'Homophobia' tricks the black community

Dallas based evangelist G. Craige Lewis, known for his expose of  hip hop idolatry in the church, writes a heavy hitting post on his blog about homosexuality, homosexuals, homophobia and the black community. The bulk of the news isnt good. But Lewis lays it out in typical Lewis fashion: straight to the point with a prophetic edge.

As we have said before homosexual activists (political and religious)  act as if  homophobia  is as deadly as a gallon of anthrax. They use  the accusations consistently as weapons of intimidation and discrimination to destroy politicians, religious leaders, neighbors, corporate heads, and anyone who would dare disagree with the elitist demagoguery of the gay rights movement.

The “official” definition of homophobia as set forth by gay orthodoxy is an “irrational fear and hatred of lesbian and gay people that is produced by bias in a society or culture” (via SIECUS). Note the inclusion of the word “hatred.”

But Lewis pulls apart the word fallacy.

…let’s define homophobia. It’s a trick word that is used by modern day homosexuals to describe people that are against their lifestyle or sexual preference. But the word itself does not describe them or the fear of them. The phrase “homo” refers to the genus of all modern humans. But the phrase “phobia” means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. So, they are essentially using this word to describe the fear of homosexuals, but it actually means the fear of human beings! That’s right. They want those of us that are against their sexual preferences to be viewed as a fearful individual that is irrationally afraid of humans and should be psychologically evaluated!

The accusations of homophobia are homosexuals attempt to overcompensate for what they know is against God’s plan, will and creation. How do you deflect attention away from your own sins? Find a boogeyman, a scapegoat and accuse it often.

In every walk of life, we make choices. These choices will get us approved by some and rejected by others. But the homosexual doesn’t want ANY rejection because all rejection points to that personal rejection they are feeling deep down inside because they are warring against their very image and nature itself. Because they feel God rejects them spiritually, and nature rejects them naturally, they have no validation. So, they need people to validate them at all times, with no rejection at all. Any type of rejection, whether its verbal, physical, mental, or emotional points to the fact that they feel bad about their present state and desire to change but feel they cannot.

Pastor Lewis points out that the solution isn’t tolerance, welcoming, acceptance, inclusion and all the other double entendre buzz phrases we keep hearing. The solution is to preach holiness, repentance and deliverance. First, political homosexuals demanded special rights in the legal world. Now, the religious homosexuals are demanding special rights in the church. No one should be exempt from repenting of their own sins. When the church drops that requirement for anyone, it will have become good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled under the foot on men.

Although Lewis’ blog post acknowledges that all ethnicities are battling with accusations of homophobia and homosexuality, its effects on the black community are particularly devastating.

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