Expose letter predicts a financial doomsday for COGIC [updated]


In a seven page letter with almost 4000 words[pdf], the Chief Operating Officer for the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination has accused the church’s top legal man of a plethora of legal, ethical and financial improprieties. The letter, bearing the signature block of Elder James Smith, in effect predicted a looming financial doomsday for the Church of God in Christ and laid the blame at the feet of its  “incompetent” counsel  Enoch Perry III.

The contents of the undated letter was sent anonymously to GCM Watch and Report COGIC Abuse on Monday by a “concerned cogic saint on the east coast”. The letter was also sent to a blog which writes on clergy issues but with no identification of the sender. Its unclear if any other new media outlets received the information. The letter is addressed to the Church of God in Christ’s General Board and copied to its General Secretary.

While GCM Watch was in the process of verifying the authorship and authenticity of the letter, we were informed that Smith —in a telephone conversation with Atlanta-based blogger Kevin Oliver— refused to deny or affirm that he was the letter’s author.

“I told him that we received a letter purportedly written by him. I told him it was posted on PimpPreacher.com and asked him if he were aware of it and if he could confirm he is the author”

“He told me point blank, “I don’t do blogosphere. I don’t who you are or where you’re from and I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen.”

“I then told him that “the blogosphere” is not what it once was, and that a lot of people get their news and information from blogs. I then asked him if I could have his email address so I could send him the article, or if he’d like to go to the site. He again stonewalled me, saying that he had “no interest in discovery” and that it would be inappropriate for him to comment.

Excuse me, but how juvenile and trifling can a person be? Elder Smith, (and yes I know youre reading this blog, just like you read several others)  if you didn’t write the letter, just  be a real man and say “no that letter was not written by me it is a forgery”. Or if you wrote it, just say, yes I wrote the letter.  With duplictious “leaders” like Smith in place in COGIC its no wonder why the church is falling into darkness.

Oliver said that although he informed Smith the letter was spreading across the internet,  Smith continued railing against “blogs”. Incidentally, GCM Watch was told by a source within COGIC that Presiding Bishop Blake had sent out a warning to church leaders to stay away from blogs on the internet.

Old news

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has read GCM Watch’s comprehensive reports on COGIC clergy sexual abuse and followed our documentation at Report COGIC Abuse. This is old news.  Here’s a review for those who have been vacationing on the planet Krylonogic for the past three years.

Surveying COGIC’s  Justice System

Under oath, COGIC legal counsel Enoch Perry makes stunning admissions

Is COGIC’s “zero tolerance” policy on clergy sexual abuse a failure?

Did Enoch Perry, COGIC’s top lawyer, reveal coverup strategy?

Enoch Perry deposition during Sherman Allen trial

Update April 1st – 1810 est

The rancor over the letter released by COGIC’s COO has been in essence refuted publicly by the church’s Presiding Bishop. In a letter released yesterday through its website , Bishop Blake said it was “unfortunate that private communication became public”. Although Blake praised Perry, he said the issue will be dealt with as an “internal” matter.

COGIC bishop who spoke out against homosexuality passes

Atlanta – The Church of God in Christ’s former presiding bishop Chandler D. Owens of Atlanta  has passed away at age 79.

Owens’ five year tenure as the head of the denomination was marked by tensions particularly in the leadership arena. He clashed on numerous occasions with current bishop Charles Blake over alleged “abuse of power”. In the summer of 1999, Owens and Blake were on opposing sides in an Orlando court case in which Blake supported political ally the Rev. Derrick Hutchins in a leadership controversy. Hutchins was later rewarded with a position as head of the influential General Council of Pastors and Elders.   But last year, Blake announced that Hutchins had “submitted his resignation” from his high profile position (due to adultery).

As profiled by religion writer David Waters in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Bishop Owens spoke out forcefully and often against homosexuality.

In 1996, he called on COGIC to “rebuild the walls” of orthodoxy to prevent the world’s unclean spirits from invading the church.

“I believe this is a time of spiritual repair,” Bishop Owens told COGIC members in Memphis. “The walls of the Church of God in Christ, in my judgment, are in bad repair. In many places those walls have fallen. We have allowed the church to be open and we have been invaded by all kinds of people. The church used to be a sanctuary. Now it’s a zoo. Everything from everywhere has crept into the Church of God in Christ.”

He said the church had strayed too far from fundamentals.

