New Book: Queer Things Happening to America

In this case, queer is never a good thing.

Charlotte based Coalition of Conscience founder Dr. Michael Brown appeared on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural” to talk about his  new book  “A Queer Thing Happened to America.”  During the interview Brown revealed that no Christian publisher wanted to touch his book because of the fear that the homosexual community would come down on them hard and virtually cause them economic loss. One literary agent told him to change the title of the book because a publisher believed the title was to controversial. This eventually caused Brown to self- publish the book.  It has been one of’s top selling…and most controversial. Based on some of the comments from the customer review section this book definitely has edge.

In the interview, Dr. Brown touches on the subject that the homosexual agenda has impacted all facets of America life and driving American society more tolerant and accepting to homosexuality. Sadly, the church is following the lead of culture and not the Word of God.

In April, just a month after Dr. Brown interviewed with Sid Roth, the California Senate passed  Senate Bill 58.  This legislation would require California public schools to add gay history to its already overcrowded curriculm.   This  bill is now waiting to be approved by the California  State Assembly.   A Queer Thing is Always Happening in California that is for sure ( here, here, here).  This is further confirmation of what Dr. Michael Brown has spoken in his interview and written about in his book.  Please take out the time and view Dr. Michael Brown’s interview with Sid Roth.