The Demise of America and why it's necessary

For the first time in it’s history, the United States is on the verge of defaulting on its debt, leaving many to worry about whether or not they’ll receive a monthly check in order to pay the bills, feed their families and simply just live.

The failure to get our financial house in order could send economic shockwaves not only across the nation, but across the world. To put it bluntly, we’re in trouble. Since the beginning of this economic turmoil, gold, which began at around $737 an ounce in late 2008, to a record $1,600 in the past day (July 2011). While gold has surged in worth and stability, the U.S. dollar keeps crumbling against the Yen and the Euro, by most forcasters, the U.S. dollar will reach it’s end within 10 years.

It’s hard to imagine that something as dependable and reliable as the dollar was throughout the past 100 years, could come to an end. Yet, that is exactly what is occurring, and by all accounts, the world is not losing any sleep over it neither.

From a 9.2% unemployment rate that has not changed in 6 months, to forclosures across the country, the image that was once virtual and prosperous that was America, is quickly becoming an image of the past. America is dying and it seems that what was once unthinkable is becoming possible and what was once considered a myth is becoming reality, and that is America is just like every other nation on the planet.

But it’s not just economic’s that have caused this nation to swagger like a drunkard, it is also her ability to be drunk with immorality and idolatry as well. Many would be surprised to realize that at one point in this great nation America held to certain morals and values, all based on Christian principles. During it’s first 200 years, marriage was held to a high esteem while crime was quickly punished under a righteous, but not perfect, system of justice. There was a real sense of fear upon those who dared to challenge the moral code of conduct and, those who willingly stepped over the line, found themselves staring at a determined system of justice. Seldom was the cry of “injustice” ever spoken.

But as the nation grew more and it’s people became comfortable, even the Godly, at times, became slumberous and a subtle change began to take place in the heart of America. The concept of individual rights was beginning to change to reflect more of a socialist point of view. Of course this wasn’t as outspoken as one would think, it was subtle at first, seeking to find voices of like manner who would embrace the idea of rejecting individual rights to a more common idea of public order (the idea which says individual rights must give way to the greater good as determined by Government).

Thus, the concept of world Government began to grow.

Today, the concept of individual rights, i.e., religion, property, speech, wealth, have all but been disbanded to accept a more global concept of Government for all and individual rights for none. As we watch another year go by, we are seeing the end of democracy as well as a way of life many have known for hundreds of years. What is taking it’s place though, is nothing short of evil.

The word of God states that “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” 2 Cor. 3:17 It is clear in the word, God loves liberty for his people. Liberty and freedom are fundamental truths found in the word of God. It was Christ going to the cross which brought eternal freedom to mankind for sin. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from his tomb brought freedom from death and the grave. So the idea God wants man to live free, within the perimeters of his word is a good thing. Yet, men, whose hearts are evil and wicked due from sin, has conspired with Satan, the true enemy of mankind, to reject freedom and liberty for all and thus enslave many into bondage.

America is becoming a past tense in the final chapters of human history and what’s more, it’s a necessary thing.

God always has an agenda planned out. From the moment the world, the universe and man himself was formed, God had already planned the final events which would shape and form the world and all its inhabitants. This is God’s prophetic timetable and one thing is always clear, when God sets his prophetic timetable into position, nothing or no one is going to change it.

What we are seeing taking place in our nation is nothing more than God moving his hand from off our nation and allowing events and circumstances to shape the final world events, and this includes removing America from being a world superpower, to a more neutral at best nation with little control over the world or those who would do harm. The truth remains, we had our run, our moment in the sun and it’s time to allow God’s perfect plan come into being.

In the coming years we will begin to see a major shift take place in our nation from world prosperity to one of economic turmoil. We have always been able to come out of our economic plight, after all, it’s been our staple for hundreds of years. But not this time. Again, our demise as a nation is due to several factors, immorality, injustice, unloving, unthankfulness, idolatry, homosexuality, greed and the list goes on and on. How much more can God ignore our sins?