“We are against same-sex marriages,” he said. “I don’t care what another church does. In the Church of God in Christ, a man, a real man, a ‘sho-nuf’ man knows the difference between the smell of Old Spice and Chanel No.5 … COGIC won’t ordain sissies.”

Chandler Owens took over the denomination’s troubled Central Georgia jurisdiction after its bishop, General Board member John D. Husband was stripped of his office and excommunicated. Husband admitted to embezzling half a million dollars of church money and sexually abusing countless young men under his charge.

Gay christian apologist Peter Gomes dead at 68

BOSTON – A homosexual theologian who by invitation, preached twice at West Angeles COGIC and was subsequently lauded by presiding bishop Charles Blake is dead at age 68 according to the Boston Herald.

The Rev. Peter J. Gomes, who was known internationally as Harvard’s pastor and was just as pleased to call himself a son of Plymouth, died yesterday in Boston.

Though the Rev. Gomes never shied from controversial political topics in sermons, he conceded that he was somewhat reluctant to step into the sexual orientation fray when he publicly announced he was gay, in November 1991, after a conservative student magazine at Harvard published an issue condemning homosexuality.

“I do not know when the quality of life has been more violated,” he told a crowd of about 100 as he stood on the steps of Memorial Church, setting off sustained applause when he added, “I am a Christian who happens as well to be gay. … Those realities, which are irreconcilable to some, are reconciled in me by a loving God.”

When a conservative Christian group on the Harvard campus had the nerve to publicize the fact that people could actually change from homosexuality through Christ, Gomes angrily denounced them and “came out”, declaring that he was a homosexual Christian. His declaration was big news in ecumenical academia circles and the gay community.

After the controversy, Gomes emerged as a false teacher, who taught that neither God nor the Bible was against homosexuality. Instead, he insisted only “homophobia” was a sin. He later revealed that he had been “marrying” homosexual couples since 1977.

He became emblematic of  gay christians who revision the scriptures to accommodate their sexual sin.

COGIC Controversy

Despite the fact that Gomes very public declaration of his homosexuality was big news, in 2003 COGIC’s presiding bishop claimed he had no idea about the real Peter Gomes and invited him to “preach” at West Angeles.

After numerous prominent officers and clergy at West Angeles registered outrage at the act, Blake attempted to silence them by sending out a letter defending Gomes. Blake had received an award from Gomes, spoke at Gomes’ Harvard church and by his own admission visited Gomes’ private residence for dinner. But, he said he wasn’t aware of Gomes’ very public homosexuality and false teachings.

We obtained a copy of the letter from a former 23 year trustee of the church and published it.

Obama appoints apostate gay christian to top "faith" committee

WASHINGTON – Claiming at the National Prayer Breakfast that he embraced  Jesus Christ as “lord and savior” for the past twenty years,  SOTUS appointed an apostate from a homosexual denomination to his growing religious dog and pony show.

According to a press release from the Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC), Barak Obama appointed Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson —the organization’s moderator— to work on the panel of his Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Along with Wilson, Obama appointed two additional pro homosexual clerics.

The White House Advisory Council brings together leaders and experts in the fields of faith-based and neighborhood organizations to work in the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, which mobilizes and coordinates community organizations, religious and otherwise, to provide effective social services to address the needs of low-income and underserved populations at home and abroad.

“I am deeply honored and grateful for this opportunity to serve,” said The Rev. Wilson. “This is a wonderful opportunity to seek common ground and shared purpose with a broad spectrum of the religious and social service communities, and an opportunity to transcend lines of religious and political affiliation as we to seek sustainable solutions to the needs of the vulnerable.”

Don’t let the gracious sounding words deceive you. As we have reported on this blog numerous times, the MCC can hardly be classified as a Christian church. Wilson is perched atop a cesspool of abominations.  The Dallas Observer found out that the denomination’s “code of conduct”  for its clergy was “disarmingly simple and deliberately open to interpretation”. In short, there exists is no moral expectation (in the conventional sense)  from individuals who are publicly sanctioned by the MCC.  Its clergy leaders have openly talked about masturbating to images of Christinvited people to deface the bible, allows members to make belief in Jesus optional, portray Jesus in books as a sexually promiscuous homosexual, and purchased a $55,000 ventriloquist version of Jesus to help spread their lies.

