Resistance is futile

There’s a popular line in the Sci-Fi television series, “Star Trek: TNG” in which an invading species known as “The Borg” declares their intention to all those societies who cross their path, “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” And in one moment, entire civilizations are then assimilated into one, single collective with no individual thought, no personal identities, just one unified body of neutrality.

But that’s science fiction.

In reality however it’s not science fiction, it’s real and it’s happening all around us. Currently, our nation, our society and many Christian leaders, are being assimilated right before our very eyes. Family members, public leaders and even children, are all falling under this assimilation and it’s being done under the guise of tolerance and acceptance. This assimilation has a name, and it’s name is called homosexuality.

If we do not act now and take the fight back to the enemy, our time for openly dealing with this issue will change the way we as Christians preach the gospel in a free and open society. Truly, we are facing one of the most challenging times the church of Christ has ever faced, excluding the coming Great tribulation, homosexuality is now the common denominator in which the church will find itself at odds with this new and changing society. More importantly, it (the church) will find themselves at odds with those who also call themselves Christians.

On June 24th, 2011, just before midnight, a declaration of war was announced, not by a foreign nation, not by militant Muslim terrorists, but by a presiding group of democratic legislatures in New York, who, driven by hatred for the gospel, passed a law recognizing the legal status of gay people and their “right” to marry, with only minutes to spare, which was readily signed into law by Governor Cuomo. The State of New York thus became the 6th State in the union to recognize same sex marriage and equal rights for homosexuals.

Make no mistake, this was a statement against God and his holy word. The assimilation of a people into accepting this lifestyle is nothing short of a people who have become immune to God’s warning of impending judgment. And because the people have unified themselves to become one people, pledging to violate the very fabric of God’s prescribed order of living, we have set a course in which the only true answer God can give is his personal judgment.

As I write this article for publishing, I am reminded of the continuing tragedies which seem to be mounting almost daily now all across this nation. From devastating tornados, floods and wild fires, this nation seems to be unyielding to a point of no return. Our economy is on the verge of literal bankruptcy, even after a momentary up swing in the U.S. dollar and stock market rise in Dow points, it seems we’ve taken another major blow to our nation and I believe it can all be pointed to where we are at when it comes to our spiritual condition as a nation. We are on the verge of ruin.

All around us people are being assimilated. Accepting ideas, false theologies and “morals” which are foreign to the true gospel, and still, with homosexuals marching in the streets of New York, celebrating the overcoming of great odds, the church has been stuck in mediocracy.

The word says in James 4:17, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” There can be no more excuse for the believer. The line has been drawn, the die has been cast, a choice must be made. For God is calling out a remnant of believers who will not back down when it comes to immorality, sin, wickedness and perversion. He is calling men and women who will stand up to the face of evil and call all men to repentance. For as sure as God removed the nation of Sodom from off the face of the earth, God is warning us that we are reaching a point of no return. This nation is at a tipping point and time is a luxury we no longer have.

The assimilation of our society has begun, war has been declared and Matthew 24 is steadily being fulfilled. Remember the warning found in 2 Timothy 4:3-4, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. And they shall turn their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables.”

On June 24th, 2011, truth was forsaken, now judgment is coming.










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  1. Totally agreed. Many people nowadays turn blind-eyes to homosexuals’ lifestyle as they been told repeatedly that it is normal and God will accept them no matter what. However, the bible said it was an abomination in God’s eyes. Had God change his view about this over the years? I don’t think so.

    No, we don’t and shouldn’t hate gay people; however, we showed them love by telling them the truth (even though the truth might not be what they want to hear). Therefore, instead of telling them it is normal/okay, we should tell them to turn away from it and they should pray/ask God to help/save them because nothing is impossible with God.

  2. Excellent Article Bother Gregory! Allow me to encourage the saints:

    “This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, holding faith and a good conscience. By rejecting this, some have made shipwreck of their faith.” 1 Timothy 1:18-19

    By sitting back and allowing homosexuality to ravage our country the results have been devastating. And just like Paul said some have made ship wreck of their faith.

