be an honor. I think many of these musicians begin with a sincere heart but are star struck when they begin hanging around some of the “bigger” names that tell them that they gotta do it big (Yes, Mary Mary, Im looking at you). My last words will be that a man that I know picked at me one day for always saying “To God be the glory” whenever they said I did something well. He was partially playing but I know that he also partially meant it. The moment we begin thinking that we’re anything special for what God has done, we open the door to pride, haughtiness and, ultimately, a fall. Consider Moses’ words he spoke when he was told to speak to the rock and water would come forth. (Numbers 20: 7-12)

  21. No worries. I probably should change my screen name. 🙂

    And oh my, that lipstick pic of Kirk Franklin made me cringe. What message does that deliver other than inclusion? A man wearing lipstick does not provoke a homosexual or someone struggling with thoughts of such to repent. No, it tells them, “Stay as you are. We’ll accept you.” When God is saying, “Come out from among them. Live, think, act, & be holy!”

  22. @ Tim “To GOD be the Glory” indeed. As far as the man you spoke of……… “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

    You spoke of lifting up Jehovah, while recognizing your state and he spoke from his heart regarding his disapproval of such (Pride) speech.

    It is always amazing regarding the things that come out of the mouths of professing believers, the mouth truly is an “unruly evil”.

    To GOD be the Glory!!!

  23. Amen! There’s no good in us that we should boast, but whether we sing, preach, pray, or evangelize, we should do it from a heart of thanksgiving knowing that the rocks that we walk on could do the same if so appointed!

  24. Besides the obvious homosexuality, G Craige has also pointed out rampart drug use, worldly language and not caring about anything ministry related with these Gospel artists.

    The icing on the cake would be homosexual Rev James Cleveland and the celebration of his life, no telling how many boys he took advantage of. Now of course Bobby Jones has his mantle….

  25. TBN is allowing false teaching to be carried in the Name of CHRIST . Anyone who knows the ANIONTING can see it has been lost. traded for SHOWBUSNIESS because of MONEY!!!

  26. I do not listen to hardly any music anymore. I let my XM subscription run out months ago. I don’t listen to local radio stations or stream at work. The only gospel artist I play in my car and mostly at work is Micah Stampley’s 2nd CD…Fresh Wind. That is the best CD OUT THERE. I pray he doesn’t ever lose his passion or compromise with the world. These others are le garbage! I remember my BF told me she didn’t want to hear gospel music that made her feel like she was in church all the time…excellent, you don’t have to look hard for that. Sad…

  27. The difference between James Cleveland and the modern-day gospel singers is that he wasn’t saying to the church, “I’m proud of my sin and you have to accept it, and even promote it.” We are all struggling with something, but as Christians we should have a repentant heart and declare victory over our sins in the name of Jesus Christ as we work to overcome them.

    Unfortunately, the Christian church in the Western world is caving in to the pressure that homosexuals exert. It’s only in African (except for South Africa) and Muslim nations that the practice is still discouraged. We all need to pray for our country. Watch, fight and pray!

  28. Gwen, I agree with the last part of your post, but really, James Cleveland did promote that lifestyle through his Gmwa conference and all the boys that were molested at these venues and churches. If you’ve never been to one, you would know what I mean. Overall, It’s true they kept their life style more undercover during that era, but when they all got together, it was a free for all.

  29. celebratej, youre correct on that. We did an article on Cleveland and he manipulation of young men for sex was a proven fact. Yet, the gospel music industry still today celebrates him as “king of Gospel”. That tells you a lot. Some things dont degenerate overnight. But once a seed has been planted, its demise from that bad seed is sure to come. That spirit that was in Cleveland is still “KING” in gospel music. No one can say that God is the author of such perversion.