Obama appointed the lesbian religious leader and ten others November 4th. The next day he told a group of religious leaders at the NDOP  that he “came to know Christ” through working with diverse religious beliefs.

“There was, of course, Martin Luther King and the Baptist leaders, the ways in which they helped those who had been subjugated to make a way out of no way, and transform a nation through the force of love.  But there were also Catholic leaders like Father Theodore Heshburg, and Jewish leaders like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Muslim leaders and Hindu leaders.  Their call to fix what was broken in our world, a call rooted in faith, is what led me just a few years out of college to sign up as a community organizer for a group of churches on the Southside of Chicago.  And it was through that experience working with pastors and laypeople trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods that I came to know Jesus Christ for myself and embrace Him as my lord and savior.  (Applause.)  Now, that was over 20 years ago.”

Obama’s twenty year tenure under the leadership of black liberation theocrat Jeremiah Wright deeply influenced his misguided  view of  scripture which allows him to claim Christ as “lord and savior” but yet make numerous decisions which are antithetical to biblical truths. Obama apparently does not comprehend the meaning of the term LORD as it applies to Jesus Christ.

Jesus asked in Luke 6:46,  “Why call me Lord, Lord and do not the things I command?”

Jesus likened people who hear him and obey to a man who’s house which would stand firm in the times of the storm because it was built on a solid foundation. Yet, those who hear him but go and do as they please will not stand when the storms come. In fact he says, their destruction will be full and complete.

The savior of the US continues to increase his stable of false religious leaders including the spineless and silent ecumenical leader of the COGIC. Sad but true, it is but a clear reflection of what the scriptures warn us will fall upon this world. The emergence of the antichrist will be ushered in with lawlessness, appointed religious leaders who will speak great swelling words in support of his agenda and eventually false signs and wonders. If you still think this is just politics as usual, you might already be deceived.

The spirit of the antichrist is already at work. You would do well to understand the times and know that the contemporary church is being preconditioned to fall down at his feet and worship. It bears repeating. Save yourself and reevaluate your allegiances. If you are bound to people, their positions and their deceptive words, you are ripe for deception and destruction.

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

Don’t you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things?  And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time.  For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.  The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,  and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 our bold.

WA COGIC loses headquarters over sex abuse case?

wacogichqsTACOMA, WA – The Church of God in Christ’s Washington state “jurisdiction” headquarters at 9201 Pacific Ave has been put up for sale in July, a consequence believed to be directly related to a million dollar lawsuit the church lost in King County Superior Court.

COGIC, Inc had been sued by a Jane Doe and several other women [read a legal brief of the case] for sexual abuse of Supt. Charles Smith. Smith died before the case was resolved in court.

According to inside reports, Bishop Blake put up $500k of the money and the Washington “jurisdiction” was responsible paying the other part.  The costs were allegedly passed down to pastors in a jurisdiction of about 75 churches, many of them small. We have not yet confirmed whether the jurisdiction failed to pay the judgment and the building was seized to satisfy it or if they did pay the judgment and consequently defaulted on building payments.

A pastor close to the case told us that “Bishop Westbrook and Memphis owns the property.  Bishop Westbrook owns either 75% or 85%!  When is the manipulation going to stop? So many good people have placed their confidence in, invested time, money and energy into an organization.”

Pastor Harvey Burnett who blogs at The Dunamis Word said in a recent post the church’s unseemly silence on clergy sexual abuse creates waves of damage both in the church and the community.

“When the church deals with the issues after the fact, this seems, in every case, to only further damage the victims, reverse any image of goodwill that the church had established within the community and sets aside the perception that the church is capable of seriously dealing with tragic and devastating personal situations. In other words, the community is exposed to an evil straight out of the pit of hell, and because the church has no nerve, the devil reeks havoc.”

COGIC’s leadership, so far has done nothing but employ evasive “policies” and lie to its membership about the depth and severity of clergy sexual abuse in its ranks. Despite mounting evidence and cases all over the country (some we know about but cannot make public at this time) its leadership continues down a path of stunning arrogance.  The church’s lead attorney Enoch Perry is mainly responsible for the quagmire of lies and broken lives. Perry recklessly advised pastors to conceal sex abuse issues because it would affect the church’s ability to get money from outside donors.

“Media coverage of any sexual oriented event and the church will have a negative slant. The pessimistic coverage will have a direct impact on the overall public perception of the church involved, its corporate body and its membership. Additionally, this negativity will directly affect new membership and outside donations.”

