Oprah: Goodbye, Farewell and Good Riddance

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11

Dear Oprah,

On Wednesday, May 25th, your last and final show that, for 25 years, your guidance, inspiration as well as spiritual enlightenment, will have all come to an end.

Many have watched you throughout the years transform from a mere talk show host of sub-standard entertainment about cheaters, womanizers and cross-dressers, to become one of America’s most beloved spiritual advisors on life, community and spiritual awareness. To suggest your impact on our culture was a small one is an understatement to say the least. You have captured the hearts and minds of people around the globe like no other today. The world will be celebrating your work and labor for humanity, and rightly so. You deserve everything the world would lay at your feet, for you are one of it’s own.

But I for one will not be celebrating your life’s achievements, nor will I be dripping with emotional goo when you absorb all of the accolades people will be pouring at your feet. For it is you dear Oprah, that has caused more confusion, perversion and deceit than any other person in our current time. Actually, I can think of no one to this day who comes close to you when it involves a false teacher or religious leader that could invoke their lies and impact a people the way you have done.

From your spiritual teachings and subtle indoctrination of pagan beliefs into the minds of people everywhere, your concept of “higher power” through discovering oneself by opening up to the spirit world, has caused many to believe a lie and be damned for it. How many people in these 25 years of your time in influencing people across the nation and the world, have died lost and are now in hell because of listening to you and your foolish babble? How many Christians to this day, have sadly bought into your lie of “spiritual awareness” by accepting the idea that there is more than one way to heaven, like you stated in a past episode in which you said, “There can’t possibly be just one way to God.” Then there was your other less notable quote in which you stated, “If Jesus claimed exclusive divinity, it would make Jesus the biggest egotist that ever lived”.

Then there was Jo Baldwin, your first cousin, now a professor at Mississippi Valley State whom you hired back in the late 80‘s for nearly three years and quickly fired within two. Your reason? Ms. Baldwin spoke about Jesus Christ during her time at Harpo, which you seemed to dislike. But your aversion to the gospel is not just limited to simple sound bites and testy confrontations of past employees, your distaste for the true Christ is seen in your continuing support of another gospel – and their preachers.

Della Reese, Shirley MacLaine, Michael Aquino, Raymond Moody, Shakti Gawain, Betty Eadie and Deepak Chopra are all celebrated new agers and spiritualist’s you lifted up and praised as many who listened to you bought into their lies, hook, line and sinker. Again, you have achieved much more than most false teachers in your 25 year span. But it is your connection and love for Maya Angelou, a noted new age believer, that has hindered you from the truth. For every false teacher, there must be a student, and Maya was your teacher just as much as noted new age philosopher Eric Butterworth was hers, you are both intertwined together at the root and this root was anything but Godly, or holy. Like the student you were, you grew under her guidance and soaked in every whim and doctrine that uttered out of her mouth and now YOU are the teacher.

Then it was your push for tolerance teaching in our culture and the acceptance of all ideas and beliefs, especially homosexuality, which you seemed to have a much high regard for, that made me suspect to your agenda. Your ongoing endeavor to push for the acceptance of homosexuality seemed to be at the top of your “bucket list” and it is this agenda that you have pushed that has brought even more confusion on people caught up into this lie. But this was the plan all along as with every demonic lie Satan uses to deceive people with, you were simply his pawn.

Forgive me if I won’t be celebrating your 25 years of service to our culture, our society and your enduring attempts to radicalize a culture to reject the gospel and what we, as Christians have come to love and cherish. For it will be this same gospel you have rejected all of your life that will judge you if you do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ today.

So enjoy your moment, you obviously deserve it. But I’ll be praying that God has mercy on your life and offers you that chance to repent and come to Christ before you leave this world, for if you so choose not to repent, those 25 years of achievement will seem like mere seconds to eternity when you stand before God and give an account for the lies and false teachings you have fostered in the hearts and minds of people across the world. And on that day, your answer will be telling indeed.

Your friend,

Christopher Gregory