    Those who have accepted this perversion into their churches have made shipwreck of their faith. Those who have refuse to speak the truth to this dying world have made shipwreck of their faith. Those who have use this opportunity to gain popularity and an influx in money have made shipwreck of their faith.

    Paul told us to fight! To wage a good warfare. In the King James it says to “fight a noble warfare”! We are to stand on God’s world and tear down every lie, every falsehood and make them obedient to Christ!

    “For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-6

    Stand Up Staints!!! Lest you become an aint (a non saint)….

  3. Jesus Christ, the Lord our God, come into the world with the messages of repentance, love, redemption, etc. The truth is: He did NOT RECONCILED God unto us but instead He RECONCILED us unto God the Father by sacrificed Himself for us. We can be reconcile with God only by turning away from our wickedness and repent of our sins so that we can receive forgiveness through His Blood.

    We are the ones that need to change (not God–because He change not). This is why I said “He did NOT RECONCILED God unto us” but “us unto God”.

  4. As I found a couple of days ago when I came under attack for posting a congratulatory and supportive comment to Mr. Foster on this web site, the tactic the gay community now uses is to change the subject. Anyone who questions their lifestyle and the promotion of homosexuality comes under personal assault. The person who mounts the criticism becomes the target and the discussion then becomes the imperfections of the person who is opposed.

    This is the same tactic used by lawyers who represent people who are accused of rape. That’s why so few female victims of rape will come forward. The attorney for the accused will make the female’s sexual history the issue, not the fact that she was sexually assaulted by the attacker.

    In the same fashion, rather than the subject being homosexuality — how an individual gets involved in the lifestyle; whether or not it is beneficial to the overall society (which it clearly is not); what are its effects on children; what are some of the negative things that happen in association with this lifestyle –the focus becomes the personal shortcomings of those who are opposed.

    In fact, we are all imperfect (There is none good but the Father) so the fact that those who are taking a moral stand are imperfect has no bearing whatsoever on the subject at hand. Even when we commit sins, the fact that we commit them does not mean they are not sins. It just means we are imperfect, we need to repent and make efforts to rid ourselves of sin.

    It’s gotten so I can barely watch television at all — every program, 24/7, including news programs, seems to tout the “coolness” of being homosexual. I tried watching an episode of Law & Order tonight that was originally aired in 2002, so I was hoping it would be safe. Toward the end of the program, sure enough, the teenager was found to be gay and was encouraged to “come out, and be who she was.”

    I just don’t know how bad it is going to get. But I agree completely with Minister Foster. The time to take a stand is now. The gay groups are coming after the churches next. It’s inevitable because that’s the only place left that hasn’t caved in to their stampede. I’m glad I’m in a church where the pastor is grounded in God’s word on this subject. Perhaps we need to start identifying the churches that are teaching the word and those which are weak or have already caved. People need to know who is steadfast and who isn’t.

  5. I hope people read what you said carefully because you succintly revealed a major tactic of the homosexual movement and its apologists. They have attempted to ply that trick here numerous times, thats why I generally will shut them down fairly quickly because I know where they are intending to take the conversation (aka “dialogue). Personal accusations are their ace weapon because they really have no defense against God’s eternal truths. The messenger becomes the target.

    For a good example, look at this I was just reading yesterday. Scroll down to “Debate with a self-affirming “secular humanist”

