Jack Van Impe cites GCM Watch article on TBN censorship incident

You have probably heard by now that noted Christian teacher Jack Van Impe ended his broadcast relationship with Trinity Broadcasting over the latter’s attempt to censor Van Impe.  Van Impe had been with the network for 23 of its 38 years on air. GCM Watch writer Christopher Gregory helped break the story here. Since that time, conflicting stories have circulated as whether Van Impe quit or was terminated by the Crouch family. Van Impe candidly spoke about the incident on his broadcast and revealed some rather surprising facts about his severed relationship with the nation’s largest Christian network and its controversial policies forbidding its program hosts from calling the names of specific false teachers on air.

GCM Watch was told that on June 14th, TBN would be posting an official response on its website and would address the controversy on its “Behind the Scenes” program, but neither materialized.

In a new video released by Jack Van Impe Ministries, the story of what happened is told in full detail. Christopher Gregory’s story is cited as one of the  more prominent articles speaking out against TBN’s actions.

TBN’s website described the Van Impe program.
“The award winning weekly news telecast features Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe. Combining Dr. Jack Van Impe’s extreme intelligence, insight and knowledge of Bible prophecy with stories pulled from today’s headlines, the weekly television program Jack Van Impe Presents is your source for up-to-date prophecy news and more!”


26 thoughts on “Jack Van Impe cites GCM Watch article on TBN censorship incident

  1. Jack may have some areas that I disagree with, but clearly he is not afraid or showing any cowardice in naming names in a righteous way.

    To GOD be the glory!

  2. Jack Van Impe is a sell out to the bible and Christianity and I will say it until he denounces the heresey and pagan arcane institution called the Roman Catholic Church. Jack is as lost as a goose in a wind storm…if he supports, lends comfort to, agrees with, yokes up with, and has Papal visits to the Vatican. Nothing could be further from true biblical Christianity.
    This would probably be a great time to listen to some Dave Hunt mp3’s and John MacArthur on Sermon Audio…type in Catholic. Here:


    Many forget what the Catholic church actually does to the Holy Bible…and are clueless to the fact that Vatican wants YOU back…under their control.

  3. I don’t know much about this guy since I don’t watch TBN but he did tell the absolute truth about Rick Warren and I think he’s telling the truth about the situation at hand.

    He also said one of the bosses at TBN was a flat out LIAR. Call them all out and let them be exposed.

  4. What is the purpose of naming names? To let folks know who they are so that you will no become them. Spineless, quadriplegic (no harm intended to those who are physically incapacitated, just using it as an illustration) preachers that compromise the fundamental principles of Christ recorded in His Word must be declared enemies of the cross.

    Great article!

  5. Dr. Van Impe made it clear on a statement & a video on his website that he severed ties with TBN ( smart move! ). He called out people he believed were doing harm to the church. He named names. Short & sweet, TBN told him to back off. He said no & walked away. He told the truth & TBN can’t handle the truth.

    Perhaps the conflicting stories are from TBN, trying to save face? Not saying, just asking?

  6. @JimmieKr…, I didn’t know he supported Catholicism. He’s calling out people for promoting heresy but backs Roman Catholicism? This is bizarre.

  7. basil according to what he said in the video, the conflict seemed to be the version of the story told by Matt Crouch as opposed to what his father said.

  8. @JImmieKrackKorn-the problem is that most “Christians” are just as ignorant about Roman Catholicism and their erroneous beliefs, as Van Impe is. I speak the truth about it whenever I can.

