Alabama deliverance service for teens angers gays

HAMILTON, AL – Before its all over we may need a national “religious exemption” clause for churches to pray with, minister to and preach against homosexuality. With SOTUS’s ministry of “justice” demanding that the Defense of Marriage Act be struck down (so much for “states’ rights”), things are not going to get better.  As we see it, there is no way biblical truth about homosexuality and the  oppressive social inclusion ideology to peacefully coexist. The inevitable is happening before our eyes. One homosexual activist is accusing Alabama based pentecostal evangelist Damon Thompson of a litany of offenses after an impromptu deliverance service for young people struggling with homosexuality and lesbianism.

Ashton Pittman, a homosexual teen who said he was looking to get out of his boring religious life in a small town Alabama Baptist church, says he was attracted to Thompson’s ministry because the evangelist “wore jeans, had tattoos and preached against religion.” But in one service, he didn’t like it that Thompson called teens struggling with homosexuality to come forward and receive deliverance. So Pittman started a crusade and in the short run is getting the attention his small town Baptist church didn’t give him.

Pittman posted a video of the service and predictablity its raised the ire of gay rights activists.

The service took place at a church called “The Ramp”, founded by frequent TBN guest Karen Wheaton. Thompson has responded to the emerging controversy with a statement on his website.

I first and foremost preach with a strong sense of responsibility to present Biblical truth. As part of that Biblical responsibility, I can in no way condone homosexuality. I understand, along with every genuine preacher and teacher of the Bible, that it is my vocation to call sin sin and to compel men and women to the path of eternal life Jesus and the Apostles prescribed. That path is forsaking sin and placing faith in Jesus Christ.

The video clips most viewed are very short and depict strong statements about homosexuality. I wish to clarify my purpose behind making them. The brevity of the video clips do not allow a viewer the opportunity to hear the entirety of my message and heart.

Any statements I make concerning homosexuality are in the hopes of turning the homosexual to the path of eternal life. I talk about homosexuality as I would adultery, alcoholism, pornography, drug addiction, etc. As with all sin, I recognize its destructive nature and out of love call people away from it.

Was Thompson wrong? Should he apologize for “offending” gay sensibilities? Should he now only talk about homosexuality in secret and prohibit any filming? Should he just tell young people that there is no hope for change; that they are doomed to be something that God never created them to be?

We hope not. Its no secret that many young people in churches are struggling with homosexual bondage just like they are struggling with bondages of all type. Somebody must be bold enough, anointed enough, biblical enough to speak the truth in love.  We can’t separate the church from the Lord and the Lord from his message. The mission and message of the true church has always been the same mission and message as the One who established the church.

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor;
he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn; to grant to those who mourn in Zion— to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; Isaiah 61:1-3 ESV (our bold)

That’s what its about people of God. Everyone deserves to hear the message of freedom. The slaveowners of America’s past didnt want black people to hear the message of freedom either. Now, it seems like satan has just found another host to suppress the message of freedom. And if we allow a blind and lost world force us to stop preaching this message of freedom, we will have truly lost our identity and purpose.

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  1. I visited Pittman’s blog, its relatively new so he’s is looking to establish a his career in a the highly competitive, economically challenged media industry. Nobody was reading his blog before this post on the Thompson ministry and no one is reading it after, it seems – it has most of the comments, Retweets, Facebook likes, etc … but he could try to make this his niche if graduation day approaches next spring without a solid job offer from a mainstream outlet so he is not a one trick pony. But every homosexual should have their own “hurt by the church” story by now, so he won’t be unique.

  2. It is good to see that there are those who are prepared to put their head above the parapet and speak truth with convinction. I do believe that there seems to be a liberal agenda at work here. I’m from England and over here we too are pandering to the needs of the left, in all its forms. All it takes is for one person to be offended by a message and the gay lobby, for all its claims that it does not have a voice, certainly has enough power to get lawmakers interested. This then consequently leads to all manner of issues and problems, just because someone had the conviction to speak truth.

    It just seems like a section of the gay community wants to silence our teachers and have them compromise their message. I would encourage any minister to hold firm under such attacks, don’t backtrack or try to appease, but stand strong.

  3. From what I understand he was never seeking any kind of change, he just wanted to go to an exciting church. He simply stumbled upon this particular service. He should have just left since it was so “offensive” to him. But I guess when you are seeking attention and 15 miliseconds of fame in the gay world, “exposing” a Christian evangelist, works pretty good.

  4. It is time for ministers to take a stand and speak out about what is happening in the church world today. When the church gets comfortable and at ease with homosexuality they are condoning it and the word clearly states it is a sin. Love the sinner but hate the sin. God help the church because there are too many churches that are accepting this lifestyle just because of the dollar. It has nothing to do about the person and their soul. God will judge the church also.

  5. Wow!! I love to see ministers call out the works of evil. Homosexuality is a sin and more churches need to take a stand for righteousness.

  6. gcmwatch said:

    “That’s what its about people of God. Everyone deserves to hear the message of freedom.”

    AMEN!!!! The enemy so wants to silence this message! I hope this pastor keeps hitting harder than ever!

  7. You do realize that Christianity will eventually be outlawed right? This is the evidence of why it is incompatible with reasonable, rational, mainstream society.

    GCMW: Excuse me “truthkid” for just a moment while I talk to satan.
    Yes, you WICKED DEMON we know what the scriptures tell us. Our future and your future is clearly revealed. Your plan will fail just as it always has. It failed when you tried to silence Daniel. Remember that? It failed when you killed the prophets of God. Remember that? It failed when you killed and persecuted the early saints. Remember that? It failed when you had Peter and John beaten. Remember that? You failed when you tried to silence the Saviour on Calvary. Remember that? He defeated you and made an open show of you before the entire world. We are not ignorant of your devices and neither is God. You can outlaw God himself and you will fail. You MURDERER, you were defeated from the very beginning. You LIAR, you have never been successful. Over and over, God has proven that you are nothing more than a tool on a leash to be used at his pleasure. So we are ready to stand, and delighted even to die and live again for our Lord Jesus. And when the end comes you, your lies and all those who follow you in rebellion will be cast into the lake of fire never to be free again. Its only a matter of time. Now, I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus!

  8. He told the truth. This young man thought that just because the preacher wore jeans and had a tattoo, that he was not going to be speaking out on homosexuality. Sounds to me like thought he could go there, hide and just have fun! We don’t go to congregate with one another to have fun we go to receive instructions and to lift up one another. When we come together as a body it is serious and not playtime. Fun is for after that

  9. Yup he thought he was just going to a social gathering that was “Jesus-Light,” he would’t have to be Born Again or leave his sin behind and serve the Living God.

    What really drove this young man away was God. The Bible says Darkness flees from the Light, typically for anyone that might not know demons don’t want to hang around a place with Godly Authority and Power.

  10. Damon Thompson is a christ filled man!

    I am struggling with homosexuality and came upon Damon months ago on Praise the Lord, a show my mother mainly watches!

    I took to him instantly because of his raw preaching and yes, his tattoos and the fact that he looked someone my age. Since then I’ve downloaded his podcasts and The Ramp is a scheduled recording on my DVR!

    I’m actually watching him as I type this. It is shocking yet truly not suprising that a preacher of his truth telling raw caliber would be targeted!

    I want to visit the ramp, and now I know I was meant to discover this man. He has upset Satan and that’s enough for me.

    I pray that The Ramp continues its success in delivering the young struggling with the spirit of homosexuality as myself!

  11. I was at that Ramp service and I believe in everything that Damon said!! Homosexuality is a sin and it will be defeated by the power of God!!

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