Apostolic bishops affirm bible's prohibition of homosexuality

There’s few, if any, organizations of Christian belief that have not seen substantial challenges from religious homosexual activism. The acceptance of homosexuality —unlike other sins— presents significant changes in fundamental doctrines of the church: sin, repentance, deliverance, biblical inerrancy and authority, even the nature of Jesus Christ himself. Although we previously had not heard much corporately from the various splinters of “oneness” adherents, they too are in the throes of struggle.

Ergo, several years ago, prominent bishops from leading apostolic organizations met to affirm their stance on homosexuality and same sex “marriages”. The International Christian Apostolic Fellowship included Bishop James E. Tyson of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Bishop GM Boone of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, Bishop Jeremiah Reed of the Christ Temple Apostolic Fellowship, Inc, Bishop Willie Duncan of United Apostolic Churches, Bishop JE Moore of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Bishop Joel Trout of Impact Apostolic Ministries and Bishop Nathaniel Urshan, former General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International. No doubt these are familiar names among those who attend the noted churches.

The meeting discussed what the Apostolic leaders deemed major challenges and doctrinal issues confronting the church. This particular segment focused on homosexuality. Bishop Jeremiah Reed mentioned (but got off track) that he knew one person who was “totally delivered”. It would have been an greater testament to the leaders if they had all acknowledged the reality of deliverance for those bound in homosexual sin.

While we can appreciate the unanimous solidarity with scripture against homosexual conduct, one wonders if these bishops and leaders spoke out against the current occupier of the White House and his overzealous affinity for homosexuality.

Your comments on the video statements welcome. This post is not an endorsement of apostolic doctrine so please withhold comments regarding that issue.

Are church gays killing gospel music?

So called gospel music may be on its last stanza according to one Dallas based minister who cites homosexuals in the gospel music industry as one of the main reasons.

Elder G. Craige Lewis of the famed ExMinistries wrote in his blog that compromise, poor quality music, carnality and “copy cat” gospel  has deeply impacted what was once a great asset to the church.

“Kirk Franklin posted on his facebook that Gospel Music sales are way down. Wanna know why? I can give you 5 good reasons why, and here we go.
1. Homosexuality – Even the married male gospel singers are suspect these days because they approve of the homosexual ones. They are on the stage with them, they make music with them, they have them singing background and playing instruments for them, so, where are the real men in Gospel Music? How does this affect the sales of Gospel music you may ask? Well, the devil controls the music industry so, his plan is to kill ALL sales of Gospel by merging the gospel with the secular industry. So, as Kirk puts on the pink, and Tonex dances in drag, while Dillard drops it like it’s hot, and Woods openly performs at a lesbian wedding, the devil has a greater plot. The LGBT is getting ready to shine it’s flashlight on the church and it’s gonna catch a lot of these artists and pastor with their pants down. Once they get the goods, they will force these Gospel Artists to come out like Tonex and support Carlton Pearson’s inclusion. Who wants to buy inclusion gospel music? No one, because inclusion gospel music is secular music!”

Pink lip syndrome?

Kirk Franklin’s comments may reflect 2011 sales issues. And then again with his pink lipped “I smile” video images, people may be backing off gay-themed gospel music.

According to Gospelmusic.org, the top 10 markets for Christian/Gospel music in 2008 were Los Angeles · New York · Dallas/Ft. Worth · Atlanta · Philadelphia · Chicago · Washington D.C. · Houston · Washington D.C. · Seattle/Tacoma · Minneapolis/St. Paul

A 2009 article in Eurweb contended sales were up, but concerts ticket sales were down.

Gospel music sells have exploded in recent years. The Christian music industry as a whole sold more than 44.9 million units in 2006 with twenty percent of those sales attributed to black gospel music. Black gospel music has grown to being heard on mainstream radio formats nationally and has a platform few imagined.

Although sales in the genre are up, attendance at gospel concerts have not followed suit. Major artists are struggling to fill seats causing local concerts and national tours to suffer. Some of those tours, backed by major sponsors including the Patti Labelle Tour and the Sisters In The Spirit Tour, have been cancelled abruptly leaving gospel music fans standing in the refund line scratching their heads.