  9. basil….I agree it is bizarre. It is hard watch a complete episode of JVI and not hear him speak lovingly of the Pope….calling him The Most Holy John Paul the II (of course before Benidect). Here is a great message by Christian J. Pinto on the recent Van Impe fiasco…and in the message he has recordings of Jack talking about his affinity/worship of the Vatican. Here: http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-radio/episode.php?episodeid=18801

    You are right that Rick Warren and Robert Schuller promote New Age doctrines and ecumenicalism of both seem to evolve around Rome….In other words it is OK with Paul Sr. to embrace Rome and the fallicies of the Catholic Church such as pagan worship, idol worship and the resurecting of Christ and re-sacrificing of Christ daily. Bringing him live and in complete form to the alter of the priest…at the priest’s beck and call. In order for the Vatican to be right, Jesus had to have lied.
    Maybe there was some major ego’s involved…I have Paul Sr. on tape talking about the need to reunite with our “Catholic brothers and sisters” and let b gones be bygones.

  10. Friends,

    I too don’t agree w/Bro. Jack and his praising at times of Roman Catholicism, but I will not say he isn’t a man of God. Is he man w/faults and at times erroneous thinking yes, how many of us aren’t guilty or haven’t been or will be at one time or another in our walk. God says, “My Spirit will not ALWAYS strive w/man.” For I will admittedly say His Spirit hasn’t always strived w/me but praise God as David said when repenting don’t let me fall into the hands of man (for man can be merciless, overly opinionated and forget many times his own faults and erroneous thinking), for those times His Spirit didn’t strive w/me and I came to myself recognizing my error, He made a way for me to come back home to him.

  11. I thank God for the program, Jack Van Impe Presents. Listening to it, I hear the spirit of truth speaking in the ways and words of Jack and Rexella. I’ve listened, on and off, over many years. I distinctly recall Jack Van Impe discreetly explaining that “our Catholic brothers and sisters” need our prayers and love, saying that he doesn’t agree with everything Catholics do, but adding that he loves them and saying that we can all worship Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. I have distinct memories of him teaching his viewers the heresies and fallacies in Catholic doctrine and practices. I have never found Jack Van Impe to be contradictory or incorrect about his doctrine. When he admires the Pope, listen closely, with respect. He gives admiration when the Pope is right and only then.

    Jack Van Impe has memorized the entire Bible. He quotes it eloquently and pointedly. He is a friend and a uniter. He has responded compassionately and bravely to the Beautiful Church being overtaken with multiplying error, in America today. Mob logic bars the application of reason and obscures the operation of grace. The homosexual radicals have infiltrated the thinking of some Christians. Some leaders favor political correctness over political righteousness. Strangers to Jesus Christ advance Social Justice theories that confuse God’s commands for persons with those for nations. As a result, the spirit of liberty in Christ Jesus is being denied, Christians are being silenced, and America is in danger of God’s wrath.

    Therefore Jack Van Impe is right to fear God, to speak about these errors, and to name those who are leading flocks astray. TBN is not right to censor Jack.

    We need to look to Christ Jesus without distraction, single-heartedly, and thank God for the Van Impes’ program. We need to renounce double-speak – duplicity, hypocrisy and compromising appeasements. We need to repent and fast. We need to pray for Jack, and Rexella, and TBN, too. The Holy Spirit will guide us according to the will of God. Thank you for inviting comment.

  12. We must give respect and honor to where it is due. For example, we should give respect and honor to our parents, teachers,etc.

    For those who’s bad-mouthing about Catholic, you have to be careful not to blaspheme (especially when talked about Blessed Mary). The angel of the Lord (Gabriel) greeted her in Luke 1:28 “And the angel came in unto her and said, “Hail, thou that art HIGHLY FAVORED, the Lord is with thee; BLESSED art thou among women.” As many of us respected Dr. Jack van Impe for his stand against Christlam, I think/know-for-sure she (Blessed Mary) deserved our respect and honor more-over-so. Therefore, be careful.

    Secondly, as for Catholic, the first Pope is Saint Peter. In history, we might find faults in Pope(s) since we’re all human being. As we should respect our pastors/priests in our churches (unless they absolutely don’t deserve it), we ought to respect the Pope too.

    Finally, we are to ONLY worship the Lord our God. To Him all glory/power/praise/respect/honor is due.