  6. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Gen 11:6
    I like your Borg analogy, they definitely scared me when I was a youngster watching TNG series. In more recent sci-fi, Chronicles of Riddick, the “Necromongers” forced civilizations to convert to their beliefs-some type of death worship-and take their mark. They kept their obvious gender identities, as oppose to the homogeneous Borg, but they didn’t procreate either, but grew by the assimilation of their conquests.
    That is the rest of the world who don’t practice homosexuality but still embrace it, and its consequences because they are so wishy washy in their morals – no thanks in part to our corrupt churches, weak teaching, etc in addition to the “borg” agenda.
    Point in case, I’m visiting Chicago, thinking about a move and a “christian” friend from college is telling me about her weekend. It was gay pride weekend here, so first she accepts an invite to a club on the invite of a lesbian co-worker… Pride events IMNTBHO are akin to solstices for witches/occult; they are gay everyday but most especially at these “holy” days, plus NY just gave them marriages so I’m sure it was a hot mess that night. No one else invited from work shows up, and she said she didn’t even want to drink for wanting to keep her wits about her in a very uncomfortable environment where I am sure she felt like a lamb amoung wolves.
    Then on Sunday she attempts to get her praise on in the park where a free gospel concert is going on – but she is unnerved by the presence of a street preacher who is regularly outside of a shopping district near her job. While she agrees with things he says -even if she not living it- his presentation of the gospel is offensive or “puts people off.” So she can’t understand why he is essentially “preaching to the choir”, in the park where the Christians are having church, when they gay pride parade is going on a few miles away.
    Oh, I just didn’t know where to begin with all that! But I had to bring it back to her since she hears the preacher on the regular, everybody in that park might not have been saved but she was on your way to getting molested the other night trying to be friends and PC, so maybe she need to pay more attention what the man is saying …
    But these are the first ones to get assimilated. They have just enough church/Bible to know right & wrong, but won’t do it, or get flustered when confronted, or trying to be in the “in crowd” even when the in crowd is jumping off bridges to their inevitable deaths.

  7. LaPreghiera, you really need to become our first female writing associate. You have a very discerning eye and you can explain yourself very well. Thanks for those comments.

  8. Excuse me, but there are homeless people who need housing and hungry people who need food. Direct your energy to providing assistance to those groups instead of wasting your time hating yourself, and writing non sense about the people of God. You are not God, and you have no right to judge, only to LOVE.


  9. Minister Foster: As a result of the Facebook post of Min. Palmer, where he posted my communication with him on his FB wall and told all of his online friends not to do business with my company, I communicated with a young man online who is gay. After reading the personal attacks against me on Mr. Palmer’s wall, one of them was posted by a young man who seemed to be reasonable and said he would pray for me to have an open heart. I sent him a Facebook message and he responded.

    He was unusually reasonable since, from my experience, any communication with non-repentant members of the gay community is fraught with insults and below the belt personal attacks. He explained that he was brought up in the Christian church to believe that homosexuality was a sin, but once he “came out” his faith “soared” and he no longer believes it is a sin.

    This is how I responded to him, in part: “But what would happen if everyone re-defined the thing (or sin) they were struggling with and concluded that it is no longer sin? As believers, it is not our place or our charge to define what sin is, since that’s already been done for us.”

    I explained my position a bit more and I wished him well. No need for me to try to convince him of my beliefs, because he seems to already know what the Bible says about the issue. He’s just made a decision to interpret it differently and instead focuses on the fact that “God loves us all,” which He indeed does, but there are still some things that God hates and sin is one of those things. Anyway, I was just surprised I could have a reasonable conversation with someone in the gay community because it rarely happens.

  10. God Bless You, Pastor Foster for putting me on front street with that invitation. I am just trying to glean from the field and share my input of what I have discerned, and experienced that I could not make this stuff up if I tried, where applicable. I prefer to edit, as I can go long winded when impassioned and don’t like the pressure of having to write.

  11. John do a google search, there are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations feeding the hungry and providing housing. This isnt an either/or. Some people are called to address certain issues. I think that if you feel so strongly about feeding the hungry and housing the homeless, then you should dedicate your life to that. We’re being faithful to what we have been called to.

  12. Pastor Foster you forgot to direct Mr. John to our “scripture studying on judging” located at the top right hand corner of this blog….

  13. Great article gcmwatch. I am from new york so i know this is the truth. The door is open and now is the time to react to this anti-christ spirit of homosexuality. They have an aggressive agenda to come after family, children, and position of pastors in churces

    I hope and pray as true christians we pray and be seriously active in church and in society by voicing our beliefs, and being the salt and light of Christ. And please pray and teach your children the word of God.

    This article is so true about this dangerous cult, This is a real and present danger, i cannot stress the importance of this message. This is not a scare tactic to raise money, I hope the real christians be active, please, I am begging that those who read this spread the word and be active for Christ.