  30. I read Elder Lewis’s blog on the gospel music industry and I must say I have to agree with him on all of his points. The only way, in my opinion, for gospel music to go back to its biblical roots is for people to go completely indie and not deal with these God-less labels period (do your own producing, mixing, choreography, etc..). Anothing thing, on the other hand, is to keep your talents in the Kingdom of God. We should not be trying to copy the world in anything we do. I am a singer myself, but I am very happy singing in church. I prefer to sing songs in my room to God and him only. No one is going to judge my singing (ala American Idol, Sunday’s Best, The Voice, etc..), it is just my love song to him. And why are people running to the shows I mentioned anyway, they will just destroy any true anointing andn creativity these people have already. God is a creative God, you can get your inspiration from him. I also prefer the gospel music produced in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. That music had God in the center of their lyrics. The best thing to do is just live right, I would rather be saved than have a multi-million dollar record deal and lose my soul. I love my God-given creativity and my spiritual walk too much for that to happen.

  31. I agree totally that homosexuality is wrong no matter who does it, however, what is the purpose of us blogging and taking precious time to discuss the downfall of our broters and sisters? I believe in holiness and if we’re going to be holy, we got to do it ALL the way or not at all! God can use whomever he choses and i totally believe elevation comes from God!
    Let God work on the homosexuals! Let God judge them! Let God fix them! Let God punish them! Lets not give God any of our help bc we will mess things up!!
    We must remeber the scripture that tells us that we reap what we sew! You may not be a homo but you have an issue, im sure!No One wants their faults blasted! Lets keep one another in prayer and STAND UP FOR TRUE HOLINESS!
    Dont tolerate sin but dont step out of Gods will either!
    Prayerfully Submitted

  32. Holyministerofmusic, I dont want to respond to your comments until you answer a few questions for me if you will.
    1. how long have you been saved?
    2. Are you a minister or just a “minister of music” as your name implies?
    3. If you were shown in the bible where you are supposed to judge homosexuals in the church, would you repent and do it?
    4. Since you are in music “ministry” do you personally know any homosexuals who are doing the saved and gay thing?
    5. what “precious time” are you referring to?
    6. Is homosexuality a “fault” or a sin? And what do you base that on?

    Hopefully you can answer these questions so that we can get an understanding of what you are talking about before we respond.

  33. For one thing, “church” and “homosexual” are not supposed to be intertwined with one another. For another thing. God WILL have His perfect Way concerning the apparent and obvious immorality in His church. This is not me bashing homosexuals. It’s simply me making a statement that I do not agree AT ALL with homsexuality, and no matter HOW many homosexuals want to keep pushing their agenda, it’s going to fall to the ground in a HUGE heap of ashes. WHY? Because it’s COMPLETELY against the Word of God! It’s COMPLETELY against the perfect design that God Almighty has already put in place for how we as His created people are supposed to live! Think about it: 2 homosexual men or women CANNOT naturally conceive children. Nor can 2 homosexual men or women TRULY love one another, because God IS love, and God does not condone that wrong lifestyle. Of course, God also does not condone any other wrong lifestyle, but it occurs to me that this whole issue of homosexuality is still going strong mainly because we as Christians don’t want to offend those in bondage to homosexuality by being BOLD in the truth we KNOW is in the Word of God that speaks DIRECTLY against homosexuality. To say otherwise concerning the Word of God is to lie against what God has already stated, and God is ALWAYS going to be true, and every person is ALWAYS going to be found to be liars.

  34. As for as GOSPEL music, gospel is the good news that Jesus lived, died, rose and ascended, any music or lyrics, wether one is comfortable with it or not, be it rap, reggae, classical, country , contemporary….that gives this message is GOSPEL.

    Every individual is not going to be moved by” Amazing Grace” or “Going up yonder.”

    The music I dare say, that our Saviour listened to, would be foreign to us. Go out and buy a classical Jewish CD and see.

    So lets not be so judgmental of STYLES of music

    Now the homosexuality, it’s an abomination, Word of God says so, and it’s not to be tolerated.

    Seperate the two!!!!

  35. HolyMinisterofMusic…. I believe that it is indeed biblical to speak out against sin, homosexuality in particular. Satan would prefer that we remain silent. That gives him permission to operate, so to speak. Whenever Jesus healed someone, he never said, “Let God deal with it.” No, he called the sin or infirmity by name. He exposed it to the light of the Holy God. Who can stand in the presence of Truth?! A great portion, if not most of his ministry involved the exposing of sin, hence, why the Pharisees hated him so. One of the purposes of a minister/preacher is to expose or bring light to sin so that those who have an ear to hear will be uncomforable and convicted and then repent. If you’re saying we should remain silent about homosexuality, then no preacher should ever preach against any sin, every church should close, every child of God should sit back and believe there is peace when war is all around, and so forth. Not so. We have a duty..a charge to keep, and this site is a beacon.