  13. TBN’s response was not on Behind The Scenes as promised. However TBN posted two responses to this on their website. People may have missed them because the logo is really small and near the bottom of the website as of the writing of this comment. Here is the current graphic of the 2nd response.

    I really hate I did not save the first one. It was nice and sweet basically denying that they censored him. Here is the second one which is a bit stronger.


    I also remember back in the day when Van Impe at times had challenges with the Catholic church and clearly stated his disagreements. Since that is known by many who have watched him over the years, according to the so-called TBN policy Jack’s program should never have been on the air in the first place. I’m serious about this. He is known for doing this from time to time at least during the period of time I watched him regularly.

    I have a major problem with the 2nd response referring to what was done as judging a brother (another false teaching). It is one thing to judge the eternal end of a brother, which I have never heard Jack Van Impe do and the Bible clearly condemns. It is another thing altogether to point out false doctrine. The ministers named names in the Bible when they did wrong or their hearts were not right in doing the right thing (Balaam). I do not understand this not calling out the names of false preachers stuff. They do not read their Bibles. Also if we are not to identify false teachers, why are there so many verses in the Bible telling us to watch out for them?

    I do not agree with everything he teaches but I do believe that he has a sincere heart toward the Lord and has not compromised the basic tenets of Christianity and is willing to stand for them like he did against Crislam.

  14. It is unfortunate so many see no fault with TBN censoring Jack Van Impe. How many have actually researched what he was conveying. His understanding of the Bible and the need to point people in the right direction far exceeds that of Matt Crouch. What they did not want people to see was the new DVD he and Rexella presented, all of which is true. People need to wake up to the truth before the Rapture and see false teachers for what they are. Who of you have given up your life (ie having a family) to further the Lord’s work – check yourselves before you criticize and do your own research.

  15. My thing is none of us should feel above criticism…..unless we have something to hide. Dr. Van Impe was spot on concerning his comments & it doesn’t bother me one bit that he named names. The man is a walking, talking Bible but that doesn’t place him & his support of a false religion above critique. Just as he called out others he needs to be held accountable for things he has said about the catholic church.

  16. Basil can you post what you are contending van impe said then people can read for themselves and wecan move on thnks

  17. @gcmw, you’re very welcome. I get that that talking about who supports the catholic church is way off the topic. It was brought up by someone else & I just replied, as did others. I’d heard of Van Impe & I knew he was a bit like Hal Lindsey( prophetic ) but beyond that I really didn’t keep up with him. I certainly wasn’t aware that he supported the Vatican. I learned that from reading some of the replies here. My issue is you have a guy who seems to take a Biblical stand against heresy but he himself supports a false religion. I’m just stumped on that one but anyways…..

    Guess we can move on now:)

  18. No, I think its a valid concern, however it seems like people keep dropping hints that Van Impe’s pro catholic statements are somehow being suppressed. Just go ahead and put it there and like I said people can read and decide for themselves. Thats what I mean by moving on.

  19. TBN has aired a response on “”behind the scenes. They want Jack back, he WILL go back–Jack is a sell-out, yes, he promotes the murderous Catholic”church” and the Pope. Paul Crouch and his sons were laughable about Jack leaving saying you should go to your brother if you have aught, but NO ONE can go to them about their heresy. Very funny!!

  20. They (Van Impe) were right on! Too many Christian ministers are “getting into bed with Islam.” He had the guts to call it was it is. I have heard about Robert Schuller and Warren before. They-as rich/ big as they are can’t take a little criticism? I hope Van Impe finds a home on another broadcasting channel. I will watch him where ever he ends up. He works with facts..no one knows the exact hour—But it’s good to see someone “minding the store.”

  21. I love watching Jack Van Impe, Because he preaches the Word of God! We must be living in the Last Days. We have a president who insults Israel, the Middle East is a powder Keg, and a Christian net work try’s to muffle God. Have Mercy on us God. Narrow is the way and few find it.