  14. A lot of things are happening under the radar screen. I have a close relative who works as a manager for a Fortune 1000 company. As part of their “diversity training,” they asked the managers to go to a gay bar so they could become more tolerant and accepting of their gay employees. I guess if she refused, she could have lost her job.

    At this same company, they had a problem because one of the employees had had a sex change operation, but some of the procedures were incomplete. It was a transgendered man who had a sex change to become a woman. He was insisting on using the women’s bathroom, although he still had to stand up to use the bathroom when he would go into the stall. The women protested because they didn’t want a man in the ladies room.

    I have another relative to worked for one of the large, high-end retail operations. His supervisor was gay and sexually harassing him at work, making hints that they could get together. His supervisor called him at home late one night and propositioned him. This was clearly sexual harassment. But his manager’s manager was also gay, so he didn’t feel as though he could report it. So he quit the job and was unemployed for a few months until he found something else.

    The vast majority of the large companies in America have already been indoctrinated.

  15. Gwen, unfortunately, this is becoming more and more the trend. My former pharma company has homosexuals in very high ranking positions (w/in one to two steps of president/CEO. For those that I keep contact with there, they disclosed that the “diversity” programs there now include accommodations for the LGBT group.

    To be fair, I have not heard of any specific incidents concerning job action against those that oppose the LGBT indoctrination, but many people are already on high alert because of yearly layoffs with said company. This just happens to be yet another, unnecessary obstacle for people to leap just to get a paycheck,

  16. @Gwen, Wow! That was a man scared to even get a complaint on record … ironic payback for the decades of abuse to women, but is he suppose to wear his pants looser, stop ironing or brushing his teeth, bathing like they do in prison so the man won’t be attracted to him? That’s ugly … especially when if you’re wearing your company uniform, polo shirt, its business hours or networking event, you say the wrong thing you can be sued for harassment by whoever you offend – client, co-worker or neither.
    But that came to mind when my girlfriend told me a lesbian co-worker invited her out – aside from just getting more people celebrating the liberation of NY, this woman is trying to gauge your interest in her lifestyle! Any co-mingling that happens outside of the workplace for the most part, to me, would be an affirmation of the lifestyle and I’m just not that curious! We have male/female friendships, but its rare those terms are wholly mutually agreed upon cause if any opportunity arises – divorce, break-ups, etc…one will try, suggest, or chemistry will cause a change to the status quo in favor of something more than the platonic. The main cry of foul by homosexuals in yester year was that they we were raised to believe they are all trying to get into our kids pants. Now that we have identified the various strata of sexual aberrations, to some of their credit, they prove time again they are not interested in no kids, but YOU! Especially the men who as males are visually driven – don’t get old, fat, gray and not have any money – you will never have sex again in their culture.
    There was an episode of “The Game” (I know, pray for me) where the QB character got felt up in his own home by a co-worker/linebacker who let insinuations made for publicity by the QB’s ex wife work on his imagination… At the end of that episode, the linebacker was facing possible the end of his career, because for all the whoring going on sports fans are generally conservative. But the issue also should’ve been harassment if not assault cause he made a sexual advance. But by the middle of the next episode you find out the linebacker has a partner – so there goes the monogamy arguments, but the QB – the franchise player – is now a bigot cause he’s made he got felt up in his own home and since he is uncomfortable working with that linebacker he can’t get back on the field and the franchise can’t spin this to their advantage til he caves in. And everybody caves: owners, front office, coaches, other players, wives … When they air the re-runs I wonder, what happened between the episodes if this was real life between the sports team, sponsors, gay rights activist … does anybody remember this incident all started in his OWN house? I can shoot to kill my co-worker in my house if he starts beating the crap out of me and call it self defense – but let us find out they were gay and it will probably be a hate crime …
    @N’cantina, I follow a career blog and a man wrote he felt he wasn’t getting hired cause he was gay. I chuckled and thought, well, yall wanted to be the new black, so… The writer was 22, and from a small town – I’m sure lack of experience and the small town patois in his voice could be a larger factor, and the poor economy as a whole. Unless he was is ivy league old money, or the diversity trinity of minority-female-gay, he has to keep on pressing like the rest of us. But be can definitely focus on the firms that give transexuals more time off for surgeries than women get maternity leave, have the LGBTclubs, and everything else.