But in God’s time the church will reach a point to where the lies, deception and coverup will turn and be their demise. Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For God is no respector of persons.

COGIC to try $4 million Delaware theft case

Bishop_on_WhiteST LOUIS – COGIC bishops allegedly are set to put one of their own on trial during the denomination’s 2010 St Louis convention. As you can see from the title its about money again. It appears nothing will get you brought up on charges  in the nation’s largest pentecostal denomination quicker than stealing money. Not sexual abuse, not sexual misconduct, not even crime.  But retribution against theft is swift.

Theft is a serious crime and should be dealt with, but are the denomination’s leaders aware that the 10 commandments also mention sexual sins?

A clergy member (who asked that his name be with held) told GCM Watch that Bishop Thomas Hosely, head of the denomination’s Delaware “jurisdiction” could possibly be removed and the case turned over to criminal courts pending outcome of the ecclesiastical trial. Hosely is scheduled to be tried November 10th in COGIC’s new meeting city. Hosely who was consecrated into the bishopric in April 2009, stands accused of stealing an estimated 4 million dollars allegedly left in place by his predecessor the late Bishop LT Blackshear.

In March, COGIC fired longtime senior executive assistant Supt Dickerson LS Wells over $20, 000 in missing funds.

The denomination also failed to act on general board member JD Husband’s widespread sexual sins/crimes. That is, until he embezzled over $5 million dollars of church money.

But still no action on the mounting cases of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment perpetrated by COGIC clergy members.  In other news, Bishop Charles Blake, however, did take time to tell a St Louis reporter about COGIC’s great music and the millinery couture of its women.

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Clergy sex crime cases 5th, 6th for COGIC denomination in 2010

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that  Rev. Dr. Laneer Fisher, pastor of the Miracle COGIC in Alquippa, PA  in suburban Pittsburgh was arrested and charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors [source]. Laneer, who was arrested August 31st, allegedly has a history of sexual improprieties with young males.  This is the fifth known case of clergy abuse/misconduct this year for the nation’s largest pentecostal denomination.

The pastor of a church in Aliquippa was arraigned yesterday on charges of molesting two teenage boys.

The Rev. Dr. Laneer Fisher, 38, of Moon, who is the pastor of the Miracle Church of God in Christ on Wilker Street, was charged by Aliquippa police with unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault and corruption of minors. He was charged with those crimes as well as aggravated indecent assault, sexual assault and indecent exposure by Beaver Falls police.

“My client vehemently denies these allegations and will defend himself against them,” said attorney Dirk Allen Goodwald, who wonders why the two young men waited until now to go to police.

“My client understands that these allegations stem from a time when these people were young and came from broken relationships and that they may have misinterpreted, misconstrued, misunderstood and could not accept the nurturing and caring from a pastor and man of God.”

Then on October 13th, Palm Beach, FL police arrested  Michael Charles Campbell pastor of the House of Worship COGIC in Deland, FL [source]. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Campbell devised a scheme to sexually molest a 15 year old girl. He later used the same scheme on a 13 year old girl.

michael_campbell_571745kA former funeral home employee accused of sexually molesting a teenage girl, then photographing another in the nude, is a pastor at a small DeLand church.

The suspect, 46-year-old Michael Charles Campbell, is pastor of the House of Worship Church of God In Christ in the 300 block of South Woodland Boulevard.

Campbell, charged with lewd and lascivious molestation and lewd and lascivious conduct, was also employed by Lohman’s Funeral Home in Daytona Beach, police said.

The day police say he accosted the 15-year-old girl at a beachside motel in Daytona Beach in the spring of 2007, Campbell first picked up the girl at her residence. He was driving a hearse with a body in it, one he was supposed to deliver to Daytona Beach International Airport, a police report shows. Investigators said Campbell told the teenager’s father that he needed the girl to help him do some work at the funeral home. The youngster’s parents agreed and Campbell went to get the child.

The national church’s leadership however continues to deny that the problem of clergy sexual abuse is anything significant.  Enoch Perry,  head of the church’s legal department told a gathering of leaders last year that the denomination had only had about 20-25 cases since it began in 1906. Asked by the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the mounting sexual abuse documented by Report COGIC Abuse, Bishop Charles Blake downplayed  the cases saying too much attention was being given to them. He later admitted that COGIC spends $800,000 a year on sexual abuse cases.