  22. Thank you Jack Van Impe and Rexcella for sticking to the facts (THE BIBLE), so many people are being lead a stray from God’s Law and God’s Commandments. Get back to BASICS people and read GOD’s Word. STOP Following MAN and get your self, right with GOD.

  23. Is Matt Crouch of TBN the anti-Christ or, perhaps, the false prophet?

    Have we been looking in the wrong direction for these Satanic personalities? Recently, largely as a result of Matt Crouch’s disapproval of his methodology
    of preaching, Jack Van Impe was cancelled from TBN programming. They refused to air one of his programs dealing with Chrislam and a number of false teachers who are promoting it, some on TBN itself, so he voluntarily backed out of any further telecasts involving that network. Also recently, TBN just opened a new broadcast studio right in the middle of Jerusalem to cover Israel. There is a prophetic passage in the Bible that speaks about the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not, on a wing of the temple which puts a stop to some form of revived ancient Hebrew ritual of daily animal sacrifice. Could this be a reference to some type of Christian influence…pressure, if you will, along with the assistance from animal rights advocate groups to get animal slaughter banned from the prophesied future 3rd Jewish temple during the end times? After all, it is the Christian belief that animal sacrifice is no longer needed, or even accepted anymore, since they believe Jesus Christ was the lamb led to slaughter on the crucifix by the Romans. Is it possible the “wing of the temple” from Daniel 9:27 might be referring to the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem or maybe a section of the temple complex itself, like the West Wing of the White House? There is a general consensus among contemporary theologians that the 3rd Jewish temple mount complex will share the massive foundation sitting above
    the western wall (wailing wall) with the Islamic controlled Dome of the Rock. Will Christianity demand a collective representation of their religion and set
    up an image of their own atop this lofty place? Might this be the origin of the prophesied “one world religion” Revelations speaks of, perhaps with a three-
    tiered legislative constituency made up of Judaism, Christianity and Islam? Judischristlam, if you will? It might be relevent to mention that Matt Crouch is
    also a young man, which is one of the requirements of the end times false prophet. It yet remains to be seen whether he will assume operational control of that center but I have noticed in watching him that he likes to take the reigns of conversation when the camera is on him. Even his dad and founder of TBN, Paul Crouch, complained (in a submissive way) about his son’s arrogant, overbearing tendencies with guests and staff members on the air.

    Daniel 9:27 (HCSB)

    27 He will make a firm covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and offering. And the abomination of desolation will be on a wing of the temple until the decreed destruction is poured out on the desolator.

    Daniel 12:11

    11 And from the time that the regular burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that makes desolate is set up, there shall be 1,290 days.

    Mark 13:14

    14 But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

    Matthew 24 – (Christ speaking here even gives the first name of the false prophet)

    24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  24. Even though Matt Crouch is almost 50 years old at this time, Hitler was about the same age when he started WWII and ended up murdering 6 million Jews in what turned out to be the worst case of genocide in this planet’s history. TBN might very well just be the “prince of the power of the air” from Ephesians 2:2 and wings from Daniel 9:27 certainly do ride “ON AIR”.

  25. First.., Mr Jack Van Impe is a man of God. I been watching him since I was a kid, and have never been disappointed by any of his knowledge of scripture, and the secular world events etc., He , unlike many ministers now days , does understand such things as Catholicism and holds the most appropriate perspective on addressing the issues of such. He , unlike many Christian ministers does not make the mistake of playing politics with scripture, and religion … If any know otherwise , please say so. I think what happened on TBN by the son of Paul Crouch is an example of complete foolishness; I saw this coming many, many years ago; What happened to Jack Van Impe is going to happen to many more ministers and the Christian church…. There is great apostasy occurring just as Jesus Christ said it would. Since it is a prophecy …. it must be fulfilled or it cannot be stopped…

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