This nation allows the murdering of millions of unborn children daily while we gloat over our sports teams and movie stars or the latest iphone. We now are beginning to teach children lessons on homosexuality under the guise of secularism without the word of God to guide our way. We ignore the poor and support the rich and wealthy at any costs. There is no question, the hand of God has been lifted from this nation and when God lifts his hand from a nation or people, judgment is the final outcome.

What our nation will resemble in the coming years is anybody’s guess, I myself do not know, but I know this, whatever it will revert to, it will not be the same as I have known it. Already there are telling signs of what is coming. Under then President Bill Clinton, NAFTA was imposed, furthering this concept was George Bush Sr., but it was Bush II as well as our current President Obama that instituted, without public knowledge, the impending of a three nation state, removing all borders and merging America, Mexico and Canada into one alliance.

In Jan. 2011, Mexican Pres. Calderon signed an executive order to start issuing bio-metric ID cards to Mexico’s school children to help them qualify for “Trusted Traveler” cards that will eventually allow them to travel unhindered in all three nations. About the same time, the U.S. Border Patrol was working on America’s “Trusted Traveler” card and a “FAST” (Free And Secure Trade) card that will allow approved truck drivers to cross all borders unhindered (without inspections) in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

In Feb. 2011, Pres. Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada signed the “Beyond the Border” declaration legalizing “continental integration” (the NAU), a North American Commission, a North American Parliament (government) and a Court on Trade and Investment. The effective date was not revealed, but the formation of the NAU now appears to be a done deal. Pres. Obama agreed to keep the borders open so as not to impede commerce. He also agreed to develop a biometric ID system to track ALL North Americans and to delay a final decision on a new currency.

America as we know it is coming to an end. Israel, the middle east, Europe and China as well as Russia, are moving fast toward a new world system and the only thing which stands in this new era of global power is the United States of America. I believe that our time as a nation is almost complete and our demise is nearing. I take no joy nor gladness in this fact, but the truth must be told. God is trying his best to warn the church that terrible times are coming, what guaranteed our liberty and freedom is no longer a viable option. The preaching of the gospel should be our only objective and our protecting of other believers in the coming change should be our top priority.

What we will see shortly is a complete economic collapse which will result in a new system of economic change which will lead us all, eventually, into a one world system, a one world mark of the beast and eventually a world leader. And the church will find itself facing down it’s most deadliest enemy.

Let us remember the words of our Lord, “We must work the works who sent me while it is yet day, for the night is coming when no man can work.” John 9:4

While we still have the liberty to preach the gospel, we must do so now while we still are able to do it.




12 thoughts on “The Demise of America and why it's necessary

  1. quote:
    “Let us remember the words of our Lord, “We must work the works who sent me while it is yet day, for the night is coming when no man can work.” John 9:4

    While we still have the liberty to preach the gospel, we must do so now while we still are able to do it.”

    Amen! I can tell you that it looks like our liberty to preach is disappearing sooner than we think. My small town has told us that religion has no place at a 4th of July celebration and denied us a booth space at the celebration! The time has already begun where our civil liberties are being trampled as it pertains to preaching the Gospel.

    A very timely Article!

  2. For many years people having been saying “judgment must begin at the house of the Lord”, well it is here and America is under the judging hand of God; many in the church are asleep and cannot recognize it. God is judging this nation due to the sin in the land. Whenever there is no care for the elderly, unborn, innocent, and for those who cannot speak for themselves, this will bring God’s judgment upon that nation. It was the same thing that happen to Israel (northern and southern) kingdoms before they were sent into exile in Babylon, nothing has changed our God is still consist in His judging hand. “And the LORD God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place…But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy (2 Chronicles 36:15-16).

    One thing I must mention, we have been warned this was coming looking back at the turn of the century and how a secular humanistic approach has crept into America using minority leadership and the church to full its purposes. What I am simply saying is we as a nation are at the end, but it is not just economics; spiritually we are heading down a slippery slope towards bankruptacy.

    When a nation refuses to obey God, things begin to manifest themselves physcially. Looking at whether patterns with excessive rain, freezing snow, and now record breaking heat; this only the beginning of sorrows. There will be manifestation that will effect our nations security, not just our border situation with Mexico, but with air invasions from our enemies in the far east.