James Walker, Esq., of Walker & Associates, an attorney for some of the biggest names in the business, blames market saturation.
“The explosion of gospel music has been a blessing and a curse in some ways for our touring business,” Walker told Gospel News Now. “There was a time when you could only see your Gospel artist once or twice at most a year in a given market, and rarely on television or in a video. With the present billion dollar state of gospel music and the industry as a whole, many of the artists are touring all the time and the feedback from consumers has me very concerned.”

Jamal Bryant having "conversation" with homosexual pastor

Jamal Bryant is hosting a Tuesday night featuring “Conversations” with Dennis Meredith of Atlanta. Its interesting that this flier gives no indication of what the “conversation” is going to be about. If you didn’t know that Dennis Meredith is a backslidden inclusionist who divorced his wife and became a homosexual, you would think this was about what type of suit and tie to wear for Sunday morning service.

Curiously, Bryant also has Brenda Burton there.  Burton shared her testimony of overcoming lesbianism on last year’s Lexi Show. Will she really have a voice  or is she a prop?

The graphic has been updated with a title: “Homosexuality in the house of God”. See updated copy here. Thanks for letting us know.

Gay churchfest features 'Sunday Best' winner LeAndria Johnson

If you are a gospel music idol worshipper, you won’t like this.  If you are one of those deceived false converts who believe homosexuals have place in God’s house, you won’t like this either. And finally if you are a fearful of standing for holiness, you definitely won’t like this. Perhaps at this point, you should just exit this story.  Despite all the feel good goobley-gook that is called preaching in the contemporary church, GCM Watch apologetically holds up God’s standard. Let God be true and every man a liar.

The homosexual churchfest is back in the spotlight. Each year, you can count on some misguided gospel industry worker to show up to collect a check “minister”. In case you missed previous installments, you can review at your convenience.

In short, the storyline goes like this: the gay church people wave money but obfuscate their real agenda.  Gospel music industry booking agents, hungry to keep their client in the spotlight and get paid, grab the gay church money.  No mention of gay church appearances is made on client’s website. When GCM Watch shines attention on the dirty deeds,  managers claim ignorance, gospel music industry workers claim ignorance or feign “ministry”.  Gay church stands by and snicker like alley cats. And around and around we go with all the gay church-gospel music drama.

So, here we are again.

We can now add LeAndria Johnson to the list of the fallen ones. Johnson is the “Season 3” winner of  BET’s top money making gospel blackface show Sunday’s Best. Johnson is the second winner of the show to matriculate into the gay churchworld. But is that any surprise that SB is cranking out gay church performers?

Attempts to reach Leandria Johnson (and family) for comment have gone unanswered. A booking agent listed on her facebook site at first affirmed his association with Johnson, then on a follow up confirmation called denied association.

Johnson is listed as singing at the June 22nd consecration of a homosexual bishop at the Vision Church in Atlanta. Johnson should be ashamed and blacklisted from every church door that believes the Word of the Lord. Appearing at a homosexual church event, picking up those foul spirits and then spreading them to unsuspecting people in black churches should be an urgent concern to pastors everywhere.

Can a backslider minister?

If a Christian is in an admittedly backslidden state, why would anyone want to PAY them to “minister”? Minister what? Minister to whom? But at a Brooklyn church in January, Johnson broke down and admitted to the church that she was in no state to be ministering to anyone.

Johnson seemed very regretful that she had even gotten involved in the gospel music industry. Undoubtedly, she’d had a glimpse of the wickedness that goes on behind the scenes…and was influenced by it.

“Pray that my mind stays focused on Jesus … Even after ‘Sunday Best’ I found myself going back to where I had came from … I didn’t think I’d minister again,” she confessed.

“I’ve been holding this in for a long time and I didn’t know how to express myself,” Johnson continued with tears streaming down her face, “I’m tired of turning my back on God … that’s why I ask for your prayers. Please keep me in prayer.”

After that admission, as several women encircle Johnson and pray an unidentified woman takes the microphone and said, “The enemy is after our musicians … and the enemy knows how to send people that just wanna get in to the fame and into the limelight and they’ll let you do what and say what you want. But thank God for some leaders that don’t mind telling you the truth and when it’s all said and done, we’re going to pray until something happens.”