  17. Gwen,

    It really isn’t clear at all how homosexuality negatively affects society. That’s why religious groups are the only ones left standing against homosexuality – it is so hard to find anything wrong with homosexuality outside of religion. You may have to explain that part in more detail if you want to use it to back up your points.


  18. Interestingly enough, that’s how the gay community feels about Christians. They feel that we are always unreasonable. So congratulations on presenting a positive side of Christianity.

    The next time you’re talking to a gay person who is being ridiculous and offensive, remember that they assume all Christians will act that way toward them. They’re probably just trying to get their side in before you start on the insults. What a great opportunity to show Christ’s love – even though most won’t notice, some will, and if even one person gains a more positive view of Christians after speaking with you, then you’ve done something fantastic.

  19. An interesting article. I have a few issues with it, though.

    Firstly, I have a serious problem with your statement that the people who passed the gay marriage law in New York were “driven by hatred for the gospel.” It’s not nearly that personal – people don’t support gay rights ‘to get back at those Christians.’ They aren’t doing this to make us mad. It’s not hatred of the gospel, but rather compassion for homosexuals and a belief that they deserve equal rights.

    Secondly, what is wrong with homosexual marriage being legal? The law isn’t about the Church or the Bible – it can’t be. When church and state are joined, it has disastrous results. History tells us this with certainty, and even today we see examples of how harmful this can be. Can you imagine what the world would be like if lying or premarital sex were illegal? While we know these things are wrong, we also know that we have no say in what other people do, so long as they’re not hurting anyone.

    So, acknowledging that the law should not be based on the Bible but rather on what is best for society, how can we say that same-sex couples shouldn’t be married? Making gay marriage legal won’t increase the number of gay couples or gay individuals. It will merely give gay couples the same rights heterosexual couples take for granted. The law already protects gay people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation, and since the law recognizes their right to be gay, denying them marriage is a form of discrimination. The benefits that come with marriage, as opposed to living together or even becoming common-law partners, are immense, and it is not our place to deny these rights to anyone. While homosexuality is still a hot religious topic, same-sex marriage is a human rights issue, not a religious issue.

    And lastly, I have a question. I noticed a reference to Sodom in the article. Is this merely an example of a city that was destroyed because of sinfulness, or is this a more specific reference to a city destroyed by homosexuality? As the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality, I want to make sure no one was misled simply because of the city’s placement in the article.


  20. @Rachel Bee,

    As you have said, “Can you imagine what the world would be like if lying or premarital sex were illegal? While we know these things are wrong, we also know that we have no say in what other people do, so long as they’re not hurting anyone.”

    You agreed that “lying” and “premarital sex” (and “homosexual” too?) are wrong. Yet, you argued that as long as they’re not hurting anyone, it’s okay? This is what the bible called “iniquity”. You know it’s wrong and do it anyway. Instead of rebuked it, you embraced it.

  21. Rachel Bee, would you mind explaining your definition of a “positive view” of a Christian? What does that look like to you?

  22. Rachel Bee, you cite “religion” as the primary barrier against “anything wrong with homosexuality”. First of all, it isnt religion, but the Word of God which transcends “religion”. However, nature itself is a witness against the unnatural acts of homosexuality. That’s not “religion”. The natural sexual orientation of the man was towards woman, as vice versa. Even the animals, sea creatures and fowls are naturally oriented towards the opposite genders. That is the rule, not the exception. For any cases where instances of homosexuality is observed in nature, it is but an anomaly. Likewise homosexuality in humans is an anomaly which it appears the minority of those who have bought into it try to recast it as normal when it never was and never will be. No one puts stock in anomalies…except homosexual supporters. That should speak volumes to you.

    Back to “religion”. God is not a religion. Before humans were created God’s standards of holiness were already in place. He —as is his word— is eternal. From everlasting to everlasting. Churches, denominations and the likes along with their sometimes rebellious philosophies are not God. That’s why when you want the truth, you dont look at flawed models, you go to the source of truth. Then from the source you contrast and compare.