    These things have to happen, because when the anti-christ comes to power he will head a ten confederate nation. These nations willingly give their power to him. Our economy and our free market society pose a huge problem to this happening, because it does not allow for one specific person to have total control or domination.

  3. Everything is this article is correct. All those Christians thinking “Everything is going to be all right or God will restore America,” are deceived. America is worse than Sodom at this point and look what God did to that city.
    If your not preparing now for an extended food storage your going to end up very hungry in the next couple of years….. Food prices in the supermarkets are slowing going up, better for you to “reap” the harvest while its good.

  4. Friends,

    I believe everything is going according to God’s plan, I happen to believe that america was never a christian nation it is a nation w/christians in it. I’m aware some would vehemently disagree and they are entitled as I am entitled. Every great society throughout history when there demise came it began socially and behind that everything else occurs. In our peace terms w/the barbary pirates it said for everyone to see, “we are not a christian nation.”

    This nation is a gentile nation and has partaken w/the babylon system. Now has this nation been blessed, the answer is yes (especially for something it aided in 1948). Does this nation send out many missionaries, once again yes, has it helped and saved many nations, well (2) world wars will attest to that. But this nation has also created great harm for itself and other nations w/the concept were always right and everyone else is wrong. And it begins w/the household of faith, we’ve succumbed to political pressures and many evil influenced social issues. We fight among ourselves and many times over things so mundane, which Paul spoke about in Romans it clouds our judgment over the things which we should contend for the faith over.

    The scripture echoes, “If my people who are called by my name. Would humble themselves seek my face and pray and turn from THERE wicked ways. I should hear from heaven and heal there land.” What is that land, our countries, our neighborhoods, our work places, and oh yes us individually for I can’t examine anything without first examing myself.

  5. Having served in the Navy, seamless integration of forces was apart of our training as NATO forces against the then Soviet Union. More than ever, seamless integration of forces is taking place to form a one world governmental power against Christ. A superpower with 12 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, to see them mothballed will not happen. The world will have one currency to pay for it all.

    Just recently, there was a video on CNN and on all of the other news networks of Pakistani police officers lined up by the Taliban and shot. After they used the AK47’s, one by one, they were shot in the head to ensure their deaths.

    It reminds me of the kinds of executions that will take place in the book of Revelations of the saints during the tribulation period. These saints were the ones that refused to take the mark of the beast and were hunted down, and executed for the testimony of Jesus. Of course, Paul rightfully declares that we are not “given over to wrath,” otherwise, salvation from the wrath of God to come would be unjust of God. They became saints after the rapture occurred.

    My point is simple. Peter said, “Make your calling and election sure.” Translation. You better be right with God because when the Lord comes “in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye,” the evening train may be too late. It is recorded in history.

    No superpower lasts more than 200 years. While this nation existed for 235 years, we have had grace from God. But as this timely article stated, it must come to an end. According to Luke 17, these are the days of Noah and Lot. The activities in those days completely mirror today’s events. The sad thing is that already in the church, people are turning into pillars of salt every day. Apostasy. Turning away from Jesus. Walking away from the faith. Overthrowing the faith of some.

    In this Scripture that I am about to end with, I thought that the Lord was just going to come in one of these times. Then the Spirit of God opened my eyes and showed me that all around the world, the event of the snatching of the church will take place as a single event. It all depends on what part of the globe you are on.

    Like Jesus said. “Watch therefore, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming- in the evening, at midnight, at the crowing of the rooster, or in the morning- lest coming suddenly, he may find you sleeping. And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” Mark 13:35-37.

  6. One more thing. Remember “Independence Day” with Will Smith, when aliens attacked the world. All the world powers came together to defeat the aliens. Well, it’s far fetched but just imagine all of the world powers coming together to attempt to go up against the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, with His saints? Read Revelation 19:11-21.

  7. Christopher, this is a very interesting read. I compared it to the one I wrote a little over 2 years ago called America will cease to exist. True or false?

    Thank you for prophetically calling it out as the Lord’s agenda has been set. Things will not get better, because people will not get better. Their sin, greed and wickedness will increase exponentially and rebellion against our God and his Anointed One will produce untold suffering.