While we hope that she has recovered and is living holy, its 10 steps backwards to legitimize people who are working against the Word of God. If Johnson were serious about living right and ministering to truth to people, she would cancel her appearance at the homosexual churchfest AND  call on them to repent.

Does God send his ministers to minister to people who are living in rebellion against him? Of course he does. The question which determines whether God has sent someone or whether someone is just doing a gospel music gig depends the message delivered. God sent Jonah to Nineveh with one message: “repent”! When the occupants of that great city repented with great humility from the least to the greatest, God turned away his judgment. But the gay churchfest is a celebration of sin, not a turning away from sin.

The bible says: let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity (2 Tim 2:9). Its simple if you call yourself a Christian, you should separate yourself from iniquity, not set an elaborate religious ceremony celebrating it. You can see from the gaggle of  false prophets, heretics and court jesters attending the ceremony, there’s only one god who will receive any praise from it.

While many people bemoan the presence of homosexuality in black churches, in their music “ministry” and in the pulpit. But the ugly truth can be seen in the nearest mirror. When a person supports a perverted, celebrity cult worshipping show like Sunday’s Best, they are directly contributing to the worst blight of sin on the church in recent history.

Indeed, when seducing spirits gain a stronghold in the church, it is because they have been invited in and allowed to operate.

Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. Rev 2:20

Leandria Johnson performed at TD Jakes so-called leadership conference in March. She also performed at Dorinda Clark Cole’s music conference.  If we really want to know why homosexuality and the spirit of perversion is so strong in the church, the blame is squarely at the feet of so called leaders who have opened the doors of God’s house of prayer and made it into a den of sexual perversion.

And when you buy their music and attend their concerts,  you by proxy, endorse their sins.  Pornography is more than looking at naked images. Too many so called saints are spiritual porn addicts, getting their fix on vicariously through these workers of iniquity.

Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

Black Gospel Music riding "new cart" apostasy

Black Gospel music has long been a draw to get people into the institutionalized church. Many people will come to a church to hear the choir sing before they will come to hear the preacher preach.  New competition shows like How Sweet the Sound are now elevating the spiritually nebulous choir to greater prominence as representatives of the black church, while sex and money scandals are diminishing the role of  the preacher.

GCM Watch has covered the rampant homosexuality entrenched in the Black Gospel music industry before here and  here .  However, you should be aware that industry workers are using the “new cart method” of traveling gospel music/comedy tours, gospel music artists appearing on late night talk-shows, and gospel music artists  partnering with ungodly secular artists allegedly to “reach the youth”.

What is new cart method? If you read 1 Chronicles 13 ,it tells how King David used a new cart to bring the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem,  following the pattern of the Philistines who used a new cart to transport the ark of the covenant. The Philistines didn’t know any better because they were unaware of the methods and restrictions of transporting the Ark which literally housed the presence of God.  As King, David should have known better, because Israel were covenant people.  The scripture records that as the ark was being moved it almost fell to the ground. But a man named Uzzah instinctively reached to steady it. When his hand touched it, he was killed instantly . Judgment was swift because King David didn’t seek the proper order of the Lord. Uzzah was the son of Abinadab where the ark of the covenant had been stored at his fathers house for years. He had been around the ark nearly all his life, however he was ignorant and didn’t understand that God required his commands to be followed to the letter. And in his zeal without knowledge it cost him his life.

Deadly mix: strange fire, gospel music and new carts

As reported by gcmwatch, you have Mary Mary toured with R&B artist Maxwell and made guest appearances on BET’s 106 and Park,  Kirk Franklin and Steve Harvey (yes the one with the profane mouth) are now together on a “gospel comedy tour”.  A slew of gospel music artists are now making foot kissing missions to the foul mouthed comedian Monique. Who are they?  Kirk Franklin Yolanda Adams, Marvin SappTye Tribbett , Deitrick Haddon, Vickie Winans, Bebe and Cece Winans, Shirely Caesar, David and Tamela Mann to name a few.

In the process of attempting to be relevant to the world, to make church hip and cool, the gospel music industry has put the glory of God on new carts to win the world’s acceptance. Instead of relying on the Holy Spirit to convict lost sinners in the world to repent and be saved, acceptance and false love seems to be the goal. Gospel music is a means to the end of achieving that acceptance.