  23. Paul she also says to Gwen that we really arent sure how homosexuality negatively affects society. Is she serious????

    Has she not read CDC statistics on HIV and AIDS transmissions among homosexual men?
    Havent heard about the unusually high incidences of domestic violence and breast cancer among lesbian women?
    Seen the impact of homosexual public sex on parks, restroom and other public facilities? Normal people wont even venture into such places?
    Looked at how homosexuals have persecuted people who are giving their opinion on homosexuality because we thought we lived in a country of “free speech”?
    See how the gay christian theology has caused entire denominations to turn apostate?

    Is she serious???

  24. Okay, good call. Religion was a poor word choice. However, my point still stands – the reason the secular community has accepted homosexuality is that it’s hard to see any negative influence on society. All I was trying to say is that you can’t leave it at “it clearly isn’t beneficial to society,” because there’s nothing clear about it.

    On another note, I have a bit of an issue with your use of the word ‘anomaly.’ Homosexuality is something that, in humans and animals, occurs regularly in a minority. In some animals, bisexuality is actually practiced by the majority. So anomaly doesn’t really fit. Just because there’s more than one option doesn’t mean that the less common one is unnatural – see ADHD, bipolar disorder, albinism, and red hair.

  25. Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I had failed so completely at communicating.

    That actually has nothing to do with what I said. What I said was that as long as no one is being hurt, the law cannot tell people what to do.

    Going to make this extra clear: I was not talking about morality.

    I was not talking about God’s commands.

    I was talking about the legal system.

    Hopefully that clears things up. 🙂

  26. Rachel Bee, why is it that you think homosexuality “hurts” no one? And define “hurt”.

    FYI, morality and God’s laws are entwined.

    If you are just talking about the legal system, why are you making an exception for homosexuality?

  27. Our entire legal system (the foundational laws) were founded on Christian principles. We simply do not enforce those existing laws today because of radical judical judges. The defense “It does not hurt anyone” is a lie, it most certainly does hurt people, it destroys their lives, their morals, their character as well as, it destroys their loved ones who have to suffer through someone’s deviant behavior. And it is the States right under a moral judical system that God established that sometimes regulates what someone can or cannot do, even privately, for sometimes those private actions can affect an entire populace. It was homosexuals that brought in the AIDS virus which infected millions, simply because 7 individuals who lived by their own set of rules ,”It’s not hurting anyone” which caused an infection throughout the San Francisco area whereby a few were infected, then those few became hundreds and those hundreds became thousands and today, million’s of people were infected by the HIV virus. And it was all because some individuals believed that one can live any which way they desire and not affect others.

  28. @CGregory

    Just a quick correction to your statement that “Sodomy is still, by law, illegal in most, if not all, places in America”


    The United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that sodomy laws were unconstitutional on June 26, 2003. (ref. Lawrence v. Texas)

    Therefore invalidating all sodomy laws in the US.

  29. So you did address my question, just not in a reply to me. Slightly odd, but oh well.

    Yes, I’m serious. Why is that so hard to believe?

    HIV/AIDS transmission has nothing to do with homosexuality – all over the world, heterosexual sex is spreading HIV/AIDS like crazy. However, anal sex is more dangerous, STD-wise, as the anus is more prone to tears, providing instant access to bodily fluids. Anyone who practices anal sex is at a higher risk for HIV/AIDS, and as gay men are the most likely subset of the population to have anal sex, there is statistically more HIV/AIDS in that group.

    GCMW: Again, check the current CDC statistics and then tell me what demographic is at the top of the list. Check the very first statistics and see what demographic is at the top of the list. And if you still say that homosexuality has nothing to do with AIDS, I can only conclude that you apologetic deception is exactly what Romans 1 tells us happens to a person when you affirm homosexual conduct. Statistics dont lie.

    I’ve actually never heard about domestic violence being higher in lesbians, though researching it now, all the statistics (for both homosexual and heterosexual abuse) seem shockingly low, as well as all over the place (ranging from 17 to 50 percent,) so I really don’t know what the truth is. What I do know is that domestic violence in LGBT relationships is very under-researched, and so comparing preliminary statistics to the years of data we have on heterosexual abuse is a bit over-hasty.