    But like he did with Pharoah, he will break in pieces the proud and the rebellious.

  8. Amen. I’ll be honest, I really struggled with this piece and fought hard not to write it, but something literally kept pressing me to write it (holy spirit). I did read your article and I fully agree. I will say this in the matter of a last days revival. I have struggled with this, but then when I go to prayer, God keeps reminding me, he’s making one last attempt to bring in the harvest. I have found, as you probably do as well, that it is God’s nature to give a person, a people and a nation one last opportunity to repent before he brings judgment upon them or it. I find that it is my belief (others might disagree and that’s fine) but I believe God so desires none to perish, that he is going to bring about one final, “last call” and when that opportunity has closed, then judgment. Ninevah was given 100 years after the gospel was proclaimed, it was then destroyed. Noah preaches 120 years, warning the world of coming judgment, then God closed that door. What I believe is not so much of a revival like Azusa street or Brownsville, but a last harvest of souls jsut before the wave of judgment and tribulation comes. That’s why God called me to go out doing tent revivals, for I believe we are in that final “last call” before the end. Just my thoughts. 😉

  9. All of the greed, sin and wickedness were always present in this country. This country was founded upon sin, greed and wickedness through Native American slaughter, African-slave trade, Chinese-indentured servitude (to build the railways).Idolatry was not only practiced, but it was law (whites were above other races, discrimination was justified), Japanese internment camps,

    On plantations and Indian Resettlement Schools, sexual sin was rampant in the form of rape and sodomy. Particularly ominous practices on plantations were forced miscegenation, forced incest among slaves to increase numbers, and slave master’s children raping their own black half-siblings, etc.

    As is its nature, sin has just grown and it is now freely available to engage in publicly among the poor and middle class; it is no longer the sole domain of the wealthy, white landowner class.
    Ecclesiastes 7:10: Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.

    However, things are now out of control. We have been hypnotized by media and we are believing all of the lies of Hollyweird by trying to live an unreality. and I love the comment attributable to Billy Graham: If God does not destroy America, He will have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah.

  10. Pastor Fred, I think about Rev. 19:19 everytime I see Independance Day is on./ And that movie is on TV more than any other movie. Almost everyday…on some channel. I also think it is preparing us for the Great Deception 2 Thess. 2 of a UFO (really either a government/anti-christ hoax or genuine demons) attacking Earth and “All the Kings and all the nations came togather to make war against Him who sits on the Throne.” (rev. 19:19) As Jesus comes back in the sky as written in Acts 1, the demonic powers that be…the world under the control of the lawless one….will (pathetically) attempt to “wipe-out Christ”…. yet telling us…they are attacking Aliens. Russ Dizdar at Shattering the does some great studies showing how much money the US is spending on interstellar weaponry…Why? And the fact that the Vatican is OBSESSED with UFO’s and owns the powerful telescope in existence..appropriately named…L.U.C.I.F.E.R.-

  11. My heart goes out to all of the Christians sitting in churches, even now, listening to messages telling them to get ready for their greatest life ever/new business/house/job etc. These are the ones who are not waking up. A man I used to work with used to always say to me “Don’t nothin come to a sleeper but a dream.” That always hung with me. I thank God for this article because many people seem to be caught up in screaming and dancing in church for new “stuff” instead of learning the traits and characteristics of a mature, discerning, and obedient Christian. This confirms what I’ve been feeling for quite some time now. Even, before Obama was elected; before Bush led the country I used to wonder “Will EVERYbody REALLY be rich, God?” I didn’t think so and apparently I’m not crazy for feeling that way. I’m no one when it pertains to the kingdom and yet it bothers me that the Church is still sleeping through this. I also do not know what this country will become, but I am saddened when I think of what it once was…… Nevertheless, to God be glory, dominion and power forever.

  12. Excellent article–sadly–these are all the signs that point to a nation that is in decline. America has been around for 235 years,longer than most former great nations and empires. Many of the things detailed in this article,as well as a few more, always accompany a nation that is self-destructing.How ironic that I post this on the day that New York begins same sex marriages. A ruling that was aggressively and enthusiastically promoted by the governor of N.Y. and the mayor of New York City.

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