Defending Mary Mary’s worldly partnerships, a person commenting on Facebook said, “the church needs more relevant music that would draw young people”. That’s a major error circulating with black gospel devotees. It elevates music/entertainment over Jesus Christ and over scripture as the guide for so-called evangelism. But didn’t Jesus say if “I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto Him.” Church folk have lifted up their gospel idols more than Jesus Christ, and the results reflect that.  It has produced a spiritually shallow,  carnal minded Christians.  The new cart method creates opposition to Five-Fold ministry which is the proper order of the Church to equip and edify the saints. Utimately, God’s gifts are to bring the body of Christ to maturity so that we’re not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Music does have a place in the church, but it was not intended to  usurp the authority of Jesus Christ and his governmental gifts.

The proper order of music ministry

After the mess the gospel music industry has caused with its illegitimate “ministry”, concerned music ministers should seek to right the cart using God’s proper order within the Church.

1. Singers should sing unto the Lord, and should praise Him in the beauty of holiness(2 Chromicles 20:21). They should be separated from the world unto God. Both singers and musicians should have an inward disposition of reverence and purity, and resists all that offends the holy nature of God(1 Chronicles 16:29).

2. Songs sung in the House of God should be unto the Lord, and not for entertainment purposes to entertain the flesh and people(1 Chronicles 25:7). Songs that are sung should glorify God.

3.  True minstrels/musicians help set spiritual atmosphere for the supernatural which does not include thrill seeking song that appeal to the flesh (2 Kings 3:15).

4. Singing and the use of musical instruments being sung and played unto the Lord should be used for spiritual warfare (2 Chronicles 20:20-24; 1 Samuel 16:23).

5. The church should only accept  songs and music which are —like scripture— inspired by the  Holy Spirit ( Ephesians 5:19 ; 1 Chronicles 25:1-6).

6.  A difference between holy and unholy should always be the standard in music. Gospel music artist who claim to love God, should not partner with those who promote ungodliness, sexual immorality and use gratuitous profanity. (1 John 2:15-16 ; 2 Chronicles 19:2).

7.  The cult of celebrity should be destroyed as quickly as possible at its roots. True singers and musicians of God reflect Jesus and serve people, instead of  demanding service and accolades. (Mark 10:45).

8. Use singing and music to lead people into true sacrifice unto the Lord( Hebrews 13:15).

Pastors, leaders, church singers, and church musicians must repent from the new cart method, sanctify and follow the order of the Lord . To avoid God’s  judgment, HIS church must return to holy living.  Its a disgrace to our Lord to lead people into entertainment based false worship of people and gifts. Jesus wants back into your church. Now.

'Homophobia' tricks the black community

Dallas based evangelist G. Craige Lewis, known for his expose of  hip hop idolatry in the church, writes a heavy hitting post on his blog about homosexuality, homosexuals, homophobia and the black community. The bulk of the news isnt good. But Lewis lays it out in typical Lewis fashion: straight to the point with a prophetic edge.

As we have said before homosexual activists (political and religious)  act as if  homophobia  is as deadly as a gallon of anthrax. They use  the accusations consistently as weapons of intimidation and discrimination to destroy politicians, religious leaders, neighbors, corporate heads, and anyone who would dare disagree with the elitist demagoguery of the gay rights movement.

The “official” definition of homophobia as set forth by gay orthodoxy is an “irrational fear and hatred of lesbian and gay people that is produced by bias in a society or culture” (via SIECUS). Note the inclusion of the word “hatred.”

But Lewis pulls apart the word fallacy.

…let’s define homophobia. It’s a trick word that is used by modern day homosexuals to describe people that are against their lifestyle or sexual preference. But the word itself does not describe them or the fear of them. The phrase “homo” refers to the genus of all modern humans. But the phrase “phobia” means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. So, they are essentially using this word to describe the fear of homosexuals, but it actually means the fear of human beings! That’s right. They want those of us that are against their sexual preferences to be viewed as a fearful individual that is irrationally afraid of humans and should be psychologically evaluated!

The accusations of homophobia are homosexuals attempt to overcompensate for what they know is against God’s plan, will and creation. How do you deflect attention away from your own sins? Find a boogeyman, a scapegoat and accuse it often.