    GCMW: No, its not hasty. Rachel, do you have some sort of personal stake in defending homosexuality? Your comments paint it as if its the best thing since the invention of the internet. Im just wondering what the back story is. People generally dont have a strong argument for some so morally, spiritually and emotionally destructive without some personal connection to the issue.

    As for breast cancer, being a lesbian does not increase a woman’s risk. Other things, such as never giving birth, increase a woman’s risk, and some of these risk factors have been found to be more prevalent in the lesbian community than the straight community. However, this is correlation but not causation. The issue has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and is entirely about other behaviours that apply equally to heterosexual women.

    GCMW: Lesbian, bisexual and other women who have sex with women (WSW) may be at greater risk for certain cancers due to certain behaviors and social factors. Breast cancer and uterine/endometrial cancer may be associated with nulliparity, the state of not having given birth. Some evidence suggests that uterine/endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer are more prevalent among women who have never used oral contraception (the pill).

    As for the issue of public sex, I really don’t know what you’re referring to. If you could elaborate, that would be great.


    As for persecution, every group does it. We live in a culture that likes to attack things they see as different. I personally have been subject to persecution from Christians, anti-theists, homosexuals, allies, non-vegetarians, vegetarians, men, science majors, non-mentally ill people, and a host of others. So I fail to see the relevance of your point.

    Apostasy isn’t always bad when it comes to renouncing a single commonly-held religious belief. After all, the Bible was used to promote slavery and oppress women, but renouncing those ideas wasn’t sinful – it was merely an admission that we were wrong. That, as imperfect humans, we had made a mistake somewhere and had misinterpreted God’s instructions. Some denominations believe that this is another one of those times; some don’t. Both have biblical backing.

    So yes, I’m serious.

    God bless,

  30. Morality is defined as “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.”

    Morality and God’s laws are not the same. Christians get their morals from God’s laws, but non-Christians still have morals. They get theirs somewhere else.

    While you may disagree with another person’s morals, that does not mean they aren’t “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.”

    And I’m not making an exception for homosexuality. To my knowledge, no exceptions have been made.

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a case where homosexuality destroyed someone’s life. Do you know of anything specifically? That’s not something I’ve researched.

    GCMW: Of course when you dont value the Bible, it doesnt make your “research” lists. Let me bring you up to speed. Homosexuality is sin. Sin is destructive.

    As for destroying loved ones “who have to suffer through someone’s deviant behavior,” that’s not a problem with homosexuality. It’s a problem with homophobia. Sometimes, people ‘suffer’ when a loved one marries interracially, but they’re not suffering from someone else’s marriage. They’re suffering from their own prejudice.

    GCMW: Homophobia is a man made ideology created about 8 years ago. According to you homosexuals dont live by the bible’s morals they have their own. If that construct applies to them, then I have no obligation to cowtow to silly idioms like homophobia. Thus, prejudice is in the eye of the beholder.

    As for AIDS, we don’t know who brought it. Yes, in America it was originally spread by gay men, but the problem there is promiscuity, not homosexuality. And I know it would be wrong to make promiscuity illegal.

    GCMW: Interesting that promiscuity isnt discouraged by the homosexual community. Where does that leave them? According to the CDC statistics, consistently at the TOP of the contractors and spreaders of this deadly disease.

    When it comes to making laws to govern a country, we can’t merely copy and paste the Bible. For one thing, there are a lot of topics the Bible never mentions. And for another, we have no right to impose our beliefs onto everyone else. Laws are made to protect people; to promote fairness and equality. This is what’s important. Keeping same-sex marriage illegal doesn’t protect anyone, and it definitely hinders equality. Ergo, I support its legalization.

    GCMW: And ergo, I have the right to fight against it. No one has “cut and paste the Bible to make a law so stop with all the extreme tragedy. My rights are not trumped by another’s. Which brings me to the question, why are you on this blog advocating something clearly not supported here?

  32. You people are probably some of the most ignorant pieces of fecal matter on this planet.

  33. And yet, you managed to post to communicate with such “ignorant pieces of fecal matter.”

    Your point being, what?

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