    In my opinion, all sin is not on the same level in terms of consequences. Now dont get me wrong, sin is sin and it will all be judged. But I liken it to earthly court. While breaking any law has consequences, the punishment fits the crime. I’ve never read where a city was destroyed by fire because of, say, cheating on taxes. I’ve never read where smoking was an abomination. There are some things that need more attention as it opens doors for eternal destruction of the soul and it opposes all things godly. It is anti-Christ in nature. Homosexuality is an abomination and it opposes everything that is righteous. It calls God a lie by saying they’re born that way. It demoralizes the institute of marriage, unity, creation, and even reproduction. It is the blatant work of the Satan. We as vessels of God can not sit back and say nothing. To remain silent is just like approving of it. It is unfortunate that churches are filled with jelly-backed preachers and members who are more concerned with money and not offending others than they are with the souls of men.

    Finally, GCMWatch is doing the work of Jesus the Christ and unlike those who seek a reward here on earth, those who speak against sin seek a reward in heaven. I thank God for this site and for someone having the holy nerve to cry loud and spare not.


  36. I would like you to do an article on beyonce’s father, matthews knowles’ new gospel label with artists such as micah stampley, juanita bynum, vanessa bell armstrong, etc. I read that knowles is an inclusionist who wants to change the name of gospel music to inspirational music and emphasize hope and not the power of Jesus Christ in this music. Question, will these artists stand up for Christ. And of course Mr. knowles want to make it a big money-making label.

  37. Viv, you just preached the keynote message. Im not saying another word. God bless you I feel fire in my bones after that!

  38. Amen! Silence is Satan’s tool to continue dragging people to hell!
    Very well said Viv! GCMwatch is crying loud and sparing not. He is being a watchman on the wall that God ordained.

    All I can say is pass the offering plate! LOL!

  39. God bless you and what you are doing for the Kingdom. This is true ministry.

  40. Yes, he sure is a watchman on the wall. Amen to that!

    & I modified my handle/screen name (added “Viv”). Is that better? (Lol)

  41. You guys should be a straight musician (Organ/Piano) working in a church. You are treated with suspicion and disdain. There are certain churches that won’t hire a straight musician. I guess they figure if you not one of them you won’t keep their secrets. Yet I work on.

  42. Andre, maybe so. But “straight” doesnt mean holy. Musicians and those in the Lord’s service should be and live holy lifestyles. Some of the “straight” musicians are sexing it up and fornicating. The difference should never be about whether one is heterosexual or homosexual, but are they living holy.

    Now, dont get me wrong. If one is holy the ONLY right expression of sexuality would be as God created it to be.

  43. As it is commonly said, “thats good preaching”.

    Not another word needed, thats for sure!

  44. come out from among them and be ye seperate! why do we want to sound,act, and look like the world. not judging at how one chooses but isn’t it still no change there just adding the name of the lord to it.

  45. listen to the gospel groups like the chuck wagon gang and the lewis family for real gospel singing.

  46. good gospel music is very enlighting and fulfilling,,our favorite gospel is Southern gospel,which in so many cases,tells the story of Jesus and his saving power….i good example of that is the Group Greater Vision,which brings the Scripture out on everyone of their songs..Bro.Rodney Griffin is one of the most wonderful song writers of the century….Greater Visions concerts are very up-lifting,and soul stirring…So yes there is still good music in good old Southern Gospel,and tranditional music….God Bless you all……

  47. Kirk Said smile not matter what just smile.

    Even though the word of God condemns your lifestyle just smile.

    Even though unless you repent of your sins and believe the gospel you will burn in an eternal fire you should still just smile….

    I think this pretty much sums up kirk and his “heart” smh

  48. Melvin I agree. I will listen to old school gospel music forever! The other stuff sounds like the world. Sad..

  49. Sad to say that the newer generation may not know what true gospel music sound like. The old gospel uplifted the name of the Lord. Now..well, everybody talks about themselves.God, forgive them for they know not what they do.

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