In every walk of life, we make choices. These choices will get us approved by some and rejected by others. But the homosexual doesn’t want ANY rejection because all rejection points to that personal rejection they are feeling deep down inside because they are warring against their very image and nature itself. Because they feel God rejects them spiritually, and nature rejects them naturally, they have no validation. So, they need people to validate them at all times, with no rejection at all. Any type of rejection, whether its verbal, physical, mental, or emotional points to the fact that they feel bad about their present state and desire to change but feel they cannot.

Pastor Lewis points out that the solution isn’t tolerance, welcoming, acceptance, inclusion and all the other double entendre buzz phrases we keep hearing. The solution is to preach holiness, repentance and deliverance. First, political homosexuals demanded special rights in the legal world. Now, the religious homosexuals are demanding special rights in the church. No one should be exempt from repenting of their own sins. When the church drops that requirement for anyone, it will have become good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled under the foot on men.

Although Lewis’ blog post acknowledges that all ethnicities are battling with accusations of homophobia and homosexuality, its effects on the black community are particularly devastating.

Read Why blacks should be homophobic

Expose letter predicts a financial doomsday for COGIC [updated]


In a seven page letter with almost 4000 words[pdf], the Chief Operating Officer for the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination has accused the church’s top legal man of a plethora of legal, ethical and financial improprieties. The letter, bearing the signature block of Elder James Smith, in effect predicted a looming financial doomsday for the Church of God in Christ and laid the blame at the feet of its  “incompetent” counsel  Enoch Perry III.

The contents of the undated letter was sent anonymously to GCM Watch and Report COGIC Abuse on Monday by a “concerned cogic saint on the east coast”. The letter was also sent to a blog which writes on clergy issues but with no identification of the sender. Its unclear if any other new media outlets received the information. The letter is addressed to the Church of God in Christ’s General Board and copied to its General Secretary.

While GCM Watch was in the process of verifying the authorship and authenticity of the letter, we were informed that Smith —in a telephone conversation with Atlanta-based blogger Kevin Oliver— refused to deny or affirm that he was the letter’s author.

“I told him that we received a letter purportedly written by him. I told him it was posted on PimpPreacher.com and asked him if he were aware of it and if he could confirm he is the author”

“He told me point blank, “I don’t do blogosphere. I don’t who you are or where you’re from and I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen.”

“I then told him that “the blogosphere” is not what it once was, and that a lot of people get their news and information from blogs. I then asked him if I could have his email address so I could send him the article, or if he’d like to go to the site. He again stonewalled me, saying that he had “no interest in discovery” and that it would be inappropriate for him to comment.

Excuse me, but how juvenile and trifling can a person be? Elder Smith, (and yes I know youre reading this blog, just like you read several others)  if you didn’t write the letter, just  be a real man and say “no that letter was not written by me it is a forgery”. Or if you wrote it, just say, yes I wrote the letter.  With duplictious “leaders” like Smith in place in COGIC its no wonder why the church is falling into darkness.

Oliver said that although he informed Smith the letter was spreading across the internet,  Smith continued railing against “blogs”. Incidentally, GCM Watch was told by a source within COGIC that Presiding Bishop Blake had sent out a warning to church leaders to stay away from blogs on the internet.

Old news

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has read GCM Watch’s comprehensive reports on COGIC clergy sexual abuse and followed our documentation at Report COGIC Abuse. This is old news.  Here’s a review for those who have been vacationing on the planet Krylonogic for the past three years.

Surveying COGIC’s  Justice System

Under oath, COGIC legal counsel Enoch Perry makes stunning admissions

Is COGIC’s “zero tolerance” policy on clergy sexual abuse a failure?

Did Enoch Perry, COGIC’s top lawyer, reveal coverup strategy?

Enoch Perry deposition during Sherman Allen trial

Update April 1st – 1810 est

The rancor over the letter released by COGIC’s COO has been in essence refuted publicly by the church’s Presiding Bishop. In a letter released yesterday through its website , Bishop Blake said it was “unfortunate that private communication became public”. Although Blake praised Perry, he said the issue will be dealt with as an “internal” matter.